Season 8 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2005 on The WB

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  • The Charmed Ones are BACK!

    The best episode this season. I dunno how lame people can watch then complain the new season sucks. Hate Billie if you want, but come on. What am I seeing that others don't? The ending had an emotional touch. It is great seeing them back to their old selves again.
    I'm glad Phoebe just decided to come out and tell Dex who/what she is. If the sister's can't get any new powers, then I guess I can get used to, as we all should, them glamouring. It seems to be in the budget. It'll come in handy as well. They all can do it.

    The scene were they walked off the elevator into the Homeland Security office was a nice touch. The first thing I said was, "my charmed boos are back!". Lol. Whether the actresses want to go on or not, I honestly think this season will be great and lead to a 9th season.

    Keep up the good work Charmed. This episode answers the question:"How are they going to go on if they are dead?"

    Excellent episode.

    The girls are back in town

    A lot of folk see this episode as the 'return of the Charmed Ones'. Don't see it that way myself. The only difference since SWTWG seems to be that the sisters vanquish the baddies then sit around moaning about it rather than heading down to P3 for a drink. Perhaps I'm missing something. That said, I am glad they got rid of the false identities. They were fun for a time but they were kind of limiting. Having Agent Murphy lie about hiding them was a smart move by the writers. It may not be totally believable but it's better than some silly magical fix and it brings a useful character into the show.

    Anyway, theme for the week is whether or not the Charmed Ones should come out of retirement. There's plenty of soul searching and some of it is quite convincing. The real problem is the lack of a story to back this up.

    The demon plot is utterly pointless and seems to have been added purely to give Billie something to do. The imps look quite good and the impmaster (if that's a word) is suitably strange but they don't serve any purpose at all. At least we get a power of three spell to kill the demon. About time!

    Phoebe getting married is pretty lame. It takes up a lot of airtime without adding anything to the episode. Piper's speed dating event is fun but forgettable. And do we have to keep having these scenes of Paige shoving her tongue down someone's throat? I'd much rather the writers found her a proper boyfriend. Bring back Glen!

    To finish on a positive, can I just say I really like Leo as a house husband. While he was good value last season as an elder and an avatar, this suits his character far better. It also brings out the best in Piper. Bless 'em both.

    Score: 8.3
  • Hiding No More...

    Ok, LOVED the episode, but one thing came to mind. Once Phobe and Dex were married, shouldn\\\'t Dex have been able to see her true identity, and the identity of Piper and Leo, since the spell allowed FAMILY to see their true selves? Just something that came to mind.. but I do like how they regained a much needed respect. And wouldn\\\'t the scratch by the imps that was on Billie\\\'s arm have a side effect? And I\\\'m a geek I guess, But i like the filler scene that was done at night going through the Bay Bridge, it was a different style for Charmed.
  • Now is the best of the season so far! The episode really comes to terms with the marriage of Phoebe and Dex, and Paige can’t seem to be herself when she really isn’t herself. Not to mention Piper trying to find her life in the mess that it is.

    This is just what the series needed, a pivotal, groundbreaking episode like this one. To start, I have to say, at first, I hated Billie, not because of her being on the show but the roles she plays. For me, she’s too eager and she attempts to steal the spotlight and undermine their warning, but now I’ve come to like her character little by little. The spell she cast was really cool, but a lot of the spells seem to have that same start: “In this night and in this hour…”. I think the marriage between Phoebe and Dex is awesome, although it’s not how I pictured it. The sisters did a bang up job when time for the vanquish came. The expression on Billie’s face as the masters came to work was awesome and I loved it. Trying to learn more, rather than demanding is more of my fancy.

    But what took the cake for me was when the sisters finally came clean and that march was one that last a lifetime for me. As the door swung open and they walked through in all their grace was amazing. I loved every minute of it. I also enjoyed the jaw dropping of the receptionist. And the photo session at P3 was really cool!

    Now that the sisters are back in the good graces of the people of the world and since they exist, we can see more of the heart stopping action like from before the Zankou saga. The show has come a long way. But Seasons 1-3 will always be the best action-wise, after Paige joined the band wagon the show was very “Fairytale Centric”. But the world is right again and I can’t wait until next week! I give this episode a whopping 10 out of 10!
  • Wow. I was worried that Season 8 would be a bunch of trash, but this episode was anything but. The sisters are back to their real identities - no more trying to keep track of Jo and Julie and whoever. Awesome.

