Season 3 Episode 7

Power Outage

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2000 on The WB
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In an attempt to destroy the Charmed Ones, Cole enlists the help of Andras, a demon who magnifies anger into rage. Meanwhile, when the sisters lose their magic after using their powers against each other, they are left defenseless against attacks from the Triad and Belthazor.

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  • Power Outage

    Power Outage was a perfectly entertaining episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was well written, there was character and plot development, and I liked how Andras used anger to turn the sisters against each other. Belthazor was possessed by Andras and his true identity was almost revealed to the sisters. It was interesting that Belthazor didn't get Phoebe when he had the chance. I also liked how the sisters reconnected in time to save the day. The ending was interesting as Cole/Belthazor takes out the Triad. The was a very well done episode and I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Cole puts his hand on the throat of the Charmed Ones, and then lets go...

    Cole/Belthazar's quest to destroy the Charmed Ones reaches its explosive climax in this stellar episode.

    Cole initially sticks with the indirect approach by enlisting a demon, Andras, that uses anger to get to his victims. As other demons, namely Zankou, would realize later on, the best way to get to the sisters are as human beings and not witches. This works to perfection as once angered, the sisters have no problem unleashing horrific insults at one another until they all become enraged enough to use their powers. As a consequence, the Power of Three is broken, and the plug is pulled on the sisters' powers.

    Unfortunately for Belthazar, before he can sweep in on the now vulnerable un-Charmed Ones, a teary-eyed Phoebe shows up at his apartment. He puts himself in position to kill her, but of course, in the end, he can not go through with it and sends her home to make peace with her sisters, just in time to fight off Belthazar.

    As would become the norm, Jullian McMahon is sensational as the passion-torn Cole/Belthazar. The climactic scene where he has the entire series at his mercy is very well set up and fittingly tense. The final scene when he turns on the Triad, and in a violent rush, destroys them all is amazing. Though they were rather easily destroyed, I have to say that this Triad is far more imposing than the three grandpas they hire to play the Triad in Season 8. The sisters are believable in both their anger and their reconciliation in the end, and Leo's explanation of what happened was also a strongly written and acted scene. Thus would begin Cole's time with Phoebe and his role as an extremely valuable friend of the Charmed Ones: a truly great time for the series.moreless
  • Stop Screaming, Goddamit!

    After all the tensions that have risen between the sisters since the start of season three, it's unsurprising that an episode sees the Halliwell's finally unloading all their tension and releasing their true feelings to one another.

    Power Outage sees Cole hiring a demon to magnify the sister's anger into pure rage. The sisters have a massive argument and end up using their powers on one another, causing the Power of Three to be broken and the sisters helpless against a demon attack.

    This is the best of all the "Cole's demonic attempts to kill the sisters" episodes, with some excellent acting from the three leads. They're all genuine in their emotions, in particular Piper, who has been taken advantage of for much of the season so far. It's fun to watch the episode in retrospect too, thinking that Shannen Doherty had a hell of a lot of fun yelling at Alyssa like she does in this episode...

    The demon of the week is the only annoyance of the episode. Andras is one of the most original in Charmed's history but is played by the originator of The Screaming, Wailing, Overacting Charmed Demon Guest Star, Mr Jason Carter. His voice irritated me throughout Power Outage and I couldn't wait until his OTT demonic ass was vanquished.

    Despite a sucky performance from Jason Carter, Power Outage is one of the best episodes from early season three and features some really memorable sisterly moments.

    Rating: A-moreless
  • The fall of the Triad and sisterly fighting

    This was such an incredible episode. I enjoyed watching the charmed ones get completely out of control with their emotions and letting all the little things blow up into big things. It was entertaining to watch them lose control like they did and it was amazing to see Cole and how he was involved as Belthazor and his constant struggle over what he was doing.

    The Cole and Phoebe storyline was actually really good here. I liked that they both had unresolved issues that Phoebe wanted to get out but Cole was kinda holding back on her. It was nice to see their relationship in that 'where do we stand' phase after they slept together.

    I had to agree with some of the things said when the girls were arguing though. Piper has definitely been underappreciated. It was annoying to see Prue expecting Piper to just drop everything and practice for Belthazor killing and to have a photo shoot at the club. I think I would have gotten angry sooner than Piper did. And Phoebe just expecting Piper to do the meeting was something else. I also had to agree that Piper and Phoebe really take Prue for granted. Prue is always looking out for them and sometimes they don't give her credit for things. And Prue and Piper really didn't seem to give Phoebe credit for the fact that she had actually matured. It was nice to see that some of the stuff they had to say actually had a point to it.

