Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 22, 2001 on The WB

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  • Pre-Witched

    Pre-Witched was a perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was entertaining, full of intrigue and character development. It was interesting to see the flash backs and learn more about the sisters history. I also liked seeing Grams and Patty again in this episode. There was some humor, touching moments and serious scenes. The story line about the familiar becoming a warlock was interesting. I liked the compromise the sisters made to accommodate Piper and Leo living in the Manor. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Pre-Charmed and the smell of vanquished warlock in the morning.

    Okay, so what this superb episode firmly establishes for me is that Prue and Phoebe were once pretty much inconsiderate cads that didn't care a whole lot about their sister or their grandma.

    This episode masterfully intertwines a subplot regarding Piper and Leo moving out involving flashbacks to pre-Charmed days and a subplot including a warlock with 9 lives who actually wants the sisters to exhaust them all.

    Yes, the flashbacks are great, especially the ones involving Grams and the famous scene where Leo bumps into Piper long before they know each other. However, I found the warlock plot nearly as entertaining. The actor playing the warlock, though about as frightening as Chris Farley, has a little fun with the role and gets some great lines. I love the- "don't dance if you don't know the steps" and "I love the smell of defeated witch"... haha... great stuff. The writers did very well here to use Piper's indecision about moving out to show us how the sisters got to where they were at when the series started. It is somewhat hard to believe that Grams, superwitch, would ever consider binding the sisters' powers, but I guess she just loved them that much. Of course, with the Book of Shadows still around, I don't see how binding their powers would stop demons from ever coming after them. After all, Cole admitted just so many episodes that all demons want the book. When Prue and Phoebe were refusing to get together for a simple picture, I wanted Grams to knock them upside the head and tell them to Grow Up. They were in their 20s after all, not their teens. They were also brutal to Piper when they took off right after Gram's death. Apparently, being witches not only brought the sisters closer together, but also helped Prue and Phoebe get their acts together.
  • Charmed: The Normal Years

    Pre-witched-While the sisters must deal with the possibility of being separated as the newlyweds plan to move out on their own, they recall a time before they knew they were the Charmed Ones, when the girls were coming to grips with the death of Grams and Phoebe's departure to New York.

    A truly remarkable episode that captures all the 2 elements of what made Charmed such a great series: the sisterly bonding and dark storytelling. I love how the news of Piper and Leo moving up bring a lot of emotions between the sisters and makes them remember life before they were Charmed. The flashbacks, are without a doubt, the highlight of the episode as we get to see the sisters handling life as just regular women as Grams is alive and just trying to keep them to together. The flashbacks are just heartbreaking, especially when you see the sisters weren't exactly as close as they were before they discovered they're destiny. Prue was all concern about getting married to Roger, Piper was struggling to take care of Grams as her illness grew worse, and Phoebe was still a rebel at this stage in her life.

    Finola Hughes probably gives her best performance on Charmed as we see Grams struggle to be strong to keep her family together while slowly dieing from her illness. It comes as a shocking and sad development that Grams didn't believe her granddaughters could handle their destiny and planned to bind their powers for good. Grams' death scene is one of the saddest moments on Charmed and it's so hard to watch seeing the sisters lose the woma who has looked after them their whole life. It's especially sad watching all 3 sisters split apart as Phoebe goes off to New York which is moving development that shows the sisters have lost their reason to be a family. Another impressive development is how Piper and Leo literally bumped into each other as they unknowingly met before, which is a great forshadowing of their own personal destiny.

    The demon plot of the week is superbly written side by side with the flashbacks. Shadow, the warlock, is definately one of Charmed's most brilliant villains, mostly thanks to the flawless performance by "Scream" star W. Earl Brown. He's M.O. is well crafted and the scene where he kills a woman to get the Charmed Ones attention is suspenseful. The direction is also stunning throughout with the transistion with the flashbacks being beautifully shot. The special effects where also very good with Shadow's vanquishing seen being so well done. The episode ends with truly memorable moment for the sisters as Piper decides to say with her sisters and all 3 sisters embrace each other. It's one of the last moments between the original 3 sisters and it's really said that a few episodes later, these will end tragically. All and All, "Pre-Witched" is a perfect effort from Charmed with powerful sisterly moments and one of the most excellent demonn plots written.
  • A warlock with many lives was secondry for me to the nice trip down memory lane.

