Season 8 Episode 13

Repo Manor

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 22, 2006 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: This is the third time Phoebe was held captive and impersonated by a demon. The first was in season 5 episode The Importance of Being Phoebe. The second was in the Season 6 episode 'Freaky Phoebe' when Imara switched her sould with Phoebes, and held Phoebe captive in the underworld.

    • When Piper calls Phoebe at work she asks if she has ever heard of a wizard named Zakal. However in the episode We're Off to See the Wizard it was stated that the Source vanquished them all and that the Wizard (played by Armin Shimmerman) was the last one left. If Zakal was also alive and in hiding it seems that this should be bigger news to the sisters.

    • How did the fake Charmed Ones know Savard was dead simply because he wasn't in the room when they arrived? He could have been anywhere.

    • Although it's difficult to see, you can see with a DVD or a pause of the scene, that the doll house that is blown up is not the real one. We see the real one, but when the explosion appears the doll house that is being blowing up is just a replica with no details and no windows.

    • Paige says the reason the distance she had moved the rock was so little because she was too little. Yet in the season 4 episode Size Matters, she was able to orb a wand thing to herself & that was much bigger than the rock! The only reason for this is the fact that demons were channeling the Power of Three which might have weakened their powers.

    • TRIVIA: This episode shows Paige's power growing into psychokinetic orbing and even conjuration.

    • TRIVIA: Paige's double claims to have only been impersonating her for five years, unlike the Piper and Phoebe duplicates, who have been training for eight years. This implies there was originally a Prue double or at some stage they replicated Prue's powers, but then somehow changed them to become Paige's instead.

    • TRIVIA: The first time the Power Switching Spell was used was in the episode Love Hurts and the second was in Ordinary Witches.

    • How did Phoebe know she had been replaced with a look-alike when she was put to sleep and then kept inside of the dollhouse?

    • TRIVIA: The replica dollhouse has supposedly been around the Manor for about as long as the sisters have, so when Piper blew the dollhouse up, it was a possible foreshawowing reference to the Manor blowing up in the Season 8 episode "Kill Billie: Vol. 2".

    • This is the final appearence of the replica dollhouse. Piper blows it up at the end of the episode when the demons were inside it.

    • For dinner, Paige plans to reveal to Henry that she is a witch, and in order for Henry not to be too down by the end of the day, Paige decides to use some magical help (a fairy, a muse and a leprechaun) to save Henry's day.
      Wouldn't all of that fall under personal gain? Why were there no consequences for Paige's actions?

    • After the fake power of three have made the potion to vanquish the slave king, vials appear on the table behind them without anyone putting them there.

    • The sisters use the Spirit Board to contact Billie, however in the season 2 episode "Apocalypse Not" Prue and War break the Spirit Board. Also Billie also reads the letters too quick as the pointer has hardly moved when she goes from D to O and then back to L.

    • TRIVIA: This is the third time the Charmed Ones have been shrunk. The first time was in the season 4 episode "Size Matters", followed by the season 7 episode "Scry Hard".

    • It was previously stated that Power of Three was linked to the Charmed Ones' bond as sisters, not linked to the Manor. They are more powerful at the Manor due to the Nexus, but that is not the source of the Power of Three.

    • TRIVIA: The female demons who impersonate Piper, Phoebe and Paige were able to infuse their blood with does of the Halliwell sisters and thus gaining their powers. This is similar to the episode Astral Monkey where Dr. Williamson's blood was infused with the sisters' blood and he gained their powers. But since he was mortal the powers drive him insane, which can't be said about the demons since magic is already in their blood and it can't effect them this way. Also it's possible that if the demon the impersonate Prue before is the same one who impersonate and Paige, that she possess and Prue's telekinesis and astral projection.

    • How is throwing a potion at a wizard counted as using the Power of Three?

    • In this episode Paige can see the muse in her "invisible" form, but in the season 4 episode, "Muse to My Ears", the sisters couldn't see the muse until Phoebe cast a spell to make her appear in solid form.

    • Since Paige's orbing power is not a witch power, it should not have been big enough to orb the entire dollhouse to the attic.

    • How could Billie cast the Power Switching spell, without looking it up in the Book of Shadows? She wasn't flipping though any pages before she said the spell.

    • Wouldn't the demons, after 8 years of studying the sisters, know the sisters inside and out, with no problems whatsoever? So why were they just as confused about what was going on as previous would-be impersonaters?

