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  • Good Fun

    This was the show that I always looked forward to watching when I came in from school. What more could a young girl ask for as role models then three powerful women that battle evil and prevail on a daily basis. Even with the change of cast half way through the series they still made it work. It was always good fun to watch (except for the tearful moments!) and gripping enough to make you want to keep watching. As I got older however and found such shows as Supernatural I started to notice a few flaws, the newer seasons from about 3/4 onwards the graphics seemed to get worse. Whether this was due to budget cuts or time restrictions I don't know but you could tell. There was less focus on monsters that required a lot of make-up and more on demons that looked just like humans. Despite this, even well into the 8th and finale season the storylines still held strong.
  • Three sisters discover their Witchcraft and fight against the Underworld

    While "Charmed" will never be the best show on television ( or better on DVD )for me, it still has its, well, charm.
    The premise seemed very interesting for me, as I love supernatural shows and am a huge fan of "The X-Files", "Buffy" and "Angel".
    S 1-3 with Shannen Doherty around were probably the best written seasons of the show. S4 introduced us to a new sister and was still lots of fun to watch. By S5 it got more and more tiring, S8 must be the worst season of any show ever on TV. I hated the introduction of Billy and her sister, they took away so much from established characters, even got rid of Darryl and Leo. What a waste!
    While "Charmed" was an enjoyable show it had its limits and could never reach the dimension of shows like "Buffy". The issues they tackled there were never really meant serious, in later seasons the most important issues seemed to be the lovelives of the sisters and what to wear.
    If someone is looking for some fluffy and lighthearted entertainment I recommend "Charmed". It is fun to watch.
  • Charmed - The Enticing, Bewitching Supernatural Drama. Starring Fabulous Holly-Marie Combs As Piper Halliwell, Amazing Shannen Doherty As Prue Halliwell, Talented Rose McGowan As Paige Matthews & Fantastic Alyssa Milano As Phoebe Halliwell.

    Charmed Ran For Eight, Addictive Seasons. It Started With The Classic Episode, 'Something Wicca This Way Comes', Where We Are Introduced To Sisters, Prue, Piper & Phoebe Halliwell. We Watch As That First Night, They Unlock The Powers They Never Knew They Had & Become Witches,The Most Powerful Witches The World Has Ever Seen, The Charmed Ones.

    After Three Great Seasons, We Bid A Sad Farewell To The Beloved Prue Halliwell, The Eldest & Strongest Sister & Alongside Her, The Death Of The Power Of Three. But Never Fear, Season Four Introduced Us To Unknown Half-Sister, Paige Matthews & The Resurrection Of The Power Of Three. Paige Unlocked Her Witch Powers, & Unlike The Others, Her Whitelighter Side. Piper Took The Role As Eldest & Most Powerful & The Sisters Continued To Fight Evil.

    Their Famous Spell Book 'The Book Of Shadows' Trusted Whitelighter (& Piper's Husband) Leo Wyatt.

    The Sisters All Controled Different Abilities, Their Most Well Known Being:
    *Prue & Her Telekinesis,
    *Piper & Her Molecualr Immobilisation,
    *Phoebe & Her Premonitions,
    *Paige & Her Telekinetinc Orbing.
    The Did Aquire Many Other Powers Over The Series.

    Charmed Is Not A Show To Be Missed, & A Personal Opinion- Fantastically Bewitching!!
  • Best series ever! I love it! I grew up with it!

