Season 8 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2005 on The WB

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  • It great to have the Cahrmed ones back inaction again. It somethign we have all come to miss since the starting of this season. We ended last season not know this one would turn out. However, we which tohave some "COLE-ACTION". But its all good.

    I mean its all well and good that our beloved threesome has now become a foursome, but has Charmed become blah?
    I mean, have u noticed how it seems that Charmed is no losing the HUMPH that attracted us to it in the first place?
    Its seems as though the created of our sexy witches (and our once handsome whitelighter- I mean, admit it Brad is getting old and he has lost that sexy handyman butt) somehow lost their creativity or at least greatly inneed of of ideas.
    I am still watching the show, however, cause i'm hooked. C U
  • Implausible! They've been fighting for so long to get normal lives. Now all of a sudden they're changing their minds within only 4 episodes - that's ridiculous. Walking straight into the homeland security guy's office, blowing their covers - ludicrous!

    Obviously, everyone around here loved this episode. Well, not me - the storyline is totally implausible! They've been fighting for so long (7 years, to be exact...well, 4 years if you count Paige) to get normal lives. Now, all of a sudden they're changing their minds within only 4 episodes - that's ridiculous. Compare getting attacked by demons every day (and thus being exposed to death) and having an alternative outside appearance (their alter egos didn't look any bad, so what's the big deal?). And by the way: walking straight into the homeland security guy's office, blowing their covers, is absolutely ludicrous. They couldn't have been any more careless. Honestly, that's a piece of poor writing, right there.
  • Out With The New, In With The Old


    Rewitched-Billie jeopardizes the Charmed Ones' new lives when Agent Murphy spots her using her powers to save an innocent. Meanwhile, Phoebe's overnight trip with Dex comes to a surprising conclusion when Billie casts a spell to make her happy, a spell with unexpected consequences.

    Better, but still full of "meh" factor. At least the sisters finally come to their senses and realize they can't run away from their destiny. The whole "new identities" plot was wearying thin and only seem to work when it was series ender kind of thing but it seems from there, the writers have been running around in circles. Although I'm still dumbfounded at the way the sisters' love lives have been presented on this series as of the last few seasons. Phoebe's little vision about marrying Dex made him such a focal point of the season so far, making us think he was Phoebe's soulmate, the one who would be the father of her daughter from the future, but it all turned out to be some spell Billie cast on her and Dex. Instead of getting the marriage annulled, she decides to stay married just cause...well....they care about each other anyway. Talk about sad and desperate! The same scene Phoebe finds out Dex played football in college, how can you stay married to someone when you barely know them!? O_0 Also, what is up with Paige hooking up with a guy after barely getting to know him? Didn't she makeout with a police officer just a few episodes ago? I swear if Constance M. Burge ever saw her series during these years, she must have had a serious breakdown! What kind of woman or women for that matter would act like this and think that's its normal? I'm asking you, Brad Kern?

    Billie, despite being at her grating best in this episode, is actually the only character concerned about saving innocents and doing what's right despite all her inexperience and carelessness, so that's got to stand for something right? Antosis and the Imp Master are as about forgettable you'd expect. The Imps themselves are laughable, essentially being supernaturalmosquitoes....Oooo! At least we got to see the sisters' do a Power of three spell together, God knows we NEVER see those anymore so that's an added plus. Agent Murphy helping out sisters' bring them back to their lives in exchange for helping him with a few cases was a nice little plot point instead of theusual"rewinding time" or "massive mind-wipe". Too bad it never really goes anyway exciting....Anyway, "Rewitched" ismediocreCharmed fare, some decent developments but nothing good.

  • Every time the writers want to introduce a new character, someone else is let in on the Charmed secret, and that's not exactly a good thing.

    In recent seasons, there has been an unending slew of police characters who come close to or do become privy to the Charmed secret. It seems like more and more of the Charmed episodes are based solely around the sisters having to hide their magic from the prying eyes of the outside world. When used as a plot tool, I don't mind it so much, as in the instances of Prue's death, and the seventh-season finale. The first few episodes of the eighth season struck me as a little cheesy, especially with the addition of the character Billie.

    Ever since season 4 or 5, the main way the writers seem to introduce new characters is to come up with a new cop who's onto the Charmed One's supernatural goings-on. In earlier seasons, the threat of exposure was real, with Inspector Davidson, among others. Now, whenever the Charmed ones are about to be exposed, the intruder either asks them for help, or they befriend them, though those two are not mutually exclusive.

