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  • I love this SHOW!!

    I love this show! its the best show ever! .. Why did they cancel it?? I just love it! I hope someday there will be a tv series similar to this one. I love Piper's powers the most .. how much fun would it be to be able to blow up someone or something with a wave of your hand, or to freeze the whole room. I also like telekinesis, I would love it if I could move things (or people) around from across the room with my mind or hand :D. Basically, it was a mistake canceling this amazing show.
  • Charmed is about 3 sisters that live together.

    Charmed is about 3 sisters that live together. After a while they find out that they are witches and so was there whole generation. Prue, Piper and Phoebe are the sisters. After a long time of defeating demons and warlocks, Prue dies and Piper and Phoebe reunite with their long lost half-sister, Paige. For me, the people that were destened to be together were:

    Prue and Andy - they loved each other.(Andy died and so did Prue. If they didn't, I bet that they would've gotten married.)
    Piper and Leo - they loved each other and got married.
    Phoebe and Cupid - they loved each other and got married.
    Paige and Henry - they loved each other and got married.
  • Charmed is kick ass awsome. It totally awsome.The thing about Charmed is there is never enough drama. One of the Charmed ones are turning into something, being killed, or losing a loved one. I love Charmed and I hope soon there will be a Charmed Movie.

    Charmed is a in a few words is witchs in halter tops kicking ass. It so rocks. It was so upsetting when Pure ( shannon ) died I thought Charmed was over. Then when Pagie ( Rose ) came on it was so cool. Then when Leo ( Brian ) was turened into a an elder, than an avitar, and then a mortal. The sisters was turned a lot of demons, canimals and other stuff. It is werid and unsal. And thats what makes charmed the number one tv show of many years and when it came to the end it was very sad, but still the number one tv show in the usa. Everybody I know is in love Charmed. Charmed is number one in all of the fans hearts and we hope there will be a movie. I do belive that all the fans of Charmed wish it to come back. Miss Charmed oh so much. -Paige-
  • the power of 3....

    so basically this show is about 3 sisters who started of not really gettin along as well as they could have but when they discover their new powers, they start to form a bond and slwoly begin to learn about their powers, how to control and use them, the consequences of bein a witch and not bein able to find love,etc. in season 3 the main sister prue dies, and i still think she was the best sister better than paige. well piper is a good big sister too so when she takes over things get REALLY interesting. they fight demons, find love, go through so many dramatic changes but they overcome and conquer and everything turns out for the better...
  • Charmed is a great show about three sisters.

    I recently got in to Charmed and was insistently hooked, the characters and story are great and it had three beautiful women playing the Charmed Ones starting with Prue Piper and Phoebe, Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, and Alyssa Milano, and later with the addition of Rose McGowan at the start of season 4.

    I've always like shows and movies that dealt with magic being a big Harry Potter fan, its a surprise it took me awhile to start watching charmed, but I've been hooked on it ever since and been trying to get each season on DVD.

    Julian McMahon made a great addition as Cole Turner from seasons 3-5 and though it was the first time I've seen him Brain Krause shows he can act as Leo Wyatt the Haliwell's whitelighter and Piper's husband.
  • ...idemo malo na srpskom...:p cool show, BRING IT BACK

    xexe...Dobra serija ! Great show, i watched it from the first episode to the last, haven't missed any episode. Nice story, battle between good and evil, totally new dimension of that battle, and of witches. Giving us the story full of magic, love, mystery, excitement, laugh etc. All this is combined into one name called The Charmed :) Nice, really nice! Not to mention the end, oh, i cried. It was teeming with emotions, all pieces of the puzzle are coming together, the family is together again, everything turns out OK. The only thing i mind, is that Prue, i mean Shannon, is not showing in ANY episodes after her character dies. I think they should have found some solution, so that Shannon could show in one of the episodes, at least in the last one. This way, they beloved sister is so mentioned, but, despite all other "dead" characters who shows again and again in many episodes, she never shows! That's just not right. Producers and Shannon were too childish ( that's my opinion ) and they destroyed one last wish of the fans, and that's Prue's showing in at leas one episode. Ah...what more to say...Angels, Demons, Warlocks, Witches, and all other kinds of magic beans crossed with fairytale and mythology makes this show worth of watching and giving it a review of a 10:))
  • A classic supernatural drama perfect stars and perfect plots and demons

