Season 3 Episode 6

Primrose Empath

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 2000 on The WB

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  • Primrose Empath

    Primrose Empath was a superb episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was pretty good and interesting. I liked seeing Prue try to help the guy who was actually a demon passing off a deadly power to her. It was also interesting to see Phoebe and Cole go through a rough patch. Prue displayed an amazing new aspect to her astral projection power and in the end saves the day. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • Cole joins the party and Prue, super w(b)itch...

    This is a marvelous episode until a very unfortunate finish. Cole is maintaining his indirect attack on the Charmed Ones; this time by leading Prue to a demon infected with the power of empathy, which is understandably quite a curse for any demon to be inflicted with.

    Probably my favorite thing about this episode is Cole, Phoebe, Leo and Piper being together and going out for lunch. It is a short scene here, but it portends to the future, when Charmed is at its best.

    The demon, Vinceros, is very well played. The actor, admittedly, makes a better suffering empath than he does an unstoppable demon, but he is just sinister enough to be believable. Meanwhile, a strong case can be made here that Shannen is at her all time best; it is a little easy to say when she has so much to do. I loved it when Piper went off on the Father and told him to buck up. That was the Piper that we will get used to in future seasons. As the hard-working business owner and engaged sister, Piper is very much becoming like the eldest sister that she will eventually be. Did the writers already foresee Shannen's departure by this time? Perhaps.

    The final Matrix inspired fight scene was ridiculous, frankly. When did Prue become Bruce Lee? The idea of having her astral self jump into Vinceros was a great idea, but she should have just done that in the first place. However, Vince was able to survive with everyone's pain at the beginning of the episode, right?

    A second issue I have is the scene where Vinceros kills his second victim in church. If you are going to treat demons like they are real, then I don't know how you can have them freely passing into churches and using their powers. Demons should be avoiding them at all costs.
  • Matrix rip!

    Good episode, enjoyed watching it up till the point where Pru vanquishes Vincerus.... anyone else see the fact that it was the biggest 'The Matrix' rip ever! I mean kumon, i would have awarded the episode 9 if it wasn't for this blatent display of unoriginality! I enjoy watching this show, and am working my way through all the episodes, but after this I'm not sure I want to. The storylines are usually original to 'Charmed' and I feel let down by the fact that they actually aired this one thinking it wasn't noticeable! However, saying this, I guess everything can be described as unoriginal these days, because the whole idea of everything being done before, but still, this wasn't changed enough to give any credit to the writers of the show. Therefore well done 'The Matrix' writers, shame on you 'Charmed' writers, you only get half the score for this episode.
  • Prue's All Sweaty! Aaaaggghhh!

    Shannen Doherty gets to show off her amazing talent in this thrilling episode which shows that Charmed is capable of more mature storylines compared to the first four episodes of this season.

    Primrose Empath sees a demon transferring his empathic abilities to Prue, causing her to go insane with the feelings and emotions of so many people running through her head. Whilst Piper and Leo try to save her, Phoebe discovers that Cole is planning on leaving San Francisco.

    This episode has many shocks throughout, the first being the twist that Vince, apparently this week's innocent, is in fact Vinceres, an evil empathic demon, who is working with Cole to destroy the Charmed Ones. I was fooled by his façade and it made the episode extremely exciting for me. I found that the evolution of Prue’s empathic abilities was well handled. It started out being funny as Prue starts laughing at the doctors and then discovering that her abilities are causing her to feel just like a patient injected with laughing gas, who is near by, before turning completely painful and making Prue lock herself up in the basement to get away from all the emotions.

    Harry Groener gave a brilliant performance as Father Thomas and there was some nice reasoning behind why Vinceres has his abilities. I found the fight at the end laughable as it was blatantly obvious that the writers had just watched The Matrix when they were writing it. It could have worked... if the budget was much, much bigger. This episode rests on the shoulders of Shannen and she is remarkable throughout. A really good episode.

