Season 3 Episode 7

Power Outage

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2000 on The WB

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  • The fall of the Triad and sisterly fighting

    This was such an incredible episode. I enjoyed watching the charmed ones get completely out of control with their emotions and letting all the little things blow up into big things. It was entertaining to watch them lose control like they did and it was amazing to see Cole and how he was involved as Belthazor and his constant struggle over what he was doing.

    The Cole and Phoebe storyline was actually really good here. I liked that they both had unresolved issues that Phoebe wanted to get out but Cole was kinda holding back on her. It was nice to see their relationship in that 'where do we stand' phase after they slept together.

    I had to agree with some of the things said when the girls were arguing though. Piper has definitely been underappreciated. It was annoying to see Prue expecting Piper to just drop everything and practice for Belthazor killing and to have a photo shoot at the club. I think I would have gotten angry sooner than Piper did. And Phoebe just expecting Piper to do the meeting was something else. I also had to agree that Piper and Phoebe really take Prue for granted. Prue is always looking out for them and sometimes they don't give her credit for things. And Prue and Piper really didn't seem to give Phoebe credit for the fact that she had actually matured. It was nice to see that some of the stuff they had to say actually had a point to it.

    I liked that Cole's constant struggle between being with Phoebe and killing her and her sisters was actually a huge focus. It was nice to see that in the end he killed the Triad. I also liked that the girls finally got a piece of him literally!

    This episode was incredible in so many ways!