Season 6 Episode 12

Prince Charmed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 2004 on The WB

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  • Yay, Just What We Need! Horny Witches!


    Prince Charmed-After Piper vanquishes a demon from Wyatt's room, she has an epiphany about the rest of her life concerning Wyatt. Unable to handle Piper's revelation, Paige and Phoebe decide to remind Piper of the importance of love by conjuring up a "Mr. Right" as Piper's birthday present. Meanwhile, Chris uses Mr. Right to try to convince the sisters to bind Wyatt's powers, but demonic cult members kidnap him before they have the chance.

    You know....remember when Charmed was a show about 3 sisters who happened to be witches who fought demons and protected the innocent? Well, at this point, the show resembles nothing like that...AT ALL! What we have here is half a$$ series about 3 desperate witches who get into silly situations every week and have no respect for themselves what so ever. Brad Kern must have been twirling his mustache and laughing all the way to the bank, because honestly, no show runner would let his series get this bad if he actually cared about it. But he obviously doesn't as well as the others writers, maybe Rose, Holly and Alyssa. Who in their right mind would look as these scripts and think they were a great idea. Honestly, I think the actresses were still in it at this point for the money orjust being faithful to the show for the sake of being faithful!

    "Prince Charmed" could very well could be the worst episode of the series at this point in the show's run. Paige and Phoebe wiping up a man for Piper's birthday is just utter crap. Piper pretty much sums up the absurdity of their actions in one line:

    Piper: "This is like something we would have done years ago, when we didn't know better, but now we least we're suppose to!"

    Turns out they don't. Paige and Phoebe look stupid for even doing the spell considering 1) Personal gain (which seems non-existent on the series anymore!) and 2) They already have boyfriends and them sending time making seductive looks at each other is just makes them look cheap. Eduardo Verástegui as David couldn't be more one-dimenstional and cheesy, feeling like he dropped out of some corny telenovela (which the actor infact has been in a couple!) He's just a dumb plot device used to make the sisters act like horny idiots! Since when is it so bad to devote your time to raising your son a bad thing? Why is dating and sex so important when Piper is just trying to protect her son? Since whendoes not dating anymore considered giving up on love?Like being in a relationship is the ONLYkind of love in the world!!? O_0I swear the logic and reasoning on Charmed gotten so low that the only way the sisters can be happy and normal is being with a guy. So much strong independent women we once knew! *headdesk*

    Oh and there's some crap plot about a demon cult called the Order and Chris finally tells the sisters the "real" reason he came back to the past. I did love the sisters and Leo finally ripping Chris a new one, especially Piper telling him "I never want to see you again." Sadly, that couldn't help and the episode fails right into the "god awful" catergory. Oh and that food hilarious...NOT!