Season 8 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2005 on The WB

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    The girls are back in town

    A lot of folk see this episode as the 'return of the Charmed Ones'. Don't see it that way myself. The only difference since SWTWG seems to be that the sisters vanquish the baddies then sit around moaning about it rather than heading down to P3 for a drink. Perhaps I'm missing something. That said, I am glad they got rid of the false identities. They were fun for a time but they were kind of limiting. Having Agent Murphy lie about hiding them was a smart move by the writers. It may not be totally believable but it's better than some silly magical fix and it brings a useful character into the show.

    Anyway, theme for the week is whether or not the Charmed Ones should come out of retirement. There's plenty of soul searching and some of it is quite convincing. The real problem is the lack of a story to back this up.

    The demon plot is utterly pointless and seems to have been added purely to give Billie something to do. The imps look quite good and the impmaster (if that's a word) is suitably strange but they don't serve any purpose at all. At least we get a power of three spell to kill the demon. About time!

    Phoebe getting married is pretty lame. It takes up a lot of airtime without adding anything to the episode. Piper's speed dating event is fun but forgettable. And do we have to keep having these scenes of Paige shoving her tongue down someone's throat? I'd much rather the writers found her a proper boyfriend. Bring back Glen!

    To finish on a positive, can I just say I really like Leo as a house husband. While he was good value last season as an elder and an avatar, this suits his character far better. It also brings out the best in Piper. Bless 'em both.

    Score: 8.3
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