Season 8 Episode 3

Run, Piper, Run

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 2005 on The WB

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  • Run, Piper, Run

    Run, Piper, Run was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of great character and plot development. It was fun to see the identity Piper chose was actually that of a woman in trouble with a powerful man. The story was well written and the acting was superb as usual. I liked seeing Billie working with the sisters and becoming closer to them but it was interesting how Piper pointed out that Billie was inspired by a demon. The ending was pretty good and I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Piper picked the identity of a supposed killer. Bad choice, now she's in jail. Phoebe and Paige switch Piper with the supposed killer (some random chick). Oops, chick was framed by her ex. Now the sisters must find a way to make the ex confess.

    First I must say that there need to be quotes around the word "special" above in "A very special episode." Because it sucked. I don't know what's going on with Charmed lately. The writers need to sit down and watch the episodes after they're made. That or have their children proofread their scripts.
    Holly did a good job (as always) acting. I like the scene where she talked to the lawyer guy who killed his ex-wife's boyfriend/husband/whatever. Oh and it was funny when Piper let what's her name's husband punch Leo. But other than that the episode was a mess (but not as bad as last week's episode thank God). Since when does Phoebe get premonitions about retarded earthquakes and her little boyfriend? How useless is that? Did her new identity change her power into her love line? And wtf is with Leo "not having time" to tell what's her name that he was married. She was undressing him and he didn't think to mention it? Um...k. Every two seconds Phoebe forgets she's not supposed to be Phoebe anymore. That gets annoying. I'm surprised no one thinks she's insane, like that guy at her job who's wife is having a baby and non-Phoebe asked him about it.
    There are also a million other things that made no sense, for example when in-jail Piper had visitors, she wasn't handcuffed or anything, and she was left alone with her visitors. Wow how safe. And realistic. Then there's the question - why didn't Piper just tell the officers who arrested her that they had the wrong person? I'm pretty sure that when Piper made her new identity that she didn't memorize the fingerprints and DNA of the chick who's picture she looked at in A FREAKING MAGAZINE! So then she wouldn't be the same person. Wow Charmed, stop sucking.
  • Good, Writers, Good


    Run, Piper, Run-When Piper goes for a job interview with a corporate recruiter, she's shocked to learn that the background check of her assumed identity was that of a woman wanted for murder. Meanwhile, Phoebe has a premonition of Dex being in an earthquake.

    Finally, Season 8's first (and very rare)good episode. It's the first Charmed episode in years that is completely demon free. The only other one I can remember is Season 1's "Secrets and Guys". It's really refreshing considering the demon plots of late have been..well.....awful! This basic murder mystery really works for Charmed and the fact that Piper's new identity was a real identity she mistakenly stole was a pretty neat twist. But it's not surprising Cameron Litvack is behind such a solid script that really utilizes the cast least for most of the episode anyway. Holly Marie Combs is great here, dealing with the sudden revelation she took the identity of a fugitive. The scene between Piper and Nance was a great setup between them with Piper playing along as Maya as He continues to antagonize her.

    I have to admit, some scenes of genuinely funny moments throughout the episode like Paige continuing joking about Piper and how awful "orange" is on her, Phoebe pestering her co-workers as they recognize aseerily her personality mirrors Phoebe, Piper letting Leo get his by Eve's husband (seriously Leo, you had it coming!) I also love thegratuitoususe of the sisters' powers, even Billie gets a chance to use hers during the pretty awesome conclusion where the sisters' scare Nance into telling the truth. Paige is orbing lamps into people, Phoebe gets another premonition (though pointless, once again!) and Piper using her freezing power more than she did in Season 6 and 7 combined! I especially loved seeing Piper's old "head unfreezing" trick, the SFX used during that scene was probably the best freezing moment we've seen in a while. The only downside is Phoebe and Dex's continuing non-chemistry. Seriously, is it even possible for two people to have so little chemistry because every time these two are on screen together, I wish the screen would go lack. Jason Lewis has absolutely no energy or sense of charisma. The writers are forcing the hell out of these two, the wedding vision, the earthquake, the quote on quote moment Phoebe and Dex share at the end, it's all so contrived and tired already. Yet we have 3 more episodes of this crap! Ehw! Luckily, "Run, Piper, Run" is a worth a watch and has at least a decent plot for once than the usual garbage Charmed produced.

