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  • What's going on?

    This show is a fine example of what can happen if it is neglected and unrecognised.
    The show's earlier years (1-3) were absolutely fantastic but since the fall of Shannen Dohertry the show has gone down hill fast.
    Now Charmed relies of ridiculous stunt episodes in order to boost the ratings, which isn't working at the present time, and repeats already overused plot lines which beings to make it incredibly boring.
    Rose McGowan is a talentless actress and her replacing the brillaint Shannen Doherty was a huge mistake on behalf of the producers. The show's latest batch of episodes did improve of year six but the problems are still there. Annoying guest stars or cheesy plots fail to improve this already dry show.
    My opinion is that the show should do everything it can to bring back Shannen or bite the dust.
  • Thought on this show.

    Well these are my thought on this show. First, not the best effects. Second, Over dramatized. But, there are some positive things that will be in this so don't you worry you fans. So first i am gonna focus on the effectes of this show. All in all i cann't asy that they completely are terribile i have seen worse. But, the little things like when that one girl tosses someone across the room it makes this little like sparkly type noise i cann't explain it. That noise is kinda annoying after the thirtyith time i have heard it. But, beside that little thing taht i hate i think the rest of it is ok but they could make the hurt people patr more real i mean make someone scream loud sometime i mean the demons just kinda melt away and make no sounds is there something wrong with that?? Sorry i don't know there name my sister watches this show and i really cann't follow along that well. I also find this show to be funny at times when it is suppose to be serious.

    Second dramatization is a little overdone. For daytime televesiion i guess they decided to not look into it much but whatever. I mean the drama in this thing can kinda make it really cheesy at times. But that is all i have to say but i guess all together this is worth watching
  • Hey! My hair is shiney, my shirts are tight, I cast magic spells all through the night! I'm a Charmed girl! (ugh.)

    Not particlualry well-written. Mostly, it's about three hot sisters who use magic powers to do stuff. They're not too bright, but they sure are cute! It's a soap opera with magic and loads of sisterly togetherness. I'm actually having trouble finding more to say about it. They get into trouble, demons hunt them (singularly unconvincing demons, though), they go evil, they come back.... no real moral dillemmas, no real acting, no real anything. Whatever. It's pretty lame. If I had magic powers, I'd sure as anything be doing a bit more interesting stuff with them - creativity is not their strong suit.
  • Very Far Fetched.

    This show is incredibly far fetched.
    I really do not like this show. The acting is terrible.

    I find it very far fetched because, for eg. in Harry Potter, that is also a witch craft show. In Charmed if they want to do something they will just do it. They have no restrictions on there magic, in Harry Potter, they dont have a spell for EVERYTHING. this is what i am mainley against. And the acting PATHETIIC It is really bad, they act like 2 yr olds in a school performance!

    Im glad it is not on tv any more. Overall Deplorable.
  • A medicore show that will always be compared with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who will ultimately drive a stake through the vanquishing ones hearts every time.

    Before I start my rant about Charmed I would like to say that I would much prefer to watch it than say, a soap opera like Eastenders, Coronation Street, Hollyoaks (British soaps that are extremely popular).

    However, my beef with Charmed is that it is of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer era, another show with a hero female taking the lead role, and I can not help but compare it with the Buffster, and boy does Charmed look abysmal next to it.

    The series seems to recycle story-lines so frequently. Also it's almost as if the writers make it up as they go along, abusing the premise of continuity altogether.

    The dialogue is fast, but don't be fooled, this isn't a good fast-speaking dialogue (unlike Buffy, who linguists and scholars world-wide have praised for it's edgy, witty and intelligent scripts) it just seems hurried and lazily written. Not to mention the fact that the Charmed ones (Piper in particular) seem to constantly talk through their teeth and whisper a lot, not appealing in an actor, like the equivalent of a driver who picks up bad habbits along the way.

    Another flaw is it's often appalling plots. It seems tiresome that nearly all the Charmed ones foes are defeated by being "vanquished" thus meaning there is little variation at the end of action sequences. And can these great powerful witches not remember a spell??? What's with that blo*dy book that they constantly refer too???

    The thing that most annoys me, apart from the bad characterisation, plots, scripts, acting, effects is that the show (being about Witches and magics) never really reaches real gripping dark moments, it just seems to light and fluffy and kitteny far too often.

    The show never broke any boundaries in any field. There was no Hush, The Body, Restless in this series and nothing, even a good episode by Charmed's standards, ever came close to the most medicore(not that were many) of Buffy (or Angel for that matter) episodes.

