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Season 3 Episode 7

Power Outage

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2000 on The WB

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  • Street Fighters

    This was a cool episode, it sort of answered a question a lot of fans probably asked while watching the show. What would happen if the Hallowell sisters fought against each other? And this episode answers it and doesn't disapoint.

    At first it was blackly funny just seeing Piper and then Prue get hit with what I'd consider bad karma from a demon and they argue about the little things. But then it starts to get real serious once the disagreements mount, and when Pheobe arrives and gets hit by one of the bad karma blasts it gets down to some deep seeded anger issues when they admit the truth of the burden they carried for too long. And I'll admit it was both a little shocking but at the same time exciting to see all of them engaged in a battle royale from physical and superpower fighting. And also there was some siginificant development in the Cole and Pheobe relationship which of course turns to love. It's played out right, because we see more soulful sides from Pheobe who shares intimate details about herself, concern for Cole constantly wondering about his past since there's always a hint of sadness, and even an emotional moment when she came to his place and cried after what happen in the fight. And we see Cole is not some one dimentional demon he's three dimentional, he has a concious on what he does to the sisters, he actually feels bad when he brings his plan of action against them. But most of all has stong feelings for Pheobe, so strong that even though he always had a chance to kill her (in one moment he brings up a hidden dagger behind her back) he can't do it. And he does the right thing in the end.

    Basically the theme in the episode was mainly about internal anger. It's understandable why these sisters would fight, sometimes living in the same house together with a certain amount of people for too long can be like a pressure cooker, an incubator churning with psychies waiting to explode. Internal anger acts like a biological virus, at first it starts out with some of the little things before it gets down to the real significant issues.
    Like one not getting enough of something, or someone not doing enough of what needs to be done, just anything. We see that the anger the sisters carried for one another isn't just current but goes way back. Another theme is being true to your own feelings even if you have to go against your own will.

    In the end it was a relief to see the sister work out their issues. But for Cole his life is about to take a new direction and is going to get more complicated.