Season 8 Episode 13

Repo Manor

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 22, 2006 on The WB

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  • I don't know... It's kinda diferent! But I don't think is so powerful itself...

    I don't know if I like it or not. At last we see a Charmed truly story and not one of Billie, and she stays in the second plane of the episode but the story of the Charmed ones itself is poor. Could have been a better one!

    The Demons of the weeks are the same as the Charmed Ones and they've been doing that for 8 years... That is too much incredible, it's a way of make another challeng that could have the sister's powers and the knowelge. A lots of Demons and stories could have been done to make the same and could have been a lot better than that!

    We have the underworld again in the episode! I was sick and tired of see every freaky demon in magic school. It's just was too poor. (We see them in M;agic School at the beginnig, but we can think that they were there training or something)

    Once again we see bad stories to explain something: I mean that "not-real" power that has the demon, that thing that makes them sleep! It's a bad excuse to make the girls into the doll house and not change the story. Tecnically, if that power exist anothers demon would have it aswell so the Charmed Ones would be dead by now! I mean it's a bad story the end too, the whole thing "use yours demonic powers!" I hate when demons are so stupid. Why the hell do you listen to them??? Just kill them! And when Billie is chanting the spell they stand right there without doing nothing! Why the make the demons so stupid!!!!???? The Demons could have been writen more bad and intelligent, and they could save the sisters anyway! (See Zankou or the Source) And the whole "Oh crap" or something they say when they're gonna dye it's more to a Child Show

    The effects in the episode are strange aswell. It's quite original see the Charmed Ones in the outside of the Doll House (when they vanqush the demon) and the final explosion it's great aswell! but the shimmer and transformation of the demons is bad done. So I think is a bad episode itself but with some touchs of greatness (the original thing of seeing the Charmed Ones moving things in the cave for exemple) So I think because of the originality we can give a 7 to the episode

    The acting was horrible by the demons and that made the episode go down