    Neither the best nor the worst episode I have seen. A warlock who refuses to die meant little to me alongside the storyline of the Halliwell sisters in their pre-witch days. It was nice to look back through their eyes, have some gaps filled in and see how good parts of their lives were before Destiny called them to be The Charmed Ones.

    It was good the see excellent cast interaction here as we knew well and truly by now that there was not a lot of loved lost between some members of the team. Kudos, therefore, to them for not making the disharmony obvious and putting out a watchable episode.
  • Before They Were Famous

    I love when we get to see more of the sister's past before they discovered they were witches and Pre-Witched has to be one of the best episodes of the season.

    Pre-Witched has Prue and Phoebe dealing with departure when Piper and Leo announce their plans to move out of the manor and remember back to 1996 when Grams died and Phoebe left for New York. Meanwhile, the sisters also have to deal with a familiar who turned back into his demon self and must be killed 9 times in order to become indestructible.

    W. Earl Brown (best known for his role as Kenny the Cameraman in the horror movie Scream) is brilliant as Shadow and he really brings the warlock to live, and you can't wait until the sisters finally vanquish him. The flashbacks are brilliant and it was a neat twist to see that Piper and Leo once ran into each other years ago. Pre-Witched is a very underrated episode which is probably one of the best in season three.
  • The Charmed One's deal with several personal issues in this episode, ranging from a Witches familiar turning evil to Piper and Leo moving out which is bound to cause problems for the sister witches.

    This episode is exactly why I got into this show in the first place. It's heartwarming, dramatic, full of action and all around goodness.

    Overall, this episode is very well written, the storyline of Piper moving out really brought out the true emotions of all the characters and how much of a sisterly bond they really have. Which we all love to see.

    The second storyline involves an evil warlock who needs to shed his 9 lives before midnight. The 'demon of the week' was fantastic in this episode, and the great one liners and comedy is just great to watch.

    And lastly, the flashbacks of the Halliwells past was handled beautifully, the hair and make-up team did a greta job with this one, and made the Halliwells look exactly like they did in the first episode.
  • Death takes a Halliwell, an innocent and a warlock

    So last week death was inevitable and now it's the latest must-have, for our demon-of-the-week at least. The Angel of Death would have a field day with this guy!

    But more about him later. This episode is really about how close the sisters have grown since becoming witches. When Piper and Leo announce they are moving out of the Manor, Prue and Phoebe have misgivings. To show how far they've come, the action is interspersed with flashbacks from three years earlier. Phoebe and Prue are at each other's throats and Grams is at the end of her tether. Result? Piper decides to stay.

    The flashbacks are brilliantly done. Both Alyssa and Shannen have had their hair tucked up to make it shorter and all three look exactly as they did at the start of the series. Top marks to the stylists. Jennifer Rhodes does a great death scene and the whole thing is filmed in sepia, which looks just the job.

    Estrin and Levinson wrote this episode, so you don't need me to tell you that an animal is going to morph into a human at some point. This week a witch's cat turns into a warlock with nine lives, the catch being that if he loses all of them before the next new moon he can stay human. It's a bit of a silly idea but the vanquishes are cool and the guest actor is pretty good so I'll let it go.

    In truth, it's a rather anticlimactic demon plot but the flashbacks more than make up for it. Never thought we'd get to see THAT photograph being taken. Quality!
  • Piper and Leo are thinking about moving out and the trio faces a warlock that has 9 lives

    I really did enjoy this episode. It was great to see the girls before they were the charmed ones and before their Grams died. It was nice to see that Grams didn't want the girls to get their power because of their behavior and because she didn't think they were ready to be thrown in harms way. It was interesting to see the girls involved in their normal lives.

