Season 2 Episode 11

Reckless Abandon

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 2000 on The WB

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  • Prue killed Martha.

    ok straight off the bat, Prue's behaviour is annoying and unrealistic. I can totally see Piper being able to knit and making this basket so that's normal for me. But seeing a pretty generic teddy and being all 'oh oh oh oh oh oh omg it's saahh cwuuttee' is just beyond no and annoying.

    I don't mind the story line here. I enjoy that in the end they lose one of their innocents even if it was done a bit over the top. I do wish the ghosts powers were explained to us though, but I do have to wonder why nobody tried to leave the house before. Like you don't have to say why, just have a family outing and once you're out don't go back. Fairly sure your family wouldn't still be functioning if none of you had ever left the house before so obviously he lets you out. And since they didn't even believe in the ghost, obviously he isn't an imposing ghost for the majority of the mans life.

    Watching the sisters with the baby was a bit tedious and annoying, having Prue go and spend a heap of money and act all stupidly and then cancel her trip because of a baby.. that she was giving back anyway.. But naturally she's the best one here too.

    I also don't get the point of them all being 'you and Dan this' and 'you and Dan that'.. it's only half way through the season aka they've only KNOWN each other for about 6 months tops. You'd think it'd been a year or 2 the way the sisters (or at least Prue naturally) is talking about how Piper should be moving in and taking steps towards more.. like no at 6 months you keep it steady. But also mr perfect Dan is here to save the day again.

    But my god the stupidest part of the episode.. instead of just vanquishing the ghost, you mess around until he comes and finds his bones. They (mainly Prue because she started it) are the reason Martha died, hate to say it, but they are solely to blame. They could VERY easily have just poured the potion on the bones.

    I did enjoy Piper pointing out how perfect Dan is. So it's not like "Mary Sue's' in things (or Gary Stu or whatever it is) where they're perfect but the other characters don't 'know' that. Piper can really see it. And seriously they've been on only a few dates and Prue doesn't think talking about how much she wants babies all of a sudden isn't going to scare Jack (of all people).

    Fashion: Again Prue is completely dressed unprofessionally. Not to mention acting unprofessionally.

    Piper: I like her hair style and she seems to be getting into a bit more make up. I know it's the crew and their job, but pretending it's real life, it makes sense that as she got older and she'd developing more confidence she'd start wearing more 'natural' make up and eye shadows and it really suits her.

    Phoebe: surprised to be saying it but her pink top with the stripy arm warmers and blue skirt, was kind of just.. odd. But she, naturally, still looked gorgeous.
  • Reckless Abandon

    Reckless Abandon was a superb episode of Charmed and the story was pretty fun and engaging too. I liked watching the sisters care for an abandoned baby each showing their motherly natures. There was some good character and minor plot development. Prue has a hard time balancing work and her personal life, and the new boss doesn't hesitate to point this out to her. Jack does what he can to help her and in the end wins the day only to be blown off for baby problems. It was nice the sisters were able to help baby Matthew. I like the consistent interaction of Morris and the sisters and I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!
  • Recklessly Abandon this one to TV's dustbin and move on to an episode that has Leo back.

    UGH... Javier Grillo-Marxuach, what happened? We've seen a decided drop in the quality of the show with no Leo around. It is difficult after all to have an effective Piper/Leo/Dan triangle when Leo isn't even on the show. And this one all but takes a drop off of a cliff.

    First of all, a baby is at the center of all things here, and of all the cute babies in the world, this is not one of them. Secondly, I don't think they had to try so hard to convince us that none of the sisters are ready for a baby. Apparently, this is one of the most difficult babies in history. Then, to top if off, we have Dan in his too perfect role. This guy is so unrealistic. Leo at least has a good reason for his being too good to be true- he's an angel. There are some really disastrous scenes here, led by the scene where Alexandra first finds out her only child, her baby, has been left with the police. Her reaction is SO unrealistic it is painful to watch. Then we have a ghost who can shoot lightning out of his fingertips. How is that exactly? Apparently, he is making his way through the men of this family without anyone calling ghostbusters or even doing the simple thing of staying OUT of the house!

    On the plus side, the matriach killing herself and then sending the ghost to hell is a good vanquish. Too bad she didn't think of that before her entire family was wiped out. Lastly, at least this is the last episode before Awakened, so it has that going for it.
  • A ghost in love with a woman decides to seek his revenge on her and her family by killing all the male members of the line.

    I have nothing personal against Stephanie Beacham, but whenever she is acting, it seems to me as though she really overdoes the dramatics and I find that very off-putting. The episode itself was, to say the least, not the most stellar of the season and the plot was very predictable from start to finish as a highly annoying ghost haunts and kills the family of a woman upon whom he wishes to seek revenge for past wrongs.

    To punish her for what she has done to him, he begins by killing those she loves the most and haunting her and her family as often as he chooses. She gets a type of revenge on him in the end when she takes her own life but by the time the episode got that far, I found myself very uninterested.
  • Pointless Has-Been Guest Spot #1: Stephanie Beacham

    An episode seemingly entirely constructed around Stephanie "Aaron Spelling's bestest favorite-ist actress ever!" Beacham, Reckless Abandon is also memorable for seeing our three leads taking care of a tiny baby so it's unsurprising that there are a ton of scenes centering around diapers, pee, cutesy biological clock crap and the like.

