Season 8 Episode 13

Repo Manor

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 22, 2006 on The WB

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  • Well compared to last weeks it was much better, Roses acting was good, and the ending with piper was a tearjerker, pretty sad! I did like the demoneses, however they should have used a spell not a potion, i can forgive the writers just this once!

    Well compared to last weeks it was much better, Roses acting was good, and the ending with piper was a tearjerker, pretty sad! I did like th demoneses, however they should have used a spell not a potion, i can forgive the writers just this once becuase it wasn\'t that big of a deal i think the fairytale creatures were very properly used, a good sister episode and also good becuase of the (lack-of) billie, it was great when they were making fun of her, however i hope to god that she does not move into phoebes old room, it was nice to see the spirit board again!!! , next new episode is on Febraury 12th!Dont miss it!!!!
  • Yawn.. the show's long drawn out death scene of season eight's final episodes. Either put it out of it's misery (and ours so something good has a chance to spawn in its spot) or give it the miracle of life.

    The worst thing of it is they finally had a good story idea, no, could have been an epic story. But as we all have learned that if Hollywood is good at anything it's squandering potential and inserting crap; it is Hollywood’s mainstay in our day. Very drab and boring, you may ask “why do you watch it then” well, I’ll tell ya. Most of these responses are from people that watch the show for a reason, that reason being they like the show. Well, I quit watching NCIS, so now all the response they get is from fans, and if I left this show it would be the same, since it’s almost over anyway I figured I would stay and respond to each episode honestly, not from a fans standpoint, but someone who couldn’t care less what happened to the show because they don’t care about anymore. They could get me to care about it I suppose if they started doing good again, but that’s beyond them now, you can tell from the stories.
  • I do love Charmed! This episode was good, and yes, some parts of the story seemed farmiliar, but I can think of so many things that are brand new and great...

    I love it, everytime I am able to watch Charmed (busy schedule and no DVR!). It is a seriously fantastic series, with great writing, acting, and everything. I don't think anything has been suffering this season, unless you count Billie... Leo leaving was sad, but it was out of Brad Kern's hands, which is sad. Billie is anokay character, I would just WAY rather have Leo. She just... is there. It doesn't seem like she does anything. But I do REALLY like the storyline of her sister being missing, that's an awesome idea from the great people at Charmed.

    Well, I think this episode did have farmiliar features, like the shrinking (which wasn't done to all three at the same time before), the doll house (which was stolen by demons), Phoebe moving (this time not with anyone). But, they were never done together in one episode, so hah. And what about Piper adjusting to life without Leo, Phoebe moving out because she feels that she needs to move on and not be constrained to her sisters, and Paige revealing that she's a witch to her boyfriend? Yeah, that's right. You love Charmed and you know it. I said it, and you agreed.
  • I think this had a bigger meaning than we think...Piper Blowing up The house...Maybe symbolizes with Them being in it for the last time Together....Thoughts...

    I feel this episode was very very special...Because i feel they are showing us what to expect for the SERIES finale...

    As in Phoebe has her own life OUTSIDE the house...Paige FINALLY finding love and Henry ACCEPTING her being a Witch which is EXCELLENT! And Piper looking for what is coming next and is always HEAD ON with these things...

    Although Billie finding her sister is still going on im HAPPY that this episode was about the sisters...

    and i COMPLETELY DONT mind that they actually RE-USED the DollHouse Thing...I believe they slid this one past us because they could and had a good excuse too...

    Maybe the demon slave king has something to do with the last Battle ?!
  • repo manor

    this wa sa pretty good episode. nut billy is so annoying.was it just me or is paige's voice really weird and sometimes it is normal. i can not wait for the episode two weeks from now. the evil charmed ones were convincing in the beginning. i hope they find christy soon the plot is getting boring
  • They did this one already... and this one... and this one... and this one!

    Pretty much everything in this episode has been done before. Demons have tried to replace the Charmed Ones before, the Doll House has trapped Piper (and Leo) before, the Charmed Ones have been rendered powerless and imprisoned before, demons have possessed/switched themselves with the Charmes Ones before without their sisters noticing anything... everything had been done already. Which is a very BAD thing.
  • Phoebe signs for her own apartment, Piper tries to live her life without Leo, and Paige tries to make a very unlucky Henry a very lucky man so she can reveal her secret to him. However, a demon shrinks the sisters into a dollhouse replica of the manor.

    Even though this is the final season of this series, this is still a good episode. This show isn't the way it was before, and this episode is fine example of that. I thought revealing her secret to Henry was a very heartwarming moment, especially when he accepted it. But how many times are the sisters going to be shrunk into action figure size and put into a doll house replica of the manor? I believe this is the second time. But overall, it was a very good episode, if not one of the best episodes of this season anyway.
  • Phoebe, in an attempt to move on with her own life, signs a lease for a new apartment, and Paige considers moving in with Henry. However the sisters are forced to remain under the same roof when a demon shrinks

    Phoebe, in an attempt to move on with her own life, signs a lease for a new apartment, and Paige considers movingPhoebe, in an attempt to move on with her own life, signs a lease for a new apartment, and Paige considers moving in with Henry. However the sisters and
  • The two surviving members of Charmed, the Halliwell sisters, embrace in the halls of the Manor one last time.