    I loved how Piper and Leo were interrupted by Phoebe when they were trying to get it on in the shower. Piper getting all mad was so funny and cute! And then after that Prue just walking into the bedroom when Piper and Leo were trying to have some alone time was great. I loved that Piper just brought up the topic of moving while they were in the middle of breakfast. I loved how Phoebe and Prue right away didn't want Piper to move out!

    It was amusing to see the girls all being attacked by the same warlock! I loved Phoebe window shopping for shoes when he just appeared. And Piper and Leo carrying the boxes when Piper was attacked was also amusing! I loved that Leo was making fun of Piper saying that she had too much stuff.

    Watching the girls try and solve the warlock problem together was great too. It was cool that they had to summon someone to tell them about why he wasn't dying and it was cool that in the end they came up with a spell so he would feel the pain of nine deaths.

    This was a pretty cool episode of Charmed and I'm glad that Piper and Leo decided not to move out of the manor.
  • Great episode and it shows what happened to the charmed ones before they became witches.

    Lacking privacy at the Manor, Piper concludes that she and Leo should move to their own apartment, leaving Prue and Phoebe to voice their objections about splitting up the Charmed Ones. As the girls work through their family problem, a witches' familiar turns against her, killing the young witch in the process. The familiar now in human form, encounters each the sisters where upon each vanquishes him. But the girls soon learn that the familiar-warlock continues to come back and if vanquished nine times will become immortal and beyond their power to destroy.

    This episode flashed back in time and showed us the charmed ones or should i say the halliwell sisters before they got their powers, it also shows Grams and referes alot to the pilot such as the picture of the girls when it was taken and many other exciting things
  • This episode shows flashbacks to their lives before witchhood took over.

    This is an amazing episode. The storyline of the warlock was not great, but the use of flashbacks was excellent. It is good to see how the girls acted toward each other, instead of just them talking about it. It is revealing about their personalities and heartaches. Grams was good in this episode, as was the use of Patty. Actually, it opened the door to the idea of Piper and Phoebe being able to speak to them both in the beginning of season 4. This episode also filled in blanks that helped the audience to better understand other parts of the series.
  • Ok episode. not brilliant but fills in some gaps.

    In this episode, we see the girls fighting against a warlock who was once a familiar (cat that looks after witches - like Kit) who, if he is killed 9 times before the new moon, he will become imortal. In the larger scale, Piper and Leo are moving out of the manor to have more \'alone time\'. This coencides with a flashback episode showing the day of Grams\' death and what happened to make the girls split up (before they became the Charmed ones). We learn that Grams was going to take away their powers so they would stay together but, before she had the chance, she fell down the stairs with heart pains and died. It was pretty sad but we knew she was going to die anyway - not that I\'m not sorry!
  • sad but good

    this episode was sad for me to watch.since leo and piper are now married they decide to move out into the condo that piper and prue use to live in.the sad part is when they talk about stuff it goes to a flasbac in the flash backs we see the day when that picture of all three of them was taken. and we see how grams died and we see when phoebe steals from macys.
  • A very special episode

    Pre Witched is other great episode of season 3, that shows how was it the life of the Halliwells before they were Charmed.While Piper and Leo wants to moving out of the manor and get their own place, the Charmed Ones are attacked by a warlock.The whole episode shows that the 3 sisters are stronger togheter, in the manor, that makes Piper changes her mind and not moving out of the manor, this episode is a classic, It's hardly a Charmed Fan don't like this episode.

  • This episode was ok. We got to see how the sisters were like before they became witches.

    This episode was ok. We got to see how the sisters were like before they became witches.

    Piper wants to move out & get a place of her own with Leo, because she feels she has no privacy at the manor, this has the sisters thinking back to when Grams died & how distant they were from each other.

    We see how close (although not very) Piper & Prue were, and how rebelious Pheobe was & how distant she was from her sisters, we also find out that just before Grams died she was going to cast a spell so that the sisters wouldn't become witches because she felt that if they did they would never be close.

    This time the demon the sisters have to deal with is a familiar who turns into a warlock and has until the next new moon to die so he can become immortal, the catch here is that he has to die 9 times because he was a cat, but of course the sisters figure out a way to defeat him.