    Rating: B
  • A melange of different pop culture icons gone horribly wrong.

    "Primrose Empath" started out to be a great episode. Prue, thinking she's saving an innocent, in fact saves a demon and gets "infected," so to speak, with an empath's powers. This allows her to feel all the emotions in the city (and the world, to be sure) and essentially drives her insane. However, she is able to use the empath power to vanquish the demon in "Matrix"-style fighting, which I found hackneyed and, well, unoriginal.

    Haven't I seen everything in this episode before? The empath situation seemed really familiar to me. Then I realized - Buffy the Vampire Slayer did an episode similar to this. In the episode "Earshot" from season 3, Buffy gets infected with a demon's blood and is able to hear people's thoughts. It seemed to me that Prue in "Primrose Empath" wasn't feeling the emotions of people; she was hearing their thoughts.

    As demonstrated in season 6 of Charmed, when Phoebe got her empath powers, she couldn't hear thoughts or voices. However, in "Primrose Empath," it seemed that Prue heard voices. So, who was the true empath here - Prue in this episode, or Phoebe in season 6?

    And the Matrix-style fighting did absolutely nothing for me. How many times has that movie been parodied or copied? How many times have those copies been BAD? If the Matrix hadn't already done it, the fighting in this episode would have really impressed me. But, it just seemed like a poor-man's Matrix.

    All in all: Charmed at its worst.
  • If you had a chance to know what others thought would you take it.

    In this ep. Shannen Doherty does the best actting I have ever seen it is so good. Also, Prue does some amazing but kicking I have ever seen on the show. I love the power and i love the storyline it is so great. Just completly amazing ep. this show keeps getting better.
  • Really good episode shannen did a great job !!

    When Prue tries to help a man struggling with unbearable pain, her spell deviously backfires. Turns out the man was far from innocent, he was a demon who had been cursed to feel all the pain and suffering emotions in the world. Prue was tricked, and ended up with the cacophony of human emotions driving her insane and nearly unconscious. Piper and Phoebe figure out their sisters predicament with Leo's help and plot to reverse Prue's condition back onto the demon. Meanwhile, the now free demon has realized that his curse could be banished forever if it dies with Prue and begins a search for the Charmed Ones. When the demon arrives at the Halliwell home, Piper and Phoebe's plan of attack fails, leaving Prue vulnerably close to death from her suffering. Leo comes to Prue, now huddled in a ball with her head in her hands, and coaches her to face the cries of pain and suffering she hears. Prue rallies her mental prowess and accepting the suffering of all those in her head, regains her sanity long enough to face the demon-man in a kickboxing style battle of the minds that sends all the pain back where it belonged. Unable to cope with the effect, the demon implodes within his own inability to feel for others while the Halliwell sisters rejoice at their good fortune.
  • Shannen is such a great actress!

    This is one of the best episodes from season 3!
    I think I watched it like 100 times! Shannen plays the part of the empath so well. I almost cried at some scenes. I felt so sad for Prue. It was like no one could understand what she was going trough!
    Nut altough there are many sad-Prue-scenes, there are many funny quotes too.
    Actually, I like all episodes of charmed from season 1 to season 3!
    Anyway, Prue makes a great job in this episode. I think it's the best acting I ever seen in Charmed! The storyline of the episode is great!
  • shannen doherty wow.

    If anyone deserved an emmy for this particular episode, it's Shannen. I wasn't a huge Shannen fan at first and she's still not my favorite but I definately have more respect for her. Her acting skills in this episode were amazing. I felt moved by her pain. You go girl!
  • Great if you haven't seen season 5+ as Phoebe gets empathy and doesn't go mad.

    This episode involves Prue seeing "signs" which lead her to a man who has locked himself in a building and refuses to come out. It turns out he has empath ability meaning he can feel everyones thoughts. The power is driving him mad and you genuinely feel for him. Prue rescues him by casting a spell which turns out to be a big mistake.