    Four sister, eight years, an enless adventure! The best series ever! My favorite series! So, I'd like to show you my Charmed world:
    Favorite episode: Kill Billie vol.2
    Favorite sister: Piper
    Favorite character: Billie
    Favorite power: Explosion
    Favorite actor: Brian Krause
    Favorite actress: Alyssa Milano
    Favorite writter: Brad Kern
    Favorite director: John T. Cretchmer That's my top- ten episodes:
    10. From Fear to eternity
    9. Black as Cole
    8. Rewitched
    7. Long Live the Queen
    6. Deja vu all over again
    5. Chamed and Dangerous
    4. Something Wicca this way goes
    3. Forever Charmed 2. All hell breaks loose 1. Kill Billie vol. 1
    That's my top-8 seasons

    8. 6th season 7. 1rst season
    6. 2nd season
    5. 5th season
    4. 7th season
    3. 8th season
    2. 3rd season
    1. 4th season That's my Charmed world!
  • this is the story about 3 wicthes, how they fight demons and how they try to raise a family and have a normal life...

    This in one of the best series ever! It is addivtive right from the start! three witches find out that they are the charmed ones and it is their destiny to fight demons and save the world!
    The oldest sister dies at the end of the 3rd season..personaly i think that made the show even better! Because in the 4th season their half-witch, hal-whitelighter, half-sister comes into their lifes and so the charmed ones are back! Better then ever!
    Also in 4th season appears Cole, a demon that like all others wants to kill the charmed ones! But he falls in love with one of the sisters, Phoebe. Unfortunatly this doenst end well for both of them..because she eventually has to kill him as he became the source of all evil!
    Then the series become better and better when Chris comes from the future and then Billie in the last season!

    The greatest thin about this series is that it always cativate you, it's magical, romantic and at the same time has action! You will never get bored watching it!
    And for once you can watch a series with a great final! Everything ends how it is supposed to be and without being predictable!
  • The Up and Downs of a Trio of Witches

    Say what you will about how insane I am for liking this show, but Charmed in it's prime had some of the finest writing for a show that was mostly seen by critics as a Buffy-knock off. A show about 3 normal, everyday sisters who find out their the most powerful wicthes in the world, Charmed took a rather silly idea and made it work very well. For it's first 4 seasons, it was a sometimes funny, mostly serious series that had a great family dynamic with these 3 women building a sisterhood that was unbreakable. The Power of 3, the magic that makes them superior to all witches, is a symbol of how solid these siblings are and how love is the strongest force on earth. Not to mention, the demonic storylines were imaginative and some demons just looked cool. But what became the show's strongest asset was lost during the course of the show thanks to off set issues. The most talked among fans if the Shannon Dorethy/Alyssa Milano debate, but the real loss was when show creator Constance M. Burge decided to walk away from her show and leave it in the hands of the incredibly less talented Brad Kern. For the last 4 seasons that followed, Charmed became a joke, a parody even of itself, not to mention the peformances went from amazing to average to sub-par for the majority of the run. Even the series finale left a lot to be desired. But if you watch Season 1 through 4, you will realize why this series will always have a special place in my heart.
  • Charmed was a great show that basically went downhill in the later seasons.

    Charmed started out as a really great show. The first four seasons were a great mix of magic, humor and sisterly bonding with some great story lines and interesting characters and villains. Personally I'm a Prue fan, and I feel the first three seasons were the best, but the fourth season was worth watching as well. Sure, they had their ups and downs, but for the most part Charmed was a strong show that was basically just great to watch. The characters were believable and dealt with real life issues in addition to the magical problems they were faced with in each week's episode. This was just an all around good show that had all of the elements that make for great television.

    Unfortunately, the same things can't really be said about the show's last four seasons. Honestly I haven't seen all of the later episodes, but I've seen enough of them to know that Charmed definitely took a turn for the worst. The characters, who once had very unique and likable personalities, changed a lot, and not for the better. Phoebe, who I had really liked in the earlier seasons, became a character I couldn't even stand to watch by season six. I had never been a huge Paige fan, but I'd found her likable enough before they turned her into an obnoxious airhead. Even Piper, who had always been my favorite in the earlier seasons, became a bit annoying by the end of the series. Besides this, the storylines became bland and continuity went right out the window. Honestly, I'm among those who believe the show should've ended after season four. Still, if you overlook later mistakes, the show really was great in its earlier years.
  • "A worth wild show"

