Season 3 Episode 7

Power Outage

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2000 on The WB

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  • Get the girl or kill the goodies?

    It's make or break time for Belthazor and his personal dilemma reaches its peak this week. I'm really enjoying these Cole based episodes and this one has everything: action, intrigue, romance, humour and some serious sister issues. It also has one of the best scripts of the series so far.

    First, to Cole and Phoebe. I'm not normally interested in TV couples but these two are something else. The way Cole is torn between Phoebe and his mission is truly heartbreaking and Julian handles it brilliantly. I've said it before but I think he is perfect in the role.

    Next, we have Belthazor's last throw of the dice at killing the Charmed Ones. His helper this week is Andras, demon of rage, whose task is to break the power of three by getting the sisters to use their powers on each other, which he duly does.

    The argument he starts forms this week's key scene and the insults are fantastic - tragic but funny at the same time. Reminds me of Season Two's "Pardon my Past". I laughed out loud at the way Piper slagged off her quarrelling neighbours then threw them out. Ten out of ten for the writing.

    The 'earthquake drill' totally had me fooled. There's also an imaginative vanquish, with Andras being first blasted out of Belthazor then zapped by him. On top of this, Belthazor gets a chunk sliced out of him and Cole almost gets found out. And just when we think it's all over, Cole goes and slaughters the Triad.

    Charmed is so good at the moment.