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  • Charmed is the best show on television today.

    It's a family show that can still be entertaining for adults and teens alike. Unlike most shows on tv, it doesn't drown you in funny-less humor or be so dreary you want to drink yourself into a stupor. Instead, it's an upbeat spunky show that has great acting and unbelievable special effects. Charmed will always be my #1 show!
  • Such a great show =)

    This show is so much for to watch, and it is definitely and family show. Piper is such a strong person who has to overcome alot to be with the one she loves, Pheobe is the sister that always likes to fall in love where ever that may lead her and Paige is the one who uses her senses most of the time I feel like she is the logical one. This show has love, humor, magic,drama, action, and much more. I feel like this show has a bit of everything and I love it for that. The actors are also very good especially Piper who dose her crying scenes with amazing emotion. I think that before you put down this show for whatever reason, you should watch it. Watching a couple of episodes may help you see what everyone else seems to realize - that this show is great. It will have you craving for more, because it is so entertaining.
  • The Charmed ones... three sisters with the power of three. Together Piper, Pheobe, Paige/Prue have a mission to protect the innocent and kick demon butt. So while dealing with the difficults of life now lets add the supernatural!

    Charmed is a amzaing show with everything and supernatural show needs. Not only do they have the awsome powers but the Charmed ones still have to go through every day things. Like family drama, romance, work and pretty much the normal things. Execpt more demon and other evil things keep the Charmed ones very busy. In this show you fall in love with everything! The characters, the stories, and even the senceary! You can't be a TV watcher and miss Charmed! It's totally epic and everyone who watched it loves it. And if you don't then you never really seen Charmed!
  • Charmed, is about 3 siters who happen to be witches. Prue,Piper & Pheobe.For 3 yrs (or seasons) everything is fine.Unfortunely, Prue gets killed & in comes Paige the sister that was abonded @ birth because she was half-whitelighter.Thus begans the

    This is an amazing show.It's got magic,drama,lots of laughs. It is one of the few shows I could watch over and over again without getting bored.I enjoy the sisterhood. Paticualry the first three years.
    My ONLY thing I dislike (which is why I gave it 9 out of 10) is the fact that all the sisters die. Then for whatever reason, that sister gets brought back to life. The only sister that did not come back was Prue at the end of season three. Which brings Paige into the picture. Fortunely, due to concidence,luck or just planning ahead (which i hope is not the case) they mentioned in a season 2 episode that Patty, their mother had an affair with her whitelighter Sam. Which is why Paige their half sister was given up at birth.It's a little far-fetched,but not that far fetched.I love this show.
    It could have been better,but not by much.
  • Awesome

    Charmed was one of the first T.V shows that I really got hooked on I absolutely loved the plot of the show and how it revolved around the sisters and them finding thier way with being the "Charmed Ones".Though my favorite sister was Prue I still continued watching the show and through the years it just got better and better.Piper and Leo were soulmates definately no matter what they went through they always found thier way back to eachother in the end.I was kinda ticked off though that everyone came back for the series finale itself for Prue(her being my favorite character)but alas the finale was awesome.I really hope they have like a reunion show or maybe a Charmed movie.
  • The Charmed ones... three sisters with the power of three. Together Piper, Pheobe, Paige/Prue have a mission to protect the innocent and kick demon butt. So while dealing with the difficults of live now lets add the supernatural!

    Charmed is a amzaing show with everything and supernatural show needs. Not only do they have the awsome powers but the Charmed ones still have to go through every day things. Like family drama, romance, work and pretty much the normal things. Execpt more demon and other evil things keep the Charmed ones very busy. In this show you fall in love with everything! The characters, the stories, and even the senceary! You can't be a TV watcher and miss Charmed! It's totally epic and everyone who watched it loves it. And if you don't then you never really seen Charmed!
  • a really well putogeather supernatural show.

    i charmed was a really good show. it is about 3 girls that are sisters and inhearti powers from ther mother . and they use them to help people by stoping the supernatural like deamons the common stuff you usully see in these kinda shows like buffy and others. and the stories and things they would come across were pretty cool and very interesting and ovious that this show had its boy ments and steamy moments also. but it was excelent show and i considerint one of the best supernatural shows of the 90s and that is why i gave it a 8.0
  • An outstanding show well worth watching!

