Season 3 Episode 7

Power Outage

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2000 on The WB

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  • Cole puts his hand on the throat of the Charmed Ones, and then lets go...

    Cole/Belthazar's quest to destroy the Charmed Ones reaches its explosive climax in this stellar episode.

    Cole initially sticks with the indirect approach by enlisting a demon, Andras, that uses anger to get to his victims. As other demons, namely Zankou, would realize later on, the best way to get to the sisters are as human beings and not witches. This works to perfection as once angered, the sisters have no problem unleashing horrific insults at one another until they all become enraged enough to use their powers. As a consequence, the Power of Three is broken, and the plug is pulled on the sisters' powers.

    Unfortunately for Belthazar, before he can sweep in on the now vulnerable un-Charmed Ones, a teary-eyed Phoebe shows up at his apartment. He puts himself in position to kill her, but of course, in the end, he can not go through with it and sends her home to make peace with her sisters, just in time to fight off Belthazar.

    As would become the norm, Jullian McMahon is sensational as the passion-torn Cole/Belthazar. The climactic scene where he has the entire series at his mercy is very well set up and fittingly tense. The final scene when he turns on the Triad, and in a violent rush, destroys them all is amazing. Though they were rather easily destroyed, I have to say that this Triad is far more imposing than the three grandpas they hire to play the Triad in Season 8. The sisters are believable in both their anger and their reconciliation in the end, and Leo's explanation of what happened was also a strongly written and acted scene. Thus would begin Cole's time with Phoebe and his role as an extremely valuable friend of the Charmed Ones: a truly great time for the series.