    This show was a classic of its day. I was saddened to hear of its demise. It provided 8 years of classic suppernatural drama.Holly,Rose,Shannen,Alyssa,Brian made this show and they did a damn good job i send out my congrtulations to them all.In the fist episode when Pheobe discovers The Book OF Shadows and recites the incantation and they find they are witches Prue can move things with her mind Piper can freeze time and Pheobe can see the future[premonitions].It ran from October 7 1998-May 21 2006.
    Over the years we saw many celebrities more memorably Julian McMahon as Pheobes half demon half human husband.
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    i do miss Charmed so much and i was crying on last show of charmed and i was upset that they are finish in 2 years ago.
    they are best show than others shows, i do want to see them again and like to see Paige and Phoebe first child. i love to see Piper's baby girl and kick demons ass too.
    Please, please, please bring them back, bring Prue back as the spirt. i do really want the charmed one come back, please!!

    if u like bring back i would be glad to see them on the show and everything as new.
  • I love this show it is the perfect show young women.It's has family values,daily problems,and the family bond. I have been watching it for years.

    this show rates the number one show for young women who think that nothing is possible. It shows that anything is possible.I love the fact that the show can make you laugh and cry all in one show. It's got the girl power thing going on. My favorite character is Piper we sort have the same attitude about life. My sister likes Phoebe because of her struggles on the show and the strength she shows to the followers as my sister says. Me my mom and my sister watch almost everyday together. I been watching since day one and still watch to this ver day.
  • One of the best shows ever.

    I know most people who are fans of Charmed would love to see it return (I'm one). we will probably never see another show with the three sisters. At one time I heard a rumor that they were considering a series based on the children of the sisters. I think this could be a way for the producers to give our Charmed fix. They would of course have to bring in the sisters on occasion. I am not sure if it would a success or not. The only way to know for sure is for them to do a movie based on it.
  • I love charmed.It was my numember one fav.I will miss it and I wish thay wood make a new season with the charmed ones kids grow up and fighting the battles with the evils of the word.piper was my fav,person on the show.she had passion for cooking/ spells.

    Charmed was the best,I wright to of a friend of it one of the acters dauther and got the family tree.It is as followed as I'm told...........................
    Charlotte warren?-?
    Melinda Warren 1730-1760
    prudence warren 1750----matthew Tate
    cassandra warren 1775
    Brianna warren 1790---Milton Wentworth
    Beatrice wentworth 1810 Astrid wentworth 1815 married Hubert lee married James Tate
    grace Helen 1822 sister of flora 1825
    lee 1820 married married
    married shane baxter adam brown
    clarence russell
    priscilla pixie baxter paula brown russell 1840 1855 1859
    married married married joshua seth colin
    dauther dauther dauther
    pearl piper pheobe
    russell baxter brown
    1894 1895 1897
    1924 1970 1962 married gordan johnson 1895-1965 dauther allan ^married-penelope 1930-1967 1930-1998
    patricia halliwell married victer bennett/lover sam wilder
    1950-1978 1950 1889-2000/2000-
    prudence piper-----leo pheobe--coop paige-henry
    halliwell haillwell wyatt halliwell mattews mitchll
    1970-2001 1973 (1924-1947) 1975 1977 1975 1970-
    pipers kids pheobe's kids
    wyatt/christopher/prudence /prudence/penelope/pearl matthew/leo//melinda patricia piper paige
    2/16/03}{5/16/04[4/16/07] 12/26/07]3/10/08]5/21/11
    paige's kids
    helen twin sister patricia henry abigail grace kyle
    10/9/10 10/9/10 1/5/12
  • 3 beautiful girls kickin ass

    I just love this show. The story lines and the character progression is an adventure in and of itself. Just seeing how the girls grow up from these very young and inexperienced ladies to some really hard core witches. Charmed started out as a really great show. The first four seasons were a great mix of magic, humor and sisterly bonding with some great story lines and interesting characters and villains. It was a great show that I'll never forget. One day the sisters are three ordinary girls; the next they're witches! I've always thought the plot was great. They battled demons while trying to keep an ordinary life. It just doesn't work out that way for them.
  • You all are always taking off the good shows. It just proves that a show as popular and as highly rated as Charmed would be one you would take off the air,against popular demand to keep it going. Why don't you people really listen to the viewers?