    Charmed tells the story of three sisters, Prue, Piper and Phoebe who are reunited in their childhood home to discover they are witches with magical powers. Prue has telekinesis, Piper has the ability to freeze objects and Phoebe gets premonitions of the future. Together, the sisters must protect innocents and themselves from the demons, warlocks and other evil creatures which prey on them to steal their powers for their own evil thrills. At the end of season three, oldest sister, Prue is killed and the remaining sisters discover they have a half-sister, Paige who they must track down to reconstitute the power of three and continue their work. Through the show, we are introduced not only to The Charmed Ones as witches, but as women, as we learn all about their personal lives, desires, fears and more. My favorite show ever.
  • What's to be said about a show you've been watching since primary school? Interesting, touching, funny, adventurous. Charmed.

    The first thing I saw was the cat. I thought it's a show with little magic and a lot of drama and unnecessary sorrow. Then I watched "Wicca Envy" and realised the show has potential. By the beginning of the second season, I was hooked. Six seasons of magic and numerous rewatches of episodes (I watched the final two seasons on my PC). I remember like it was only yesterday. "All Hell Breaks Loose". I was 1 minute late for the episode I knew changed everything. I really loved Prue. But after her death, Paige replaced her in a great way, and today, Paige is one of the Charmed Ones and I dare say I like her more than Prue. Witty and loony, she really gave the show something even more special. Prue was cool, but Shannen stared to annoy me. In the end, she just had a hell of a power.
    Phoebe and Piper remained the soul of the show. Never had their actions made me mad like characters' from other shows did. Constant, even when Phoebe acted slutty and Piper acted... crazy. They were perfect.
    As for the best episodes and storylines... All the Cole storylines amused me the most. The Triad/Source story was overall the best in the whole series. The best episodes IMO were: Something Wicca This Way Comes, Is There A Woogy In The House?, That 70's Episode, Out Of Sight, Deja Vu All Over Again, Witch Trial, Morality Bites, All Halliwell's Eve, All Hell Breaks Loose, Charmed Again, Charmed & Dangerous, Long Live The Queen, A Witch In Time, Centennial Charmed, House Call, Oh My Goddess, The Legend Of Sleepy Halliwell, It's A Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World and I don't want to go on because there's some great episodes in season 7 and as for season 8, the two final episodes were amazing. My fav seasons remain season 3, 4 and 5.
    But the show itself remains as my favourite ever.
  • THe only thing Charmed could have used more of, was guts.

    This show was entertaining, however they never really put the sisters through too much drama. For instance, Cole could have been used differently, not to mention the major plot hole they made trying to kill him off by making in go back in time. The same spell wasn't supposed to work because he was immune to it at that time. SO that was just bad writing. However, they could have let Phoebe be evil a little longer than one episode, but god forbid the girls not be together by the end of the 50mins. That's what I liked about Buffy, Josh took those characters places and put them in dangerous and regrettable situations. He wasn't afraid to be daring. Charmed was too safe. But other than that, it was an entertaining show.
  • Charmed Indeed

    What happens when three young sisters discover their actually the fullfilment of a centuries old prophecy of three super powerful witches destined to fight evil? Things get a whole lot more interesting.

    Charmed is, in the easiest, simplest, shortest way to summarize, "Bewitched" meets "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". The more detailed summarization to describe this show is that Charmed was an amalgamation of Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Romance all wraped in an undertone of Fantasy and Magic of epic proportion and the beautiful background of San Francisco. Either way you slice it, it is just as good, no better, as it sounds and really great television.
  • The three Halliwell sisters reunite to reveal their destiny as the charmed ones. they work together to master their craft to fight for te greater good. Although they struggle with finding love, adjusting to their new lives and protecting their secret.

