Season 3 Episode 7

Power Outage

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2000 on The WB

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  • Stop Screaming, Goddamit!

    After all the tensions that have risen between the sisters since the start of season three, it's unsurprising that an episode sees the Halliwell's finally unloading all their tension and releasing their true feelings to one another.

    Power Outage sees Cole hiring a demon to magnify the sister's anger into pure rage. The sisters have a massive argument and end up using their powers on one another, causing the Power of Three to be broken and the sisters helpless against a demon attack.

    This is the best of all the "Cole's demonic attempts to kill the sisters" episodes, with some excellent acting from the three leads. They're all genuine in their emotions, in particular Piper, who has been taken advantage of for much of the season so far. It's fun to watch the episode in retrospect too, thinking that Shannen Doherty had a hell of a lot of fun yelling at Alyssa like she does in this episode...

    The demon of the week is the only annoyance of the episode. Andras is one of the most original in Charmed's history but is played by the originator of The Screaming, Wailing, Overacting Charmed Demon Guest Star, Mr Jason Carter. His voice irritated me throughout Power Outage and I couldn't wait until his OTT demonic ass was vanquished.

    Despite a sucky performance from Jason Carter, Power Outage is one of the best episodes from early season three and features some really memorable sisterly moments.

    Rating: A-