    To tell the truth I'm quite surprised that this episode was so good, basing my opinion on the rest of this season. I can't express how glad I am that the sisters finally have their own identities back. I loved how Billie (I NEVER thought I'd like anything that retard did) made Phoebe feel bad for not protecting innocents. Then there was that guy and Paige - that was a sad moment of realization. Piper's talk with that Homeland Security guy was also wonderful, though she seemed to care the least when Paige and Phoebe wanted their old identities back. I'm sure this will make a lot of fans happy, as the stupid new identities were annoying the crap out of me.

    Billie isn't dead yet, which sucks, but I guess she wasn't too terribly retarded in this episode. The only thing that really bothered me with this episode was how Phoebe wanted to stay married to Dex, and actually thought that he'd want to also (except he didn't seem to mind for God knows what reason...he Freaking Got Married And Didn't Remember Doing It). Other than that, the rest of the episode was awesome.

    Every aspect of the episode tied in to the central plot of the episode. It would have been nice to see that agent guy in a few previous episodes though to develop his character; I don't think the sisters would be able to trust hi that readily. I liked how Billie's demon chase led to the sister's vanquishing the demon, furthering their need to get their old identities back. The sisters are meant to fight evil, and they could only deny their destinies for so long. It's about time they realized that they can't ignore innocents.

    I'm glad I can look forward to watching Charmed again like I used to years ago.
  • Imp My Ride

    Well, thank god the "glamoured identities" are gone! That whole story seemed to drag on for ages and I couldn't stand how everything was being shot in front of mirrors, just so we could catch a glimpse of the younger actresses who played the glamours.

    I actually enjoyed this episode for the most part. Rewitched sees the sisters gradually realizing that they miss their old lives at the same time that Homeland Security agent Murphy begins monitoring their activities. They also battle an Imp Master and strike a deal with Murphy in order to get their old lives back.

    I'm absolutely ecstatic that the sisters have got their old identities back and I was glad that the writers didn't resort to lame reasons to have them return, like if they just got The Cleaners to appear and undo time or something. The sisters teaming up with Murphy was good but slightly unbelievable. Could Murphy, who's just an average agent, really say that he organized the entire thing behind his boss' back? It just doesn't work.

    This episode had a lot of moments which were reminiscent of the Shannen seasons, with the scene in front of the fireplace being the most memorable. Alyssa and Rose excelled in this scene and it featured sisterly bonding that hadn't been seen on the show in years.

    The subplot involving the Imps was slightly pointless and it was only there to give Billie something to do. The Imps themselves looked cool but the Imp Master was another case of a Charmed guest actor being way OTT with his performance.

    Phoebe and Dex's relationship had a major development but one which was incredibly lame! Billie casts a spell which makes them both run off to Napa for a quicky wedding. When the spell ends, they decide to remain married! My jaw hit the floor. We all understand Phoebe's (scary) desperation to get knocked up but how stupid is Dex for actually going through with the whole thing?! He's known Phoebe for, what, two months or so, and he's already ready to marry her??!! It's almost like all the common sense on the show was stuck on the nunchunks Billie threw out the window last episode!

    Some other annoyances included the tacky music in the slo-mo scene where the sisters are revealed in all their glory. It has got to be one of the cheesiest scenes in years! The closing moment was also stupid with Dex fainting and everything. Oh, how hilarious! But wait... this isn't Bewitched!

    One other thing that is annoying me is how little Leo has to do now. He's only signed up for 10 episodes yet the writers waste him in hours which has him doing the "painstakingly important plot developments" of taking care of babies, getting his shirt torn off by some slutty housewife and getting locked out of a house! At least let him do something important in his small amount of episodes!

    Besides a few moments of completely moronic behavior, Rewitched is undoubtedly the best episode of the season so far with a satisfying ending to the glamour storyline.

    Rating: B+
  • Out of characters... Now more than ever! Xd It's cool! Now we have them back! But once again... What the hell was that? Can they do some serios demons?? A conclusion to our problems!