  • Piper's new identity is that of a woman who is wanted for the murder of her boyfriend. Piper is soon incarcerated. When Paige and Phoebe find out they immediatly help their sister. However Piper believes the accused woman is innocent.


    "Run Piper, Run" wasn't a terrible episode by any means but sometimes the events and story line can become rediculous even for a show such as Charmed. When Maya fell from God knows how many stories up but survived the fall without a scratch because she landed on a mattress killed this episode for me all together. It's just so implausible it defies explanation. I still enjoy the show and plan to watch the next episode, but "Run Piper, Run" is definitely one of the forgettable episodes of Charmed. I certainly hope that the season improves as it moves forward.

  • Demon-free.

    Sometimes I wonder why I watch Charmed, and I realise everytime I watch Charmed I am looking forward for demonic battles or anything supernatural or gruesome between the sisters and the demons. However, this episode totally intrigued me with its suspense. Piper disguised as another woman, but turned out the woman was a wanted criminal. While she was kept in the prison she realised the woman was innocent. But Paige and Phoebe didn't know that. Everything about this episode is just great, at least there's something new about this series rather than battling demons. Maybe after 8 years of kicking some a*s, the sisters deserved some rest. Maybe not for Piper but at least she didn't need to face anything supernatural. A superbly done episode. Just perfect.
  • Orange really isn't Piper's colour...

    It's a Piper-centric episode, so you can expect it to be a good'un. What caught me off-guard about this one, though, is that it's actually a funny Piper episode! A really funny episode!

    Demon free, and all the better for it, 'Run, Piper, Run' sees Piper arrested and charged with murder. Turns out, her magical identity is one she subconsciously chose from a magazine, who has a bit of a complicated past.

    The story is rather complex for a Charmed episode, and not everything is laid out for you on a platter -- there are a few neat misdirections, and did I mention this episode was funny, too?

    Piper's reaction to Leo's little flirtatious romp was hilarious. I loved how Brian tried to explain what happened in such an awkward Leo-esq way and Piper was having none of it; Holly's comedic timing is spot on during these scenes.

    Alyssa, too, gets to have a lot of fun at the Bay Mirror. Her lines are ridiculous because she's pretending to be someone else but remembers her bond that she had with her colleagues as Phoebe. Her line delivery of 'yeah, but, wouldn't it be weird...if she had a twin?' was priceless!

    Many have mentioned it already, but I really liked how each of our gals' powers were used in this episode, especially Piper's. That last effects shot of Piper freezing Nance mid-air, only to unfreeze his head, was pretty frickin' awesome. Paige got to orb a lamp at someones head (always entertaining), and Phoebe, at least, had a premonition. I'm also enjoying the increase in small-scale fight scenes. More kicks, please!

    There was a lot of bonding in this episode: the sisters have lunch and enjoy a humorous chit-chat; Leo and Piper snuggle up on the couch and make fun of each other - just little things, which I really appreciate. (Charmed got an awful lot of flack in seasons 6 and 7 for a lack of bonding, and yet season 8 is slaughtered across the board because there's too much already...)

    Overall, definitely an upswing in quality this week. It's a pity the season doesn't continue the trend and supply more demon-free episodes like this one. It's downhill from here...
  • Piper Halliwell: Prison Chick

    Surprisingly, this was a pretty good episode. Well, as good as Charmed can get nowadays. There was a neat mystery to it and the events seemed, dare I say it, intelligent. When I say "intelligent", I mean adult, not ridiculous stories for 11-year-old's which has been Charmed's speciality for the past three seasons.