    Its been almost two years since charmed ended, and i still miss it. The show was always something to look forward too. When it first aired, i was only a little leary about it lasting too long. But the first episode blew that out of the water. The three main characters were all in there own way captivating. And when Shannon left, i found myself not missing her character at all. Then when the shows writers and producers brought in the new sister, i immediately though that it was an excellent addition.
    I was glad the show ended the way it did, and believe that a show spin off, is entirely possible. Perhaps involving just one of the sisters and the character billie?, with a different actress of course. You never know?
  • This is one of my favourite shows of all time, however because of the disappointing last couple of seasons, it's gone from 10 to 9 in my opinion.

    I really liked the concept of the show - three sisters live in a house together, and discover they are from a long line of witches. The show is met with many villains, each ater the Charmed Ones power. At the end of season 3, Prue died and she was replaced by Paige. I liked the first 4 seasons the best, because they had the most substance and the sisters shared a stronger bond. I didn't like Prue very much, probably because I thought the show was more about Prue than the other sisters, which I was disappointed about. I think killing off Prue and bringing Paige was a good idea.

    In the last two seasons, I think the sisters kind of lost their appeal. Phoebe started acting like a s*** just trying to get pregnant, and Paige's whinning became too hard to bear. Piper was my favourite character, but I admit I got sick of her relationship with Leo always breaking down. I think Leo and Piper are still one of my favourite couples on TV (behind Buffy and Angel) and I like how their relationship, for the most part, stayed strong and real, despite all the unqiueness of their relationship, with the powers. Charmed is one of those shows I will always like, but I will always prefer the first 4 seasons to the last 4, as they showed the sisters at their absolute best, and they had a more three-diminsional personality than they did in the last few seasons.
  • The show that was the first step on my way to TV-addiction.

    I believe Charmed was the show that started my TV-addiction, it was the first show (but certainly not the last) that I really fell in love with. I did not, however, fall in love with the show until late season 2. And I didn't get obsessed with it before beginning of season 4. The show is essentially about three sisters who discovers that they are witches (and not witches who happens to be sisters ;-) The whole core of the show is the sisterhood, and the bound they have between them. They are witches with supernatural powers, but they are not just any witches, they are the Charmed Ones, the most powerful witches of all time.

    They have to use their powers for good, even though the bad side have it's tempting moments. They use their powers to fight evil, to vanquish demons before they get themselves killed. And as they do their witch-duties they have to keep their magic a secret to the world, and they have to keep up appearances and keep doing their regular mortal-duties as well. Not always an easy thing to do.

    I think the show's appeal was that for once it was women who were in control. They had the power, they were the leaders. Is was a show all about sisterhood, without scaring any guys away from watching. They show appeals to everyone. And an essential core point of the show was the sisterhood, the dynamic between sisters. And sadly that dynamic somewhat disappeared, bit by bit, during the later seasons. It was too much solo-jobs and solo-lives. The show was at it's best during season 1-4, after that it went downhill.

    The replacement of Prue was a refreshing change, even though I loved Prue, and she was my favourite character. But Paige filled that void pretty good, especially because she was so different. But the change also probably added to the dissappearence of the sisterly parts of the show. I think I enjoyed the first two season the most, because it felt more real than later seasons. It was natural, and they used more natural and wiccan ways to vanquish demons. It was a lot more realistic potion makings back then. I didn't like all the fairy-tale magic that the later seasons brought on. I think the show really jumped the shark when they decided to bring in the "Magic School", that pretty much destroyed the whole view of the show for me.

