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  • This show is the best, I've watched it all of my life and it should keep living on for more seasons

    Every single episdoe is unique and filled with great effects, great storylines, wonderful girls and a few funny lines each episode. a Class Act!
    My Favourite episode is All Hell Breaks Loose because it has great acting from all actresses/actors and very emotionaly charged. Sad to see Prue go though but having Paige come into the show brought it into a new era!
  • If u like magic, family, romance, action, sci-fi: Charmed has them all.

    This show has got everything:
    Humour, romance, Action, magic, you name it.
    Prue,Piper,Phoebe and paige are very likeable, personnally i got hooked by season 3 which was the best of the pack.
    Prue died in this season's finale in a gripping episode where the are exposed (and there magic) to the media. Long-lost sister paige joins her siblings in the manor and together they save the world every week!
  • Charmed is a Sci-Fi/Drama that airs on the WB on Sundays at 8pm EST. Three sisters, who are trying to live a normal life, work hard everyday to save the world from evil. They are the Charmed Ones.

    This show has it all! It will make you laugh and cry at the same time. It will make you angry and curious. It is just plain awesome!! I started watching the reruns on TNT in 2003. I instantly fell in love with the show! I have two sisters of my own and I can definately relate to some of the family trials they go through. The actresses and actors are great (Holly Marie Combs is my fav). The storyline is packed full of drama which I love! I am so glad that it is coming back for another season! I hope they bring it back for years to come!

    I have been a fan since it first aired in 1998!!! I wish they would have ran it longer cause i feel they could have explored some other things with the girls...I would have loved to have seen Pheobe get married an have a happy life...but hey all good things come to an end i also loved the storyline with pheobe and cole that and the story of Pipper and leo i men who don't love that story??? and well i could have done without Prue death but over all I LOVED the show and still do I have to watch at leat two episoids per day
  • Charmed!!!! the greatest showw everrr!!!...great nights i spent watching these tv show!...'ll never forget it!!!

    Charmed has been my favorite tv show all the me this show is the best show ever (in his category)...i started watching charmed almost with his 1999 i watch my first episode...and later i couldn't miss an episode..i became an addicted!! these three girls can really introduce into a world where u dont have to think about problems or trouble..u can just relay there and be sure that u are going to spend a great hour at the tv. I just wanna say thank to the creators and writers for making such an incredible show!..a show that clearsly is remarkable in my life!..thanks holly alyssa rose and really made my life MUCH easier!...Forever Charmed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Stupid Wordplay Episode Titles sends "Charmed" down the drain.

    ok, to start, I have loved this show since day 1, but within the past 3 years, it has really sucked! I absolutly hate the wordplay! With episode titles like "Desperate Housewitch" (a new title for Season 8), that is so stupid!!!!! My god! I mean look at the titles from Seasons 1-4, the episodes look so intresting to me, like titles like "Wicca Envy", "Witch Trial", or "All Hell Breaks Loose". Then look at the titles for Seasons 5-7. They are spoofing TV shows, movies, ect. like "Naughty Nymphs", "Charmed in Camelot", or "There's Something About Leo". Now, they released the titles for Charmed's Season 8. Here it is:

    8.01 Still Charmed & Kicking
    8.02 Malice in Wonderland
    8.03 Run, Piper, Run
    8.04 Desperate Housewitch
    8.05 Rewitched
    8.06 Kill Billie: Vol 1

    None of those episodes sound intresting, no wonder ratings dropped so much! I will give you this, once you watch the episodes it is a lot better than they sound (Everything went down after Season 5, Season 6 sucks!)

    Does anyone agree with me? I know I'm not the only one. This is all because of stupid/retarded Brad Kern taking the place of show creator Constance M. Burge as lead writer and executive producer after Season 4.
  • Charmed will always be one of the shows I never get tired of watching. As long as TNT keeps running those reruns, I'm gonna be watching them...

    Charmed will always be one of the shows I never get tired of watching! As long as TNT keeps running those reruns, I'm gonna be watching them, but of course, I have the DVDs as well...5 of them anyway. My heart belongs to Leo! I even named my dog after him. ;-) Piper and Leo will always be one of the greatest TV couples. I wish they would bring this wonderful show back. Or at least the wonderful Wyatt family (Charmed Sons.) I still have faith that The Charmed Sons will air someday. I hope its not too far away though. I love tuning in to TNT for my daily dose of Charmed! Thanks TNT for airing Charmed...and please don't stop!
  • love this show I always believed women could kick tail

    Great show It shows you that you need family it shows you that love can suck or be great that you should help people and not be greedy. I don't belive in witch craft but they make it happen as far as show could do I was busy working and raising 3 kids and didn't watch it so now that I'm at home disabled it has become my best friend, I love the cast especially Leo & Piper and of course all the beautiful kids The music is Killer I can even get my husband to watch with me but I think that's Phobes fault. Great show and doing my best to get all the dvd's
  • Well who, because whoever was an extremly smart person.

