Season 2 Episode 11

Reckless Abandon

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 2000 on The WB

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  • Recklessly Abandon this one to TV's dustbin and move on to an episode that has Leo back.

    UGH... Javier Grillo-Marxuach, what happened? We've seen a decided drop in the quality of the show with no Leo around. It is difficult after all to have an effective Piper/Leo/Dan triangle when Leo isn't even on the show. And this one all but takes a drop off of a cliff.

    First of all, a baby is at the center of all things here, and of all the cute babies in the world, this is not one of them. Secondly, I don't think they had to try so hard to convince us that none of the sisters are ready for a baby. Apparently, this is one of the most difficult babies in history. Then, to top if off, we have Dan in his too perfect role. This guy is so unrealistic. Leo at least has a good reason for his being too good to be true- he's an angel. There are some really disastrous scenes here, led by the scene where Alexandra first finds out her only child, her baby, has been left with the police. Her reaction is SO unrealistic it is painful to watch. Then we have a ghost who can shoot lightning out of his fingertips. How is that exactly? Apparently, he is making his way through the men of this family without anyone calling ghostbusters or even doing the simple thing of staying OUT of the house!

    On the plus side, the matriach killing herself and then sending the ghost to hell is a good vanquish. Too bad she didn't think of that before her entire family was wiped out. Lastly, at least this is the last episode before Awakened, so it has that going for it.