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  • Just wanted to say that Charmed is like the bestest show!

    I hope that Charmed may some day be picked-up again somewhere down the track and be brought back to air with new series.

    I think Charmed has alot more to offer to its fans and its being cut way before its time.

    BIG MISTAKE! Bring back the power of 3.

    Charmed is a Classic!

    I think the show has been something alittle bit different from any other show! I think thats has been the key to Charmed's success! Not to mention the beautiful ladies that make the show a HIT! Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, Shannon Doherty who sadley left at the end of season 3 and has forever been missed, and Rose McGowan who came into the spotlight from season 4 onwards and fitted into the big shoes of Shannon, And the many more wonderful actors who have come and gone in the series.

    Charmed will be missed for many years to come!

    For the fans Charmed has touched its fans in many different ways!:

    *It has showen sibbling love.

    *It has show that everyone is different and has there own gifts.

    *It has its comedy moments.

    *It has its greeving moments.

    *It has mystery.

    *It has action.

    *It has fun.

    *Charmed is a show that you can put on and watch for hours endlessly when your at home lonnley or bored, or need some cheering up, or even better when your home sick in bed with abig bowl of chicken soup!

    *AND MORE!

    I have found CHARMED always a pleasure to watch!

    I will miss the show greatly!

    So thank you Cast and Crew for providing the Greatest entretainment for the last 7 years.

    My Hat comes off to you! Edit this review
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