    I believe that this whole ordeal may have begun around the time that the FBI witch hunter attacked the sisters in the fourth season (if I'm not mistaken). Since then, there has been an endless line of police characters waiting to expose the sisters' secret.

    I think a significant amount of the show's appeal comes from the viewer "sharing" a secret that few others do (aside from the milllions of other viewers across the country) and the more characters that are privy to the knowledge, the less of a secret it becomes. It's then no longer exiting to hope that the sisters defeat the demon and manage to go undetected, because sooner or later, they'll just befriend another police officer, FBI agent, or other official authority, or they'll be conveniently caught in the crossfire and killed by a demon.

    Bring back the old days of Charmed, or I expect that the viewing audience will shrink drastically for coming episodes or future seasons, regardless of the attempt to attract a younger audience by adding younger characters (Billie stands on point). By the way, to any WB executives who may lurk in these forums, I think any of the four sisters (Shannen Doherty included, of course) have a much greater appeal (sex, or otherwise) than "Billie", and I'm in your lowest target age-group (I'm 18 years old after all). I mean, Holly-Marie Combs is the oldest (at least on the show) and she's only 13 or 14 years older than I am, right? I still think she's HOT.
  • About the episode.

    I think that it is really good episode. It containts of many interesting moments. Don't you think that demons are a lil bit humans. I mean that they have got their own a very big cupboard with stylish clothes. That is add. Well all in all the demon ti REWITCHED lived in the room of Gedeon, who was in serial for about three yars ago. Billy was very good in this episode and it was really interesting to watch at her. All I can say that Charmed producers are very good and they have got many fresh ideas. Rewitched episode was an example like a very good episode.
  • Very interesting twist and a great setup for the future. The season seems to be flowing pretty smoothly and reminds me of some of the starting season

    I found it interesting that when Dex married Phoebie that he did not instantly see her real self - as the spell was only to mask the sisters from those who were not called family. The character development of Billie feels like it might be leading up to a spin off of some sort. It would be nice to see more of what made her (Billie) what she is.
    Dex fainting really brought in the 'tie' to Bewitched, it was almost like watching Sam and Darrin.
    With the way the story line is going, one wonders if the sisters will have yet another chance at a real life with possibly Billie being the vessel to releive them of their wiccan duties.
  • nice episode, i really ejoyed it finally an episode with answers

    rewitched is the fellowship of the previous episode (desperate housewitches) billie is tired of waiting she wants to protect the innocent against the demon anthosus, but the sisters dont want it to be happen everyone still thinks their death so if they show their selves their secret would be broken. billie doenst listen to them and has a little plan on her own while that phoebe marries dex without knowing it, but if you think they have a lot of problems it's not over yet. the three sisters have also a problem with their split personality and after they destroyed anthosus with the little plan of billie, they make an end to their fake death.
  • Finally, Charmed as we knew it is back!

    The first episode of the season I really like. I mean, Run, Piper Run and Desperate Housewitches were good episodes, but this one, I truly like.

    Not only are they getting re-witched, they're getting re-Charmed. Charmed has finally gotten back the charm it had begun losing.

    They regained their identities in a classy and well-written way. The guilt trips Billie and agent Murphy put on the sisters was gold.

    The entire episode was interesting to watch, as opposed to some of the earlier episodes where you just wanted to fast forward some.
  • They are back!!

    When they faked their own deaths, I was hoping for this very moment when the sisters would regret their decision and get back to their old lifes. And finally they did!
    The first part of the episode wasn't all that special, although I like Billie's character and she's always a guarantee for a lot of fun...
    When the sisters reversed the spell and finally saw themselves in the mirror again, I knew that now it had to be great again. And then they walked out of that elevator at Homeland Security and that was one of the most special scenes ever!!
  • Our girls are finally back!

    I was finally glad to see the sisters come out of hiding. I was wondering how long they could keep the whole thing up. I loved the way they all walked into Homeland Security and all the people just stared at them. It was fantastic, and also the best part of the season so far. Billie was once again her annoying self, flitting around making more pointless busy work for the sisters. And baby Chris made another appearance in this episode, but no Wyatt. It seems they forgot about Chris for the first three episodes with no mention of him, and now hes there, and for some reason Wyatt was supposedly with Victor. Why do we never see the brothers together? The whole Phoebe and Dex thing has become really drawn out. I'm sure it will end somehow next week, I can't really see him as the father of her child. He's an annoying character. I really can't wait for next week, I hope the good episodes keep on coming.
  • The Power of 3 is back…and working for Homeland Security?

