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  • 2 out of 3 ain't bad

    Holy Marie Combs as a charmed one never made any sense she is not ugly but she sure as hell is not hot. She must have screwed or blew the director because she is not in the same league as Alyssa Milano or Shannen Doherty or yes even a young Rose McGowan eww she did not age well at all did she. Every guest star on this show was hotter than her Kaley Cuoco was on it they should have killed off Holy and replaced her with her.
  • Power of Three

    I would love I mean OMG die if there was too be another season of Charmed , I've got so many idear's that how they can continue another year of the started charmed myself like the year it came out ,since then have watched the entire thing over and over again so many times it's like crazy ! I had gotten my girlfriend into it last year and just finish watching it again , never gets old to me Im definitely the biggest fan there is ,can answer any trivia question cause I know it by heart .I want too start it all over again already ,please have a Charmed 2 come out ,there's so many viewers just waiting for Charmed Again 2 start!
  • Three sisters discover they are witches and fight supernatural evil in San Fransisco.

    After the death of their grandmother, three estranged sisters reunite in their childhood home. Their first night together, they discover a magical spell book in the attic. The sisters discover they are the Charmed Ones, a coven descended from a long line of powerful witches. In addition to learning of their destiny to fight evil and use magic, the sisters receive their own distinctive powers: Prue gains telekinesis, Piper can stop time and Phoebe has premonitions. The sisters then have to balance fighting the forces of evil with jobs and personal lives. In season 4 they discover a half-sister Paige, who has the powers of a white lighter (guardian ange) from her father.

    This show tried to follow in the same vein of sister WB show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, attempting to balance strong female characters with dramatic stories and mystical adventures. For the first three seasons there was a focus on a specific villain while a particular sister had a recurring love interest, with the looming threat of uber-baddie The Source of All Evil. With Shannen Doherty gone after season 3 (she didn't even know she had been fired until after going in to prepare for season 4), the show began to change. It became more comedic and very gimmick oriented, usually based around whatever was going around in the pop culture zeitgeist . Harry Potter became huge, so a magic school was introduced). Cole's storyline (already a riff on Angel from Buffy) was over by season 4, but was dragged into season 5 just to keep Julian McMahon on the show. The later season villains were supposed to be threats on par with the Source, but were given less story and dispatched almost as quickly. By season 7, overall quality of the show had dipped dramatically and it was intended to be the end. An unnecessary season 8 that was supposed to potentially set up a spin-off ended up rehashing plot from previous seasons.

    Despite the described problems, it is still a fun and engaging show. When the show wasn't intentionally being silly or campy, it could get really good. Cole's story during 3 and into 4 was handled well, Leo evolving beyond the passive guardian angel into a more active character was a necessity, but the best was Piper. She started out as middle child stuck between two warring siblings. She was the most resistent to the Charmed One legacy, but once she finally accepted it she began to grow and evolve (literally, her exploding power began to manifest at this time). By the end of the show, she fought for and finally achieved all her life goals both personally and professionally despite the eight years of conflict.
  • I gotta say, this is a really nice show.

    Since TNT stopped rerunning Angel (a couple of years ago), this show is now my replacement. The first episode I see was the series finale, and after that, I watched the first two episodes. The show is filled with magic, emotion and a little humor. I really love the power of three. These three sisters are so fun to watch. Two real reasons why I am watching it: 1) I heard so many good things about this show (I was uninterested at first until now) and 2) to avoid the upcoming reboot. Yeah, I'm not interested in the reboot that will be on The CW at all. It's gonna take place in the 70's, and that means that our beloved actresses will not be there. That reboot is gonna be a mess and CW is gonna regret having it. And I'm getting a little tired of remakes. Anyways, I starting falling in-love with this show after I first watched it. So I can't wait to see more.
  • Rebooting Charmed

