Season 8 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2005 on The WB

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  • An exciting episode that give a satisfying ending to the glamoured identities story line.

    I’m not surprised the glamoured identities didn’t last longer. It was inevitable to keep them up for much longer than this, as the sisters clearly wanted their old lives back. The individual ways, in which they reached the conclusion, were greatly done and we really understood the motives behind their decision. Billie was ok in this episode, and so was Leo, but it was really the sister that shone. They really showed why the series mainly is about them. The acting and writing of the sisters were outstanding, and some scenes were classic. The scene at the fireplace between Phoebe and Paige will stay for me for very long. It showed both how fragile and how strong the sisters can be, and a bit of the old Charmed feeling was brought back to life. The demons were fairly original and interesting, although they didn’t play much purpose. The same thing goes with the Phoebe/Dex marriage. It just seemed very pointless, and the only good moments between the two of them in the episode was in the end were Phoebe “told” him the truth for the very first time. I didn’t appreciate Agent Murphy much either. The show has had way to many cops, and if they needed one on the show they could have kept Darryl, who is a known and loved character, instead of some boring newbie.

    The ending where Paige and Piper walk out from the door at P3 like some sort of film stars just annoyed me so much. It was cheesy and plain silly. Just because they happen to be alive and working for the Police doesn’t mean that they deserve so much attention. I’m positive I wouldn’t treat someone like a superstar just because they were on the news recently. Please.

    All in all, Rewitched was a fun, exciting and classic episode of Charmed, with some memorable scenes and a fair ending and satisfying to the glamoured Charmed Ones arc. It was fun as long as it lasted, but it seemed just about right to get rid of them now. Good work.
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