Season 8 Episode 3

Run, Piper, Run

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 2005 on The WB
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When Piper goes for a job interview with a corporate recruiter, she's shocked to learn that the background check of her assumed identity was that of a woman wanted for murder. Meanwhile, Phoebe has a premonition of Dex being in an earthquake.

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  • Run, Piper, Run

    Run, Piper, Run was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of great character and plot development. It was fun to see the identity Piper chose was actually that of a woman in trouble with a powerful man. The story was well written and the acting was superb as usual. I liked seeing Billie working with the sisters and becoming closer to them but it was interesting how Piper pointed out that Billie was inspired by a demon. The ending was pretty good and I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Piper picked the identity of a supposed killer. Bad choice, now she's in jail. Phoebe and Paige switch Piper with the supposed killer (some random chick). Oops, chick was framed by her ex. Now the sisters must find a way to make the ex confess.moreless

    First I must say that there need to be quotes around the word "special" above in "A very special episode." Because it sucked. I don't know what's going on with Charmed lately. The writers need to sit down and watch the episodes after they're made. That or have their children proofread their scripts.

    Holly did a good job (as always) acting. I like the scene where she talked to the lawyer guy who killed his ex-wife's boyfriend/husband/whatever. Oh and it was funny when Piper let what's her name's husband punch Leo. But other than that the episode was a mess (but not as bad as last week's episode thank God). Since when does Phoebe get premonitions about retarded earthquakes and her little boyfriend? How useless is that? Did her new identity change her power into her love line? And wtf is with Leo "not having time" to tell what's her name that he was married. She was undressing him and he didn't think to mention it? Um...k. Every two seconds Phoebe forgets she's not supposed to be Phoebe anymore. That gets annoying. I'm surprised no one thinks she's insane, like that guy at her job who's wife is having a baby and non-Phoebe asked him about it.

    There are also a million other things that made no sense, for example when in-jail Piper had visitors, she wasn't handcuffed or anything, and she was left alone with her visitors. Wow how safe. And realistic. Then there's the question - why didn't Piper just tell the officers who arrested her that they had the wrong person? I'm pretty sure that when Piper made her new identity that she didn't memorize the fingerprints and DNA of the chick who's picture she looked at in A FREAKING MAGAZINE! So then she wouldn't be the same person. Wow Charmed, stop sucking.moreless
  • Good, Writers, Good

    Run, Piper, Run-When Piper goes for a job interview with a corporate recruiter, she's shocked to learn that the background check of her assumed identity was that of a woman wanted for murder. Meanwhile, Phoebe has a premonition of Dex being in an earthquake.

    Finally, Season 8's first (and very rare)good episode. It's the first Charmed episode in years that is completely demon free. The only other one I can remember is Season 1's "Secrets and Guys". It's really refreshing considering the demon plots of late have been..well.....awful! This basic murder mystery really works for Charmed and the fact that Piper's new identity was a real identity she mistakenly stole was a pretty neat twist. But it's not surprising Cameron Litvack is behind such a solid script that really utilizes the cast least for most of the episode anyway. Holly Marie Combs is great here, dealing with the sudden revelation she took the identity of a fugitive. The scene between Piper and Nance was a great setup between them with Piper playing along as Maya as He continues to antagonize her.

    I have to admit, some scenes of genuinely funny moments throughout the episode like Paige continuing joking about Piper and how awful "orange" is on her, Phoebe pestering her co-workers as they recognize aseerily her personality mirrors Phoebe, Piper letting Leo get his by Eve's husband (seriously Leo, you had it coming!) I also love thegratuitoususe of the sisters' powers, even Billie gets a chance to use hers during the pretty awesome conclusion where the sisters' scare Nance into telling the truth. Paige is orbing lamps into people, Phoebe gets another premonition (though pointless, once again!) and Piper using her freezing power more than she did in Season 6 and 7 combined! I especially loved seeing Piper's old "head unfreezing" trick, the SFX used during that scene was probably the best freezing moment we've seen in a while. The only downside is Phoebe and Dex's continuing non-chemistry. Seriously, is it even possible for two people to have so little chemistry because every time these two are on screen together, I wish the screen would go lack. Jason Lewis has absolutely no energy or sense of charisma. The writers are forcing the hell out of these two, the wedding vision, the earthquake, the quote on quote moment Phoebe and Dex share at the end, it's all so contrived and tired already. Yet we have 3 more episodes of this crap! Ehw! Luckily, "Run, Piper, Run" is a worth a watch and has at least a decent plot for once than the usual garbage Charmed produced.moreless
  • Piper's new identity is that of a woman who is wanted for the murder of her boyfriend. Piper is soon incarcerated. When Paige and Phoebe find out they immediatly help their sister. However Piper believes the accused woman is innocent.moreless

    "Run Piper, Run" wasn't a terrible episode by any means but sometimes the events and story line can become rediculous even for a show such as Charmed. When Maya fell from God knows how many stories up but survived the fall without a scratch because she landed on a mattress killed this episode for me all together. It's just so implausible it defies explanation. I still enjoy the show and plan to watch the next episode, but "Run Piper, Run" is definitely one of the forgettable episodes of Charmed. I certainly hope that the season improves as it moves forward.moreless
  • Demon-free.

