Season 8 Episode 13

Repo Manor

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 22, 2006 on The WB

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  • Charmed is falling fast.

    The whole thing with Paige and Henry was cheesy and cliche. It made the episdoe stupid because there was so much stuff about Paige using magic to tell Henry she's a witch and it was stupid that she made him be as lucky as he was.

    Piper and Phoebe's stories were okay but Paige's brought the whole episode down.
  • Pheobe moving out? Paige talking with fairies and leprecans, Piper trying to save Leo? Why does it seem we have seen all this before?

    OK, Correct me if I am wrong, I thought the girls could not use their powers for personal gain..Paige helping Henry to have a good day so she can tell him she is a witch,(something he probably already knew or he is demon) doesn't that count as personal gain. And why does Pheobe have to move out? I thought the power of 3 only worked best when they lived together, wasn't that why Paige had to move it with them? And while Billie wasnt on my nerves this time, it was only because all she did was sit on the bed and look for her sister. The dollhouse was already done. Being shrunk down was already done. Being replaced was already done, and the reference to those 3 demons studing the charmed ones for 8 years was a poor attempt to use them as decoys for this particular episode. I am trying to keep interested but the writers are making hard. I almost feel sorry for the actresses for having to keep their chins up and go to work everyday. Even they know it can be done better. How many more episodes till the series ending? I enjoy the reruns on TNT better then the new ones.
  • phoebe is moving out..paige and henry will come together..paiper, oh yes, paiper and..

    what can i say about this doesn´t inspired me, i guess i got used to this poor episodes..i mean, if this really is the final season of charmed, then the stories could be more interesting and more like charmed..

    I hope that they find a way to bring Leo quickly back..and that the sisters would stay together.
    But we will find out this by next time..
  • They did this one already... and this one... and this one... and this one!

    Pretty much everything in this episode has been done before. Demons have tried to replace the Charmed Ones before, the Doll House has trapped Piper (and Leo) before, the Charmed Ones have been rendered powerless and imprisoned before, demons have possessed/switched themselves with the Charmes Ones before without their sisters noticing anything... everything had been done already. Which is a very BAD thing.
  • I don't know... It's kinda diferent! But I don't think is so powerful itself...

    I don't know if I like it or not. At last we see a Charmed truly story and not one of Billie, and she stays in the second plane of the episode but the story of the Charmed ones itself is poor. Could have been a better one!

    The Demons of the weeks are the same as the Charmed Ones and they've been doing that for 8 years... That is too much incredible, it's a way of make another challeng that could have the sister's powers and the knowelge. A lots of Demons and stories could have been done to make the same and could have been a lot better than that!

    We have the underworld again in the episode! I was sick and tired of see every freaky demon in magic school. It's just was too poor. (We see them in M;agic School at the beginnig, but we can think that they were there training or something)

    Once again we see bad stories to explain something: I mean that "not-real" power that has the demon, that thing that makes them sleep! It's a bad excuse to make the girls into the doll house and not change the story. Tecnically, if that power exist anothers demon would have it aswell so the Charmed Ones would be dead by now! I mean it's a bad story the end too, the whole thing "use yours demonic powers!" I hate when demons are so stupid. Why the hell do you listen to them??? Just kill them! And when Billie is chanting the spell they stand right there without doing nothing! Why the make the demons so stupid!!!!???? The Demons could have been writen more bad and intelligent, and they could save the sisters anyway! (See Zankou or the Source) And the whole "Oh crap" or something they say when they're gonna dye it's more to a Child Show

    The effects in the episode are strange aswell. It's quite original see the Charmed Ones in the outside of the Doll House (when they vanqush the demon) and the final explosion it's great aswell! but the shimmer and transformation of the demons is bad done. So I think is a bad episode itself but with some touchs of greatness (the original thing of seeing the Charmed Ones moving things in the cave for exemple) So I think because of the originality we can give a 7 to the episode

    The acting was horrible by the demons and that made the episode go down
  • Phoebe signs for her own apartment, Piper tries to live her life without Leo, and Paige tries to make a very unlucky Henry a very lucky man so she can reveal her secret to him. However, a demon shrinks the sisters into a dollhouse replica of the manor.