    I liked that Cole's constant struggle between being with Phoebe and killing her and her sisters was actually a huge focus. It was nice to see that in the end he killed the Triad. I also liked that the girls finally got a piece of him literally!

    This episode was incredible in so many ways!moreless
  • Cole turns up the heat in his mission to destroy The Charmed Ones.

    Cole is getting impatient. He wants to end the Charmed Ones, and he wants to do it sooner rather than later. To this end, he enlists the aid of a demond named Andras whose job it is to cause a level of rage that will make the girls so angry at each other that they will use their powers as a weapon, not against the forces of evil, but against each other.

    Andras soon has the sisters bickering and fighting and, as predicted, hurling insults, abuse and magical powers at full force. The only problem is, when they use their powers against each other, the powers are gone, which is exactly what Cole wants. Or does he? Perhaps this evil demon has a not-so-evil side after all? Only time will tell.moreless
Jason Carter

Jason Carter

Andras, The Demon Of Rage

Guest Star

Rick Overton

Rick Overton

Evil Triad Member #2

Guest Star

Ron Marasco

Ron Marasco


Guest Star

Michael Bailey Smith

Michael Bailey Smith


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • TRIVIA: The two songs featured in this episode were You're An Ocean and This Is Not My Life by Fastball.

    • When Piper and Phoebe are arguing, Phoebe says that Piper is jealous that she didn't have the courage to go away to college (which is implying what we've always believed that Phoebe had gone away to school in New York). However, in the episode Pre-witched, it is said that Phoebe dropped out of college and moved to New York after Grams died.

    • When the homeowner's meeting is first shown, the four neighbors are arguing about the fence, but there are also other people in the background. Piper also makes enough appetizers for more than 4 people, yet when she gets angry and yells at them, she only kicks out the 4 neighbors and no one else is there anymore.

    • TRIVIA: This is the third time that the Charmed Ones lost their powers.

    • When the girls are practicing the "earthquake drill" and Phoebe levitates, the harness used is visible under her pants.

    • At the end of this episode Fastball performs the song You're an Ocean from their album The Harsh Light of Day. Throughout the episode, we can also hear their song This Is Not My Life.

    • Why does Piper own clip-on earings? She has pierced ears.

    • In the scene with the fight, Piper rips the right earring off of Phoebe's ear at the begining of the scene. Then, when the camera changes angles, and Phoebe throws the camera at Prue, the earring is back on her ear.

    • When Cole and Phoebe go out on their date, the scene of the club they visit looks just like Ricky Martin's video "Living la Vida loca".

  • QUOTES (34)

    • Prue (to Piper): Maybe you should handle all of the Homeowners Meetings.
      Piper: No. Absolutely not.
      Phoebe: Wow, you're getting good at saying no.
      Piper: Thank you.

    • Piper (picking up Belthazor's flesh): Ewww I got a slice!
      Prue: Mmm the other white meat!

    • Prue: (to Piper) I don't think I'm the one who's taken for granted around here...

    • (Leo tells the girls they have to work on their bond as sisters to get their powers back)
      Piper: A potion would be easier.
      Prue: Oh, yeah.

    • Piper: I'm sorry, the world doesn't revolve around Phoebe!

    • Leo: We have to get to the bottom of this, let's start with your 'little tiff'
      Prue: Well... it was more than a 'little' tiff. It was... big.
      Leo: How big?
      Piper: Remember Pearl Harbor? (makes an exploding motion with her hands)

    • Andras: So the rumors are true. You've fallen for a witch.
      Cole: What are you doing here? Get out!
      Andras: The great Belthazor. Who would've ever thought. I can hardly wait to see what the Triad will do when I tell them you failed.
      Cole: I will kill you before you ever get the chance.
      Andras: Then you really are a traitor, aren't you?

    • Andras: Don't you need me to enrage all three of the sisters for your plan to work?
      Cole: You infect Piper and Prue, I'll bring Phoebe back home. They'll blame her for everything.
      Andras: Your legend is well deserved, Belthazor. You know, for someone about to score one of the biggest victories in centuries, you don't seem very happy about it.
      Cole: Just do your job.

    • Cole: They are sisters first and foremost, and that, I believe, is their
      Achilles' heel. Break that bond, and we break the very foundation of their powers.

    • Phoebe: What's the matter, Prue, jealous? All work and no play making you even more boring?

    • Phoebe: Hey guys what's going on?
      Prue & Piper (under Andras's spell): Shut up!