    I just love this show. Enough said..Why do I have to use 100 words to describe a show that was so popular.The show had everything suspence,action,romance,and everyday life stuff.Pru,Piper,Pheobe,and then Paige were like real sisters on the show. They got along most of the time but they had their differences too. They almost made you think it was real,the family part.You could relate to the bad hair days,bad dates,burned dinners,normal things.But it made you want to come back and watch everyday,,and so we all did. I would love to see it brought back on t.v.,it was a show I really enjoyed.
  • How can you go wrong with these girls?

    I know being a male and liking this show may not be cool but I have found myself strangely attracted to it. At first I thought it must be the three beautiful ladies that headline every season but it goes much deeper than that. The story lines and the character progression is an adventure in and of itself. Just seeing how the girls grow up from these very young and inexperienced ladies to some really hard core witches. The supporting cast also provides some nice depth to the story arcs introduced in each season. This is a show I highly recommend.
  • I love Charmed. It is one of my favorite shows. I didnt grow up around it but my best friend at the time got me into it. I was even obssessed for a short period of time.

    For eight years, Charmed charmed its way to the top. It was a great show that I'll never forget. One day the sisters are three ordinary girls; the next they're witches! I've always thought the plot was great. They battled demons while trying to keep an ordinary life. It just doesn't work out that way for them. Phoebe battles losing her job for "family emergencies" and it's not like she can tell her boss she's a witch and she needs the time to go demon hunting with her sisters. Piper and Leo battle it too, putting off having kids because of it. As for Paige, she battles it in her own way. She goes from thinking she was an only child and being a social worker to haveng three sisters and being a witch. It's an awesome show and if you don't already watch it, you should.
  • Charmed, just what the name is, was a Charming show filled with ups and downs.

    From the first time I watched Chamred I've found the show to be somewhat magical. The love interests, the incredible story lines, the injuries, the demons, the births and the deaths. There was rarely a dull moment in the show. It's just one of those shows I can watch for days on end without tiring. I, along with many fans were sad to see it go, and many were quite disappointed with the last season, due to the budget cuts, however I thought it was a rather compelling season, with the introduction of Billie, the loss of Leo and the ability to watch little Chris and Wyatt grow as well as finally see the strength in the sisterhood. From the beginning to the end it was incredible to see how different the sisters were and to watch their bond go stronger. Phoebe, Piper and Prue, the original Charmed ones, in my opinion were a beautiful group of three, and the stories from the first seasons were some of the best. Prue was one of the strongest sisters, therefore it was sad to see her leave, but once she was gone, the introduction of Paige was done very well. All in all, Charmed, 8 Seasons, Mainly-Female cast, was one of the most amazing television shows of all time.
  • Great Show With Fantastic Storylines

    Charmed is a show great which got better and better every season. With great stars and fantastic storylines Charmed was doing great. The three sisters vanquished demons in hope to save the world, we all thought that the power of three was finished until another sister came along, and thats when i thought that it got even better. Leo helped Piper through the tough times and they had 2 beautiful boys Wyatt and Cris. Just when you thought that Phoebe would never find anyone after loosing Cole to evil, she found Love in the arms of Cooper whom she met first in season 1, as for Paige she found love with Henry who was a human. When the show came to an end it was a great ending to a show that had been on for 8 years.
  • A show of mainly all female cast, about witchcraft and magic with some moving and alos funny episodes that was well worth watching!

    Charmed was about 3 American sisters who inherited powers from their family. They had their powers binded as children to stop them from suffering the same fate that their late mother did.

    WOW I only started getting into this show around season 4, and I was blown away. The story lines in this show were amazing, they worked really well. You got to familiarise yourself with a cast that hardly ever changed. It showed a good side and bad side of magic, and what having magical powers can do to your everyday life, it affected their relationships, dreams, day to day life and more.

    the storylines were very easy to follow you never lost where you were in the seasons, and you always knew what each individual character was upto, sometimes they would have follow on stories and it would tie in with previous ones and new ones that were coming out.