    I don't think I would reboot Charmed per say. I would continue the series but not the way it was before. First I would create a show with a new title as a spin off. Maybe say 'The Power of 3'. Next I would have Piper killed off and Leo out of the picture except occassional pop ins to consult with Paige. Paige would be the new White Lighter , but this show would be about the next generation. Aunt Phoebe would be raising her daughter and Pipers two sons. They would be teens to young adults starting out. Use a 2 or 3 hours season preopening movie to get the juices pop ins of Pipers Spirit, would be fine, if not overdone. This show would focus on what came after the Charmed Ones. I would make this one much more intent and less about love lives and trying to start them and more about saving the world from evil. As the years pass evil becomes more rampant and it takes a stronger force of good now to combat the forces of evil. We heard tell how much stronger Pipers son's were. We will also need to see a strong girl from Phoebe. Phoebe is the youngest and her daughter would be the youngest. How about she was also the one who led the younger sibling this time is the wisest one. Also the only girl of the she applied herselfbecause she was the only girl and she learned not only her mothers ability to write spells to enter in the book and use to vanquish demons, but she went further in her studies. She's learned to channel, to pop in and out of places like a demon does and more about time travel and holocasting. Anyway thats my idea of how I would proceed with The Charmed Ones. I think there is still a good opportunity to exploit this program. People would love to see whatcomes next.

    I has been 19 years since premiere in 1998. The show still leave bigger impact till now. I have been watching it 5th to 6th times I bored because it has action, massive magic and family I love the sisterly bonding. No show like this anymore, most show feels boring to watch especially shows from today. If they want to reboot charmed, never ever. I think CBS should make a spin off or the next generation ( could be any relative or the sister children or making a continuation from the Jenkins story could be too) not I hope charmed should bring back to TV again.....

    I am watching charmed for the 4th time and it feels like it is getting better every time.
  • I dont' want to see Reboot! I want to see Spin-off!

    Instead of having the sisters... they should focus on Wyatt and Chris!
  • just hanious

    just to be clear, I HATE THIS SHOW! admittedly i was ok with the first 3 12 seasons but mid season 4 was when it REALLY started going bad. honestly i rather liked billie, she was literally the ONLY character left in the show that even gave a damn at that point. so basically THE ENTIRE SECOND HALF OF THIS COCKAMAMIE SERIES SUCKS! i actually hate this show even more Avatar The Last Airbender I CARED MORE ABOUT NARUTO THAN I DID THIS WRECK
  • Heartbreaker

    Charmed was enchanting, charismatic & everything you'd expect in a great supernatural series! Addictive & so much fun, to say the least. BUT, I fell out-of-love, & stopped watching, when Cole Turner left... It was just never the same again. It broke my heart when they took away, what became the best thing going for them. A character that we cherished, & learned to love just as much as "The Charmed Ones". Nuff said. Just had to say ...
  • good tv show

    i just finished watching charmed it got lot action thank to netflix
  • awesome series

    why dont you guys cast new girls n start the show this is a great series
  • charmed the next generation

    please please please, bring the next chapter to life i mean you left us hanging with the last episode i was also told there is going to be a next generation of charmed if this is true and lord knows i hope it is and can hardly wait but please if this is true let me know. i fell in love with this show i know it by heart every episode and what it's was literally bauling my eyes out when the show lost prue i was devistated
  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    On the surface, Charmed looks to be just another WB teen show. After all, the cast is loaded with former teen idols. Looks however can be deceiving! Charmed is a very solid mix of comedy and science fiction that leaves the fan craving more. I could sit and watch episodes of this show for hours!

    Three sisters reunite for the funeral of the grandmother that raised them. After the funeral, they are going through the house and find a lot of things that lead them to believe their grandmother was into witch craft. After being attacked, investigating more, and being visited by some ghosts, the sisters learn that they are the decedents of a very powerful family of magicians. They are in fact legendary witches known as the charmed ones, who for thousands of years have been prophesized as the ones who finally tip the balance between good and evil to our side!

    The show starts with them learning about their powers and ends with them trying to fulfill their destinies. Holly Marie Combes plays older sister Piper and while never the big name star of the show, she is by far the most interesting and entertaining character. Eventually the show comes to center around her and her family within the show. Personally, I think this is what saved the show after the early departure of one of its stars.

    Charmed is eight seasons of magic, action, comedy, love, tragedy, and just plain fun. Being that it has a cast of all former teen idols, with low rating, on what is nowhere near a major network, the show didn't get the recognition that it deserved, but it is a terrific show! You can currently catch re-runs early mornings on TNT and of course watch it online. If you've got some time, I'd defiantly suggest checking it out!
  • Loved

    I absolutely loved this show (ignoring the last season) was very addictive and I've seen every episode at least twice :)
  • bad idea of rebooting

    seriously, the original cast will always be the one and only Charmed ones, Shannen, Holly and Alyssa - no rebooting please with other characters

    the only thing I can think of is a spin off with Wyatt and Chris (Wes Ramsey and Drew Fuller) with guest appearances by the original cast
  • Dont ruin the magic!

