Season 6 Episode 12

Prince Charmed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 2004 on The WB

Episode Recap

Piper dreams that she's about to go skiing with her boyfriend when she hears Wyatt's voice calling her. She wakes and rushes to his room, finding him in his crib with a demon trying to break through his protection shield. She blows up the demon and picks up Wyatt, soothing him. Meanwhile, Phoebe and Paige enter the house with Darryl and Sheila. They're carrying bags of groceries and decorations for Piper's birthday dinner the next day. Phoebe says Jason won't be able to make it to the dinner because he's traveling, and Paige says Richard won't be able to make it either because of his issues with magic. After Darryl and Sheila leave, Piper tells her sisters about the demon who attacked Wyatt. She also announces that she's had an epiphany: she's decided to give up dating and devote herself full-time to raising Wyatt. Her sisters are skeptical. Paige decides to help change Piper's mind by making her a very special birthday present. When Piper wakes up the next morning, a handsome stranger is standing in her bedroom carrying a tray of breakfast. Speaking with a Latin accent, he says, "Eggs benedict, easy yolk. Steamed asparagus, fresh fruit. Orange juice, no pulp. How do I do?" Piper calls for her sisters. They explain that they made the man magically, hoping to convince Piper to reconsider giving up on love. She's furious at first, but her Latin lover (who dubs himself David, since Piper's always liked that name) is so completely attuned to her needs that she can't resist him. David offers to take Piper and Wyatt to the zoo for her birthday, and she agrees. Chris, unable to figure out who the demon was who attacked Wyatt, tries to convince Leo that the sisters should bind Wyatt's powers. Leo is completely against it. Chris tries talking to Piper after she gets home from the zoo, but she also opposes the idea. Chris and Leo discover that the demon who attacked Wyatt is a member of a demonic cult called the Order. They used to be the most powerful force of evil in the Underworld until their leader was vanquished. They believe that Wyatt is the reincarnation of that leader, so they're trying to invert his morality and make him one of them. The Order sends another demon, disguised as Darryl, to break through Wyatt's protection shield. But Piper hears static coming from the baby monitor and rushes to Wyatt's room. She blows up the demon, but not before he's able to significantly weaken Wyatt's shield. Leo takes Wyatt to Elder land for safety until the sisters can figure out what to do about the Order. Chris argues again that they have to bind Wyatt's powers to keep him from turning evil. Piper discusses it with David, and this time, she agrees. Phoebe and Paige are still against it, however, and Piper can't bind Wyatt's magic without the Power of Three. Chris decides to use David to help him change Paige and Phoebe's minds: to the magical mix that created David, Chris adds Paige's desire to practice magic openly in front of her boyfriend, and Phoebe's desire for her boyfriend to be geographically available. Chris also tosses in a handful of magical pheromones for good measure, but he overdoes it. The sisters' attraction to David makes them forget all about Wyatt and the Order. Darryl and Sheila arrive for Piper's birthday dinner, but they quickly leave when the sisters get into a food fight over David. David manages to soothe them, saying that what they want most in the world is to get along, and binding Wyatt's magic will do that. They call Leo, and he orbs in with Wyatt. But before the sisters can react, the Order demons shimmer in. While the sisters fight them off, their high priest shines a light from a metal wand toward Wyatt. It breaks through his shield and inverts his morality. The priest grabs Wyatt and shimmers out. The effects of the pheromones broken, the sisters turn on Chris. He argues that he was trying to protect Wyatt. "The only reason I came here was to keep Wyatt from turning evil." "Turning evil?" Leo asks. "Wait," Paige says, "don't you mean stop evil from hurting him?" "I didn't think you'd help me if you knew the truth…" Chris says. "The evil from the future I came back to stop isn't a demon. It's Wyatt." Piper orders him to leave, but Chris says he's the only one who can save Wyatt. "Wyatt brings his shield up around me. He thinks I'm a threat…They reversed his sense of morality. That means his shield will protect him from you but not from me. Please…let me help." "Chris, we don't need your help," Piper says. "I will get my son back, and when I do, I don't want to see you anymore." The sisters go to get Wyatt back from the Order, but it's just as Chris predicted: Wyatt's shield keeps the sisters away from him. As the sisters fight back the demons, Chris orbs inside Wyatt's shield and vanquishes the high priest with his own fireball. Chris calls to Piper, "Pick up the scepter and point it at Wyatt. Trust me." Piper shines the light from the metal wand at Wyatt, turning his morality back again, and his shield comes down. Paige looks at Chris. "How come he didn't raise his shield back up for you?" "I don't know," Chris says. "Looks like he trusts me now at least." Later, Leo finds Chris meditating on top of the Golden Gate Bridge. Leo tells Chris that he can win back the sisters' trust if he's honest with them. "Don't manipulate them. Even if it is for the right reason." As midnight approaches, David says goodbye to Piper. "You can't live without love, Piper, we both know that. That's all your sisters were trying to tell you. Don't ever stop dreaming about me, and never stop looking for love."