    The episode sees Phoebe getting a premonition of a ghost killing a man when she holds an abandoned baby. Taking the baby home, she and her sisters discover that the baby is the last in the line of Van Lewen men, all of which are being killed by an evil ghost. Whilst Prue takes care of baby Van Lewen, Piper and Phoebe consult Martha Van Lewen, the matriarch of the family, for answers.

    Strangely, the baby plot is the most successful storyline of the episode. Seeing the sisters struggling to deal with everything is fun to watch and the scene where Piper freezes baby Matthew's pee in mid-air is completely ridiculous but undeniably funny. The only annoying aspect of the storyline is the Baby Boom-esque score which accompanies the baby humor. It's used to death throughout the episode and just really grates on you.

    The ghost storyline is completely tedious. As well as featuring really bad performances from most of the guest stars, including the aforementioned Beacham (who appears like she still thinks she's on Dynasty), the script drags on and on and the writers don't seem to have realized that stories centered on other families never work. Look at The Wedding From Hell, for instance.

    Reckless Abandon is a slightly average episode where the subplots easily overshadow the main demonic storyline. One you could easily skip over whilst watching it on DVD.

    Director: Craig Zisk
    Writer: Javier Grillo-Marxuach
    Rating: C
  • Baby Bummer

    Reckless Abandon-The sisters must find a way to vanquish a ghost who is intent on killing all of the men in a family line, including the last male, a baby.

    Part light-hearted humor/part a dark(ish) episode, "Reckless Abandon" has the sisters loong after an abandon baby, while also trying to stop the deadly ghost after him. I have to admit, the baby storyline was pretty funny, especially watching all 3 sisters having a difficult time taking care of little Matthew. It's quite hilarious watching them fall apart and be overwhelming by taking care of a baby, one scene in particular that sticks out is when while Prue and Piper are changing Matthew, Piper freezes Matthew's pee before it hits both of them. It's so ridiculous, yet the scene played out well. The situation actually brings some nice family moments as the sisters learn how to be better mothers and develop some real concern over Matthew.

    As for the demon plot, I liked it a lot and J. Kenneth Campbell was great as Elias Lundy. He made for a cold hearted, ruthless villain and his M.O. as well as his backstory was well written. I just wish I could say the about the other guest stars, especially Stephanie Beacham (Martha van Lewen). I'm guessing Aaron Spelling forgot to tell her she wasn't on Dynasty anymore before he casted her as her performance is too over-the-top at times. The special effects are quite good with Prue using her power to bring back Elias' body and Elias throwing lightning as Prue and Phoebe afterwards. All and All, "Reckless Abandon" is has both an entertaining sub-plot and a pretty cool main plot which makes for solid episode.
  • Mad about the boy

    So last week it was relationships and this week it's babies. Thankfully, this is a better episode than "Heartbreak City" but that's probably damning with faint praise.

    Watching the sisters getting to grips with little Matthew is actually quite good fun, although the puking and nappy-changing gags are rather predictable, and it's obvious from the start they are going to fall in love with him. Still, it's interesting to see how they adapt their lifestyles to cope with him.

    Dan continues to annoy me with his 'Mr Perfect' act. I cringed the whole time he was going through that jiggling routine. At least Piper seems to be thinking along the same lines. Bring back Leo!

    The baddie plot doesn't really get going until halfway through the episode. The idea of a dead man tormenting his former lover was never going to be original so the writers have purposefully recreated the classic 'haunted mansion' setting. The action comes with pearl necklaces, breakneck balconies and a suitably gothic ghost. The acting is a little soapy at times, particularly from the woman playing Alexandra, but the vanquish provides a good twist and it's an entertaining, if forgettable, storyline. I'm not sure how the ghost was able to shoot lightning bolts from his fingers but there you go.

    The script seems a little off colour this week, which is surprising, as Javier Grillo-Marxuach is generally one of the show's better writers. Some of the sisters' lines, in particular, are very out of character. I also thought the scene in the babystore was rather daft. As if a shrewd businesswoman like Prue would spend $312 for one day of babysitting. Even seeing Jack on that scooter couldn't quite make up for it.
  • An episode about revenge...

    While in the police station with Darryl, Phoebe touches an abandoned baby called Matthew and has a premonition of a ghost killing Matthew's father. She convinces Darryl to let her take the baby home, where the inexperienced Halliwell sisters get into a troubled situation. Meanwhile, Prue is preparing a presentation with Jack, expecting to go to New York, and Dan helps Piper with Matthew. Prue discloses the father's name and sooner the sisters find that the ghost was the chauffeur of the family and he is killing all the men of the family as a revenge for his death.

    "Reckless Abandon" is a very dark episode, with many deaths, but all of them simply forgotten because of the survival of the baby.
  • funny and magial

    this episode was great! it was funny at the start when they basicly had no idea how to take care of the baby matthew. esspically when piper and prue had to change his nappy. but really cute when at the end the sisters had really bonded with matthew.and of course when the sisters vanquished the ghost.
  • angry ghosts revenge

    I think it was sweet that there is an episode where all the sisters maternal instinct kicks in. Matthew is so cute and they all bonded with him. That ghost had to get over it and get a life. I don't mean literally. Wanting to kill a baby to get revenge is really sick but what can you expect for a demon.
  • this is ok,

    i sort of liked this episode. it was kind of wierd though. isnt this the one where they get the baby from a ghost that was haunting their family??? well if it is, it the second time they vanquished a ghost! i liked this one better though. didnt they have to dig up his bones and do some thing to them? well, any way, this is a good episode.