Season 8 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2005 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • When Piper and Phoebe are yelling at Billie for casting the spell Piper has gum in her mouth.

    • TRIVIA: It turned out that Phoebe's marriage to Dex was a result of a spell she and Dex were under, a spell that Billie cast to help them with their relationship. Phoebe and Dex get married just as Phoebe foresaw in her premonition.

    • TRIVIA: The spell used in this episode, to unmask the sisters and get them back to their real selves:
      I call upon the ancient powers, to unmask us now and in future hours. Show us well and thoroughly, reveal ourselves so the world can see.

    • When Piper and Phoebe look in the mirrors, they see their new identities. However, their reflections show their hair down, even though both girls have their hair tied back.

    • After Piper and Paige finish talking, Paige is shown to sit back down and start talking to Wyatt. However, when a shot of Piper is shown, Paige hasn't even sat down yet.

    • After the demons are vanquished, Billie says to the sisters that she was walking around for an hour, waiting for them to get home. The sisters were home the whole entire time, having a hard time scrying for Billie because she was moving around all over the place.

    • TRIVIA: This marks the third time that 415 magazine has been seen on screen, since the death of Prue. The first time was in the season 5 episode "House Call", and the second time was in the earlier season 8 episode "Run, Piper, Run".

    • This is the second time that Homeland Security had to cover up the girl's death and return to life. It was done in the season 7 episode "Styx Feet Under", when Piper died and Brody who was working for Homeland Security said that it was part of an investigation that Piper's death was faked.

    • TRIVIA: Dex was the second boyfriend to faint when told Phoebe was a witch. The same thing happened to Jason in the season 6 episode "Used Karma", when he saw Phoebe orb in with her sisters.

    • TRIVIA: The reporter, Nick, who wants to do an interview about P3 works for 415 magazine, which is where Prue used to work.

    • When Bille comes knocking on Julie's door when she is together with Dex, Billie says the name Phoebe and not Julie, which means that if Phoebe could hear it, then most certainly Dex could hear it too.

  • Quotes

    • (Piper's phone rings and she answers it)
      Piper: Hello. (shocked) Billie did what?!

    • Murphy: I've been following you.
      Billie: Why?
      Murphy: You know why.
      Billie: If I knew, I wouldn't ask.
      Murphy: Cute.
      Billie: Thanks.
      Murphy: That wasn't a compliment.

    • Billie: I was just trying to help.
      Phoebe (holds up the skirt of her wedding gown): How is this helping?
      Billie: I didn't mean for you to get married.
      Phoebe: Well you know, I did and I cannot believe you used magic after we specifically told you not to.
      Billie: I thought you meant demon magic, not innocent magic.
      Phoebe: Oh and this is innocent?
      Billie: Well, you look fabulous.
      Phoebe: Oh you know what? Don't try to butter me up with a compliment, missy.
      Piper (walks in and jumps into the arguement): Are you out of your mind? What did you do now?
      Billie: Do I have to start from the begininng again?
      Piper: I can't believe you did this. With Agent Murphy watching our every move.
      Phoebe: Skip down, I already went through that with her.
      Billie: I still don't know what I did that was so wrong.
      Phoebe (holds up her left hand): This... this is what you did that was so wrong!
      Piper(grabs Phoebe's hand and checks out her ring): Whoa! Hey! Wow, that's huge!

    • Piper: You've been eavesdropping?
      Paige: Yeah, but not through the "funny stuff".
      Piper: How long has this been going on for?
      Phoebe: Since about the fourth or fifth grade.

    • Paige: Is this what we've been reduced to? Loveless sex, pimping...
      Piper (very quickly): Yes.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles: Italy: Identità svelate (Sealed Identities) Germany: Entzauberte Julie (Enchanted Julie) France: Réssussitées (Resuscitated)

    • Christina Ulloa( Jo - Paige's alternate identity) is the only one of the actresses to play the Charmed Ones' magical disguises and appear in all five episodes that followed that storyline.

    • On it's original airing this episode got 4.3 million viewers.

  • Allusions

    • Title: Rewitched

      This is a reference to the 1960's television series, Bewitched, about a witch married to a mortal man. Coincidentally it was also recently been made into a movie, in 2005, starring Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell. "Bewitched" has been spoofed in an episode title once before, for the season 3 episode "Pre-Witched".

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