    Even though this is the final season of this series, this is still a good episode. This show isn't the way it was before, and this episode is fine example of that. I thought revealing her secret to Henry was a very heartwarming moment, especially when he accepted it. But how many times are the sisters going to be shrunk into action figure size and put into a doll house replica of the manor? I believe this is the second time. But overall, it was a very good episode, if not one of the best episodes of this season anyway.
  • I liked this episode because Billie wasn't in it much :)

    I happened to like this episode, partly because Billie didn't appear that often during the episode.

    This is one of the few episodes in season 8, that I can say is good. I liked the storyline, even though it was slightly un-original and I thought the ending was rather touching, Holly Marie Combs acted incredibly well and really went into role.

    Reasons to watch this episode: .This episode isn't all about Billie .Paige tell Henry that she is a witch .This episode has a charm to it
  • Yawn.. the show's long drawn out death scene of season eight's final episodes. Either put it out of it's misery (and ours so something good has a chance to spawn in its spot) or give it the miracle of life.

    The worst thing of it is they finally had a good story idea, no, could have been an epic story. But as we all have learned that if Hollywood is good at anything it's squandering potential and inserting crap; it is Hollywood’s mainstay in our day. Very drab and boring, you may ask “why do you watch it then” well, I’ll tell ya. Most of these responses are from people that watch the show for a reason, that reason being they like the show. Well, I quit watching NCIS, so now all the response they get is from fans, and if I left this show it would be the same, since it’s almost over anyway I figured I would stay and respond to each episode honestly, not from a fans standpoint, but someone who couldn’t care less what happened to the show because they don’t care about anymore. They could get me to care about it I suppose if they started doing good again, but that’s beyond them now, you can tell from the stories.
  • Three Dumb Blondes 2.0 becomes Three Dumb Brunettes

    Wow, this is a better episode than the last one, which very graphically illustrates how pathetic the last one was. This is basically a redux of the episode where the 3 blondes want to supplant the Charmed Ones, except that episode was better.

    For one, the blondes were far hotter, and frisky to boot. Secondly, both Leo and Chris were around back then. Lastly, and most importantly, the blondes were witches; so the idea that MAYBE they could hijack the Power of Three was at least conceivable. In this mindless plot line, 3 demons apparently can become "the charmed ones" simply by standing in the manor near the book or by looking like one of the sisters and standing with them. If that were the case, then Piper and Phoebe never would have needed Paige to show up to replace Prue. They simply could have picked somebody off the street. Craziness. It is also insane that the sorcerer, somewhat cool as he was, can simply wave his hand and knock out the charmed ones. Who the hell needs the Source, Belthazor, or the Triad when you got this guy?

    The last crazy thing was when Phoebe and Paige were being imitated by the demon chicks and Piper (AGAIN) couldn't tell it wasn't Phoebe or Paige even though the demon chicks were being so obvious about not being them that the pizza guy and mailman could tell it wasn't them (I'm joking here). Wasn't it just a couple episodes ago that Piper was killing herself over not recognizing that a sorceress was impersonating Phoebe? Seems to me that it should have been amazingly obvious to Piper by now, but I guess I'm the crazy one.

    Still, there was entertainment value to the show, as always, and the final scene where Paige told Henry she was a witch was pretty good. And yeah, it was great when the demon sisters went off on Billie.
  • Scry Hard + The Power Of Three Blondes + Muse To My Ears + Once Upon A Time + Lucky Charmed + Size Matters + Saving Private Leo + The Importance Of Being Phoebe = Repo Manor And it's actually not that bad.

    Yet another great and original episode of Charmed. Although having some repeated story lines (the major one being The Power Of Three Blondes) this was both original and exciting. It featured great acting from the lead trio, and even Kaley is getting better by the episodes. The demons acted, as most demons on Charmed do, very poorly and the episode featured more then one strained and overacted scene by the evil sisters.

