Season 3 Episode 7

Power Outage

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2000 on The WB

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  • Power Outage

    Power Outage was a perfectly entertaining episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was well written, there was character and plot development, and I liked how Andras used anger to turn the sisters against each other. Belthazor was possessed by Andras and his true identity was almost revealed to the sisters. It was interesting that Belthazor didn't get Phoebe when he had the chance. I also liked how the sisters reconnected in time to save the day. The ending was interesting as Cole/Belthazor takes out the Triad. The was a very well done episode and I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Cole puts his hand on the throat of the Charmed Ones, and then lets go...

    Cole/Belthazar's quest to destroy the Charmed Ones reaches its explosive climax in this stellar episode.

    Cole initially sticks with the indirect approach by enlisting a demon, Andras, that uses anger to get to his victims. As other demons, namely Zankou, would realize later on, the best way to get to the sisters are as human beings and not witches. This works to perfection as once angered, the sisters have no problem unleashing horrific insults at one another until they all become enraged enough to use their powers. As a consequence, the Power of Three is broken, and the plug is pulled on the sisters' powers.

    Unfortunately for Belthazar, before he can sweep in on the now vulnerable un-Charmed Ones, a teary-eyed Phoebe shows up at his apartment. He puts himself in position to kill her, but of course, in the end, he can not go through with it and sends her home to make peace with her sisters, just in time to fight off Belthazar.

    As would become the norm, Jullian McMahon is sensational as the passion-torn Cole/Belthazar. The climactic scene where he has the entire series at his mercy is very well set up and fittingly tense. The final scene when he turns on the Triad, and in a violent rush, destroys them all is amazing. Though they were rather easily destroyed, I have to say that this Triad is far more imposing than the three grandpas they hire to play the Triad in Season 8. The sisters are believable in both their anger and their reconciliation in the end, and Leo's explanation of what happened was also a strongly written and acted scene. Thus would begin Cole's time with Phoebe and his role as an extremely valuable friend of the Charmed Ones: a truly great time for the series.
  • Stop Screaming, Goddamit!

    After all the tensions that have risen between the sisters since the start of season three, it's unsurprising that an episode sees the Halliwell's finally unloading all their tension and releasing their true feelings to one another.

    Power Outage sees Cole hiring a demon to magnify the sister's anger into pure rage. The sisters have a massive argument and end up using their powers on one another, causing the Power of Three to be broken and the sisters helpless against a demon attack.

    This is the best of all the "Cole's demonic attempts to kill the sisters" episodes, with some excellent acting from the three leads. They're all genuine in their emotions, in particular Piper, who has been taken advantage of for much of the season so far. It's fun to watch the episode in retrospect too, thinking that Shannen Doherty had a hell of a lot of fun yelling at Alyssa like she does in this episode...

    The demon of the week is the only annoyance of the episode. Andras is one of the most original in Charmed's history but is played by the originator of The Screaming, Wailing, Overacting Charmed Demon Guest Star, Mr Jason Carter. His voice irritated me throughout Power Outage and I couldn't wait until his OTT demonic ass was vanquished.

    Despite a sucky performance from Jason Carter, Power Outage is one of the best episodes from early season three and features some really memorable sisterly moments.

    Rating: A-
  • The fall of the Triad and sisterly fighting

    This was such an incredible episode. I enjoyed watching the charmed ones get completely out of control with their emotions and letting all the little things blow up into big things. It was entertaining to watch them lose control like they did and it was amazing to see Cole and how he was involved as Belthazor and his constant struggle over what he was doing.

    The Cole and Phoebe storyline was actually really good here. I liked that they both had unresolved issues that Phoebe wanted to get out but Cole was kinda holding back on her. It was nice to see their relationship in that 'where do we stand' phase after they slept together.

    I had to agree with some of the things said when the girls were arguing though. Piper has definitely been underappreciated. It was annoying to see Prue expecting Piper to just drop everything and practice for Belthazor killing and to have a photo shoot at the club. I think I would have gotten angry sooner than Piper did. And Phoebe just expecting Piper to do the meeting was something else. I also had to agree that Piper and Phoebe really take Prue for granted. Prue is always looking out for them and sometimes they don't give her credit for things. And Prue and Piper really didn't seem to give Phoebe credit for the fact that she had actually matured. It was nice to see that some of the stuff they had to say actually had a point to it.

    I liked that Cole's constant struggle between being with Phoebe and killing her and her sisters was actually a huge focus. It was nice to see that in the end he killed the Triad. I also liked that the girls finally got a piece of him literally!

    This episode was incredible in so many ways!
  • Cole turns up the heat in his mission to destroy The Charmed Ones.

    Cole is getting impatient. He wants to end the Charmed Ones, and he wants to do it sooner rather than later. To this end, he enlists the aid of a demond named Andras whose job it is to cause a level of rage that will make the girls so angry at each other that they will use their powers as a weapon, not against the forces of evil, but against each other.