    We start with the theme of the past few episodes, where The Charmed Ones are reluctant to help an innocent. Not typical of the girls to stand back and watch an innocent die. With the help of Billie and Agent Brody, the girls decided to come out of hiding and fight for the greater good.

    Phoebe and Dex married. Well that is just plain weird, but his response to the ‘glamour’ was classic. I mean who would not react that way? It is one thing to believe something and another to see it with your own eyes.

    Paige, well um I will leave that one alone.

    Overall a great episode I thought, with us finally getting The Charmed Ones back! Now lets start kicking some demon butt…
  • A great episode. Thank you to the writers for figuring out how to get the sisters' real identities back!

    This was a great episode. Billie cast a spell to try to help Phoebe, and Phoebe ended up getting married to Dex, just like in her premonition. It was strange, though, that Dex agreed to see how things would work themselves out. What normal person wouldn’t want to have a marriage annulled that they didn’t even remember participating in? Phoebe seemed like she wasn’t sure whether she should be happy that her premonition came true. In the last episode, it seemed like she was in a hurry to get pregnant and have a daughter, to fulfill her vision she had in the episode with the Avitars.

    Piper decided to use “speed dating” as a way of digging P3 out of a downward spiral, and she talked Paige into participating. She supposedly needed hot chicks in order to lure more men into participating. She even considered asking Billie, but she was too young to be in a bar. Paige ended up hooking up with someone, only to give him the freeze when he called her Jill. This started Paige thinking about living a lie, which is what the sisters were doing, pretending to be other people.

    When Agent Murphy from Homeland Security goes to see Piper, he made her feel guilty about not helping innocents. I’m still wondering how Homeland Security would legitimately be involved in helping innocents. But anyway, it was a good plot line to get Piper to think about getting back her real identity.

    I was wondering how the writers were going to get the sisters’ real identities back into the script. Actually, I never could remember who was what new name, or what their alter identities were. Hurray for the sisters being themselves again! Maybe now we can get back to the adventure and vanquishing Demons!
  • As the episode title says, the sisters get heir identity back

    A very good episode, this season is having a very good start if ya ask me.

    The episode was really good and funny. Phoebe getting married, Dex fainting, Paige at the speed dating.

    The only downside of the episode was that the demons were really wack. The MEGA-NERD was acting really bad and so was the other demon, Antonius or something.
    It's too bad that now all the demons look like humans and not like Belthazor, Javna, The Source or Abraxas. It would be more fun if the demons looked a little bit more like them than like humans.

    Leo only has like 10 appearances in this season, and the writers only give him these crappy roles to play. Getting hitched on, being locked outside the door, watching the game. I mean, if he only has 10 episodes, give him something good, you know.

    Anyway, it was a fantastic episode and can't wait to see Kill Billie.
  • a great episode.

    The sisters are having doubts about changing their identities which i was glad they went back to their old selves because i didn't really like that storyline but it was interesting enough.

    Billie goes chasing after demons in this episode and at the end of the episode she vanquishs the imp master and lures his master towards the charmed ones so they can vanquish him.

    This was the first episode of charmed i had watched and i really like how the imps looked in this episode.

    overall: A great episode of my favourite tv show and this episode was also very interesting.
  • I couldn't find another suitable classification - need more options, but the Charmed ones are finally back...took long enough - but it is sort of exiting, right? lol

    I like this episode purely because it almost felt like the good old days...but not quite.
    It had humour (Phoebe getting married etc) and the major plus is that they have finally gotten back to their original identities. It just didn't seem right having all these scenes where they would look in the mirror at someone else's image...and it made me get annoyed at Phoebe - NOT good! I don't see why they couldn't have just gone back in time or messed with everyone's minds so they didn't know about the whole dying thing lol, hence avoiding this new identity crap. that they have their old identities back they just have to sort of get Prue back to make it perfect. I like that Billie finally did something good in that she made the sisters realise they should be themselves...or at least led them into doing that, even if it was unintentional lol. I'm having a little trouble getting used to Billie. i just don't see the point in bringing this new person in as a main character in the final season. If they should be bringing anyone into the final season to let it go out with amazing ratings then by rights it should be Shannen. There is a hell of a lot of demand for Shannen's return and the show will never be quite right without her there, looking after her sisters and making sure they are alright. Besides, she needs to meet Paige, doesn't she?
    Hey..if Billie wants to do something else fantastic to follow on from getting the Charmed ones back then she should use her computer scrying thing to find Prue and make her return...What can I say, it's technology...there's gotta be something good about these 'major advances' lol.
  • Finally the Charmed Ones are back, and it's about time too!!!