    I started watching Charmed when i was a kid and still love it to this day. It's a great show about witches that does a wonderful job of mixing drama, comedy, and action. One of the main themes of the show is the importance of family. The writers did a great job of conveying this theme without making the show to much like a after school special. Each character has so much growth I love watching each of them ajust to using magic and then mastering their powers. Piper and Leo have an epic romance that just warms my heart. All around this show is amazingg!
  • Charmed is a show with drama of fighting demons and warlocks as well as leading a regular life. The balance between the two is the essence of the characters that make up the cast.

    Charmed follows the lives of those sisters who are truly “charmed�; each one is given a special power which is meant to protect the innocent from the evil powers that exist. It begins with Prue, Piper, and Phoebe discovering these gifts after not knowing for most of their lives what they destinies held for them. The drama continues as they must fight demons and warlocks that attempt to destroy peace in their world. However, more than just the dangers of being attacked by demons exists the possibility of magic being revealed to the mortals that have no powers. The combination of these threats is the substance that makes the essence of Charmed one that displays how family relations work and how relationships are truly formed. The sisters have to deal regular life ordeals like jobs as well as love lives on top of the demon fighting and that’s what makes Charmed a complete package of a show.
  • Charmed is a show about 3 sisters who find out they are witches and have to fight demons.

    This show is amazing! The concept isn't new, witches who have to fight battles in order to safe the world, but the way it is brought to the viewer is indeed new. The show has humor, drama, action and family relationships. All this makes Charmed a show in which everybody can find something they like. The actrices also make the show a lot better. Alyssa Milano is very good ofcourse, but also Holly Mary Combs is very good. Another thing I think is fantaastic about this show is that the viewer follows the sisters lifes for 8 years. You see them grow and change, which I think is great. When you put all this together you get a superb show called Charmed.
  • Sisters Piper, Phoebe and Prudence Halliwell meet at their family home. There a secret which will change the course of their lives forever is revealed. The sisters are witches and together must fight the forces of evil.

    "Charmed" is by far the silliest show I have ever seen. The epitome of pure cornball. From the silly incantations to the goofy adversaries the sisters faced each week, I was constantly asking myself why I watched this show. I soon realized there was a good reason why. The lead actresses are very good in this show. They are well cast and have great chemistry together. That chemistry continued in season four when Rose McGowan replaced Shannen Dougherty. Holly Marie Combs stood out from the others. You can say she was the Halliwell family matriarch. A silly show that works.
  • I like Paige more than Prue.

    I'm from Holland and the show is repeated every year on NET5. I've seen each episode at least three times. I like Charmed because it's different then other shows. There is just as in other shows, drama, love, quarrel and stuff like that, but because of the magic is it something completely different. I think that the show is better since Prue went out and Paige in her place came. Prue(Shannon Doherty) caused so much drama, on and of the show. I think Paige is a lot nicer and funnier. I like the season 1 & 2 but I think from season 3 the episodes are much more fun.
  • For some reason, I always think of that song, "If lovin' you is wrong, I don't want to be right", when I think of my obsession with this show. So what--I'm a guy that loves Charmed? What's wrong with that? Nothing, I tell you!

    Okay. That was kind of a joke. Kind of, but I get smirked at when "caught" watching Charmed, or referencing it. Girls who like Charmed find it kind of cool, I suppose, but that's besides the point.

    (Next two paragraphs are more for my own purposes, about how I became interested in the show. I think it's significant in the sense that sometimes perception can really affect judgment--ie: I didn't watch Charmed, a show that I now love, for so long because I had negative perceptions about it.)

    Heck, a year and a half ago I would smirk at people who watched the show. I, of course, hadn't seen it then. A professor in my British Literature class mentioned the show (I think she asked "Come on, hasn't anyone watched Charmed before" because she was trying to use modern pop culture references to help us understand something). I scoffed, a couple others did as well, and one guy admitted to watching repeats sometimes "for Alyssa Milano".