    Andras soon has the sisters bickering and fighting and, as predicted, hurling insults, abuse and magical powers at full force. The only problem is, when they use their powers against each other, the powers are gone, which is exactly what Cole wants. Or does he? Perhaps this evil demon has a not-so-evil side after all? Only time will tell.
  • Get the girl or kill the goodies?

    It's make or break time for Belthazor and his personal dilemma reaches its peak this week. I'm really enjoying these Cole based episodes and this one has everything: action, intrigue, romance, humour and some serious sister issues. It also has one of the best scripts of the series so far.

    First, to Cole and Phoebe. I'm not normally interested in TV couples but these two are something else. The way Cole is torn between Phoebe and his mission is truly heartbreaking and Julian handles it brilliantly. I've said it before but I think he is perfect in the role.

    Next, we have Belthazor's last throw of the dice at killing the Charmed Ones. His helper this week is Andras, demon of rage, whose task is to break the power of three by getting the sisters to use their powers on each other, which he duly does.

    The argument he starts forms this week's key scene and the insults are fantastic - tragic but funny at the same time. Reminds me of Season Two's "Pardon my Past". I laughed out loud at the way Piper slagged off her quarrelling neighbours then threw them out. Ten out of ten for the writing.

    The 'earthquake drill' totally had me fooled. There's also an imaginative vanquish, with Andras being first blasted out of Belthazor then zapped by him. On top of this, Belthazor gets a chunk sliced out of him and Cole almost gets found out. And just when we think it's all over, Cole goes and slaughters the Triad.

    Charmed is so good at the moment.
  • The sisters lose their connection.

    Phoebe and Cole are both amazing in this episode and the scenes between them are both emotional and really hot. The intro is really great and it really sets the tone for the rest of the episode. The fights between the sisters are very realistic and represent a lot of the resentment that has been building for awhile. The clashes that occur really show how hard it is to manage having real lives and having to save the world at the same time. The drama of this episode is really good and my favorite scene has to be when Phoebe goes to Cole's apartment and even thought he is tempted to kill her and allow for his plan to continue he saves her because he cares for her so deeply. They are such a good couple and this is a really great episode for them.
  • Sisters Gone Wild

    Power Outage-In an attempt to destroy the Charmed Ones, Cole enlists the help of Andras, a demon who magnifies anger into rage. Meanwhile, when the sisters lose their magic after using their powers against each other, they are left defenseless against attacks from the Triad and Belthazor.

    The best episode to feature Cole trying to kill the Charmed Ones and some turly surreal sisterly moments, "Power Outage" is a superb episode that brings a lot of revelations to the table. There have always been issues between the sisters but their demon fighting pretty much got in the way with them telling each other how they really felt. The best scene of the episode is definately the big fight where all 3 sisters have a big blow out about how they've been filling for so many years. Our 3 leads are excellent here and it's shocking how the fight ends with the sisters using their powers on each other.

    Julian McMahon is really starting to come into his own as Cole/Belthazor as he is struggling to be the merciless demon his always been, but can't help but be helplessly in love with Phoebe. The scene where Phoebe goes to Cole's apartment for help is a beautiful scene, with Phoebe's vunerablity and Cole's inner struggle throughout. It's a great development that Cole lets Phoebe go home, showing how much he cares about her. Another wonderful scene is the sisters finally working out their issues and regaining the powers back as they learn to always be honest each other from now on for the sack of their destiny.

    Once again, there are some flaws, with the most irritating one being Jason Carter's terribly grating acting Andras, The Demon Of Rage. Either he thinks his a much better than he actually is or his partial deaf as his constant shouting made his scene almost unbearable! But anyway, I also really enjoyed the fight scenes throughout this episode like the sisters' quick rehearsal with Leo impersonating Belthazor and the sister finally getting a piece of his flesh, then Prue sending him flying through one of the windows. The episode ends with a shocking end as Cole kills the Triad as he has now gone obviously and completely mad! All and All, "Power Outage" is another superb episode with wonderful performances from the leads, a great demon plot, and terrific developments.
  • Breaking the sibling bonds...

    The Triad advises Cole to kill Phoebe instead of sleeping with her, otherwise he would die. Cole summons the spirit of rage Andras, a demon that increases anger to rage, and asks him to infect the Halliwell sisters, breaking their sibling bonds. Andras succeeds and the Charmed sisters lose their powers, and Phoebe moves to Cole's place. However, Cole is in love with Phoebe and controls Belthazor and spares Phoebe, asking her to return to her sisters. When Andras discovers, he possesses Belthazor and fights the Charmed sisters. Andras is destroyed by Belthazor when they split and the Charmed ones defeat Belthazor. He then is summoned by the Triad.