    This episode was ok , not as great as I had expected it to be , but not as bad as the first 2 episodes .

    The sisters finally got their identities back , it's about time too ! !

    It was getting a little too silly with their alias's and differnt looks . I was wondering when they would be fed up with the whole different identity thing .

    Pheobe's marriage was a huge surprise , but it looks like it won't last long , which is good .

    And Billie is still as annoying & irresponsible as ever .
  • Billie jeopardizes the Charmed Ones' new lives when Agent Murphy spots her using her powers to save an innocent. Meanwhile, Phoebe's overnight trip with Dex comes to a surprising conclusion when Billie casts a spell to make her happy.

    Great episode!! Billie is learning this witchcraft really fast!! I love how the Charmed got a plan and show themselves to everyone that thought they were dead and they are ok with it. Alot of agents are covering up for them. Frist Brody now Murphy, I bet it is because they are good looking. Dex and Phoebe or should I say Juilie get married! Dex fainted at the end and now he is going to dumb her just because she is a witch!
  • Billie casts a love spell to get Phoebe out of the house and Phoebe, as Julie, ends up marrying Dex.

    This episode was probably the best of the season so far. At the end of last season, when the sisters faked their deaths, I was worried how this season was going to go. But now that the sisters are back, it looks like this season is going to be just as good, if not better than the other seasons.
  • Great episode, so glad the charmed ones are back and better !!

    Unaware that she is being watched, Billie jeopardizes the Charmed Ones' new lives when she uses her powers to save an innocent and is caught by Agent Murphy of Homeland Security, who has suspected all along that she and the "cousins" are involved in supernatural activities and that the Halliwell sisters are not dead. Meanwhile, Phoebe's overnight trip with Dex ends in marriage when she and Dex are put under a spell by Billie; and Piper and Paige organize a speed dating night at P3 to get the club back on its financial feet. Finally, the Charmed Ones and Leo permanently morph into their old identities !!!
  • They're back, thanks to Billie!

    a nice episode IMO

    Billie being her stubborn self wants to kick some demon's ass but all sisters tell her not to especially when agent Murphy is on their back...

    Also Phoebe marries Dex and later on shows her real identity, Paige helps piper with her blind date thing at P3 and in the end they all realise they miss their old selves.. I liked that part but I also liked Billie's plan to destroy the demon

    Overall a strong episode.. the acting by the sisters was good sometimes and other times it was a bit worse... Billie (Kaley) did an excellent job this episode and I like her character.. It brings something fresh to it and it's really interesting to watch now that the sisters are back and the demons will also know that the Charmed Ones never died in first place...

    very sneaky method btw to cover up their supposed death, they were witness under protection for a certain case... I wonder how the agent Murphy thing will go on from now and how we'll see Billie develop and I just want to see how things will go on from now.. It's very interesting :D
  • After this episode on, all the plots for the season are set... The sister are themselfs again helping Homeland Security, an original plot twist that we've been discover if it's good or bad for them. Coz for us will be a great new "Story Arc

    After this episode on, all the plots for the season are set...

    The sister are themselfs again helping Homeland Security, an original plot twist that we've been discover if it's good or bad for them. Coz for us will be a great new "Story Arc"

    In this episode we saw billie making a spell that turns out to be a marital union between Phoebe and Dex and leaves Phoebe with the feeling that being someone that she's not really sucks. Paige for the other hand knew some guy on the speed dating and ask herself the sam question.

    One of my favorite scenes was when Phoebe & Paige sit by the fire, it reminds me when Phoebe & Prue did it (in episode #312).
    The other one was when they confronts Piper & Leo with the same question, and Phoebe says that she was hearing them in the spot of the kitchen (the one we knew existed from episode #117)

    The bonding between the sisters this season is the best of all, I think that maybe this will be my favorite season if thing keep geting better like now.
  • This episode was awsome! I loved it.