    Cole set the whole thing up, it turns out this man called Vince was actually a demon, Vinceron. The episode gets very creepy as he has the power to kill by burning his victims, in a creepy way.

    Shannon Doherty acts impressively in this episode and I do see why some prefer her to Paige now. As she slowly loses her mind from the effects of the spell the sisters must fight to save her.
  • The feeling's mutual

    Another week, another fine performance from Shannen. In one of the best twists of the series so far, Prue casts a spell to release an innocent man from a curse, only to find he is a demon recruited by Belthazor. Worse still, the curse is now on her, making her feel the pain and emotions of those around her. As the voices in her head grow louder, we see her slide deeper and deeper into despair. It's a great storyline and Shannen really is superb. Such a shame this is her last season.

    The bloke cast as Vince is excellent and plays the tortured innocent brilliantly. Top marks to the wardrobe department for dressing him in something other than black.

    As with all great episodes of Charmed, there is one little niggle. This week, it's Prue's rather bizarre fight with demon-of-the-week Vince. Quite why they had to copy The Matrix move for move I'll never know. I also found it ridiculous how Prue went from being a gibbering wreck one minute to an ice-cool assassin the next.

    Thanks to Prue's new power, Cole and Phoebe finally get it together. And it starts with a bang too! Phoebe is bringing out Cole's human side big time and his fellow demons are beginning to notice. It's going to be a fascinating relationship. Seeing Julian shirtless is an added plus, although he does need to go easy on those clippers.

    I'm so glad they introduced the character of Cole. He gives the show a real sense of purpose. Instead of the meaningless innocents and silly subplots we had in Season Two, we now get to see Cole plotting and scheming at every turn.

    Dark episodes rock!
  • Emotion Commotion

    Primrose Empath-Prue begins experiencing the powers of an empath, thanks to a demon, but she soon loses control. Meanwhile, Phoebe's relationship with Cole becomes turbulent when he tells her he doesn't want to see her anymore.

    Probably the best performance Shannen Doherty ever did on Charmed, "Primrose Empath" mixes a great demonic storyline with Shannen's powerful performance. Prue's suddenly being given the gift of an Empath brings some hilarious scenes like her feeling her butt being grabbed by anohter guy and both her sisters pinching her as Prue feels it. At the same time, her descent into complete isolation is heartbreaking and you truly feel sad for Prue as she literally losing her mind. Prue's empathic ability also brings some fantastic developments like Piper and Leo's couple issues, but more importantly that Phoebe and Cole have fallen in love with each other. Both Alyssa and Julian already developed some great chemistry, especially the scene where they wake up together overjoyed by being together.

    Morgan Weisser is superb as Vince and I loved the scenes between him and Prue. He conveys Vince's suffering so well and you feel so bad for him, which makes for a huge shock when he turns out to be a demon named Vinceres. I love Cole's involvement in freeing Vinceres from the empath power and tricking Prue into doing. Cole is alreayd turing out to be a very promising villain at this point as his plan become more thought out. Also, Harry Groener was brillaint as Father Thomas, the priest who curse Vinceres with his empathic ability. The scene where he confronts Prue and makes his speech about embracing the gift was so touching which both actors being so perfect in their performances.

    The only real issue is the final fight between Prue and Vinceres which is an obvious "Matrix" rip-off with almost the exact same moves being used from the film as well as the vanquishing of Vinceres with Prue jumping inside of him. But despite that little flaw, "Primrose Empath" is a stunning episode with a show stealing performance by Shannen Doherty and some great dark scenes.
  • Poor old Prue just can't get a break these days and Phoebe isn't exactly jumping for joy either.