    Run Piper Run has Piper being arrested by the cops and thrown in jail. The sisters eventually work out that Piper's new glamoured identity is wanted by the police for murdering her photographer ex. It's up to Phoebe, Paige and (groan) Billie to get Piper out of jail and force a confession out of the real killer. Meanwhile, there are more Phoebe/Dex shenanigans which are obviously programmed to send audiences to sleep.

    It's about time that Piper gets an episode all to herself and I was especially pleased to see Holly Marie Combs getting her spot in the limelight again. She owns this episode and Holly is excellent throughout. I also loved how Piper has started freezing again. It's seemed like the writers had completely forgotten that she even had this power and I'm happy to see that it's returned. I found the prison storyline worked well and it had a good denouement. Shame about the stereotypical butch lesbian cellmate though.

    However, the Phoebe subplot was terrible. It simply marks Charmed's progression into soap opera with a ridiculous storyline about Dex's artwork being ruined by an earthquake. Yes, because we all care about his art... ahem. The whole Leo story was also painful to watch. It's pathetic that he couldn't immediately say no to the woman's flirting but it was nice to see him get punched in the face as, y'know, Leo sucks. I didn't enjoy Billie being in the episode but I'm guessing I'll have to put up with her as she's contracted for the rest of this season's episode. She's awful and every moment she's on screen, I just want to throttle Kaley Cuoco and kick the crap out of Brad Kern for inventing such a bad character.

    Despite not being completely perfect (well... far from it), Run Piper Run was an entertaining episode which had an excellent performance from Holly Marie Combs and, thankfully, a mention of where the hell Darryl vanished to. And it's no real surprise as it's written by Cameron Litvack, who's easily the best writer on Charmed.

    Rating: B-

    Jailhouse romp

    This is a really good back to basics episode: an innocent to save, a dilemma for the sisters and, for once, all three original powers. It's almost like watching Season One.

    The plot revolves around the clever idea that Piper's new identity happens to be copied from a magazine model who is wanted by the police. When Piper is arrested for murder, Paige and Phoebe must first free her from jail then catch the man who framed the model. It's not edge of the seat stuff but it is well explained and there are some good individual scenes. As the latest in a line of prison break episodes stretching all the way back to Wicca Envy, it's also surprisingly original, even down to the crazy cellmate.

    This week's subplots tie in well to the main plot - certainly more so than last week. First up, Phoebe has a premonition that an earthquake will ruin her boyfriend's art show. A bit random but a nice use of her power. Meanwhile, one of Piper's slutty friends comes onto Leo and he ends up getting punched by her husband. Rather unfair and not the best bunch of guest actors they've ever had either. Still, Brian Krause is looking very trim. There's no way they'd have been allowed to show his tummy last season.

    Billie is becoming more annoying but is still bearable for now, largely because she doesn't feature much this week. I'm surprised the Charmed Ones trust her enough to leave her alone with the BoS but there you go.

    Overall, this is good, solid, traditional Charmed - nothing to set the world alight but a nice break from the usual fireball throwing demons. And how good is it to see Piper freezing things again? Love it!

    Score: 8.8
  • Piper goes to jail, Phoebe whines about babies, Paige makes witty jail fahion comments (not), and Billie saves the day with a little tip from season 2.

    I think jail episodes are generally overdone on this show but this one was interesting because it actually accounted for the identities the girls took on. In this episode we find out Piper's assumed identity is really that of Mya (some supermodel fugitive of some sort) when Piper gets arrested. Basically they find the real Mya, get her to change places with Piper, find out the real bad guy is Mya's ex ADA boyfriend with middle aged crisis issues and figure out a way to get him to confess.

    -Piper centered episode!
    -Ye Olde Return of traditonal powers (freezing, premonitions)
    -Leo is less annoying in season 8. The lazy Mister Mom role fits him better than the moralistic nagging whitelighter one.
    -As much as I dislike Billie, she was pretty okay in this episode. She basically saves the day by showing us she bought the season 2 DVD of the show (I am NOT willing to accept the pawnbroker guy was in the Book of Shadows) and pulling a little Ex Libris out of her hat to get the jerk boyfriend to confess. She actually pulled off that scene pretty decently with all the middle aged jokes she was throwing at the guy.
    -No demons. Usually this might be a boring thing, but since the demons have lately become so unoriginal, I was happy.
    -No magic school.