    I could sit through an episode of Charmed and now and then be entertained. But the fact that it lasted eight series is beyond me. Maybe, like soap opera's themselves, this hybrid of girly-sci-fi/soap opera show appealed to a more mediocre "average" viewer, thus not having a high standard to reach, it never needed to reach it. Also the fact that it was cheap to make and two of it's actors were the production staff. And what could have been a great series (Joss Whedon being involved) just spread any good elements it had over a wider set of series. I have to remind myself that it is Quality and not Quantity. Still, Buffy managed both.
  • thank god it's over

    i thought this was a good show for the first few seasons, but i have got to say it seemed like they just kept doing the same stories over and over and over again. i was glad to see the show finally end. i hope all the actors and actress' go on to much more sucessfull careers.

    I don't think I have ever seen something this bad. my best friend used to love it and forced me to watch but now he hates it almost as much as I do.

    we all know there isn't a show with such bad names. HELLO! TRY atleast to make up something good.
    I admit. I didn't hate season 4. but everything else is total crap. 90% of the episodes need to be burn BURN BURN!
    specially the last seasons (season 6 wasn't all that bad though)

    it's amazing to see how the writers can screw something more up when it already is a LOT. the only thing that does make it worth SOMETIMES are the good acting of Holly and Rose.

    I can't wait for this show to be canned. BLEH! horrible!
  • It\\\'s over? Thank. God.

    People don\\\'t bash me, it isnt like I didnt watch this show for 3 seasons. It\\\'s just one day I realized something. It was crap. Complete and total nonsense (which is quite the comment from me, considering my favourite show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Plot: horrible. Special Effects: cheesy. Characters: forced into some skimpy costume week after week so the show could appeal to fourteen year old dudes.

    The biggest problem I had with this show (other than what i just mentioned) was that, weren\\\'t these girls supposed to be the \\\"charmed ones?\\\" The biggest and baddest of witches? Yet, week after week, episode after episode, they seemed to be everyone elses...*ehem*...witches. If your going to have a show based on all powerful witches who triumph over evil week after week, give them the upper hand at least once before you throw in some \\\"unforseen\\\" (gag me) twist and they luckily vanquish the poorly animated beast and escape with their lives.

    What killed me though is that crap like this stayed on the air for so long, while amazing shows like Angel get cancelled for no good reason. It just takes the dislike I had for this show and amplifies it.

    To Summarize
    Boring. Predictable. Good Riddance.

    I mean---Good lord. Do we need another television show about some cute girls pretending to be Miss Goodies Two Shoes? What is the point of this show? I have watched it many times trying to figure out what the crap is going on, but I cannot seem to find the plots or points! ALSO, the acting and dialogue are awful in themselves.
  • charmed dont teaches anyone anything it so boring now it in it 8 season they need to make it a hole lot better and more education

    the show sucks majorly and need lots of work to make it a hole lot better and more educational and more better just to watch and it need to be less dram it need to be a little more life like and a little more smarter and it needs to be a little more life like instead of so much fake trash
  • started off great, now i want to stick a shotgun in my mouth and pull the trigger when im watching it.

    only reason i watch this stupid show is:
    1)ive watched all this time, i cant just stop, i gotta finish it, call it obsessive compulsive disorder.
    2)alyssa milano is the sexiest woman alive, i hope she marries me.

    season one was a little boring, i mean it set the groundwork, but the girls in peril, usually by someone they are dating, have em say a rhyme, and show a lot of cleavage, rinse, repeat, etc. and season 2 and 3 were pretty interesting. however once shannen left the show it started to go bad....real bad, they played out the cole story line, but even then it was tolerable, then once cole was gone, it literally was like the writers just got tired of writing interesting diaglogue, but instead just liked to write "show half naked woman" on the script. not that im complaining as a member of the heterosexual male gender, however its NOT why i watch tv...its why i watch PORN! this show is garbage now, absolute garbage. want to watch something interesting? watch House, watch Lost, watch 24, watch CSI, but skip this like the plague...tho i think the plague might be more suitable to me.
  • Charmed was off to a good start...but with the inflation of its ego and running out of ideas, it's transformed into something I'm happy to avoid.

    Being a fan of supernaturally based shows, I thought I'd really like Charmed. At first, I loved it, and I was hooked on the repeats, watching 1 or 2 every day. It wasn't until I tried to watch an episode directly after watching Buffy, my favourite show, that I realised the terrible quality of this, and I physically couldn't do it.

