Season 8 Episode 13

Repo Manor

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 22, 2006 on The WB

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    Revenge of the Stillman Sisters

    Unusually for Charmed, this episode starts out badly but improves as it goes on. It's hardly a classic, but at least it's focused on the sisters rather than Billie.

    The storyline is a rehash of several old episodes. At its heart is yet another evil threesome trying to outwit the sisters. This is way too close to 'The Power of Three Blondes'. The shrinking sisters storyline has been done twice and the trapped in the dolls house plot was used last season. Trigger happy fake Phoebe appeared a mere sixteen episodes ago. I could go on. If the writers must recycle storylines, they could at least look back further than the last two seasons.

    To be fair, some of the sisterly interaction is very good and there are two strong subplots. Piper is clearly upset that Phoebe is moving out and I can't help thinking Phoebe is being a little selfish with the timing. Nicely acted. Meanwhile, Paige plucks up the courage to come out to Henry but needs some help to get him to the dinner table. I cringed when I saw the fairy and leprechaun but, thankfully, the subplot is buoyed up by an excellent performance from Ivan Sergei.

    The demon plot suffers from some bad dialogue and horrible overacting, not to mention cheap-looking shimmering. And how dumb were the fake Charmed Ones? They just stood there like statues while Billie read that spell. Why weren't they all throwing fireballs?

    I am so fed up of seeing leather clad baddies yelling at each other in caves. Please be more original. That said, the mass vanquish of the slave king and his crew is superb, and it was good to see a wizard make an appearance. There's also some nice editing this week.

    So the three main baddies all have names beginning with P. Now there's a thing. Wonder where they got that from?

    Score: 8.1