Season 8 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2005 on The WB

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  • Imp My Ride

    Well, thank god the "glamoured identities" are gone! That whole story seemed to drag on for ages and I couldn't stand how everything was being shot in front of mirrors, just so we could catch a glimpse of the younger actresses who played the glamours.

    I actually enjoyed this episode for the most part. Rewitched sees the sisters gradually realizing that they miss their old lives at the same time that Homeland Security agent Murphy begins monitoring their activities. They also battle an Imp Master and strike a deal with Murphy in order to get their old lives back.

    I'm absolutely ecstatic that the sisters have got their old identities back and I was glad that the writers didn't resort to lame reasons to have them return, like if they just got The Cleaners to appear and undo time or something. The sisters teaming up with Murphy was good but slightly unbelievable. Could Murphy, who's just an average agent, really say that he organized the entire thing behind his boss' back? It just doesn't work.

    This episode had a lot of moments which were reminiscent of the Shannen seasons, with the scene in front of the fireplace being the most memorable. Alyssa and Rose excelled in this scene and it featured sisterly bonding that hadn't been seen on the show in years.

    The subplot involving the Imps was slightly pointless and it was only there to give Billie something to do. The Imps themselves looked cool but the Imp Master was another case of a Charmed guest actor being way OTT with his performance.

    Phoebe and Dex's relationship had a major development but one which was incredibly lame! Billie casts a spell which makes them both run off to Napa for a quicky wedding. When the spell ends, they decide to remain married! My jaw hit the floor. We all understand Phoebe's (scary) desperation to get knocked up but how stupid is Dex for actually going through with the whole thing?! He's known Phoebe for, what, two months or so, and he's already ready to marry her??!! It's almost like all the common sense on the show was stuck on the nunchunks Billie threw out the window last episode!

    Some other annoyances included the tacky music in the slo-mo scene where the sisters are revealed in all their glory. It has got to be one of the cheesiest scenes in years! The closing moment was also stupid with Dex fainting and everything. Oh, how hilarious! But wait... this isn't Bewitched!

    One other thing that is annoying me is how little Leo has to do now. He's only signed up for 10 episodes yet the writers waste him in hours which has him doing the "painstakingly important plot developments" of taking care of babies, getting his shirt torn off by some slutty housewife and getting locked out of a house! At least let him do something important in his small amount of episodes!

    Besides a few moments of completely moronic behavior, Rewitched is undoubtedly the best episode of the season so far with a satisfying ending to the glamour storyline.

    Rating: B+