    When news came out that Angel was being axed, but the same network was keeping Charmed, I was furious. Angel, I'm sure many will agree, is a show that was taken off the air too early, and instead of it, we now have this. It is for this reason that I now boycott Charmed.

    I think it's gone downhill since Season 4 anyway, when the episode plots started to get more outrageous and crazy, and the writing reached new lows. I liked the Prue episodes and the first season with Paige, but it's gotten worse since then. In earlier seasons, it accepted itself for what it was; a fun simple show aimed at a young audience that was just a joke; in the same league as Sabrina the Teenage Witch. But when it tried to put itself on the same level as shows it doesn't even come close to being as good as, and inflating its reputation as being much better than it actually is, I got annoyed.

    To understand the level this show is at, it's worth taking a look at Spelling's previous projects, mainly consisting of soap operas. If Charmed is looked at from that point of view, it's a lot easier to comprehend why it's successful, and also why I want to ignore it.

    Maybe I'm overreacting and being too sensitive, but I really think it's time this show was put out of its misery and cancelled, because it's going to crash and burn very soon.
  • BARF!

    I just had to write this review since seemingly everyone who has critiqued this so far has given it a 9 or 10.
    This show is RETARDED. It makes me want to go down to the set with a machine gun and unload about 40 clips of doing-the-world-a-favor. It is the corniest, most ridiculous peice of girl-power crap I have ever seen. The only reason I gave it a 2 is because the girl from Who's the Boss is hot as hell.
    If you've never watched this show and are thinking about it take it from me, don't bother. Unless of course your a cranky, disgusting, overweight, old woman that wishes she was skinny and had magic powers.
  • Nothing I haven’t seen before

    Nothing I haven’t seen before.
    They have stolen ideas and concepts from almost everyone. There wasn’t a single episode in witch I haven’t recognized something stolen from a movie or some other show. The characters them selves are more or les interesting. The only one that is really good is Balthazar. After he stopped appearing the show got even worse.
  • waist of time

    ancient Prehistoric Bland NOT FUNNY or cleaver needs to go away all wrds that are a perfect discription for Charmed. this is not intreasting or funny it is stupid and unoriginal not to mention Booooooooorrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnn nnnnnnngggggggggggggg definatly shouldbe canceled. i don'tknowwhowatches this but they must have nothing to do and for that i feel bad for them.
  • Crap !!!

    Poor serie. :( Have been done before. Nothing new. Probably children watching this crap for trying to learn to be cool. They are not cool these actors thay are only there for the salary. Youre nerds nothing else. :D :D

    Please shut down this crap and educate your children with moore important stuff.
  • Such a dumb show! I hate it!

    This is such a dumb show! I hate it! My sister is addicted to it, and we never hear enough about it! This might be the stupidest show I've ever watched in my whole life! I've watched it once and I'm never watching it again! My sister, Stephanie, always says that my favorite shows (SpongeBob SquarePants). Well, FYI, Steph, I don't even watch those type of shows! I hate those shows! I like shows like Friends and Joey!
  • Terrible

    This is a sad attempt by Aaron Spelling or whoever is responsible for this sh*t to be like Joss Whedon.
    This show is unoriginal, unintelligent, unfunny, and
    not gripping. The plots are uninteresting, often boring. The acting is wooden and the characters are 1D. In fact, when one of the major three dies, it is hard to notice as her replacement and the other two are basically the same character. This show should have been cancelled years ago. And it would have been if it were on another network. The only redeeming factor is that the cast is attractive. If you're a fan of Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Alias, or Smallville I suggest you avoid this. But if you're a fan of poor quality tv, I'll reccommed this to you.
  • Three sisters, magic power, blah, blah, blah.

    This show hasn't been any good since Shannen Doherty left. (even then it wasn't exactly stellar) If there was ever a show that deserved a mercy killing it's this one. An insipid, inane, Buffy wannabe that has more than overstayed it's welcome. The lackluster storylines have been done to death. The "theme" weeks were the last straw. First it's superhero week, gypsy week, wizard week. etc. It would seem the Aaron Spelling is going to ride this series straight into the ground.....till he reaches China.
  • OMG stick to a story!!!!!

    i first started to watch this becuase my mum and sis saw it. i though it was pretty good i mean demons whitches and angels whats not to like? But after 17 episodes it is getting repetative or soo off topic. i thought ok not so bad. but as the season kept going on i kept wondering what the bleep is this all about?? i mean it keeps changing what was going on. by the time that i have seen about 24 episodes every time i say it i was ready to change the channel and the worst part is that ABC keeps playing it over and over and over again. although i cant say it is all bad. but i do think they add alot of filler that plain simply is just so that the male viewers to see. (Yes, Stuff Like That).
  • Pretty faces, horrible stories!