    At Last!! I think we love this episode just for that! xd. We knew they have to came back sometime! At last they realize the thing "how we are to do this?" I think is one of the mistakes that makes us think that the girls are so kind of Selfish monters... I NEVER would dare to make a charapter to do that. It means that they're so selfish enough to let people die for have a "normal" life. The idea damage the personality of three sisters! (Do you rembember apocalipse not!?? I was great that they were disposse to do that sacrifice...And now the don't wanna do it??) And for all that people that think that it was a stupid thing that they came back to their destiny ("they were trying seven years to be free...") I would say: "Would you be able to live knowing that people die because you wanna have a normal life??" Also they weren't figthing demons everysingleday!!! (I'm just mad that they were able to make the sisters do that! They wouldn't never do it!)

    Let's talk about the episode...The Freaky **** Demons!! Why do they look so stupid!! Please we wanna see more powerful demons and wicca stories! the **** the little-inchs-things were so a great idea! they could have done something with it! And... I don't know why but the alley was horrible! (Bad photografy for the scene!) Do you remember when they used to film outside in streets, parks, etc... Wouldn't be perfect the inchs scene in the moonlight in apark!! yes, I would be!

    But, in the other hand... the sister life scenes were well!! (why did Phoebe had the spell in her hand alredy in the last scene! Quite disgusting) I have to say that the effect ni front of the mirror when the say the spell was so bad! Just a freakin ligth? And in the last park...what's the sense of all the cameras!?

    Also they should have feel a little more "I don't wanna hurt inocens" instead of "I'm not myself,I wanna chance". People's dying for your decision! How do the writers did it!? That are not our Charmed Ones!!

    I think we have to get a 6 for the episode! I0m a truly lover of the 50& in charmed: We have a good 50% sisters-life but we've not a good 50% wicca-lifes! So that's why the episode is half done! Seeing the "imps"(I don't know hoe to write it) as a original idea I give a little mora than a five! Ok, that's it!

    PD: Oh God!! I think this is the most bigger review that I made!! That's what happen when you do that to the wicca-charmed-world!
  • The Power of Three is back - What do they need Billie for? Get rid of her and the show will be wonderful once again.

    The Power of Three is back - What do they need Billie for? Get rid of her and the show will be wonderful once again.
    Once again, The Power of Three, notice - three! the series is/was great without the smart mouthed little wannabe (billie) Get rid of her. She is seriously not needed or wanted. I like the touch that they will be working with Murphy. Good call.
  • Imps = lame.

    Thank the gods Dex only has one episode left! He is possibly the most useless character Phoebe has ever dated, and she's been around the magical block a few times, and has had her share of cardboard cut-outs.

    Elsewhere, the episode slips from mind-numbingly boring spells gone awry to groan inducing speed dating that only continues Paige's streak of hooking up with a new guy every episode. Enough already!

    The strongest character this week is Billie. Shocking, I know, but she's the only one doing anything of any significance - she's fighting the good fight while the sisters arse about doin' jack. Sure, she's starting to become a tad grating, but I particularly enjoyed her scene where she confronts Phoebe, highlighting that it's not ok that the CO's are ignoring their innocents, and that something has to be done about it.

    Of course, each sister gradually comes to terms with the fact that they cannot enjoy their new demon-free lifestyles, as the harder they try to ignore the danger that lurks in cheap alleyway sets, the more prevalent the threat becomes.

    The cop-out regarding Phoebe's marriage to Dex only serves to highlight how inept the Charmed writing staff are - 5 episodes dedicated to Phoebe proclaiming the importance of this relationship, only to dwindle it away through magic.

    Still, the idea of the Charmed Ones helping out Homeland Security with a few cases could inject some vitality into the season; it's certainly an interesting take on exposure.

