Season 6 Episode 12

Prince Charmed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 2004 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: This is the one hundredth episode to feature Brian Krause (Leo Wyatt).

    • When Paige is setting the demonic alarm system, she puts a crystal down on the table. The close up shot of the crystal shows it being tall and skinny, but from far away it is a diffrent crystal.

    • When Piper finds the gift that Leo left, and is reading the card, the camera shot changes to Chris and Piper in the background is visible, holding the card up, and close to her face. When they cut back to just her she is holding the card down closer to the dresser.

    • TRIVIA: The name of Piper's dream guy was David - which is a reference to Holly's real life boyfriend at the time David Donoho.

    • When Chris comes in at the end of the episode to save Wyatt, he runs in an orb just the way Leo did in the season 2 episode Murphy's Luck and Cole did in the season 4 episode Charmed and Dangerous.

    • TRIVIA: This marks the first time that Leo, Chris, or Paige use the Golden Gate bridge as a meeting place between the Elders and the Charmed Ones.

    • TRIVIA: This episode marks Piper's 29th birthday.

    • At the end of the episode, when David is saying goodbye to Piper, the window on the stairs shows a reflection of a light fixture from the set.

    • When evil Darryl passes Phoebe she doesn't notice anything, although her empath powers should have alerted her.

    • TRIVIA: This is one of nine episodes with the series title, "Charmed", in it.

    • They say that Prue lost Piper's charm bracelet many years ago. In that case, how did Leo find it after such a long time?

    • TRIVIA: Wyatt says his first word ("Mama") to call out to Piper to vanquish a demon in his room.

    • TRIVIA: With a thoughtful gift from Leo to Piper, there is foreshadowing to a possible Piper/Leo reunion.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode, the sisters celebrate Piper's birthday, although it isn't specified how old she is.

    • TRIVIA: Chris reveals to the sisters that in his future, Wyatt was turned evil.

    • In the last scene with the underworld, the warlock is supposedly holding Wyatt. But you can tell it's a doll, because of the shape and the fact that the baby doesn't move.

    • During the food fight, Piper freezes the birthday cake and throws it at Paige who redirects it toward Phoebe. When the camera flashes back to Piper, she has orange jello in her hands as if she had been throwing it...but is still standing in the same position as she was when she hurled the cake at Paige.

    • TRIVIA: The Charmed Ones had a remarkably similar fight in "Power Outage" and lost their powers for it. The only difference between the two episodes was that Phoebe didn't use her power.

  • Quotes

    • Leo: You know, trust, Chris, is a precious commodity. Once you lose it, it's pretty hard to get it back.
      Chris: What, did you read that out of a fortune cookie?
      Leo: Don't be a smartass. It doesn't help your cause.

    • (Piper is willing to give up on love for Wyatt)
      Phoebe: What about sex?
      Piper: Well, you know, I'm the mother of one of the most magical creatures ever. Sex rather pales in comparison, don't you think?
      (She walks away)
      Paige: She doesn't need a party, she needs an intervention.

    • (To Leo and Chris about Mr. Right)
      Paige: Alright fine! So I made him out of my own little brew!

    • Paige: (about David) I made him. Magically.
      Phoebe: Actually, we both made him.
      Piper: For my birthday.
      Darryl: Hell of a gift.

    • Paige & Phoebe (after they've conjured Mr. Right and are looking at his flawless body): Perfect!

    • Chris: You conjured a man?!
      Paige: No! Not just a man...the perfect man!

    • (After Piper finds out about Mr. Right)
      Phoebe: Piper, wait!
      Piper: No! Not until you send him back to wherever the hell you conjured him from.
      Paige: We can't, not until your birthday's over.
      Phoebe: Yeah, so why not take advantage of him while you can? I mean, figuratively speaking.
      Paige: Ah, hell, literally. It is your birthday.

    • (After Mr. Right brings Piper breakfast in bed)
      Paige: Well, uh, this is your birthday present...from me. Although, you know, Phoebe helped.
      Piper: The breakfast?
      Paige: No, the muchacho.

    • Phoebe (referring to Piper's perfect man): Oh, ok. Well, I think she would want someone that, um, lives nearby, you know, and doesn't travel a lot.
      Paige: Yeah, well, I would write down something about somebody who I could do magic in front of, but these are qualities that you and I would want, not
      qualities that Piper would necessarily want.
      Phoebe: Right.Ok, um...I think she wants, you know, a strong man, but
      someone that's not afraid to show his sensitive side.
      (Paige and Phoebe begin writing down qualities and adding them to a potion)
      Paige: Sensitive, but not a wuss bag. Yeah.
      Phoebe: (getting into it) And someone that is a good listener.
      Paige: Ok. Good cook.
      Phoebe: Handy around the house.
      Paige: Good with kids.
      Phoebe: Gets the whole "normal life" thing.
      Paige: Has a really big -
      Phoebe: Paige!
      Paige: Uh! Is this the perfect guy or what?
      Phoebe: All right. Throw it in.

    • Phoebe: But Paige we can't just conjure up a sex toy!

    • Phoebe: So you're making a love potion?
      Paige: No, I am making a love machine, I am making the perfect man.

    • Piper: Leo left me a birthday gift, how sweet.

    • Chris (talking about the demon who attacked Wyatt): So what did he look like?
      Piper: Tall, hooded and with a metal rod thingy.
      Chris: Well that narrows it down.

    • Chris: But what about Wyatt?
      No one responds to him.
      Chris: Anyone?

    • Darryl (regarding the sisters' behavior): Is this some kind of demonic thing?
      Chris: No. It's some sort of messed-up thing.

    • Sheila Morris (to David): So, how long have you known the girls?
      David: Fourteen, fifteen hours, I guess.

    • Chris (about Piper giving up on love): Wh...what?
      Piper: Did I stutter?
      Chris: Piper you can't give up on love. It's not natural.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Doskonalý muž (Perfect Man) France: L'homme idéal (The Ideal Man) Italy: Un principe per Piper (A Prince for Piper) Germany: Der perfekte Mann (The Perfect Man)

    • This episode scored 3.9 million viewers.

  • Allusions

    • Title: Prince Charmed

      This is a reference to the fairy tale character Prince Charming.

    • Order Leader: "I find your lack of faith... disturbing."
      This line is a direct quote of Darth Vader from Star Wars: A New Hope when someone on the Death Star expresses disbelief that it will work. Right after Vader says it, he uses the Force to choke the guy until General Tarkin stops him.