    But I kept watching, because I still enjoyed the show. Even though it wasn't as good as the early years. But then again, how many shows can keep up the quality from the first seasons? Most shows spiral downhill after season 2, if they can't get ideas for new creative storylines, without messing with the original core of the show, and in Charmed's case, they didn't do a good job on that one. If you compare season 1 with season 8, it's like it's two totally different shows.
  • Something Wicca comes this way

    This is a really great show about a trio of sister witches who fight evil while trying to maintain normal lives. I used to watch this show on reruns everyday on TNT and I fell in love with the characters so I started watching it on the WB as well. I love Piper who was such a strong and reasonable force on this show. She really progressed over the show and was such a presence. I also really like Alyssa Milano on this show and her romance with Cole was one of the best TV romances that I have ever seen. Then the third sister who started as Prue who was always too proud and too strong to admit her mortality and in the end she found immortality. When Rose McGowan joined the show she was an excellent addition. The whole Chris coming from the future story line was great as well. In the last couple of seasons the show started to wane but the final season allowed them to really go out with a bang and the series finales was one of the best that I had ever seen. A great show that really defined my youth (I was obsessed with the paranormal). It was also so great to see women being so strong and powerful.
  • three witches who find out there witches after their grams died 6 months later. they fight demons, warlcoks etc.

    this show is so great, the best witch show i've ever seen. the storyline in the first season and second season are brilliant. soon the storyline started to go over the top, but the its still great. my fav characters is prue, piper and cole/belthazor. i'll give this show double thumbs up.
  • I love the Charmed. It is the best show that i've seen in awhile. The producers make the magic look so real. Like magic really exsists. I really like watching the first one made because i started watching, i think, season 4.

    I love the Charmed. It is the best show that i've seen in awhile. The producers make the magic look so real. Like magic really exsists.
    I really like watching the first one made because i started watching, i think, season 4.
    My favorite beginning episodes would be "Something Wicca This Way Comes" or the episode where Prue dies. This show is so well produced and directed and acted. The scripts are amazing and the realness of the majic. It just seems SO real.
  • Charmed used to be one of those shows I *never* missed. But after Shannen left, it just wasn't the same. It didn't help when the WB kept shifting it's time slot. I couldn't keep up with all the changes.

    Charmed used to be one of those shows I *never* missed. But after Shannen Doherty left, it just wasn't the same. Prue was my ALL-TIME favorite character on the show. She was such a strong female character--definitely a role model.

    Tried watching recently, but didn't really like the new characters. Julian McMahon was another huge loss to the show. Cole was such a cool character. You never knew when he might switch sides! I loved all the trouble he caused.

    It also didn't help when the WB kept shifting it's time slot. I couldn't keep up with all the changes. It's hard to watch a show when you don't know what day it's on! I personally think they should just end the show after this season.
  • Charmed never more.

    I believe Charmed was the first show I was truelly obssessed about.It was so strong that even tho I don´t watch it anymore it´s the first one people say it´s my favourite. For me the hook was Holly Marie Combs definetly, but then I really liked the sister´s bond. Today I can´t watch the eps cause I find them silly.The script doesn´t please me anymore. I saw it till the ep Paige had to save a ghost,it was a terrible plot and it opened my eyes, after that Charmed never more.
  • I love the story-line of this show.

    I love this show. I didn't like Shannon Doherty's so I'm very glad that she left the show. I like how the show is put together. I haven't seen it in a while and I heard that Kaley Cuoco of 8 Simple Rules is going to be in it. I can't wait to see her character.
  • The One with the Three Magical Sisters

    After "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", a vast array of television series with strong female leads came across our screens. Most of them, including "Dark Angel", "Cleopatra 2525" and "Birds of Prey" were quickly cancelled by their networks but one of the few who made it out un-scathed was "Charmed". A cutesy supernatural drama series which was aired on the then quite new WB Network.

    "Charmed" follows the lives of three sisters who discover that they are the Power of Three, three women who must use their magical powers to conquer over evil. While the main premise sounds quite interesting, the show suffered because of its low points.