    Besides the very original and fun main plot about the thievery of The Power Of Three, there was some great sub plots. Paige has for a couple of years been my favourite sister, and she really shone in the episode, despite her cold. Her acting was amazing, and all of her scenes with Henry were perfect. They have sparkled from the very beginning, and the last scene where she tells him the truth, is just heartbreakingly beautiful. Henry also showed a more lively side in this episode, and I’m really starting to like him. Definitely one of the best love interests of the show (though, the completion isn’t very tough). Every scene with Rose and Ivan is wonderful, and I’m really looking forward to see how their relationship develops.

    Phoebe’s plot about moving out is very unnecessary, according to me. They have done it before, and she has no reason whatsoever to move out. Billie had surprisingly little to do in this episode, and I think it’s about time the Christy-story get some new fuel. And were did her new power of projection go? It’s totally vanished. Perhaps they realized it’s not necessary. It was also nice to see the Spirit Board again. The last time we saw it was in season 2.

    All in all a fun, fresh, exciting and most importantly original Charmed episode, showing that Charmed still ahs it. The best since Vaya Con Leos, and one of the third best episodes this season.

    Revenge of the Stillman Sisters

    Unusually for Charmed, this episode starts out badly but improves as it goes on. It's hardly a classic, but at least it's focused on the sisters rather than Billie.

    The storyline is a rehash of several old episodes. At its heart is yet another evil threesome trying to outwit the sisters. This is way too close to 'The Power of Three Blondes'. The shrinking sisters storyline has been done twice and the trapped in the dolls house plot was used last season. Trigger happy fake Phoebe appeared a mere sixteen episodes ago. I could go on. If the writers must recycle storylines, they could at least look back further than the last two seasons.

    To be fair, some of the sisterly interaction is very good and there are two strong subplots. Piper is clearly upset that Phoebe is moving out and I can't help thinking Phoebe is being a little selfish with the timing. Nicely acted. Meanwhile, Paige plucks up the courage to come out to Henry but needs some help to get him to the dinner table. I cringed when I saw the fairy and leprechaun but, thankfully, the subplot is buoyed up by an excellent performance from Ivan Sergei.

    The demon plot suffers from some bad dialogue and horrible overacting, not to mention cheap-looking shimmering. And how dumb were the fake Charmed Ones? They just stood there like statues while Billie read that spell. Why weren't they all throwing fireballs?

    I am so fed up of seeing leather clad baddies yelling at each other in caves. Please be more original. That said, the mass vanquish of the slave king and his crew is superb, and it was good to see a wizard make an appearance. There's also some nice editing this week.

    So the three main baddies all have names beginning with P. Now there's a thing. Wonder where they got that from?

    Score: 8.1
  • The demons were actually arguing about which plot to recycle!

    I love Charmed, and I enjoy every episode of it, but if you think about it, this one didn't actually fit in. Phoebe is moving out, even though Paige needed to move in earlier in the series... And she can just orb there whenever she wants, while Pheobe can't.
    About peronal gain, I think Phoebe was taking a big risk with what she did, but one could argue that she didn't actually do it herself, and it was for the good of magic. I mean, she didn't actually do it for herself, as much as for Henry knowing of magic, so that, when he finally figures out, he wouldn't freak.
    And as for the recycling of the plot, the slave demons were actually arguing which plot to recycle. What the frell? I don't usually notice or care if a plot is being used again, but this one is just too obvious.
  • wow

    This episode was very good it showed a side of the sisters you never saw before. Paige finally told Henry she is a witch and he accepted that,not many could do that. Phoebe moves down downtown(not down the hall like piper wants and likes).But, feels like she hasn't really moved at all toherself, she feel that that well always be her home no matter how far she or them moves away.
    Piper stay at the manor with Billie and the boys. (without Leo)
  • Remake Manor

    Despite seeming like 28 previous episodes thrown into a blender, I really liked this! Well, can you blame me? Doug E. Jones must hate Billie as the amount of Bimbo-Hate throughout this episode was just so damn funny!

    Repo Manor introduces us to Pilar, Patra and Phoenix, three evil demons who have been studying the Charmed Ones for years and are now planning their attack. All three women shapeshift into Piper, Phoebe and Paige and trap the real sisters in a dollhouse. Meanwhile, Paige plans to tell Henry her secret and Phoebe moves out of the Manor.