    It was light entertainment at its best and it was a shame to see it finally come to an end last year! They should do a spin off as I firmly believe that this show didnt reach its full potential there are still a lot of things that can be done with this.

    There is also a lot more storylines that they could come up with for this show, as you had Pipers sons, and if I remember correctly Phoebe got married to cupid and maybe they could have some children and carry on the Halliwell famly lne of magic. There is also the 2 sisters, and also there could be a new source and seeker.

    Overall I gave this show a perfect rating as it was easy to follow with some brilliant storylines, excellent characters new and old in each episode. And it was light entertainment that will never die, it will be cherished over and over again.
  • I thought it was great, there should be a spin-off

    Charmed is one of the best programmes there is! and i think there should definatly be a spin-off, there is still so much potential for charmed as it is becoming more popular by the year!.
    i hope that they do create something to do with charmed as would most other charmed fans!.
    in my opinon charmed will always live on in all the generations and become more and more popular.
    at the moment tho they wont make a spin-off because of the series "supernatural" even though charmed is so much better!
    i give it a 10 and hope that one day they will air somthing charmed related.
  • it's a kind of magic!

    this series is one of my favorites. i just love the supernatural magical series coz it's really worth watching. i think this started the same time when harry potter became popular, the books and movies alike. three powerful witches who practices witchcraft living in a house they inherited from their grandmother who came from long lines of witches. just like everybody else, they're trying to live a normal life and sometimes questioning if they would give up their destinies for a peaceful demon-free life. of witches and warlocks, whitelighters and magical creatures, spells, potions, magical powers, i was definitely entertained with these enchanting series!
  • Charmed is a dramatic, interesting and wonderful show. Charmed Stars: Holly Maire Combs as Piper Halliwell, Alyssa Milano as Phoebe Halliwell, Rose McGowan as Paige Matthews and Brian Krause as Leo Wyatt.

    Charmed is a drama which aired on the WB / CW. It surrounds three (3) sisters who have magical powers. They are called the Charmed Ones. They use their magical powers to fight evil, who are demons that live in the Underworld. The show is quite interesting because it explores how the sisters use their magic and how it impacts their daily lives. They have to fide their secret from everyone in fear of what will happen to them. The powers affect their lives in more ways than one like in finding love and having friendships. The show originally had three sisters, who were Prue Piper and Phoebe, and one died in order to reconstitute the power they found a long lost younger sister name Paige.
  • A good show but somewhat too similar to Buffy.

    I have only seen two seasons of Charmed and so far its been reasonable good. But there are quite a lot of bad episodes. And also it does not help that the plot is extemely similar to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. With all that being said it is a rather good show at times. Some episodes are very good whereas others are not. I know that this show ran for 8 seasons so it must be pretty good. I will try and stick with it to see where the show leads us. But so far i thinks season 1 is far better than season 2 but time will tell.
  • "Charmed" is the longest running TV-show, of an all-female cast. However, why did it not win significant awards? With a grand & enduring cult fellowship of fans, the weekly secret pleasure never received the accolades it deserved for 8 seasons of magic.

    Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Paige, Leo, Cole...the list goes on for the talents that graced the small-screen each week (between 1998 and 2006)enlightening us from the 'everyday.' Great message of classy feministic empowerment, with strong, smart & sexy actors, and revolutionary elicitations of open mindedness."Charmed" brought to any age group a sense of good karmatic pleasure. Men and women alike enjoyed it for different reasons. The range of persons the show touched is incalculable. The unbeaten highest-rated WB premiere show, with 7.7 million viewers, was consistently popular for its mystic adventure-stories, exquisite talents and deep human stories. It Deserved & Deserves recognition, compensation, something for its great works. It faired the weathers of TV's change to a very brain-dead outlet of ridiculum. What is left for females to be empowered, men to be given perspective, and the genereal public high-standard television? Charmed was not treated well for its service to the world's viewers. The actors, etc. should be given something to credit their brilliant contribution.
  • A phenomenal show that involved three strong beautiful women with extraoridnary powers.