    Series creator (and writer of the darkest episodes) Constance M. Burge left the show after the second season and her departure definitely showed. "Charmed" slowly ended up as an un-imaginative remake of what it once was with too much bickering and "comedy" moments. The demons on the show are much too easy to defeat and there is no real tension anymore as whenever one of the Charmed Ones is injured, Whitelighter Leo will always come along and heal them (even when their dead).

    The performances are mostly mediocre. Alyssa Milano brought some quality to the show but ditched all of her talent in the later seasons to wear as many skin-revealing costumes as she is allowed to. Holly Marie Combs is a good actress but her wacky "I want to be the center of attention"-style performances mostly get the better of her. Shannen Doherty was good in the role of Prue but quit after the third season (she publicly stated that Charmed was an awful show and made for kids) and although it left a small hole in the future episodes, it led the way for the uber-talented Rose McGowan to take up her role as half-witch, half-Whitelighter Paige. She and Holly give enjoyable performances each week but all the cast are let down by somewhat weak scripts.

    "Charmed" has basically been on autopilot for the past three seasons. They are getting better story-wise but if they don't continue making good episodes (which are few-and-far-between), I think it's finally time for them to end the show after 8+ seasons. Overall, nowhere near as good as "Buffy" or "Angel" but still a series which knows where it's at and doesn't try to be too serious or too stupid.
  • I agree 100%, this is my all time favorite as well. When Season 2 DVDs comes out I will definately buy it cause I love this show. It is awesome and I love it. My favorite character is also Piper.

    I give this show a 10 out of 10. It is that damn good. I love it so much and I am also glad they are sticking around for another season. Like I said in the summary, I didn't really like Prue I don't have a reason. Sorry.
  • The Haliwell sisters Prue, Piper and Phoebe discover they actually are witches with great powers. They use them to fight the dark side, which usually means battling demons. When Prue dies, the sisters dicover another sister, Paige.

    Wow, this show is allready on for soo long, but it never gets boring! The storylines are really good and there are plot-twists everywhere. What's also good in this show is the development of the characters. When Prue died,Piper went from middle sister to eldest, and Phoebe wasn't the youngest anymore. If you would take a look at the Piper and Phoebe from season one and those from last season wou will see what I mean. So I hope they will go one for a long time!!
  • Three sisters who are witches go through much struggle to keep their powers secret.

    Charmed was really cool at first. I enjoyed watching the episodes with Prue. I tuned out when they did that huge thing with Cole. That was too stretched out. Why couldn't they just kill Cole and get it over with? Huh? Sheesh! The newer episodes are awesome. I didn't get to see the season finale, but I look forward to catching up sooner or later. This show is definitely past its hight point though. They should end it soon.
  • This is the show to watch!!

    I love this show! It makes you feel that there is some adults who actually have a thing for fantasy. To think of all the things they have on this show is unbelieveable!

    I am starting to hate Piper because she always wants a normal life, which she can't have. I think give her her normal life and take away her powers, bet she won't like that.

    Pheobe, omg, she is the best person and gets a lot of the cute guys. And lets not forget the loving of the demon. Then again who would not fall in love with Cole.

    PAIGE!!! She is my ultimate favorite. She gets a lot of cute guys. She doesn't mind being a witch and she is also a white-lighter. That is the coolest girl possible.

    Leo is the best guy you can ask for. I mean the fact that he can protect you using powers of healing(well, not anymore)

    So I think I made my point of saying this is a classic
  • This show is about three sisterly witches that combine their power to defeat evil and save innocents.

    I started watching this show a few weeks ago, and i enjoyed it right away! This is one of the best science-fiction drama shows on television. I hope they contiue adding more seasons! The actors on this show are brilliant. Such as Holy Marie Combs and alyssa malino. Please agree with this reveiew!
  • I wonder how it could have lasted this long?