    My favourite show of all time. This is a really good show about three sisters Phoebe (hope I spelt that right), Paige, and Piper who all have magic powers. Phoebe can have premonitions, Paige is half whitelighter so can orb and move things withe her magic, Piper can freeze time for certain objects or demons. This is an extremly entertaining show and I never miss an episode. The special effects are really good, and storylines never fail, hope this show stays on for a long time as it rules. My favourite episode so far is the one when the movies come to life and they get chase by these mad men with axes and stuff.
  • great show love it but i miss prue yea i like page but well i love prues "spunk" she really added to it and now that she i gone it feels weaird

    i love this show. it is for womens show that guys dont kick all the ass so do we. phebe is the best by far my fav. she is pretty smart fun wild they were ot ever get rid of here (even tho the show is done) i would be so up set. i know i am writeing this a bit late but the show must live. it is fun to watch the seasons over again i always find something new. i miss prue she was not in it long enought. i like page but sometimes she just doesn't fit in as well as prue. over all great show. should contuine.
  • Why didn't i start watching this earlier?

    I only started watching Charmed about two months ago. Up until then I had only laughed at all the tv spots for the show and said "wow, more shows leeching off Buffy." That attitude lasted for years until i forgot the show existed.

    However, as my summer vacation started I found myself up at 8:30 in the morning for no reason with nothing to do. My mom turned on this show I remembered hearing. The next day i made sure to set my alarm so I could catch another episode of this show with 3 really hot women (can't help it, I'm a dude). I started watching the reruns from later season as well. Soon after I bought the season 1 pack.

    Besides the fact that the show's stars are all really attractive women (holly marie combs being the best), I do enjoy the show for other reasons. The effects weren't spectacular, but i enjoyed the stories laced with induendos and humor. I'm now addicted to this show, since all my real friends have vacation. I can't wait for the next 2 seasons to be released, and i can't wait to start watching season 8 this september.
  • I have always loved a good story about magic and witches.

    I feel like I'm part of the Halliwell family. I feel their pain and their joy. This show really sucks you in. I have rooted for all three of these women to find true love. Piper found it with Leo, Phoebe had it with Cole (I loved their on screen chemistry), and Phoebe should still be able to find it (especially since her love is a white lighter- just like her). The writing is always superb and their is just so much more of this story to tell.
  • One of the best 'supernatural' shows of its kind, Charmed tells the story of the three Halliwell sisters who inherit the gift of magic from their mother.

    Prue, Piper and Phoebe Haiiliwell (Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano) have more in common than just being siblings for the three girls are also the most powerful witches in the world. In the very first episode, we learn that the girls' recently deceased grandmother, Penny (Jennifer Rhodes) left them with a gift known as "The Power Of Three" meaning that between the three of them, they have magical abilities never seen before. The difficult part is accepting their powers and then learning how to use them to battle the forces of evil which seem to flow into their lives on an almost daily basis.

    The girls, meanwhile have to try and live 'normal' lives while figuring out exactly what they are and will be capable of and how being witches will affect their lives in the future.

    The series was a ratings winner for Aaron Spelling and with the three lead actresses being so well known because of their previous television experience, it was clear from the outset that "Charmed" was going to be around for a long time. Aided by Brian Krause as Leo, Dorian Gregory as Inspector Darryl Morris, Julian McMahon as Cole Turner and a host of others, the show churned out quality drama week after week. Sadly, at the end of Season 3, Shannen Doherty decided to leave the show and her character of Prue was killed by a demon. Enter Paige Matthews, played by Rose McGowan, who turned out to be a long-lost half sibling, the result of an affair their mother had with her Whitelighter. (protector of witches). It took a while for the sisters (and some viewers) to accept Paige but they obviously did because the show lasted for a total of 8 seasons and is still extremely popular among fans of this genre.

    It was always a pleasure to watch "Charmed" and it's great to be able to see it again on DVD, so, if you haven't seen it, do yourself a favour and take a look, I'm sure you'll be glad you did.
  • Best Television Show Of all Time!Will make you laugh and cry this is a true family show at heart.

    Charmed is a great show it has three of the best actresses out, Holly Marie Combs is amazing in everything she does. This show breaks all the rules theres not limit to what they do they could have the craziest ideas and it will come out to be the best episodes the show went through so much, moving to Thursday than Sunday and losing one of the three leads and still was great all the way till the end it lasted eight wonderful years on the WB and still is on TNT Four times a day from Monday-Friday and on two times on Saturday This is just an amazing show it will have you in your seat for the entire hour making you laugh and cry this show is amazing I wish it would have came back for another magical season I thought it was the best show on the WB Holly,Alyssa,Rose, and Shannen are all great actresses.
  • Charmed - The Next Generation

    I think its time for a new series "Charmed - The Next Generation". I just finished watching the DVD boxset and I must say the show is brillant! I just wish I could had been one of the script writers for the show - I have so many ideas. I wish they had Chris reunite with his parents when he back into his future rather than killing him off. I also would like to have seen the charmed one's call upon other powerful wicthes or use the boy in the second last show as a means of combating the ultimate power.