    • TRIVIA: This is not the first time someone has been shrunk down and held captive inside the dollhouse - in the season 7 episode "Scry Hard" Wyatt shrunk Leo & Piper and put them in the dollhouse to protect them.

    • When Paige is telling Henry that she is a witch, part of her hair hangs over her shoulder, however, before and after that her hair is behind her shoulder.

    • TRIVIA: In the season 4 episode "Size Matters", the sisters were turned miniature as well, but Paige was still able to orb out of her clay mold and help save them.

    • When the demonic Phoebe teleports into the elevator, the effect used is semi-looped. The first part of her teleport starts, then the scene switches angles and it occurs again (with the same sound effect)! It's most visible around the upper right part of her hair due to light reflexions.

    • When Paige orbs the Book of Shadows to her, she also orbs the fairy out of the book. The drawing of the fairy disappears from the book, however when the camera switches angles, the drawing is still there.

    • TRIVIA: With the help of a fairy, a muse and a leprechaun, Paige makes Henry's day improve, so that he has time for a dinner with her where she reveals to him that she is a witch.

    • TRIVIA: The music played in the beginning of this episode when the sisters' demon doubles were vanquishing the other demon was the same music played during the Halliwell's wrestling scenes in the season 3 episode "Wrestling with Demons".

  • Quotes

    • (Paige and Henry are on a romantic date, Paige is about to tell Henry her secret)
      Paige: Have you ever wondered about the kind of...strange things that happen... with me and kind of... since you've known me? (Henry nods) Like, why was I there, trying to help your parolee? How did I find that baby's father so quickly?
      Henry: And you got that guy to tell the truth.
      Paige: How did you get shot and miraculously survived? And even little things like today...finding your keys, and your wallet, and then there's that winning the ten thousand dollars thing which you should probably give to charity 'cause that... you know…
      Henry: Ok, ok. What'd you trying to tell me, Paige?
      Paige: Do you believe in magic?
      Henry: I don't know. I don't think about it much. Why?
      Paige: I think it's time that you did. Lights!
      (Magical lights appear and move around their heads)
      Paige: I'm doing that right now.
      Henry: How?
      Paige: I'm a witch. I have powers. Ah, I can make these kind of things happen. I'm not the kind of witch that rides around broomsticks or the hat or, with the little black cat that sort of thing... um... I use my powers for good. I help people. (as he looks at her strangely) And this is not going well, and I can see how completely scared off you are from me. The door's right there, it won't hurt my feelings. (She turns her head away in frustration)
      Henry: Paige.
      Paige: What?
      Henry: Look at me.
      (She looks at him)
      Henry: I'm not afraid.
      (She looks at him surprised, they kiss under the lights)

    • (After discovering Savard is dead, the demons go straight to the shrunken sisters in the dollhouse to kill them)
      Phoebe: Ok. If Billie doesn't show up in like 2 seconds, we're doll parts.
      Piper: Hang on. There might be another way.
      Paige: Talk fast!
      Piper: Well, our individual powers are diminished, but not the power of three. Obviously they're using it.
      Phoebe: Talk faster!
      Piper: Well, if we can get them to stop channeling us and use their demonic powers, then we can get the power of three back, you know?
      Phoebe: Theoretically speaking, right?
      Piper: All we got are theories.
      Pilar (raises her hands to blow up the dollhouse): for Savard.
      Piper: Hey, hey. Hang on a second. What'd you do... what... you're gonna kill me with my own power? What're you kiddin' me? How insulting, let alone boring!

    • Piper: Oh no, no, no. Don't tell me we're stuck in the dollhouse.
      Phoebe: Yeah. That seems to be an annual event for you!

    • (The Halliwell sisters are miniaturized and trapped in a dollhouse, and their full-size captors Pilar, Patra, and Phoenix appear)
      Piper: Ohh... I think they have a height advantage.

    • Piper (to Phoebe, who's been taken over by Phoenix): I cannot believe that you care more about getting back to your new condo than Leo.
      Phoebe: How can you even say that?
      Piper: Wah, do you have another explanation?
      Phoebe: Well Yes! I do... But I'm not gonna tell you! (She turns around very satisfied and walks into her room)

    • Phoenix (as Phoebe): (surprised, after vanquishing a demon) I did it.
      Piper: Yeah you did it! Why?!