    Phoebe's relationship with the dashing Cole Turner is confusing the heck out of her because she really doesn't know where it's going and that has her sad and worried. For Prue, however, there are more pressing matters at hand when a demon puts a spell on her which turns her into a most reluctant empath who sees and feels all the emotions around her and soon, quite predictably, given all the pain and suffering around her, all this emotional weight crushing down on her begins to greatly affect her emotional stability and has her wondering if she can cope with her destructive thoughts and feelings for much longer.

    For Prue, things are eventually fixed, but for Phoebe and her budding romance with Cole, only time will tell.
  • The weight of the world on your shoulders.

    Prue is led by Belthazor to a building that will be demolished, and she contacts the shut-in Vince, an empathic man that feels the emotions of the whole world. Prue casts a spell to release the power from Vince and she actually absorbs his empathy ability. Later, the Halliwell sisters and Leo disclose that Vince is actually the evil demon Vinceres that was trapped with the empathic power by Father Thomas to protect the world.

    "Primrose Empathy" is a good episode of "Charmed", with a well resolved supernatural story. The romance between Phoebe and Cole is promising, and it seems that the demon Belthazor is having some sort of love feeling for Phoebe.
  • prue the empath.

    prue gets a new power, everything she is hoping for, but somehow not. being a good person that she is, prue tries to relieve a poor man from his empathic ability which is causing him great pain. it goes wrong and she gets it. it is very hard for her to handle. she goes crazy, and her powers dont work right. the man who pre saved was actually a demon hired by none other than cole. and of course in the end, prue used her empathic power to vanquish him. so coles plan failed, and prue did not keep the power. prues alility also helped in this episode. she told phoebe cole loved her. and phoebe went to cole, and told him she loved him. her power also was very funny. like at the dentist, with the laughing. and the guy and his girlfriend was pretty funny. and you had to feel bad for leo when he couldnt pay for the bill at lunch. he felt useless. so very good episode. and a little tid bit, the priest guy was the mayor.
  • Prue gets a new power that may be driving her insane

    The beginning was very enjoyable. I found it interesting to watch Prue trying to use her powers in her astral form and I loved how Phoebe walked in and freaked out. It was great to just see them together in that way getting annoyed with little sisterly things instead of bigger issues.

    This episode actually had a really good storyline for Phoebe and Cole. I liked Cole's plan to get Prue the empathic powers and then leave town so he didn't have to see Phoebe and Piper suffer the loss. It was actually a decent plan. It was cool that Prue realized the feelings Cole and Phoebe had for each other while she had the empathic powers. I loved all the signs that Prue got too, they were just incredible. The empath that Prue thought she was supposed to save being a demon was an unexpected twist and as such I liked it. Leo and Piper's relationship issues were both cute and annoying all at the same time. It was even better though when Prue told them to work out their couple issues and they actually admitted to their problems. It was sweet that Leo felt so bad about not being able to pay the bill.

    Prue's toothache was such a huge part of the episode which wasn't something you would expect to be such a main focus. I loved that when Prue went to the dentist she realized she had gotten the empath's powers. It was so amusing to see her burst out laughing because of the laughing gas the one woman was getting. It was nice to see that the father who originally had the power Prue has tried to get Prue to use it the right way. I loved how astral Prue jumped into the demon and gave him all the emotions that he had, had so much trouble controlling before. It was a different vanquish than what we usually see on charmed so I really liked it.
  • este episodio es muy bueno ya que en este se presenta como prue explota su mayor potencial y como cole va aprovechandose de esto para acercarse a phoebe

    este episodio me parece particularmente magnifico pienso que es uno de los mejores la lucha apasionada entre cole y phoebe y la perdida de la cabeza de prue por este poder de empatia que la esta llevando al avismo de la destruccion, al mismo tiempo la hiroria de leo y piper que no pueden estar un momento tranquilos por sus ocupaciones como guia blanco y hechicera. aqui es muy bueno ver como prue al vencer esto puede convertirse en una poderosa y temible bruja, para los demonios, y como acaba con este demonio que se burlo de ella haciedola creer que era un mendigo y al final la maldijo con un poder que ella no podia controlar
  • This episode excellent - it was good to see Prue with full power!