    I watched all 8 seasons and loved them all. I cried withthem I laughed with them and felt powerful by watching them. I watched with my hubby. I am glad that we both found something we both liked. It can be hard to find something and wow what a show!!!!

    I hope they will come back again. I just haven't had enough of the show. Maybe they could have the younger group (AKA) their children as the main characters. I would watch this too. I speak for my hubby too. This was a ten all around!!! Sorry for the long read. This review thing said at lest 100 words.
  • Charmed - a great show about three sisters who happen to be the Charmed Ones,the most powerful witches in the history of magic.A show that will be sadly missed and fondly remembered by many.

    Right from the start I loved Charmed. It came at a time when strong female leads in fantasy shows was just what the television world needed,along with the likes of another fantastic programme 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'. Looking back over the eight years of Charmed,I remember being upset when I heard that Shannon Doherty would be leaving at the end of the third season. I wondered how the show would cope without the character of Prue in it. However,I needn't have worried as Rose MacGowan did an amazing job and I soon came to love Paige as much as Piper and Phoebe. I am sad that this great show has now come to an end but we'll always have repeats and boxsets to watch from time to time and I certainly have favourite episodes that I'll continue to see. All in all,for me personally,Charmed was a show that made me laugh,made me cry and perhaps most significantly,like 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer',had a strong influence on me as a young woman,looking for fictional female characters that I could admire and be proud of.
  • Best Show in Years

    I absolutely love this show. When I first saw adds for it in a magazine, I was wicked excited. I couldn\'t wait for it to come on tv and I actually counted down the days until it came on. I think that over the years the show has become better. I\'ll admit that there are some episodes that do bore me, but they are really few and far between. I can\'t help but get wrapped up in the lives of all the characters. And even though some might disagree, I thought that Cole was the all time best character the show has had. I loved the romance that developed between Cole and Pheobe. I thought that it was one of the best and well written romances on tv. Seconded only by Piper and Leo\'s of course.
  • Faboulous!

    Absolutely fabulous! I watched it at Malaysia in 2000, and got hooked up ever since. Unfortunately, it stopped in 2004 at season 5, and I have to download from season 6 onwards. The DVD release is very welcomed, and I hope it to release all first 3 seasons before the end of 2005. Thanks to WB to give this show another season although the ratings has somehow declined. Although the departure of Shannen Doherty turns this show from serious family drama into lighter and more comedic, it's nover boring to watch the sisters. Keep up the good work! I hope this show last for 10 seasons at least.
  • Now I want to watch this episode!!!!

    Great episode. This is one of my favorite episodes of charmed. Could watch it over and over. Leo learns Piper is pregnant and Chris is his son after Phoebe and Paige call for his help because Piper is wrapped up in a spider web. Piper didn't want Leo to know she was pregnant because it was so hard for him to leave one son. Chris is turning into a spider demon himself due to a poisonous bite. Leo also learns that Chris hates him but isn't sure why. In the end you find out that Chris hate Leo because he was never there for him. Leo favored Wyatt.
  • bad idea of rebooting

    seriously, the original cast will always be the one and only Charmed ones, Shannen, Holly and Alyssa - no rebooting please with other characters

    the only thing I can think of is a spin off with Wyatt and Chris (Wes Ramsey and Drew Fuller) with guest appearances by the original cast
  • Dont ruin the magic!

    This is stupid. They just want to make money on a reboot of a programme that should not be touched. Charmed fans and not to mention the individuals who were there in the making of charmed will be angered at this and will not watch them destroy what we all love. A reboot is wrong, having different cast members especially is all wrong!!! leave Charmed as it is. Create something new and different, you will have more of a chance in making money on that than you ever will on a bloody reboot on Charmed! trust me, real fans of Charmed will stand by the original and never look at the roboot.
  • Charmed - The Next Generation of Great TV Shows

    There were many great TV shows in the 1990's and earlier, but with the "pay TV" we have today it seems there are fewer and fewer great comedies and drama's: ironic since society was told in the 1960's that Pay TV would mean and end to commercials and instead we have Pay TV with as many or more commercials and less good programming.

    When a series ends, sometimes it is an insult to society and the end of the TV series "Charmed" is perhaps one of the greater insults the multi national corporate brainwashing media (Orwell's Ministry of Truth personified that allows us to heinously engage in genocide against children and 'innocents' because our oil is under their sand).