    The episode opens with an awesome teaser where Piper really kicks ass. Sadly, it turns out this is not the real Piper and it's actually one of the shapeshifting demons. It's a really annoying scene as you are led to believe the sisters have finally been allowed to kick some demonic ass but, alas, not so much.

    I really liked the three-demon storyline but I couldn't help but feel like I was watching a re-run. The whole episode basically felt like a bunch of past Charmed hours. Size Matters, The Importance of Being Phoebe, Scry Hard and The Power of Three Blondes all came to mind. It's disappointing but at least the writers managed to improve on the majority of those episodes, in particular Three Blondes, which this episode most reminds. The A-story was full of plot holes but it flowed really well and Holly, Rose and Alyssa appeared to put a lot of effort into their new roles. I was a little annoyed though that the Demon-P's were vanquished at the end. They have been training to destroy the sisters for 8 years now but still manage to get their ass whooped. A really big missed opportunity.

    The best thing about Repo Manor was, of course, the Billie-hate. When she's going on and on about her sister, Faux-Phoebe's "this is such a boring story" made me spill my drink. "I don't know why we still keep you around" made me burst out laughing. "Has anybody ever told you what a pain in the ass you are?" made me want to grab Doug E. Jones and kiss him repeatedly. Honestly, I have NEVER laughed so much for ages. I only wished there was some twist and it was really the sisters saying those things but... well, I can dream can't I??!!

    Other things I loved included the excellently original death of Savard. It's nice to see the writers attempting a different way to vanquish a demon and this one wasn't just different, it was... really, really nasty. I also loved the final two scenes. Paige revealing her abilities to Henry featured some awesome acting from both parties and Holly Marie Combs was amazing in the closing scene. She looked genuinely saddened by Phoebe's moving out. I don't think I've ever seen her look so alone. Shame that Alyssa had a face like a statue throughout. C'mon Lyssie, at least one tear!!!

    As this is Charmed, there were some things I hated. I still can't get over how unbelievably cruel, shallow and arrogant Phoebe is being, moving out at this specific time. I honestly don't know what she's thinking. Secondly, the magical creatures were completely pointless. Leprechauns? Fairies? Muses? Absolutely pathetic.

    Repo Manor wasn't a classic episode of Charmed but the awesome action scenes and Billie abuse easily won me over. Surprisingly good.

    Rating: B
  • Paige tells Henry she's a witch, Pheobe really moves out, Piper is still trying to deal with Leo being gone, and the sisters must take on demon imposters tapping into the power of three.

    This was an ok episode. However, it was interesting to find out that demons were actually able to use the power of three. But, I would think that after all the times the sisters have been fooled by imposters who are able to change or possess them, that they would have come up with some kind of secret code or detection spell which would identify that it was actually demons. It also seems that after all the times they have been fooled, they would have realized that everytime someone is acting "weird" or out of character that it is a big flashing signal that its actually a demon and not one of the sisters or someone they know. I am still alittle dissapointed that the stories have been a little repetitous recently. Being trapped in the dollhouse has already been used. I would also like to see a real strong opponent that the sisters and Billie have to fight, but I predict that the final battle will be with Billie's abducted sister Christy, she being conditioned by which ever demon kidnapped her and forced to fight the sisters and Billie but in the end, turns back to the side of good. I also think that this season will be their last, which is sad because this is one of my favorites...
  • It was a good episode. However I don't think Billie needed to be in this one

    it is intesting that they have Pheobe moving out. The reason Paige moved in was becuase it was hard to fight evil with her across town. We will see how this plays out in future episodes. Even though she did not do it does using magical help for Henry count as personal gain
  • repo manor

    this wa sa pretty good episode. nut billy is so annoying.was it just me or is paige's voice really weird and sometimes it is normal. i can not wait for the episode two weeks from now. the evil charmed ones were convincing in the beginning. i hope they find christy soon the plot is getting boring
  • When the Charmed Ones consider moving, they're forced to stay under the same roof b a demon that miniaturizes and imprisons them inside a dollhouse replica of the manor.