    Sometimes I wonder why I watch Charmed, and I realise everytime I watch Charmed I am looking forward for demonic battles or anything supernatural or gruesome between the sisters and the demons. However, this episode totally intrigued me with its suspense. Piper disguised as another woman, but turned out the woman was a wanted criminal. While she was kept in the prison she realised the woman was innocent. But Paige and Phoebe didn't know that. Everything about this episode is just great, at least there's something new about this series rather than battling demons. Maybe after 8 years of kicking some a*s, the sisters deserved some rest. Maybe not for Piper but at least she didn't need to face anything supernatural. A superbly done episode. Just perfect.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (15)

    • When Billie goes to Nances as a manicurist and then glamours into Maya, Nance is shocked and says she's dead. Obviously a little time has passed since threw Maya off the balcony so it seems a little odd that he wouldn't have checked on her body! Especially since he was planning to call it a suicide, wouldn't he have called 911 to put his plan into motion?

    • Where exactly did Paige and Billie get the prison issue uniform that fit the real Maya anyway. I mean it could be said that they were laying around from season five when Leo was in jail (pretending to be Jeric) except the uniform, Maya was wearing fit perfectly so it wasn't that one, so again how'd they get it?

    • When Karl comes through the door and swings at Leo, Piper immediately freezes him. However, Leo continues to be unfrozen. While there have been instances in past where that has occurred all those times he was next to her (not that it should have mattered then either). In this case she froze directly at Leo. So there should be no reason he didn't freeze as well.

    • TRIVIA: This episode features the song "Hallow" by Four Star Mary.

    • TRIVIA: There are no demons in this episode.

    • When Maya sees Piper technically she should see her own face as she is not one of the Halliwell family. However she does not even seem affected when she sees Piper as she should be when presented with a twin she didn't know she had.

    • When Nance and Maya are on the balcony, a building is visible on the side. Yet when Piper says to Paige to orb to the alley underneath, a well lit street with cars moving back and forth is shown instead of an alley during Maya's fall. The same then happens during Nance's fall.

    • TRIVIA: This is one of only two episodes with "Piper" in the title. There is one episode with "Paige" in the title, one with "Prue" and four with "Phoebe".

    • When Paige is telling Billie off, after she almost blew the house up, Billie first has her arms straight, when her backview is visible. When the camera switches to Paige's view and Billie has her arm angled to her wrist, the next shot is correct but when it's shown from Paige's view again Billie moves her arms. However, next shot her back is shown again with one arm angled to her wrist.

    • TRIVIA: This is the second time Piper freezes someone before he tries to hit Leo's face. The first time was in season 2 where she froze Dan. Although Leo moved his head in season 2, preventing Dan from hitting him - this time he took the hit.

    • Piper freezes Nance and then unfreezes only his head, allowing him to talk. However, he is only a human, not a demon, so it should have cut off the blood supply to his head and prevented oxygen from going into his lungs.

    • After the explosion Billie causes, Paige runs upstairs and starts to clean. She hands Billie a metal statue and Billie places it on the table. When the camera goes back to Paige, the top of the statue is visible & moving around as Paige is talking.

    • How could a mattress save Maya from such a fall? She fell from numerous stories down and the impact would have either caused her to bounce off the mattress and land on the concrete or just from falling on the mattress it would've seriously injured her, if not killed her.

    • TRIVIA: Paige found Maya's photo in 415 magazine, which is where Prue used to work.

    • TRIVIA: Phoebe & Piper mention that Darryl is now on the East Coast.

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  • NOTES (1)

    • International Episode Titles: Italy: Corri, Piper, corri! (Run, Piper, Run!) Germany: Lauf, Piper, lauf (Run, Piper, Run) Frande: Au-delà des apparences (Beyond the Appearances)


    • The event Billie and the sisters refer to about a ghost helping them to make a pawn shop owner confess a crime, is from the season 2 episode "Ex Libris".

    • The classic movie "All About Eve" is referred to during the last scene in a conversation between Piper, Paige, and Leo.

    • Title: Run, Piper, Run

      This episode title is an allusion to the Tom Hanks film Forrest Gump due to one of the most memorable lines of the film being, "Run, Forrest, Run!" and also a reference to the film "Run, Lola, Run". Perhaps both of those allusions themselves allude to the song "Run, Rabbit, Run", which was written by Noel Gay and Ralph Butler for Flanagan and Allen. Bud Flanagan sang it in the musical "The Little Dog Laughed" (London, October 1939). Another version of the song was later current as "Run, Adolf, Run".