    Overall, though, this is an especially forgettable episode, with some horrid special effects, some dreadful hammy acting, and subplots that never really take off. Alyssa looks absolutely stunning throughout, so there is that!
  • Rewitched

    Rewitched was a perfect episode of Charmed, pulling together various story lines while adding character depth and development. I really enjoyed watching because the story was fun, there was a lot going on as the sisters dealt with feelings of wanting their old lives in some ways. Billie did a great job vanquishing the Imp Master and luring the other demon for the sisters to take care of. I like how agent Murphy was involved and what the sisters revealed to him. Phoebe tells Dex the truth in a very up front sort of way. I look forward to seeing how things progress now that the sisters are officially back!!!!!!!!!
  • great episode

    This was a good episode. When Billie cats a spell that makes Phoebe and Dex get married, the girls start to question themselves. The sisters are having troube adapting to there new lives, and they want there old ones back. So, what do the sisters do. They get em back. The sister are back in the public eye, and working for Homeland Security. Thats right Homeland Security. Who knows where this will go, but it Charmed so I know I'll like it. This was an amazing episode, it did the Charmed thing, mixing humor with of course drama. This season is going to be great.
  • Charmed is AWESOME again...

    Just wanted to make a short response to gayusername\'s review. While I agree with everything you said about the awesomeness of this episode and it bringing Charmed back to it\'s great self, I thought something should be pointed out about Agent Murphy. In the season finale last season, some old Homeland Security Agent told Agent Murphy to stay behind and wait for the Charmed Ones to return because he didn\'t believe they were dead, so Agent Murphy was led up to in an indirect kind of way.
  • Now that's more like it! Finally a good episode after a few mortifying ones! Now that's Charmed we all know and like!

    The end of our troubles! I can't say that it was completely perfect, but it's a start.
    First of all, they are back, with their powers, full package! Finally! Then, the acting has improved. The sisters three finally act like they're supposed to after seven years, and Billie is also better.

    I think that we'll be hearing more from this agent Murphy guy... But, this is the last episode with Jason Lewis! we got rid of him, everybody! :)

    I really don't know what else to say, except... I'm about to watch the next episode and hope that it gets even better... LOL :)
  • The Power of Three is back!

    This was a good episode. When Billie cats a spell that makes Phoebe and Dex get married, the girls start to question themselves. The sisters are having troube adapting to there new lives, and they want there old ones back. So, what do the sisters do. They get em back. The sister are back in the public eye, and working for Homeland Security. Thats right Homeland Security. Who knows where this will go, but it Charmed so I know I'll like it. This was an amazing episode, it did the Charmed thing, mixing humor with of course drama. This season is going to be great.
  • helo, i want to watch this episode

    Unaware that she is being watched, Billie jeopardizes the Charmed Ones\' new lives when she uses her powers to save an innocent and is caught by Agent Murphy of Homeland Security, who has suspected all along that she and the \"cousins\" are involved in supernatural activities and that the Halliwell sisters are not dead. Meanwhile, Phoebe\'s overnight trip with Dex ends in marriage when she and Dex are put under a spell by Billie; and Piper and Paige organize a speed dating night at P3 to get the club back on its financial feet. Finally, the Charmed Ones and Leo permanently return to their old identities and join forces with Agent Murphy.
  • An exciting episode that give a satisfying ending to the glamoured identities story line.

    I’m not surprised the glamoured identities didn’t last longer. It was inevitable to keep them up for much longer than this, as the sisters clearly wanted their old lives back. The individual ways, in which they reached the conclusion, were greatly done and we really understood the motives behind their decision. Billie was ok in this episode, and so was Leo, but it was really the sister that shone. They really showed why the series mainly is about them. The acting and writing of the sisters were outstanding, and some scenes were classic. The scene at the fireplace between Phoebe and Paige will stay for me for very long. It showed both how fragile and how strong the sisters can be, and a bit of the old Charmed feeling was brought back to life. The demons were fairly original and interesting, although they didn’t play much purpose. The same thing goes with the Phoebe/Dex marriage. It just seemed very pointless, and the only good moments between the two of them in the episode was in the end were Phoebe “told” him the truth for the very first time. I didn’t appreciate Agent Murphy much either. The show has had way to many cops, and if they needed one on the show they could have kept Darryl, who is a known and loved character, instead of some boring newbie.

    The ending where Paige and Piper walk out from the door at P3 like some sort of film stars just annoyed me so much. It was cheesy and plain silly. Just because they happen to be alive and working for the Police doesn’t mean that they deserve so much attention. I’m positive I wouldn’t treat someone like a superstar just because they were on the news recently. Please.