    Then it hit me: I had a crush on her for years. Plus, a professor liked the show? That was good enough for me. Eventually, after catching a few bits of episodes here-and-there on TNT, I bought the season 1 DVD, then the Book of Shadows DVD set. As for my actual review of the show... Ahem... Read on. (Note: Expect randomness and tangents.)

    The Prue years were all in all a lot of fun, but, being that they were at the tail-end of the 90s, I found them quite cheesy. Not in a bad way, though; more of a nostalgic cheesiness. What made them fun rather than agonizing to watch were the stories, as well as the relationship between the sisters.

    The post-Prue years were kind of wild. Well, so were the first three years, but the later seasons utilized practically every established mythological creature or bring to the extent that it almost seemed like lazy writing. Which, maybe it was, but maybe not. Either way, it (mostly) made for some really wacky stories, and sometimes even made me hit the books to learn about the figures I wasn't familiar with. Television does educate, I tell you!

    My favorite aspect of the show, especially when comparing it (in terms of enjoyability, not content/themes/etc) to Buffy, another favorite show of mine, relates to how light-hearted the show stayed for pretty much the whole run. Of course there were a lot of episodes that were conflict heavy, and even comedy-heavy episodes with their share of melodrama, but, for the most part, the show didn't take itself too seriously. The downside to that, however, is that the show didn't always hold true to previous established facts or "rules" (off the top of my head: Whitelighters being a secret, the father's last name... uh... that's all I can think of, but there's a list somewhere online that I came across). Buffy pretty much seemed to follow things closely, at least more than Charmed.

    I've read many blogs and reviews and criticisms that the acting on the show wasn't great. And, generally speaking, that's true. Mainly of the one-off guest stars, as well as many of the recurring stars. Holly Marie Combs is, in my opinion, the best actress of the sisters. Rose is okay, but not so much with the dramatic stuff. Leo has GREAT little physical comedy things (how he sort of waves/moves his arms when he talks kills me for some reason) and really funny, subtle comedic readings. Kudos.

    The recurring effects got to be really good--the orbing, the fire-balls, freezing (I wish they froze more in the later seasons...).

    I'm kind of burning out now... so in sum: Charmed is a blast to watch, even if sometimes the actions of the characters, the plots, the logic, make absolutely NO sense; sometimes what happens contradicts what happened before; sometimes everything falls into place; but... so what?
  • A charming show

    I have seen almost every episode of Charmed, and rarely have I been disappointed. I was a little annoyed when they killed of Prue, but I liked Rose McGowan who replaced her as Paige. Since then she became one of my favourite actresses. The cast are superb, they're funny and genuinely talented. Three sisters discover they have mystical powers and are brought together to live in their childhood home and fight the forces of evil; this is the story. What it lacks in originality, this show makes up for in style and humor. The Power of 3 ended in 2005 after 8 seasons battling evil. Sorry to see them gone.
  • This is my review of the television series, Charmed.

    I'm 14 years old and I live in Iceland, I only just started to watch Charmed for serious 2-3 months ago. Charmed is probably my 3rd favourite show of all time, after How I Met Your Mother and Everybody Loves Raymond. I loved when Prue was on the show and I would have liked to have them all four to be the Charmed ones! My favourite is Piper and my favourite powers are: freezing time, telekinesis and orbing. My least favourite character was probably Cole or Andy. The funniest character was with out a doubt Grams (Penny). In conclusion, Charmed was a fantastic television series and I love all the magic, and all of the characters.
  • Charmed is about the Power of Three and 3 witches who fight Demons, Warlocks and many other unimaginable things.