    "Power Outage" is a great episode of this irregular series. The situation of Cole, a demon in love with a good witch that he is supposed to kill, is intriguing and attractive. With the fate of the Triad, the next episodes are promising.
  • very good episode.

    this is such a good episode. we see cole dealing with the fact that maybe he cant kill phoebe. the triad sent him to kill the sisters, but when it comes down to it, he cant. so cole finds a demon who will turn the sisters anger into rage. they are all pushing each other aside and getting the other mad. little sister arguments. but with the demon. they get so angry that they use their powers against each other. they ruin the power of three. and of course phoebe runs to cole. he had the oppurtunity to kill her, but didnt. after all that fighting, and such, cole is sent to the triad. they were about to kill him for failing in his mission. he kills them first. so the question is, what will happen from there?? will he still try to kill the sisters??

    again, this was a really good episode. not only was it a new story, but a great ending.
  • fight fight fight

    I was wondering if the girls would ever fight. They sure do it in style though. Who knew how angry they could all get and of course Phoebe goes running to Cole. What does she know he's the bad guy. WAKE UP and smell the demon. The triad are wasting their time with the charmed ones. we all know they will kick the triads ass.
  • Ok episode but it was sad to see the charmed ones angry at each other.

    A member of the Evil Triad reminds Cole that he's to destroy the Charmed Ones and not to romance Phoebe or they will kill him. Cole decides to use the sisters petty arguments against them by enlisting the help of Andras, the demon of rage, who causes their normal disagreements to spiral out of control. Once the sisters begin using their magic against each other in anger, the Power of Three is lost leaving the Halliwells without their magic and defenseless against evil.
  • A Powerful Episode that should have been labeled Part I of a Tremendous Two Episode Sequence culminating with "Sleuthing With The Enemy."

    A Great Episode that has both Intrigue and Comedy. The Comedy comes in when Piper is infected with Anger, and she tells all of the home owners to “Shut Up! I have had it with your petty problems. Get a Life and Grow Up! Everybody Get Out…And Stay Out!”

    The Intrigue comes when Cole enlists the help of Andras to help him to get rid of the Charmed Ones to take the Book of Shadows. Soon Andras uses his powers and the sisters begin to fight against each other, which causes their powers to disappear.

    As the sisters are without their magic, Cole has the opportunity to kill the Charmed Ones, but he can't do it because of Phoebe, in part. Also, like most Demons before him, underestimated the Sisters and their detail to preparation. Prue does deserve credit for her insistence that they practice their “Earthquake Drills.”

    This is a Powerful Episode that you shouldn't miss -- the Charmed Ones versus each other – And a BAD Day for Belthazor.
  • its good to see the sisters fight with each other every once and a while. loveddd this episode!

    Whether Prue, Piper, and Phoebe were under Andras' spell or not, it is good to have them fighting against each other every once in a while. Sure, they have their tiny little disagreements in just about every episode, but by having the sisters inflicted with rage, we as the viewers were able to see some of the underlying issues that plague the charmed ones and everything is out on the table. Between jealousy, underappreciation, and problems-or rather people-from their past, this episode was very revealing in the sense that it brought up the sore issues and gave us more insight into the problems that all three have but none will ever talk about. This episode was a great mix of magical and sisterly problems, as well as the battle raging inside of Cole/Belthazor in deciding if he wants to kill or be killed.

    I love this show and this episode is the perfect example why.
  • Great episode with the Charmed Ones fighting against each other.

    Cole enlists the help of Andras to help him to get rid of the Charmed Ones to take the Book of Shadows, soon Andras uses his powers and the sisters begin to fight against each other, and causes their magic to dissapear.

    As the sisters are without their magic, Cole has the opportunity to kill the Charmed Ones, but he can't just do it after Phoebe so defenseless and so sad. When Andras sees this, he possess him in order to attack the Charmed Ones.

    Such a great episode that you shouldn't miss, the Charmed Ones versus each other. Wow!
  • powerless

    This episode was a good episode because it showed how the sisters would act without powers. It shows their pent up feeling that come out when they are turned against each other. It shows what Cole is really about and what distruction he can really do. Powerless the sisters must reunite and put the past in the past in order to ward off this demon.
  • This episode was hilarious from the start to the finish.

    This episode was hilarious from the start to the finish.

    There was a major relationship development here for Pheobe & Cole. Cole is now in love with her & she is in love with him, he fails to kill the charmed ones because of those feelings and that causes problems for Balthazor with the Triad when they find out about this. But he takes care of them in the end.

    The Source is mentioned for the first time in this episode.

    The best part of this episode though was the fight the sisters had with each other (with the help of a demon called Andras).
  • Great acting

    i saw this episode, and i just had to laugh out loud. This is exactly why i watch this show. the way that they add connflict into normal problems is really creative, and watching the episode just makes you think about what actually is out there causing our rage to become uncontrollable. Overall, everything that happens is really for the future episodes.
  • 3 sisters fighting!

    oooo!!! i love this episode! it waqs cool when they started fighting aginst the other sisters! that was cool! the y yelled like heak!! that was cool! they used tehir powers on each other! awesome! i love it when piper and prue get mad! this was a great episdoe! yay!