    Ok I know this is my first bad review but hey got to give jeers where they are due. With the exception of the pretty faces (Alyssa Milano primarily) this whole show was pretty lame. So you have a generation of witches empowered to protect the world against magics and's that different from any other show? Not to mention one day you're fighting demons and another they're trying to be Susie home-maker or some sappy sisterhood. I'll admit after watching such shows as Buffy and Angel I gave this one a shot but after the 2nd season I was displeased beyond belief. Alyssa I hope you learned your lesson, you were good on Who's the Boss but this was a career douser here. Thank God this show came to an end when it did.
  • Which witch is which?

    Debuting back in 1996, the show started out quite vibrantly and interesting. It was clear from the start that this wasn't exactly a deep or rich show, but pleasant nonetheless. Charmed is very lightweight fluff that's easy on the eyes and brain. Never as interesting and convincing as it wants to be, and it never rises above a guilty pleasure. With each passing season, the show becomes more showing of wear and tear. I think the show ran out of gas 2 or 3 seasons ago. Mostly, the show seems to be the same thing over and over again. Let's concoct a potion - demon in the house - new bad guy wants to eliminate the charmed ones - new bad guy wants the book of shadows - someone loses their memory - someone regains their teenage memory - someone is transported to another time and so on and so on. The show is hardly new or original, and the effects hardly ever eye catching or amazing(and a lot of times are kinda cheesy). The acting, with the exception of Ms. Milano, is pretty average and sometimes borders on the amateur side. Brian Krause is no shakespearean actor, and when he tried to act mad in last season's final, well, it raised more laughs than anything else. Rose McGowan kinda acts like a ditz, but Holly Marie Combs creates some kind of a foundation, although it seems like she has a small range of emotions. Basically, Charmed is Alyssa Milano. The show is her and she's the show. Even when it started with Shannon Doherty. Milano is the only one who can act, and has a nice flair for light comedy and some nice comedic delivery and timing. The show is long past it's prime and it's welcome, but it keeps getting renewed, even tho ratings have dropped horribly to about 3.5 million this season. Charmed moves pretty slow a lot of the time, and if you miss an episode or two, it won't really matter. Charmed lost it's charm quite a few seasons back.
  • This show might have been made for kids. Just not that interesting.

    It had a good premise, but it just wasn\'t that interesting. It might have been made for kids, because this show just can\'t be taken too seriously. When you watch shows like Buffy or Angel, you know it\'s fantasy, but somehow you accept the universe that are presented in those shows. It doesn\'t happen with Charmed, it\'s too cheesy. Even if the show was meant for fun and light viewing, it\'s still lacks a backdrop that might have made it more acceptable. The show features Wiccan influences, that itself is a strange world in itself. They need to do more for this show, it\'s not that good.
  • A show about magic, witches, and the power of 3. Like the score.

    All Charmed is is yet another romp through the realm of magic & mystery. The problems with this show are almost too numerous to mention. The plot is unoriginal, repetitive, and quite predictable. You sit there for 55 minutes, watching them try to catch the bad guy, only to have the fight last for a measly 5 minutes. Quite frankly, Dora the Explorer feels more original then this trash at times. The only good part about this show is that your girlfriend likes it, as well as the young children. I have better things to do with my time, like neuter myself.
  • Here we go again.

    Although I haven't seen much of Charmed I've seen enough to get the picture. Most of today's programs are pretty shallow and easy to analyze. The most distinctive feature of Charmed is that it's filled with very attractive eye candy. Good looking women for the guys to drool over and some handsome hunks for the female viewers. Then come
    the "oooh and ah" special effects that we've come to expect in sci-fi and fantasy shows today. Put it all together, add just a dash of hostility toward men in general, and you've got a hit.

    The "witchcraft is cute and innocent" theme is one that Hollywood dishes up and re-serves about every 20 years or so. In the 1960s it was Bewitched. More recently Sabrina the Teenage Witch kept the tradition alive. But in those instances it was all played for laughs. Charmed
    however is unapologetic in its portrayal of witches as heroes fighting evil. Whether this is harmless entertainment or dangerous doctrine
    depends on who's watching. Young people who have not yet learned the pitfalls of rejecting family values and Biblical faith are likely to dabble in the "craft" and release forces they can't control. Indeed, the heroes of Charmed are constantly battling creatures from hell and other worlds.