    Charmed is about 3 sisters who form the Power of Three after Phoebe, the youngest, comes back from New York and manages to open the attic door which has been stuck ever since Prue, the eldest, and Piper, the middle sister, came back to live in the house. After Phoebe accidently made them witches, the sisters find the Book of Shadows and become the Power of Three. Throughout the first 3 seasons, Prue, Piper and Phoebe fight off Demons and Warlocks, however, in the next 5 seasons, Prue has 'moved on' and Paige comes to replace Prue in the Power of Three as their 'long lost sister'. Things start to become more personal after Paige comes in and the show doesn't focus fully on the Power of Three but more on boys, marriage, kids and work. This is a series which I would proudly say I watch because of it's true spirit and great plot.
  • charmed

    charmed !! it's the best show ever and i realy don't know y prue left the series she was the The strongest one but it was a great end for the season paige is good as well as Phoebe but piper is the best and the series with cole was much better and leo i don't love him so much i hope that piper was married to cole not to leo in the series i think season 3 was the best season in the series
    i hope charmed was never ended It's one of my favorite series at all the times
  • Once lucky, twice smart, three times charmed. The story of sisters who find out they are witches and take it upon themselves to protect innocents, but not without hitting a few technicalities in their witching and personal lives.

    I am a huge harry potter fan so it wasn't a huge shock to me that i absolutely adore this show. At first i wasn't so hot for it but now i can't stop, it has become an obsession. I am literally addicted to watching this show. I find the chemistry between the three sisters fabulous and i wouldn't pick any other three actresses to portray these characters. One of the best shows to ever be on television. I think that this show is seriously underrated too. I find the story line to be superbly original and addicting. Once you start you can't stop, you have to know what comes next! I can't wait to buy the full series on DVD, then i will watch it non stop.
  • I love it!

    This show is definitely one of my all time personal favorites...and it going off the air was like loosing a dear friend :-( The way that the sisters had to fight for love, family and LIFE, as well as the magical aspect were refreshing in a world that can be so serious. There were episodes that made you laugh and cry in the same segment, and that is a testament to the quality of the show...even if some people think it's cheesy...Not to mention the sisters had being hot and powerful down to an art form. Another series like this definitely needs to be made...or this needs to be continued.
  • Charmed is one of those shows that will always be in the top ten of my favourite shows of all time.

    Charmed is a show about three sisters, Prue, Piper and Phoebe who happen to be witches. Later Paige, the half-sister who is discovered after Prue passes away. Charmed, in it's first four seasons, was absolutely fabulous, but despite going downhill a little in it's last seasons, Charmed has always managed to have the majority of episodes appeal to me. This show is something I recommend to any TV fan because it's real life mixed in with witchcraft, and Charmed manages to have a usually unique sense of humour and character, and the sisters always go through a real-life event which any person can relate to.
  • Best Television Show Of all Time!Will make you laugh and cry this is a true family show at heart.

    Charmed is a great show it has three of the best actresses out, Holly Marie Combs is amazing in everything she does. This show breaks all the rules theres not limit to what they do they could have the craziest ideas and it will come out to be the best episodes the show went through so much, moving to Thursday than Sunday and losing one of the three leads and still was great all the way till the end it lasted eight wonderful years on the WB and still is on TNT Four times a day from Monday-Friday and on two times on Saturday This is just an amazing show it will have you in your seat for the entire hour making you laugh and cry this show is amazing I wish it would have came back for another magical season I thought it was the best show on the WB Holly,Alyssa,Rose, and Shannen are all great actresses.
  • This seires is about three sisters who realise that they have inherited magical powers passed down to them. From here they find themselves in worse situations every season.

    I'll start off with the things that I really loved with Charmed. It was different and none of the episodes really repeated themselves or had the same storyline. Then the idea of Prue being killed and Paige coming was an amazing season finale and definetly one of my favourite season finales ever! Now the things I didn't like and could have used a little bit of changing. First off, the thing that really annoyed me was Cole, I never liked him and he just didn't seem to go away! He was in all the episodes and he just really agitated me, I think that if he died in his second season then things would be so much better. I also didn't like the end episode because there wasn't much of a WOW in it. It was just Piper, the mother and the grandmother fighting two evil sisters. The last finale should be amazing but I don't think that that episode was.
  • Charmed - The Next Generation

    I think its time for a new series "Charmed - The Next Generation". I just finished watching the DVD boxset and I must say the show is brillant! I just wish I could had been one of the script writers for the show - I have so many ideas. I wish they had Chris reunite with his parents when he back into his future rather than killing him off. I also would like to have seen the charmed one's call upon other powerful wicthes or use the boy in the second last show as a means of combating the ultimate power.
  • Charmed will always be one of the shows I never get tired of watching. As long as TNT keeps running those reruns, I'm gonna be watching them...