    Once again Phoebe tries to move out of the manor and once again a demon tries to stop her this time by making her really small and putting her inside the replica of the dollhouse. When the power of three works with the fake pheobe the fakes realise that they no longer need the charmed ones because they can use the power of three so we now have three miniture charmed ones locked inside a dollhouse. The fakes kill the slave king and are about to kill the charmed ones with their own power's and the sister realise that if they can get the fakes to use their demon powers then they can get the power of three back. Phoebe finally moves out of the manor into her new appartment.
  • I miss Leo!!

    The episode was great as usual..
    I think Henry took Paige beeing a witch pretty good.. I hope it stays that way.

    What I don't get is why the fake Phoebe talked about Cole.. that is so long ago!

    And I think Piper is really lonely, Phoebe just moved out, Paige spends all her time with Henry and Billie is looking for her sister.. She needs Leo!!

    I hope Billie will find her sister, i wonder what happend to her :-S
  • i kinda like da episode but yall need to read my full review 1st !

    just watched it , i dont know if this was my top 5 favourite episode or not in this season.. well i have to admit it , i kinda like this episode but da storyline was kinda boring cuz its already used before many times of course.. actually i dont care if it already been used , it just i dunno , maybe cuz its too simple ? well whatever.. i really like a scene da one at da attic when da imposters kick Billie out lol , and da one Paige tell Henry shes a witch , really romantic.. they are some unlogical scene in this episode too , well i dont care much.. and whats wrong with Paige voice ? is she sick ? :sad: , hope next episode will be better then this cuz i always love Charmed since it 1st started.. it just da writers dont have any ideas or a lot of action now ! and i really really now then can do better then this ! overall i gave this episode 8/10.. quite good episode but not da best , i like The Power Of 3 Blondes episode more..
  • Personal gain?

    I've marked this as a Flashback Episode because of the interesting recycling of plot devices from previous episodes -- and all in all I liked it.

    I know a lot fo folks are going on about Paige's use of magic for personal gain (a no-no), but that really didn't happen. Even if you consider the help that was given to Henry to have been to Paige's benefit, and it was, PAIGE wasn't the one doing the magic -- what she did was ask some other magical creatures for some help. Yeah, she pulled in some heavy markers, and that is sort of questionable behavior, but it isn't like she actually used HER powers for personal gain.
  • I liked several things in this episode. But, nothing is good with out Leo!!

    I thouht this was a good episdoe. Phoebe moved out for the second time, which was sad. I made me think of the episode "The Power of Three Blonded" in season 6. It was also neat to see the dollhouse again, since "Scry Hard." I guess we won't see it again since Piper blew it up.
  • The two surviving members of Charmed, the Halliwell sisters, embrace in the halls of the Manor one last time.

    Ep #169: Repo Manor

    Well, this awesome, emotional episode (the last two scenes really choked me up)) starts out in a way that most recently have not: the "Charmed Ones" are immediately being attacked by a demon at Magic School in a right-off-the-bat action scene as the teaser starts. After he is vanquished, the COs say something about being "ready," and they are approached by a demon, who seems to be their mentor.

    Apparently "Phoebe" and "Piper" have been training for "this" for 8 years, 5 years for "Paige," and although they think they're ready, the demon believes they still need the Power of Three - ding, ding, ding. The three reveal themselves to be not the real Charmed Ones, but three demons instead (Power of Three Blondes, anyone?)

    After the opening, we see Phoebe packing up boxes for her big move out of the manor. Meanwhile, Piper tries to make a list that can help them both find Leo and figure out which big bad is after them. She finds the name of an age-old wizard named Zakal and thinks that if they can get his help, they can figure out who's after them. She continues to stress over Leo. Meanwhile Billie uses Phoebe's old room (and the book) to continue searching for her sister using the mysterious symbol in her last diary entry.

    Meanwhile, Henry loses his car keys and wallet and locks himself out of his apartment, and perfect timing, because Paige is planning on dropping the bomb at dinner, telling him that she's a witch. She employs some not-so-moral techniques, calling for help from a fairy to help him locate everything he's lost, and then calling for the help of a muse to "inspire" him to write letters of recommendation for his parolees so that he'll be able to make dinner. I smell consequences.

