Season 2 Episode 11

Reckless Abandon

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 2000 on The WB

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  • Baby Bummer

    Reckless Abandon-The sisters must find a way to vanquish a ghost who is intent on killing all of the men in a family line, including the last male, a baby.

    Part light-hearted humor/part a dark(ish) episode, "Reckless Abandon" has the sisters loong after an abandon baby, while also trying to stop the deadly ghost after him. I have to admit, the baby storyline was pretty funny, especially watching all 3 sisters having a difficult time taking care of little Matthew. It's quite hilarious watching them fall apart and be overwhelming by taking care of a baby, one scene in particular that sticks out is when while Prue and Piper are changing Matthew, Piper freezes Matthew's pee before it hits both of them. It's so ridiculous, yet the scene played out well. The situation actually brings some nice family moments as the sisters learn how to be better mothers and develop some real concern over Matthew.

    As for the demon plot, I liked it a lot and J. Kenneth Campbell was great as Elias Lundy. He made for a cold hearted, ruthless villain and his M.O. as well as his backstory was well written. I just wish I could say the about the other guest stars, especially Stephanie Beacham (Martha van Lewen). I'm guessing Aaron Spelling forgot to tell her she wasn't on Dynasty anymore before he casted her as her performance is too over-the-top at times. The special effects are quite good with Prue using her power to bring back Elias' body and Elias throwing lightning as Prue and Phoebe afterwards. All and All, "Reckless Abandon" is has both an entertaining sub-plot and a pretty cool main plot which makes for solid episode.
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