Season 8 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2005 on The WB

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  • Out of characters... Now more than ever! Xd It's cool! Now we have them back! But once again... What the hell was that? Can they do some serios demons?? A conclusion to our problems!

    At Last!! I think we love this episode just for that! xd. We knew they have to came back sometime! At last they realize the thing "how we are to do this?" I think is one of the mistakes that makes us think that the girls are so kind of Selfish monters... I NEVER would dare to make a charapter to do that. It means that they're so selfish enough to let people die for have a "normal" life. The idea damage the personality of three sisters! (Do you rembember apocalipse not!?? I was great that they were disposse to do that sacrifice...And now the don't wanna do it??) And for all that people that think that it was a stupid thing that they came back to their destiny ("they were trying seven years to be free...") I would say: "Would you be able to live knowing that people die because you wanna have a normal life??" Also they weren't figthing demons everysingleday!!! (I'm just mad that they were able to make the sisters do that! They wouldn't never do it!)

    Let's talk about the episode...The Freaky **** Demons!! Why do they look so stupid!! Please we wanna see more powerful demons and wicca stories! the **** the little-inchs-things were so a great idea! they could have done something with it! And... I don't know why but the alley was horrible! (Bad photografy for the scene!) Do you remember when they used to film outside in streets, parks, etc... Wouldn't be perfect the inchs scene in the moonlight in apark!! yes, I would be!

    But, in the other hand... the sister life scenes were well!! (why did Phoebe had the spell in her hand alredy in the last scene! Quite disgusting) I have to say that the effect ni front of the mirror when the say the spell was so bad! Just a freakin ligth? And in the last park...what's the sense of all the cameras!?

    Also they should have feel a little more "I don't wanna hurt inocens" instead of "I'm not myself,I wanna chance". People's dying for your decision! How do the writers did it!? That are not our Charmed Ones!!

    I think we have to get a 6 for the episode! I0m a truly lover of the 50& in charmed: We have a good 50% sisters-life but we've not a good 50% wicca-lifes! So that's why the episode is half done! Seeing the "imps"(I don't know hoe to write it) as a original idea I give a little mora than a five! Ok, that's it!

    PD: Oh God!! I think this is the most bigger review that I made!! That's what happen when you do that to the wicca-charmed-world!