    All in all, Rewitched was a fun, exciting and classic episode of Charmed, with some memorable scenes and a fair ending and satisfying to the glamoured Charmed Ones arc. It was fun as long as it lasted, but it seemed just about right to get rid of them now. Good work.
  • when is a wedding not a wedding?

    When it is a fashion show i reckon, but guess what, these girls are here again in their own way and they are about to see themselves in the mirror again.
    The buzz has been out there for a long time, but it must be said that this episode is a little more sloppy then i am used to. The one thing they are supposed to keep a secret, is becoming a lot more visible then they should hope to get.
    The Homeland security could have been better and a lot more entangled towards season 8 then they did, and that is perhaps a shame, but in the end, the story is not too bad with enough sister bantering, blaming and flaming to sit back and enjoy the feeling of not having to do all that to ensure your own space.

    Overall the lid is back on the bucket and the normal old way will continue from this moment on.
  • its about time

    I was wondering how long they were going to be able to keep up the being dead routine. There is only so much that the Billy character can do. Hopefully this season is still salvable now. Maybe they will develop the Billy character more and give her some depth.

    I know that the show is probably in its last season don’t make us wish that it had ended sooner spice it up I have been a die hard fan since the begging and I would hate to be disappointed now
  • Great episode, so glad the charmed ones are back and better !!

    Unaware that she is being watched, Billie jeopardizes the Charmed Ones' new lives when she uses her powers to save an innocent and is caught by Agent Murphy of Homeland Security, who has suspected all along that she and the "cousins" are involved in supernatural activities and that the Halliwell sisters are not dead. Meanwhile, Phoebe's overnight trip with Dex ends in marriage when she and Dex are put under a spell by Billie; and Piper and Paige organize a speed dating night at P3 to get the club back on its financial feet. Finally, the Charmed Ones and Leo permanently morph into their old identities !!!
  • They're back, thanks to Billie!

    a nice episode IMO

    Billie being her stubborn self wants to kick some demon's ass but all sisters tell her not to especially when agent Murphy is on their back...

    Also Phoebe marries Dex and later on shows her real identity, Paige helps piper with her blind date thing at P3 and in the end they all realise they miss their old selves.. I liked that part but I also liked Billie's plan to destroy the demon

    Overall a strong episode.. the acting by the sisters was good sometimes and other times it was a bit worse... Billie (Kaley) did an excellent job this episode and I like her character.. It brings something fresh to it and it's really interesting to watch now that the sisters are back and the demons will also know that the Charmed Ones never died in first place...

    very sneaky method btw to cover up their supposed death, they were witness under protection for a certain case... I wonder how the agent Murphy thing will go on from now and how we'll see Billie develop and I just want to see how things will go on from now.. It's very interesting :D
  • After this episode on, all the plots for the season are set... The sister are themselfs again helping Homeland Security, an original plot twist that we've been discover if it's good or bad for them. Coz for us will be a great new "Story Arc

    After this episode on, all the plots for the season are set...

    The sister are themselfs again helping Homeland Security, an original plot twist that we've been discover if it's good or bad for them. Coz for us will be a great new "Story Arc"

    In this episode we saw billie making a spell that turns out to be a marital union between Phoebe and Dex and leaves Phoebe with the feeling that being someone that she's not really sucks. Paige for the other hand knew some guy on the speed dating and ask herself the sam question.

    One of my favorite scenes was when Phoebe & Paige sit by the fire, it reminds me when Phoebe & Prue did it (in episode #312).
    The other one was when they confronts Piper & Leo with the same question, and Phoebe says that she was hearing them in the spot of the kitchen (the one we knew existed from episode #117)

    The bonding between the sisters this season is the best of all, I think that maybe this will be my favorite season if thing keep geting better like now.
  • This episode was awsome! I loved it.

    This episode was awsome! I loved it. Bilie casts a love spell for Phoebe and Dex. She thought it would help them get closer. But Bilie didn't realize what the spell had done. Phoebe was getting ready for her date with Dex. Dex rings the doorbell and Phoebe goes to the door. When Phoebe opened the door the spell started working. It worked a little to well. Phoebe and Dex run off and get married. When they come home, they don't remember what happened. Phoebe runs up stairs to the attic and starts yelling at Billie. Billie didn't know the spell would make them get married. The sisters and Leo are thinking of changing back to their original identities. At the end of the episode they do. Phoebe tells Dex that she is a witch and he faints.