    Meanwhile, we find out that the three imposter Charmed Ones are being mentored by another demon who wants the "Slave King," apparently a demonic monarch, dead. These females demons know everything about the Charmed Ones, their histories everything, but in order to vanquish the SK, they'll need the Power of Three. They realize that using the dollhouse (the replica of the manor from last season) is their best chance at "replacing" the Charmed Ones.

    The mentor demon catches Phoebe in the elevator and switches her with one of the demons. She begins acting weird around Piper and Paige and vanquishes their demon prematurely. Piper concludes that she cares more about moving into her new condo than about saving Leo. She also acts like she doesn't care about Billie's sister, upsetting her. She even goes as far as to say that she believes her search is futile, that she'll never really find her.

    Next, the demon replaces Paige with another sister demon, just before she receives a call from Henry, who has become "so inspired" (because of the muse) that he's finished the letters and even wrote a love letter for Paige. The leprechaun she called for Henry also comes through, as a little bit of luck changes his day! Convicts and felons start pouring in, and he even wins $10,000!

    "Paige" and "Phoebe" make sure to stay away from the book as they convince the real Piper to flip to the page with the vanquish for the Slave King. When Piper starts questioning them, they attacked her and orb her to the cave with the dollhouse, while the last sister demon replaces her. The mentor closes the dollhouse door on the tiny, real Charmed Ones. Inside the dollhouse their powers are minitiarized like themselves, and they can't escape! However, that doesn't stop the Charmed Ones! Their first plan is calling Billie for help through the spirit board (which she has with her trying to find her sister) ... and they spell out "DOLLHOUSE." However, when Billie goes to tell the fake sisters, they act extremely nasty to her, telling to take her ass out of their house, and after "Phoebe" pushes her down, "Paige" orbs her outside! How rude!

    The COs, however, have a Plan B! Their plan is genious, although risky. Piper climbs to the balcony, while Paige tries to orb a pointy rock thing closer to them (she has to do it little by little due to her powers being reduced) ... then, Piper calls for Savard, the mentor demon, and as he draws near, she uses what little blow-up power she has to cause him to trip, with the side of his head landing on the spikey point (ouuuch!), vanqushing him in a skeletal fashion!

    However, trouble comes in the form of the fake sisters ... after they go back to the Slave King, they use the Power of the Three and the potions to vanquish him (and all of his minions) in an EXPLOSIVE fashion! Then, they return to the cave to tell Savard, but find him gone! The real Charmed Ones think of a plan to get the Power of Three back - to taunt them into using their demonic powers instead of their stolen powers! At the moment the imposters throw the fireballs, the COs regain the power of three, and they orb the dollhouse back to the attic, where Billie is there, thrilled that those "meanies" weren't the real COs!

    Then, they tell her to use the "switch bodies" spell from the book, and Billie is able to switch the places of the COs and the demons just in time! Piper then blows them up in the dollhouse, ending the identity theft!

    Next, we got an extremely well written, well acted, and well directed scene in which Paige and Henry have dinner, and Paige confesses everything. She tells him that all the weird "stuff" that's happened this past season ... has happened because of magic. She then creates lights that sparkle above them as she explains everything, how she's a good witch who helps people ... but when she realizes Henry is freaked out of his mind, she tells him she'll understand if she wants to leave. He surprises her by kissing her and pretty much confirming that he's okay with it.

    In the final scene, we see an emotional Phoebe getting ready for the final move into her new home. Piper gets extremely emotional and teary-eyed as Phoebe tells her that the manor will always be here home, no matter where she goes. The two surviving members of Charmed, the Halliwell sisters, embrace in the halls of the Manor one last time.

    Charmed returns with fresh episodes in February.
  • It was great to see the replicated sisters be mean to Billie!