    This is stupid. They just want to make money on a reboot of a programme that should not be touched. Charmed fans and not to mention the individuals who were there in the making of charmed will be angered at this and will not watch them destroy what we all love. A reboot is wrong, having different cast members especially is all wrong!!! leave Charmed as it is. Create something new and different, you will have more of a chance in making money on that than you ever will on a bloody reboot on Charmed! trust me, real fans of Charmed will stand by the original and never look at the roboot.
  • charmed lover

    i loved charmed its great
  • a great show

    This is a great show i watched 1 episode and i was hooked and this show came out before i was born. And i love it i could watch this show all the time but i just wished theyd make more episodes new will always love this show
  • started watching charmed

    i started watching couldn't stop for it was very good. the last episode in season 3 was so different and exciting! however when they killed off shannen, i could no longer continue the show. it just wasn't the same without her. she had so much fire and screen presence that she would make the whole show better. when she was replaced with rose, it was just terrible that i stopped watching it altogether :( i wish she can come back and they will redo the whole show.
  • show that i love

    i really like watching the show Charmed i would watch Sabrina the teenage witch Angel Buffy the Vampire slayer and the show Charmed since all those show have end there as been any show on that i like watch i do like my babysitters a vampire but that the only show on that i like watching i wish the show Charmed would come and just airing with all new show i would like if there where a all new Generation of the Charmed ones...
  • White Magic

    I absolutely Love Charmed. I watch in the AM's & I also have the whole set.
  • Magic + sisterhood + romance = AWESOME!

    Charmed will always fill me with a warm, fuzzy feeling and i'll admit, although i don't watch it quite as often now, i still love it as much as i did as a kid! And yes I do own the box set, so reminiscing is as easy as pressing play.
  • The Power of 3

    I grew up watching Charmed as a kid, it filled my life with magic. As an adult, I still return to the Halliwell Manor whenever I am ill or need a pick-me-up. It is part of my life and I still love everything about it.

    Granted, the first 3 series with Prue were the best and I was always hoping for a return of Shannon D in the final series - but Paige does her best to keep the trio alight. Love the cameos from Cole and Grams.

    Keep airing the repeats and who knows, maybe Wyatt, Chris and Melinda will get their own series.
  • the love

    I love charmed
  • When I remember =)

    When I was still a kid, I saw this how on tv. If you're kid, everything that has to do with witchcraft is amazing. So when the 4th season finished, I thought that was it. No more airing on tv.

    And maybe after few years, while I was in high school, I remembered it, and I've found out that there's 8 seasons. So I sat down, and I've watched every single episode.

    Amazing cast, amazing show. Holly Marie Combs was brilliant.
  • Classic

    :-) great cast people

    i love this tv show and u need to make the next season already bcz i wanna know how all the kids from phoebe, piper, and paige come out and how the deal with all the demons and othe magical beings. so please please make a new season im sure alot of other people wanna know too.


    Nikki Attin (aka) a beloved fan
  • Just wanted to say that Charmed is like the bestest show!

    I hope that Charmed may some day be picked-up again somewhere down the track and be brought back to air with new series.

    I think Charmed has alot more to offer to its fans and its being cut way before its time.

    BIG MISTAKE! Bring back the power of 3.

    Charmed is a Classic!

    I think the show has been something alittle bit different from any other show! I think thats has been the key to Charmed's success! Not to mention the beautiful ladies that make the show a HIT! Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, Shannon Doherty who sadley left at the end of season 3 and has forever been missed, and Rose McGowan who came into the spotlight from season 4 onwards and fitted into the big shoes of Shannon, And the many more wonderful actors who have come and gone in the series.

    Charmed will be missed for many years to come!

    For the fans Charmed has touched its fans in many different ways!:

    *It has showen sibbling love.

    *It has show that everyone is different and has there own gifts.

    *It has its comedy moments.

    *It has its greeving moments.

    *It has mystery.

    *It has action.

    *It has fun.

    *Charmed is a show that you can put on and watch for hours endlessly when your at home lonnley or bored, or need some cheering up, or even better when your home sick in bed with abig bowl of chicken soup!

    *AND MORE!

    I have found CHARMED always a pleasure to watch!

    I will miss the show greatly!

    So thank you Cast and Crew for providing the Greatest entretainment for the last 7 years.

    My Hat comes off to you! Edit this review
  • Charmed Love it

    I love charmed every month i watch season 1 through 8 all episodes LOVE CHARMED <3 I also love the characters

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