    I love Charmed with a passion. The show involved three beautiful women with extraordinary powers. Wtih this powers, it brought good things like love, friendship and empowerment, and bad things: pain, despair, and tragedy. All the cast members were awesome but the characters that I liked the most were Piper,Prue, and Phoebe.

    Piper was the funny sister with bad temper. Her powers were coolest out of the sisters which were freezing time and blowing up things. Prue was the oldest and toughest sister. Her powers were telekinesis and astral projection. Phoebe was the carefree and funny sister. Her powers were premonition, levitation, and empathy. Each sister had something special that I liked.

    The show was amazing and fun to watch. When I watch reruns, I wished that the show was still on the air. Charmed will always be my favorite show on tv.
  • A story of three extrodinary, good, witches (the charmed ones) who save the world from "demons".

    This show would easily be my favorite show EVER! I do not think i could ever get tired of it. I watch it everyday lol It is very creative, very magical, & actually very addictive show for me. Though i was very sad when it ended i thought it did end quite well though . It was very sad when Prue died though, (yes i know that she had to die because shannen doherty quit because her and alyssa milano did not get along well), it was a creative way how she died how piper died and then time turned back and prue did ( well you probably know the story ) anyway AMAZING SHOW! I LOVE IT!
  • A show about three sister witches and their lives battling demons.

    I love this show so much! I wish they could bring it back. It seems like people forget where supernatural comes from. I LOVE charmed one of my hands down one of my favorite shows. It is action packed! I love every single one of the episodes. Even when I watch the reruns it is like I am on the edge of my chair everytime. I just cant look away. The demons are different so the it isnt like the story lines is repeating. They give a full background on them. Also the piper and leo romance never got hold like some couples. Often especially after they get married couples get boring but so many things happened between them that it was always entertaining. Overall I love Charmed!
  • This show is beautiful...

    This show is beautiful! It has a great theme sisterhood and love. Three sisters that so happen to be witches go through life aka the Charmed Ones who have to combet evil.(well actually four sisters) They make new friends, enemies and lovers! I cried when this ended. This show has romance, comedy, and fantasy. Everyone should at least see this once because it is memorable and worth it. The story is creative and unique, but most of all it is unpredictable. Once you start watching this you will want to stick til the end! You'll love it so please watch Charmed!
  • Absolutely great

    I liked it. It was about 3 sisters that discovered that they were witches and used their powers for good.This is the first show that I`ve seen that includes witches or magic.I am so sad it ended.I didn`t see it from the start . I missed most of the episodes with Prue. But the ones after she died are the ones that I like and haven`t missed any of them.My favorite was Paper and I absolutely love her powers.Leo was nice too, so cute.I haven`t seen the 8th session but I will see it soon because it`s repeating in Italian.I know it`s not like the original but anyway it`s Charmed right?
  • Girl Power... and addictive...

    Almost feel ashamed writing this...

    My girlfriend used to watch this show religiously and she got me into it. I quickly found favorite characters in love-torn Demons and Cops whil still enjoying Milano running around in tight clothing.

    The storyline involving Piper and Leo and their future sons was the kicker for me. I guess I'm just a little sappy when it comes to family affairs and this show is full of them.

    With girl power emmanating every which way, sometimes it gets a little ridiculous as to how much shame they put the male characters through. But nevertheless I found myself wanting to see what would happen next.

    The magic is cool, too. :P
  • Its cool to be a witch and have powers.

    When the show first started showing I was like "Ohm, nothing much". But I started watching, because it was showing in when I had nothing to do but drink coffee and watch TV, and I was hooked. I started loving them. My best friend and I didn't miss an episode. We sometimes even played we have the powers :). I think the best episodes were when Phoebe and Cole (Belthazor) are in love. I loved those episodes. We watched everyone, we didn¡¦t miss anything, and when they finally brook up I was mad and sad :(. But I went on watching.
    I think everyone in one point of their lives wanted to have some power, to stop the time, to get something by just thinking of it, turn back the time... This show helps you do that in a way.
    I could watch it again.
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