    Ep #169: Repo Manor

    Well, this awesome, emotional episode (the last two scenes really choked me up)) starts out in a way that most recently have not: the "Charmed Ones" are immediately being attacked by a demon at Magic School in a right-off-the-bat action scene as the teaser starts. After he is vanquished, the COs say something about being "ready," and they are approached by a demon, who seems to be their mentor.

    Apparently "Phoebe" and "Piper" have been training for "this" for 8 years, 5 years for "Paige," and although they think they're ready, the demon believes they still need the Power of Three - ding, ding, ding. The three reveal themselves to be not the real Charmed Ones, but three demons instead (Power of Three Blondes, anyone?)

    After the opening, we see Phoebe packing up boxes for her big move out of the manor. Meanwhile, Piper tries to make a list that can help them both find Leo and figure out which big bad is after them. She finds the name of an age-old wizard named Zakal and thinks that if they can get his help, they can figure out who's after them. She continues to stress over Leo. Meanwhile Billie uses Phoebe's old room (and the book) to continue searching for her sister using the mysterious symbol in her last diary entry.

    Meanwhile, Henry loses his car keys and wallet and locks himself out of his apartment, and perfect timing, because Paige is planning on dropping the bomb at dinner, telling him that she's a witch. She employs some not-so-moral techniques, calling for help from a fairy to help him locate everything he's lost, and then calling for the help of a muse to "inspire" him to write letters of recommendation for his parolees so that he'll be able to make dinner. I smell consequences.

    Meanwhile, we find out that the three imposter Charmed Ones are being mentored by another demon who wants the "Slave King," apparently a demonic monarch, dead. These females demons know everything about the Charmed Ones, their histories everything, but in order to vanquish the SK, they'll need the Power of Three. They realize that using the dollhouse (the replica of the manor from last season) is their best chance at "replacing" the Charmed Ones.

    The mentor demon catches Phoebe in the elevator and switches her with one of the demons. She begins acting weird around Piper and Paige and vanquishes their demon prematurely. Piper concludes that she cares more about moving into her new condo than about saving Leo. She also acts like she doesn't care about Billie's sister, upsetting her. She even goes as far as to say that she believes her search is futile, that she'll never really find her.

    Next, the demon replaces Paige with another sister demon, just before she receives a call from Henry, who has become "so inspired" (because of the muse) that he's finished the letters and even wrote a love letter for Paige. The leprechaun she called for Henry also comes through, as a little bit of luck changes his day! Convicts and felons start pouring in, and he even wins $10,000!

    "Paige" and "Phoebe" make sure to stay away from the book as they convince the real Piper to flip to the page with the vanquish for the Slave King. When Piper starts questioning them, they attacked her and orb her to the cave with the dollhouse, while the last sister demon replaces her. The mentor closes the dollhouse door on the tiny, real Charmed Ones. Inside the dollhouse their powers are minitiarized like themselves, and they can't escape! However, that doesn't stop the Charmed Ones! Their first plan is calling Billie for help through the spirit board (which she has with her trying to find her sister) ... and they spell out "DOLLHOUSE." However, when Billie goes to tell the fake sisters, they act extremely nasty to her, telling to take her ass out of their house, and after "Phoebe" pushes her down, "Paige" orbs her outside! How rude!

    The COs, however, have a Plan B! Their plan is genious, although risky. Piper climbs to the balcony, while Paige tries to orb a pointy rock thing closer to them (she has to do it little by little due to her powers being reduced) ... then, Piper calls for Savard, the mentor demon, and as he draws near, she uses what little blow-up power she has to cause him to trip, with the side of his head landing on the spikey point (ouuuch!), vanqushing him in a skeletal fashion!

    However, trouble comes in the form of the fake sisters ... after they go back to the Slave King, they use the Power of the Three and the potions to vanquish him (and all of his minions) in an EXPLOSIVE fashion! Then, they return to the cave to tell Savard, but find him gone! The real Charmed Ones think of a plan to get the Power of Three back - to taunt them into using their demonic powers instead of their stolen powers! At the moment the imposters throw the fireballs, the COs regain the power of three, and they orb the dollhouse back to the attic, where Billie is there, thrilled that those "meanies" weren't the real COs!

    Then, they tell her to use the "switch bodies" spell from the book, and Billie is able to switch the places of the COs and the demons just in time! Piper then blows them up in the dollhouse, ending the identity theft!

    Next, we got an extremely well written, well acted, and well directed scene in which Paige and Henry have dinner, and Paige confesses everything. She tells him that all the weird "stuff" that's happened this past season ... has happened because of magic. She then creates lights that sparkle above them as she explains everything, how she's a good witch who helps people ... but when she realizes Henry is freaked out of his mind, she tells him she'll understand if she wants to leave. He surprises her by kissing her and pretty much confirming that he's okay with it.

    In the final scene, we see an emotional Phoebe getting ready for the final move into her new home. Piper gets extremely emotional and teary-eyed as Phoebe tells her that the manor will always be here home, no matter where she goes. The two surviving members of Charmed, the Halliwell sisters, embrace in the halls of the Manor one last time.

    Charmed returns with fresh episodes in February.
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