    Charmed will always be one of the shows I never get tired of watching! As long as TNT keeps running those reruns, I'm gonna be watching them, but of course, I have the DVDs as well...5 of them anyway. My heart belongs to Leo! I even named my dog after him. ;-) Piper and Leo will always be one of the greatest TV couples. I wish they would bring this wonderful show back. Or at least the wonderful Wyatt family (Charmed Sons.) I still have faith that The Charmed Sons will air someday. I hope its not too far away though. I love tuning in to TNT for my daily dose of Charmed! Thanks TNT for airing Charmed...and please don't stop!
  • love this show I always believed women could kick tail

    Great show It shows you that you need family it shows you that love can suck or be great that you should help people and not be greedy. I don't belive in witch craft but they make it happen as far as show could do I was busy working and raising 3 kids and didn't watch it so now that I'm at home disabled it has become my best friend, I love the cast especially Leo & Piper and of course all the beautiful kids The music is Killer I can even get my husband to watch with me but I think that's Phobes fault. Great show and doing my best to get all the dvd's
  • this episode is when piper dies and then thy had to brean her to life but hte had to get a deaom to bring her back but prue dies.....

    this the second best episode i ever saw but they got to show how did prue die this episode is when piper dies and then thy had to bring her to life but back had to get a deaom tobring her back but prue dies Prue, Piper, and Phoebe are all sisters who each have a problem in life. Prue works at
    Bucklands as an auctioneer and must convince her hard-to-please boss that she's good for the job, Piper, a chef, is in about the same situation as Prue, and Phoebe just can't keep a job. One day, when all the sisters were reunited, Phoebe starts playing with the \magicboard their mother gave the girls. When it mysteriously starts to spell the word "attic". With curiosity, Phoebe goes up to the attic where she finds a mysterious book in a glowing chest. In the book labeled "The Book of Shadows", Phoebe reads a spell that the sisters eventually find out releases their powers as witches that was inherited by their ancestors. With Prue having the power of telekinesis; to move objects with her mind. Piper having the power to freeze time, & Phoebe having the power to see the future,witch they use it to fight evil . The three sisters together form "The Power of Three" which is a magical bond which creates an invincible force of magic. But the catch is, the sisters must be together to use it, which is a common ploy among demons to keep them apart. As the show progresses, then piper meet a whitelighter but call hime slef fixer guy then they fall in love & his name is leo.And leo wanted to marrie her but he could not marrie her because it was against rule to marrie her so they brake the and marrie her any way thenphoebe meets a guy name cole witch they fall in love but he evil and she knows and want to ge married so the did because they are in love with each otherthen then cole die because the sisters kill him but they had have a baby but a deamon take a way and rase it fore evil to kill the hole world but the sisters end up killing the baby so the world is safe . the baby was very powerthat why the had to kill him .And as the show goes so does their powers. Prue can now astral project herself which is essentially making a clone of herself. Piper's powers were discovered to not be related to time, but to blowing up things;,and Phoebe gained the power of levitation, which allowed her to become weightless which was useful with her martial arts skills. At the end of the third season.

    And then Prue was killed by a powerful demon he was very stronge . Piper and Phoebe discovered they had a half sister, named Paige who had the power to orb herself, and The Power of Three was restored and the sisters continued in their struggle against evil.then thy met a guy a popo he knew they where witches so he ketp the secrtsthen pagie har person to save and she was a witchso the she help them fightso bill the person had her sister taken so she find her and thenthey had fouget the charmed one and lostand then cup a cupied got married to phoebe and had 3 kids and piper had 2 kids and pagieand pagie had got married to herny a popo and had 3 kidsand that the end of the story by ,angela hicks
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