    This episode was awsome! I loved it. Bilie casts a love spell for Phoebe and Dex. She thought it would help them get closer. But Bilie didn't realize what the spell had done. Phoebe was getting ready for her date with Dex. Dex rings the doorbell and Phoebe goes to the door. When Phoebe opened the door the spell started working. It worked a little to well. Phoebe and Dex run off and get married. When they come home, they don't remember what happened. Phoebe runs up stairs to the attic and starts yelling at Billie. Billie didn't know the spell would make them get married. The sisters and Leo are thinking of changing back to their original identities. At the end of the episode they do. Phoebe tells Dex that she is a witch and he faints.

    I love this episode cuz they got their identities back. I think it was a great idea. This was a great episode.
  • Finally, the kind of episode I've been waiting for since the start of the season. I love the show very much but I did feel the show was lacking since the start of S8. Can't wait for the next episode.

    This episode was totally great. I loved every minute of it. Since the start of S8 I knew the show was going to go in a different direction due to budget cuts and the higher ups who just don't get what the shows about. The new episodes had some good parts but where a bit of a disappoint since knowing it has such great potential. But despite all that REWITCHED came with full force and kicking major booty. I hope the writes stay on this butt kicking mojo and continue with the great episodes. I love that the charmed ones decided to rejoin the living and take back their old lives. Oh and I so loved how Phoebe revealed to Dex her alter ego and how he just passed out. PRICELESS!!! Keep the GREAT episodes coming.
  • This is why I watch the show.

    The Charmed Ones are back in a big way. It was so nice for them to finally return to their old selves again. With the help of new with, Billie, they are able to see that they are not truly happy with their new lives. Thankfully someone knows that the Charmed Ones were the reason for lower death rates, something San Fran. hadn't seen in awhile. Pheobe's prem. comes true, and she marries Rex, and better still they are going to stay married. (Want to know the tidbits, then read the recap!) When they get their new identities back, Pheobe confronts her hubby, who faints, and Piper and Prue show up at P3 to happy fans.

    Happy fan here too. Bravo WB, bravo Charmed.
  • This is the best eppie of the SEASON!

    When I finally a GREAT eppie! I was really hating the new season, until I saw this eppie! I loved this eppie! Its a 10! I am sooo glad that they are back to the way they were! And I was really hating Billy there for a while, but after seeing this episode I am really really liking her! This eppie made me soo glad that I watched it. This is just like back in Season 4 & 5! Thats when the best eppies were, and this is one of the best yet! And I just loved how they FINALLY saw how misirable they were as 'other' people and Im glad they liked being themselves, just BRILLANT was this eppie!
  • The sisters are back and really to kick some major demon ass.

    Awesome episode. I was kind of sad to see that they had to give up their 'normal' lives but glad to have the sisters back and ready to save the world... again. It will help the confusion of Billie a little anyway. Because she won't have to remember to call them by their alias anymore. I thought it was funny at the end when Dex fainted when Phoebe glamorized into her alias... lol.
  • Well, Billie did it again. She put the sisters in danger. And, She got Phoebe married..yes that what I said. MARRIED! At the end of the episode, the sister are themselves again. I'm guessing that they are secret agents now? They said that they were going

    WOW! That about sums it up~

    The fact that the sisters are the Halliwells again. GREAT GREAT GREAT! There's not a word to describe how good this episode was. I have fallin in love with CHARMED all over again! I didn't think that was possible...

    I can't wait to see next weeks show!
  • WOW I LOVE this episode !!!!

    Pheobe getting married because of billie and the twist was like Oh my god !!! Finally, this is the best episode so far And i think demands an applause to the writers !! This is excellent work !! The Charmed ones are back !! Wohoo!

    This show deserves a 10 from me :D The best episode so far
  • its about time

    I was wondering how long they were going to be able to keep up the being dead routine. There is only so much that the Billy character can do. Hopefully this season is still salvable now. Maybe they will develop the Billy character more and give her some depth.

    I know that the show is probably in its last season don’t make us wish that it had ended sooner spice it up I have been a die hard fan since the begging and I would hate to be disappointed now
  • when is a wedding not a wedding?

    When it is a fashion show i reckon, but guess what, these girls are here again in their own way and they are about to see themselves in the mirror again.
    The buzz has been out there for a long time, but it must be said that this episode is a little more sloppy then i am used to. The one thing they are supposed to keep a secret, is becoming a lot more visible then they should hope to get.
    The Homeland security could have been better and a lot more entangled towards season 8 then they did, and that is perhaps a shame, but in the end, the story is not too bad with enough sister bantering, blaming and flaming to sit back and enjoy the feeling of not having to do all that to ensure your own space.

    Overall the lid is back on the bucket and the normal old way will continue from this moment on.
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