Season 8 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2005 on The WB

Episode Recap

Paige is meeting with Billie and discussing three dead innocents who died near hospitals. Paige is reluctant to let Billie get involved but finally lets her go over to check it out, after having her leave her vanquish potions behind. In the streets, a disguised demon is asking someone to help him with his pregnant wife but dematerializes and sends a burst of flying red imps after the person who ran to help. Billie hears him and goes to help, taking out some of them and taking a wound to her right shoulder, and the rest flee. She gets the badly wounded innocent to the hospital while Agent Murphy watches her from a distance.

Piper and Paige are discussing Piper wanting Paige to help them with a speed-dating get-together at P3. Leo comes in with an ill Chris – Wyatt is with their father's. Phoebe comes in to reveal she's ovulating and that she's heading off to Napa with Dex. Piper decides to rope Billie in as well and Paige wants to know how her mission went. Billie ducks off to answer the doorbell, and it's Agent Murphy, who wants to talk to her.

The demon, Antosis, is berating the Imp Master for failing, and reveals he's planning to use them to cement his hold on the area. Murphy wants Billie to come clean about why she's in the Manor and what she knows about the Halliwells, and leaves his number. Billie explains to the sisters that Murphy was involved, and that she had to use her powers. The sisters decide they can't do anything against the demon without blowing their cover so they have to act normal, but Phoebe is no longer in the mood and it becomes clear their plan isn't working well.

Billie goes through the Book of Shadows to come up with a plan and finds a spell to make "a lover's dream come true." Downstairs Dex arrives as Billie casts the spell, and as Phoebe tries to get rid of Dex they both embrace and decide to race off.

At P3 the Halliwells prepare for the speed-dating and Piper is worried – still, they start the event and one guy fixates on Paige right away. Back at the Manor, Phoebe and Dex are now married and dressed accordingly, but as soon as they step in the spell ends and they can't remember what happened. Phoebe realizes Billie must have done something and goes up to the attic to confront her.

After some so-so attempts, Paige links up with a guy, Whip, who she's interested in. A magazine writer doing a piece on failing clubs shows up to talk to Piper and admires her work with the speed-dating, and asks for an interview that night. After he takes off, Phoebe calls to let them know what's going on, and Paige isn't thrilled to hear that they have another "family emergency," and Piper has to go off on her own. They're unaware that Agent Murphy is at the club watching them.

Piper gets back to find Dex in a tuxedo, and Phoebe arguing with Billie. Billie points out that Phoebe was supposed to get married according to her marriage, which Phoebe considers might be correct. They still don't want Billie to check out Antosis, however, and he's sending the imps after another victim – this time they kill their intended. The Imp Master absorbs the imps back into him but now they're wondering where the witch is. Antosis figures she'll be back eventually.

Phoebe prepares to confront Dex and go through with the wedding. Dex is bonding over sports with Leo, and Piper pulls Leo away so the married couple can have a heart-to-heart. Dex suggests they get their wedding annulled, but they discuss it and they decide to give it a try. Back at P3, Paige and Whip are going at it but Paige realizes it's her alter-image that Whip is falling for and calls it off.

Billie figures out who Antosis is and only the Power of Three can banish him, but she has a plan. Phoebe tells her that they're not going to handle it. Paige shows up later and Phoebe admits that she thinks Billie might be right and they made a mistake faking their deaths. They figure Billie went after Antosis. Meanwhile, Agent Murphy confronts Piper at P3 and shows her the victims of the dead innocents. She passes it off but he reveals he could use their help, and then Piper gets a call from the others that Billie is in trouble.

Billie rescues another victim, unaware Antosis and the Imp Master are watching and know she's there. Piper arrives as Paige scryes for Billie, and they figure out she's at the house. Antosis and the Imp Master arrive to confront her as the Halliwells come downstairs to see what she can do. Billie destroys the Imp Master and then the Sisters invoke the Power of Three to destroy Antosis. The sisters thank her for taking the risk to get them back into action.

The sisters all consider matters and realize they still plan to fight demons, and they're all missing their old lives. They decide to undo the spell and revert to their old lives and appearances, and Piper has a plan – they go to Homeland Security and meet with Agent Murphy. They bring him up to speed – they'll help him out if he helps them by protecting his secret. Later Murphy calls a press conference explaining that Homeland Security protected them as they were witnesses to a crime, and their deaths were faked. Phoebe meets with Dex and explains the whole thing – he faints. Piper and Paige show themselves at P3 as the crowd goes wild.