    I liked this episode because it had a lot in it - and it had a bit of comedy, too. When Prue cast the empathic abilities adrift, Vincerus made physical contact with Prue, who then became the empath herself.

    At first it was quite funny - but as the episode continued Prue began to feel more and more, and at first it seemed as the the wieght of the emotions might actually crush her - but when father Thomas taught her to control the ability, Prue became 'pretty unstoppabe herself' as Phoebe said.

    This episode was funny, exciting and magical - an all-time favourite.
  • When Belthazor drops fake signs right in front of Prue, hoping she would follow them, Prue attempts to save a demon who she believes to be an innocent.

    As Cole feels himself falling more and more for Phoebe, it seems he becomes more desperate than ever to get his job of killing the Charmed Ones over with, although with each new plan it appears that he is almost self-sabotaing by either not following through with the plan when it WOULD have worked or by simply passing up on the oppritunities. We can tell, especially in this episode, that there is a war raging inside Cole as he falls more deeply in love with Phoebe, and is running out of chances to kill her and her sisters.

    Meanwhile, Prue is given a power boost by the empathic gift she inadvertently gained by taking it out of Vince, he supposed innocent, although the gift continues to take a toll on her as she finds she was not meant to recieve this power.

    Piper and Leo are having couple-issues again, but only minor.
  • An absolutely priceless show, consisting of the first time Cole and Phoebe do "it".

    The episode begins with Pru with a toothache, very interesting for a drama, as it normally isn't the norm. It then gets better, with Cole changing signs, and leading Pru to a demon. When she finally rids him of his curse and is cursed with the gift of empathy herself it is a very interesting turn of the Charmed script, introducing a non-permenant new power. Thouroughly enjoyed, with Cole and Phoebe finally realising that they feel the same way about each other, through Pru's new gift. A perhaps slow moving episode, that grips the watcher dragging you into the saga begining of Phoebe and Cole, and drives you to continually watch the show. Got me hooked in the first place and is surely quality episode.
  • This episode seems to be very great, but I don't know why I don't like it...

    Cole trick Prue to get to an empath and she begins to feel terribly strange and everything, according to her, is very painful. While her sisters tried to help her, she denies it and begins to act like if she was about to die, and later that thing the way she fights all very great, I mean she is a Charmed One, but I don't think that she was able to kick and fight that way, and I don't think that the empath give her that ability, because is about feeling, not about physical things.
  • Prue saves a demon thinking that he's an innocent.

    Prue saves a demon thinking that he's an innocent. He turns out to be an evil assasin immune to witches powers. When she casts the spell the empathy power passes onto her & at first she thinks she can handle it but by the next day she's ready to explode.

    Prue also senses that Cole is falling in love with Pheobe & despite her dislike for him encourages Pheobe to go after him which she does & they spend the nightr together.

    Piper & Leo are having "couple" problems.

    The end when Prue astral projected into the demon and he blew up was probably the best part of the episode.
  • intro to empaths!

    intro to empaths! i love empaths! (empaths = feeling otuher people's feelings! if you did not know!) lol. that was funny when prue was in the dentist and she felt teh laughing gas, the butt touching, that was funny! i loved this episdode! this was the best butt kicking epiosde! at teh end whne prue managed to control the empaths and hse butt kicked the demon! lol, i loved it!
  • Prue receives an empathic gift from a cursed empath

    I personally love this episode, but then again i am a complete and total sucker for romance, or true love, or both. This episode is the one where Phoebes and Cole finally "get together" after Prue feels(as an empath) that they are falling in love with each other. This makes for a fine spot of love and romance. If you are like me, and have a soft spot for that sort of hing, then this is the episode for you! One of my favourite episodes of season 3, possibly one of my faves from 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7. This episode is guaranteed to give you a warm, mushy feeling inside, a feel good episode for sure.