    Demons are not things you want to mess with in reality. But leave it to Hollywood to show 98-pound women kicking their butts. Of course it all springs from unbelief in God and the Bible. (Why worry? There are no such things as demons anyway). For Charmed to be acceptable to you, you have to first get rid of the Bible because in it the Creator has some pretty stern warnings against witchcraft. I've tried to put that truth aside and get into this show but I can't. Having been a Bible student most of my life, the whole premise that witches can be good is offensive to me. But there's a whole generation out there who never went to Sunday School or church. They have no such defense and can be easily overwhelmed by this. If parents tell kids not to watch this kind of show it will just make them more determined to do so. There's really no solution except for TV producers to be more responsible, and stop selling their children and everyone else's for a few more points in the Nielsen ratings.

  • charmed is losing its steam...and fast!

    gotta say that charmed starting out strong but as it goes on its plots aren't so great and every season is getting worse and worse. i mean just look at this season's finale which was in my view pathetic. i mean no real cliffhanger. except wait they have new looks now...big deal! all i have is some final advice for charmed writers stop using puns as episode's getting old...
  • Horrible. Complete Crap.

    I am a huge fan of Buffy so I thought that charmed would be interesting to me. OMFG! It's horrible! There's no commedy at all (or if there is, it's so horrible you can't even tell when they're "trying" to be funny). I watched it a couple times thinking that it was a show you had to get used to (like buffy in the later seasons) but the more I watched the more I wished I hadn't. The plots are unbelievably stupid! There is apsolutely no reason to watch this show. It is nothing like buffy. No Action. No Comedy. No Plot. No reason to watch.
  • Three sisters discover they are the \\\'Charmed\\\' ones, the most powerful witches ever.

    This show is lame and I\\\'m glad it has been \\\'put down\\\'. What were TV execs thinking? The show had potential, being made off the back of \\\'The Craft\\\' movie. Instead of researching magick and the popularity the subject has in certain internet communities, the show just re-made Spelling\\\'s Charlies Angels and added subtle magic influences.
    The first season wasn\\\'t all bad, it had the right darkness attached to the subject matter, but from season two plus, it went down hill rapidly.
    It added lame disney-esque themes, such as; Genies, Fairies, godmothers, little mermaid, etc.
    After Doherty left, seeing the light, the show had the chance to change for the best, instead the show went further into camp comedy.
    A sad attempt and no competition for the likes of \\\'Buffy\\\' or \\\'Angel\\\'. If Wheadon was given the concept it would have worked 100% better and would have been worth watching!
  • Well in reality it JUMPED THE SHARK from oh say...SEASON ONE!

    The 2nd ep of season one we see a fin breaking the surface. Third ep, we see the three charmed ones hurled over the ramp as they are flung far over the ensnared shark! Fonzie is waiting in a boat on the other side; "Ayyyyyyyy...! Let me tell you sumthin', you girls are terrific!" Piper replies; "Oh Fonzie can you save us?" "Let me tell you somethin'; sure, no problem girls!" then with a snap of his fingers, Fonzie hypnotizes an unsuspecting American television audience and Ayyyyyyyy... the three witches go on for a painful amont of time. Painful for all the INTELLIGENT human life on Earth.

    This show was and forever will be GARBAGE! Hormone ravaged teenage boys and I suspect some Viagra induced adults, tuned in to see if these "good witches" would wear something showing more leg and cleavage. They got what they (or Fonzie) wanted. Little girls tuned into to see the fashion also. Now, even after HARMED I mean CHARMED has ended; the hypnotized tune in to reruns for the very same aforementioned reasons. Sad.
  • Bad, bad, bad!

    This is a sad attempt by Aaron Spelling or whoever is responsible for this sh*t to be like Joss Whedon.
    This show is unoriginal, unintelligent, unfunny, and
    not gripping. The plots are uninteresting, often boring. The acting is wooden and the characters are 1D. In fact, when one of the major three dies, it is hard to notice as her replacement and the other two are basically the same character. This show should have been cancelled years ago. And it would have been if it were on another network. If you're a fan of Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Alias, or Smallville I suggest you avoid this. But if you're a fan of poor quality tv, I'll reccommed this to you. WHY DID I WATCH THAT?
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