    Of corse we have all come across a bad show but as time has gone on this show has seemed to become worse and worse. However I am only guessing by the few episodes I have seen and the many God awful previews for the next weeks episode. Every week comes another cheesy unoriginal plot that just seem to scream at me how bad this show is and I hope that some day it can be put to rest as it should have been many years ago.
  • "Charmed" is about three sisters, Prudence (Prue), Piper and Phoebe, who banded together to fulfill their destiny as the "Charmed Ones" and battle evil. After Prue died at the end of season 3, Piper and Phoebe found out about their half-sister Paige, who

    I never watched this show until season 4, when Shannen Doherty was let go from the show. When I was younger, I watched '90210,' and was very glad when Doherty left that show. Sure, 'Charmed' has had its share of bad storylines and bad actors, but overall, it's one of my favorites. The show isn't so much about good vs. evil, which is one of its major premises, to be sure; it's more about our relationships with our families and how, even in the worst of times, we can all rally together and fight whatever it is that needs fighting. The program shows that you can't do everything by yourself, that "the power of three," or four or five or even two, is much better than the power of one.
  • This show is about three (sexy) sisters who find out they are witches after their Grandmother dies and try to balance their new job as witches with their normal lives.

    This show is still good even though it was a little better in the earlier years. Tell you friends, they need the ratings. Maybe if Prue came back and/or the writers did their jobs like they used to. Sign this petition to get Shannen Doherty (Prue) back:
    There are 730 Signatures so far...
  • drama series about sisters who have inherited powers of witchcraft.

    An excellent show. Taking out Shannon Doherty and bringing in Rose McGowan did actually boost the show's ratings. The epic season finale of Season 5 was fantastic. Season 6, however went downhill with the weak and inconsistent plot. I thought that Season 7 was slightly better, but it was still pretty clear that the show was dragging on, and it's quite obvious that the time has come for this show to end. I don't know how the producers/writers are going to continue the story in Season 8 - after the finale of Season 7 made it look quite clear that the series ended there. Let's hope it will be a good season to end 8 years of brilliant!
  • The show was no doubt much better in its earlier years. The plots of the episodes are only losing this once great show its veiwers.

    This show has definetly gone down in quality since its debut. Seasons 1-4 were much better than the more recent seasons. The decline in viewers has only resluted in the way that the network is attempting to gain more viewers (pretty ironic). This show used to be focused on sisterly bonds and saving the innocent, instead of the more recent, "Who can wear the smallest amount of clothing". Even with its quite pointless plot lines the show is still worth watching from time to time. It is the show's earlier seasons which prompt me to give it a 9.5 in scoring. But if I were to just score it one its two or three most recent seasons, this show would recieve around a 6.
  • Three sister (Pru,Piper,Phoebe)reunite to unlock their powers making them the Charmed Ones. With the power of three the sister fight evil demons to protect the innocent. During a battle with a demon, Pru the oldest is killed. The remaining sisters find ha

    The first couple of years were great, but slowly got worst and worst. Character changes and sagas help put a little pep back into the show for instance the new sister and the evil Wyatt, future brother Chris episodes. Last season had to be the worst with the theme episodes.
  • charmed is a great twist on the classic witch,gost,monster story!

    in the first few seasons of charmed they had shannon dourty play prue holly marie combs as piper and sometin malano as pheobe! prue was the oldest sister wit the ablitly to move things by thinking about them and how to b somewhere without really bing somewhere!pipers power is to freeze and she can also blow up things,pheobe can b in touch with other ppl's emotions and she gets premintions, in season 4 a new cast memeber came in to the pic after prue died this was rose mccgowan she played paigeherpowerwastoorbbc she was halfwhiteliderhalfwitch!

  • This show is my personal favorite show its too bad that shannen Maria doherty isent in it anymore tought the best part is in season 9 of charmed...

    This show is my personal favorite show its too bad that shannen Maria doherty isent in it anymore tought the best part is in season 9 of charmed she is comming back and the funny part is it isent gonna be the power of 3 it's gonna be the power of 2!
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