    • The girls are arguing while infected by Andras.
      Prue: Oh, well I see that you inherited Dad's talent for bailing!
      Phoebe: That's because the two of us couldn't deal with living with the two of you!

    • Phoebe: I'm sorry, is it 'gang up on Phoebe day' and nobody told me?

    • Phoebe (about Cole): This is important, he wants to have the talk. You know, are we a couple, are we a one-nighter, are we friends, are we friends that had a one-nighter...?

    • Piper: I already rescheduled my doctor's appointment twice.
      Phoebe: Well, Leo was a doctor... before he died.
      Piper (annoyed): That's really not the point.

    • Prue (about Belthazor): We need to practice our counter-attacks so the next time he shows up, we can get some demon flesh.
      Piper: White meat or dark meat?

    • Prue: Phoebe! Hi. I hate to interrupt your whole 'staring off into space aimlessly' thing that you've got going on right now, but in case you forgot, evil Triad agent.
      Phoebe: Like you would ever let me forget, Prue.

    • Phoebe (about Cole): I still can't figure out that guy. But I will.

    • Piper: Are you okay?
      Leo: Yeah. Good thing I'm already dead.

    • Prue (about the three sisters resolving their own issues): Who needs Oprah when we can do it ourselves?

    • Phoebe (returning to the manor from Cole's place): Has the tribal council spoken? Am I booted off the island?

    • Phoebe: I am so sick of the two of you ganging up on me and judging me.
      Prue: I am so sick of saving your asses.
      Piper: I'm sick of being taken for granted and those are mine.
      Piper rips off Phoebe's earrings.
      Phoebe: Ouch! Bitch!

    • Piper: Oh, right, without the mighty Prue Halliwell we'd all be dead. Get over yourself, Prue.

    • Prue: What is your problem?
      Piper: You are. Get your own damn club and keep your paws off of mine.
      Prue: Okay, whoa, obviously somebody needs a Midol.

    • Neighbour #3: Perhaps we should build a fence to keep you in.
      Piper: Good idea.
      Neighbour #3: I'll speak to your sister about the way you behave.
      Piper: Better idea! Move it! Move it! Move it! (everyone leaves) And stay out!

    • Piper: Phoebe, Phoebe, Phoebe! Those are my earrings. (Phoebe leaves.) Hey! (Andras is standing outside looking in. A ball of light comes out of his hand and hits Piper) Okay, everybody shut up! I have had it with your petty problems and your stupid fence and your stupid flower beds. There are bigger problems in the world to worry about. Just get a life and grow up!
      Neighbour #3: Ugh, you can't speak to us like that.
      Piper: Oh yeah? (She throws a plate of food at them.) Everybody out of my house! Get out of my house before I throw you out.
      Neighbour #4: With pleasure.

    • Neighbour #4: Your fence will block the sun for my flowers.
      Neighbour #1: Well, then I suggest you take it up with the sun.
      Neighbour #4: Oh, great, great idea.

    • Phoebe: Hey, Leo, do you think you can make yourself look like Brad Pitt?

    • Phoebe: Cole is 45 minutes late. You would think he would be on time after he sleeps with a girl, you know.

    • Leo (to Piper): Ever planning on unfreezing the neighbours?

    • Phoebe: I hate you.
      Prue: No, you don't. You love me.

    • Cole (to himself about Phoebe): I'm sorry but we have to stop seeing each other, okay. Why? Because, because I have to kill you that's why. Smooth.

    • Piper: Leo, I was a chef. I can't make chips and dip.

    • Prue deflects Belthazor's energy ball back at him, which knocks Andras out.
      Prue: Okay, that's new.
      Phoebe: Demon with...demon filling.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Prue refers to the flesh of Balthazar as "the other white meat", which is a reference to the popular pork industry commercials that use that slogan.

    • Title: Power Outage

      This is a reference to the common phrase to describe a blackout of electricity.

    • Upon her arrival from Cole's apartment, Phoebe asks her sisters, "Has the tribal council spoken? Am I booted off the island?"

      Her questions allude directly to the CBS reality-competition series Survivor, which was just beginning to come to be a national phenomenon when this episode aired. On Survivor, 16 castaways begin an adventure on an island to win $1 million. Each week, the losing "tribe" goes to tribal council to vote one of their members out.

    • Prue tells Piper and Phoebe, "Who needs Oprah when we can do it ourselves?"

      She is referring to Oprah Winfrey and the syndicated talk show The Oprah Winfrey Show, where family members often go to resolve issues with each other.