    I love this episode cuz they got their identities back. I think it was a great idea. This was a great episode.
  • Finally, the kind of episode I've been waiting for since the start of the season. I love the show very much but I did feel the show was lacking since the start of S8. Can't wait for the next episode.

    This episode was totally great. I loved every minute of it. Since the start of S8 I knew the show was going to go in a different direction due to budget cuts and the higher ups who just don't get what the shows about. The new episodes had some good parts but where a bit of a disappoint since knowing it has such great potential. But despite all that REWITCHED came with full force and kicking major booty. I hope the writes stay on this butt kicking mojo and continue with the great episodes. I love that the charmed ones decided to rejoin the living and take back their old lives. Oh and I so loved how Phoebe revealed to Dex her alter ego and how he just passed out. PRICELESS!!! Keep the GREAT episodes coming.
  • This is why I watch the show.

    The Charmed Ones are back in a big way. It was so nice for them to finally return to their old selves again. With the help of new with, Billie, they are able to see that they are not truly happy with their new lives. Thankfully someone knows that the Charmed Ones were the reason for lower death rates, something San Fran. hadn't seen in awhile. Pheobe's prem. comes true, and she marries Rex, and better still they are going to stay married. (Want to know the tidbits, then read the recap!) When they get their new identities back, Pheobe confronts her hubby, who faints, and Piper and Prue show up at P3 to happy fans.

    Happy fan here too. Bravo WB, bravo Charmed.
  • This is the best eppie of the SEASON!

    When I finally a GREAT eppie! I was really hating the new season, until I saw this eppie! I loved this eppie! Its a 10! I am sooo glad that they are back to the way they were! And I was really hating Billy there for a while, but after seeing this episode I am really really liking her! This eppie made me soo glad that I watched it. This is just like back in Season 4 & 5! Thats when the best eppies were, and this is one of the best yet! And I just loved how they FINALLY saw how misirable they were as 'other' people and Im glad they liked being themselves, just BRILLANT was this eppie!
  • The sisters are back and really to kick some major demon ass.

    Awesome episode. I was kind of sad to see that they had to give up their 'normal' lives but glad to have the sisters back and ready to save the world... again. It will help the confusion of Billie a little anyway. Because she won't have to remember to call them by their alias anymore. I thought it was funny at the end when Dex fainted when Phoebe glamorized into her alias... lol.
  • Well, Billie did it again. She put the sisters in danger. And, She got Phoebe married..yes that what I said. MARRIED! At the end of the episode, the sister are themselves again. I'm guessing that they are secret agents now? They said that they were going

    WOW! That about sums it up~

    The fact that the sisters are the Halliwells again. GREAT GREAT GREAT! There's not a word to describe how good this episode was. I have fallin in love with CHARMED all over again! I didn't think that was possible...

    I can't wait to see next weeks show!
  • WOW I LOVE this episode !!!!

    Pheobe getting married because of billie and the twist was like Oh my god !!! Finally, this is the best episode so far And i think demands an applause to the writers !! This is excellent work !! The Charmed ones are back !! Wohoo!

    This show deserves a 10 from me :D The best episode so far
  • Billie jeopardizes the Charmed Ones' new lives when Agent Murphy spots her using her powers to save an innocent. Meanwhile, Phoebe's overnight trip with Dex comes to a surprising conclusion when Billie casts a spell to make her happy.

    Great episode!! Billie is learning this witchcraft really fast!! I love how the Charmed got a plan and show themselves to everyone that thought they were dead and they are ok with it. Alot of agents are covering up for them. Frist Brody now Murphy, I bet it is because they are good looking. Dex and Phoebe or should I say Juilie get married! Dex fainted at the end and now he is going to dumb her just because she is a witch!
  • Billie casts a love spell to get Phoebe out of the house and Phoebe, as Julie, ends up marrying Dex.

    This episode was probably the best of the season so far. At the end of last season, when the sisters faked their deaths, I was worried how this season was going to go. But now that the sisters are back, it looks like this season is going to be just as good, if not better than the other seasons.
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