    I want to say that it is not just the backdrop of San Francisco, the girly friendship of the sisters, the tongue in cheek of the scriptwriters ("Why do the men we fall in love with turn out to be demons") and the rainbow cast of good and evil characters, but their is a deeper more intrinsic double entendre carried with the title of the series, "Charmed".

    I've watched way too much television and 'Charmed' is the best Television series since Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek, the Next Generation, without a doubt.
  • What an amazing show!

    This is a show that ended in 2006 and still has a massive number of followers. A series of magazines was published long after the show ended and a collectable series of comic books of what season 9 should look like, is currently on its 12th issue (i think). On and all, a show that will never die and people will watch it for years to come!
  • This show was the most amazing show ever and i wish they'd bring it back

    Charmed is no doubt my all time favorite. It aired when i was only 7 so i didnt really watch it when it aired but i remember seeing a few episodes. Then one day i watched it and i was hooked. Then I realized it was all reruns and i was devestated because it was such a great show. I have to say I like the show better with Paige rather than Prue because the show seemed more real with Rose McGowen. I wish they would bring back the show but they most likely wont. But then they should make a movie showing the gaps they skipped on the last episode. Like when its their childrens' turn to take over. I thought it was interesting that they all had 3 children of their own. That would make it the power of 9 lol. I just think show many people love this show and they should have kept it going a little bit longer.
  • Charmed is the eye-opening story of three sisters using their witchly powers to fight evil. This fantastic show has reached the hearts of those who have watched it.

    Ever wanted to see Prue fling someone away just one more time before the credits roll? Or how about Piper freeze one of her many annoyances? Or are premonitions for you? Orbing, Astralling, Levitating, even Exploding perhaps? Well you are not alone. Since Charmed premiered in 1998 it captivated audiences with its combination of magic, mystery, suspense, family issues and romance. There is something for everyone. I often why it did not continue longer than its 2006 expiry date.

    I am partial to the first 3 Seasons, or "the Prue years". Prue was the driving force behind the show, and kicked the most butt in her short 3 years of witchcraft. The show became less hard-hitting in her absence, but remained a fantastic-quality and hilarious show, while still managing to incorporating its magical element and suspense.

    This will remain MY favorite show forevermore. There has never been, nor will there ever be, a show that quite matches up to the magical concoction that Charmed left us wanting more of each week. You can try, but you will undoubtedly fail to match the show quality brought to our screens by the three sisters that happened to be witches.
  • The Charmed ones... three sisters with the power of three. Together Piper, Pheobe, Paige/Prue have a mission to protect the innocent and kick demon butt. So while dealing with the difficults of life now lets add the supernatural!

    Charmed is a amzaing show with everything and supernatural show needs. Not only do they have the awsome powers but the Charmed ones still have to go through every day things. Like family drama, romance, work and pretty much the normal things. Execpt more demon and other evil things keep the Charmed ones very busy. In this show you fall in love with everything! The characters, the stories, and even the senceary! You can't be a TV watcher and miss Charmed! It's totally epic and everyone who watched it loves it. And if you don't then you never really seen Charmed!
  • Charmed Indeed

    What happens when three young sisters discover their actually the fullfilment of a centuries old prophecy of three super powerful witches destined to fight evil? Things get a whole lot more interesting.

    Charmed is, in the easiest, simplest, shortest way to summarize, "Bewitched" meets "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". The more detailed summarization to describe this show is that Charmed was an amalgamation of Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Romance all wraped in an undertone of Fantasy and Magic of epic proportion and the beautiful background of San Francisco. Either way you slice it, it is just as good, no better, as it sounds and really great television.
  • The three Halliwell sisters reunite to reveal their destiny as the charmed ones. they work together to master their craft to fight for te greater good. Although they struggle with finding love, adjusting to their new lives and protecting their secret.

    I started watching Charmed when i was a kid and still love it to this day. It's a great show about witches that does a wonderful job of mixing drama, comedy, and action. One of the main themes of the show is the importance of family. The writers did a great job of conveying this theme without making the show to much like a after school special. Each character has so much growth I love watching each of them ajust to using magic and then mastering their powers. Piper and Leo have an epic romance that just warms my heart. All around this show is amazingg!
  • Once lucky, twice smart, three times charmed. The story of sisters who find out they are witches and take it upon themselves to protect innocents, but not without hitting a few technicalities in their witching and personal lives.

    I am a huge harry potter fan so it wasn't a huge shock to me that i absolutely adore this show. At first i wasn't so hot for it but now i can't stop, it has become an obsession. I am literally addicted to watching this show. I find the chemistry between the three sisters fabulous and i wouldn't pick any other three actresses to portray these characters. One of the best shows to ever be on television. I think that this show is seriously underrated too. I find the story line to be superbly original and addicting. Once you start you can't stop, you have to know what comes next! I can't wait to buy the full series on DVD, then i will watch it non stop.
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