Season 6 Episode 12

Prince Charmed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 2004 on The WB

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  • An ideal husband

    Piper makes the bold decision to stay off men and devote her time to raising Wyatt, which is quite possibly the most unselfish thing a Charmed One has ever done. Shame, then, that her sisters spend the whole episode trying to undermine her decision.

    The idea of conjuring an ideal man has its merits but, yet again, turns out merely to be an excuse to have the sisters behave like a bunch of slags. I cringed when Paige and Phoebe started coming onto him at dinner and that food fight was just embarrassing. The bloke isn't even that nice!

    I'm not sure what the writers were trying to prove here. The whole thing is totally out of character. As Piper herself says, the days of casting these kind of spells should be long gone. Instead of having her fawning over a meaningless grunt why not have her get back with Leo? Now, that would go down well.

    The demon plot starts off well but is never given the chance to develop and ends up being extremely predictable. Not for the first time, a group of demons try to get hold of Wyatt but instead wind up dead. Some decent guest actors but not enough action. If this guy is going to turn evil let's just get on with it.

    The best moment comes when Chris finally lets slip that he is in the past to prevent Wyatt turning evil. This does provide a bit of drama and I actually felt bad at the way he was treated. Still doesn't excuse the rest of the episode though.

    Leo's gift for Piper is a nice touch. Fingers crossed the writers give us what we want before too much longer.