    Phoebe signs the lease for her new loft, but Piper tries several attempts to delay her moving out. A group of sisters who have trained as the charmed ones for eight years plan to take over, and replace Piper, Phoebe and Paige. Paige has an important date with Henry, as she plans to tell him that she's a witch, but things keep getting in the way. So she gets the fairies, the muses and the leprechauns to help him out. Phoebe is replaced by a demon, and she is shrunk and put in the dollhouse. Soon she is followed by Paige. The two try to convince Piper to go after a demon in order to get Leo back to distract her from what is going on, but soon after, Piper is in the dollhouse with her sisters. As the demons flip through the books of shadows, Billie comes in, and they tell her she’s whiny and annoying, and the demon Paige orbs her out of the house. Eventually the sisters defeat the replicas, by switching them into the dollhouse, and then getting Piper to blow it up. Paige goes out on her date with Henry, and shows him her power. He tells her that he’s not scared and he kisses her. Phoebe is leaving the manor and she shares a moment with Piper, and tells her that it will always be her home.
  • Just when you thought they were going to rehash an old episode they did but it was better than the orig.

    I loved the beginning of the episode when there was a lot of fighting action. It was a return to basics for the sisters. I enjoyed the quick quips directed at Billie, it felt as though the writers were listening to the Forums and writing the episode for all of the Billie haters.

    I then enojoyed the magical "I'm a witch" ending. Paige has had this discussion before with 2 of her ex boy friends and the 3rd time was the "charm" for her. I ate it up hook line and sinker. Season 8 is turning out to be a rollercoaster it seems, ups and downs are frequent.
  • This is a wierd one.

    I thought this was one weird but good episode. I was beginning to just thinking "hey they did this before" but then I really began to think of some of the hidden meanings that the fans may have missed. The hidden meanings could tell us this is it. This will be the last season of the show. I have seen some other shows do this, but this episode made me actually think about it. Some prime examples are when Pheobe decides to move out, Paige finally found that one guy, and Piper blows up a model of the house. Those are signs that this show is going off the air. However, how they did was great and I will truly miss this show.
  • I do love Charmed! This episode was good, and yes, some parts of the story seemed farmiliar, but I can think of so many things that are brand new and great...

    I love it, everytime I am able to watch Charmed (busy schedule and no DVR!). It is a seriously fantastic series, with great writing, acting, and everything. I don't think anything has been suffering this season, unless you count Billie... Leo leaving was sad, but it was out of Brad Kern's hands, which is sad. Billie is anokay character, I would just WAY rather have Leo. She just... is there. It doesn't seem like she does anything. But I do REALLY like the storyline of her sister being missing, that's an awesome idea from the great people at Charmed.

    Well, I think this episode did have farmiliar features, like the shrinking (which wasn't done to all three at the same time before), the doll house (which was stolen by demons), Phoebe moving (this time not with anyone). But, they were never done together in one episode, so hah. And what about Piper adjusting to life without Leo, Phoebe moving out because she feels that she needs to move on and not be constrained to her sisters, and Paige revealing that she's a witch to her boyfriend? Yeah, that's right. You love Charmed and you know it. I said it, and you agreed.
  • the sisters get trapped in a dollhouse after four former slaves for the demon slave king take their places to kill the king.

    this was a great episode, although it did seem a bit repetitive and nothing much happened towards the big leo storyline..

    also, i was wondering, in the trivia it was mentioned that the spirit board was destroyed in season 2, so it is impossible for billie to have it in this episode, but could someone tell me which episode it was destroyed in??

  • 3 demons want to take over the lives of the Charmed Ones and lock them in the dollhous replica. A fantastic episode

    This was one of this season's best episodes.
    The look-a-likes were not good in acting out the part. But Rose, Holly, Kaley and Alyssa were.

    The final moment is touching and the entire episode is full of action-packedlaughs. but still serious and connected to the main storyline.

    When I saw the spoiler i thaought it was going to be the same as the episode where Wyatt trapped Leo and Piper. But it's completely different and very well written

    Great episode!!
  • Phoebe, in an attempt to move on with her own life, signs a lease for a new apartment, and Paige considers moving in with Henry. However the sisters are forced to remain under the same roof when a demon shrinks

    Phoebe, in an attempt to move on with her own life, signs a lease for a new apartment, and Paige considers movingPhoebe, in an attempt to move on with her own life, signs a lease for a new apartment, and Paige considers moving in with Henry. However the sisters and
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