    • Phoebe (on the phone): Look. Sweety, bringing Leo home is the most important thing in the world, to all of us. But it's not gonna happen over night.
      Piper: It's also not gonna happen if we don't try.
      Phoebe: Yeah but we have been trying. And we can't just stop living our lives, you know. I mean, you said so yourself.
      Piper: Yeah, well, I didn't mean it.

    • Phoenix: Phoebe was stuck in a genies bottle once. If we could trap her in it again, maybe we could command her, master the genie to tell us how.
      Pilar: Forget it. Leo got rid of the bottle.
      Patra: What about using the sword, Excalibur?
      Pilar: No! Only Wyatt can wield it.
      Patra: Okay... Maybe I could pose as Paige, trick the Elders into helping us!
      Pilar: Ahh, right. Like that's gonna work.
      Phoenix: Look. Do you have any ideas? Or you just gonna shoot down all of ours?

    • Paige: Hey, Henry.
      Henry: What?
      Paige: Guess what?
      Henry: What?
      Paige: I like you.
      Henry: Hey, Paige.
      Paige: What?
      Henry: Guess what, I like you too. (they kiss)

    • Henry & Paige have a nice romantic dinner on the rooftop of Henry's apartment.
      Henry: What are you trying to tell me, Paige?
      Paige: Do you believe in magic?
      Henry: I don't know. I don't think about it much. Why?
      Paige: I think it's about time you did. Lights! (orbs some lights over their table) I'm doing that right now.
      Henry: How?
      Paige: I'm a witch. I have powers. I can kind of make things happen. I'm not the kind of witch that rides around on broomsticks or a has a little black cat, that sort of thing. I use my powers for good. I uh, help people. This is not going well and I can see how completely scared off you are from me. The door's right there and it won't hurt my feelings. (looks away from Henry)
      Henry: Paige?
      Paige: What?
      Henry: Look at me. (turns her head back towards Henry and he pulls her face closer so they can kiss)

    • Piper & Phoebe have one last goodbye before Phoebe leaves for her new condo.
      Phoebe: Piper, I'm just moving into town, you know. It's not that far away.
      Piper: Yeah. But it's not down the hall.
      Phoebe (nods her head in agreement): That's true. (sighs) You know, if you don't want me to go--
      Piper: No. You've got to go. There's some blonde chick sleeping in your room. (tears up) I'm just a little sad, but I can be sad.
      Phoebe: Absolutely. I'm sad too. (Piper smiles a little)
      Piper: It's just, you know, it's been a lot of change.
      Phoebe: This will always be my home and that will never change. This is my family
      Piper (getting teary-eyed again): Yeah, okay, you've got to go now.
      Phoebe: See you.
      Piper tries not to cry as Phoebe leaves for her new place.

    • Billie (to the sisters about their demon counterparts): Well they say imitation is the greatest form of flattery (the sisters give Bilie a dirty look)...well they do! (they shake their heads at Billie)

    • Paige (after Billie has read the switching spell and transfers them out of the replica dollhouse & replaced them with the three demonic slaves): You wanted to live like us now I guess you get to die like us.
      Patra, Pilar & Phoenix: Oh crap....
      (Piper blows up the dollhouse with the three demons in it).

    • (A miniature Paige is trying to orb the pointy thing.)
      Phoebe: only moved a little..
      Paige: Well maybe that's because I am little!

    • Piper: Uh..just out of curiosity..if this doesn't work, what's plan B?
      Phoebe: This is plan B. Billie was plan A.
      Piper: Well, remind me to evict her if we get out of this.

    • Henry (to Paige): Let me guess, you used to be a man?

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles: Italy: Imprigionate (Imprisoned) Germany: Klein, aber mein (Small, But Mine) France: La maison des poupées (The Dolls House)

    • This episode reunites Holly Marie Combs with Michael J. Anderson who were both in the Picket Fences episode Mr. Dreeb Comes to Town.

  • Allusions

    • In all seasons of "Charmed", the Spelling scene at the end of the show says "A Paramount / Viacom Company" , from this episode on states "A CBS Company". This announces that "Charmed" is part of The CW Productions, and no longer The WB

    • Title: Repo Manor

      This is a reference to the 1984 film "Repo Man", starring Emilio Estevez.