    -I always hated the whole gainining new identities subplot because it's like they can just do Sabrina magic all of a sudden and the obviousness of having 3 witches being replaced by 3 other women in the house not bothering the dumb demons in the least bit.
    -I chose to ignore a dumb scene where someone's fall from a very high story building was broken with a mattress. I'm theorizing Piper's freeze could somehow break the fall much like Prue's tk broke Maggie's fall in Murphy's Luck.
    -Paige wasn't used as much except for the occasional corny joke about orange prison jumpsuits. She did give Billie some good nagging which was nice
    -I cannot believe Phoebe ran out of the house to meet her boyfriend in the middle of a conversation discussing how they would get Piper out of trouble, just to marry some dude and have her babies. Selfish! Moral of the story
    -Superifical mudering boyfriends use Botox injections and get their nails done.
    -Never glamour into someone you don't know.
    -Never leave your husband alone with a bunch of frisky moms.
    -Piper still kicks butt.

    Good episode.
  • Piper's magical alias gets her ass thrown in jail!

    Piper lands a big successful job, a little too easily, with help from her father Victor. However it matches the profile of a model who was framed for murder by her jealous, age-phobic ex-boyfriend, Walter Nance. Paige, Pheobe and Billie almost get the innocent Maya killed and wind up rescuining her with a matress. Bille comforts Maya and learns of the injury and Walter's phobia of growing old. Billie draws inspiration from Barbas, the demon of fear, and scare Nance into confessing his crime. Piper gets a new identity and Maya gets her life back. This episode was very exciting and revived some of the classic Charmed magic that was lost a little bit over the years.
  • Let's see: We have HMC acting, a strange jail story, the "lost" freezing powers... but what's about the good all days fight??? It could have been a really 10 episode!! But I' wasn't...

    Once, Patty said to Piper "You're the heart of this family" and now I say "Holly you're the soul of this show"... Every scene with her is sososo fantastic. I loved the scene when we meet the "bad guy", HMC acting was perfect!! She do it great. And... Do you see it?? piper froze time two times?? (I thougth that this wasn't posible!! coz I won't say how has never take serious the wicca world in Charmed... not enough to make freeze time sometimes or phoebe levitate sometimes too!)

    But what's about the good all days fight??? I hate so muxh when the do that!!!! The final "battle" was horrible... the three talking that way... it quite not-original! (And...mmm... If I know well they did that once! Do you remember Carpe Demon!?)This battle include the three girls so Billie could have get off rigth she throw the guy to the mirror) I miss the P3 battle! Another thing is the whole thing of the alley freezing! I can't understand neither for a sec if the set of the alley were believable with the fall!

    And Leo...?? Why did he do that? I don't get it! Billie aswell is so anoying! It seemms like... I've 12! I wanna...I wannna... Billie! Shut up, billie as a more "madure" charapter would be great! I mean personal madure not madure by years! (the same age)
    Anyway the writers do that think of make some characters talk and not be listening ans it's horrible...

    And who was filming because the camera job is awful! We didn't see a good filming (camera job) and that makes the episode go downhill! A 2-years.old-boy could have done better camera than that! (If you don't understand why I'm saying this you see that episode, you'll notice that all the views are from the first plane! Not filming strange views, all the same!)

    I give a 7! Because the story is original and Piper did great! but the end was kinda horrible (like all the other endings in this season!!)
  • When Piper goes for a job interview with a corporate recruiter, she's shocked to learn that the background check of her assumed identity was that of a woman wanted for murder. Meanwhile, Phoebe has a premonition of Dex being in an earthquake.

    Great episode! I so like Billie's top. Wouldn't Piper know that she shouldn't of made an identity of someone she seen. She could of made it a little different. Piper is so smart. I never thought that she was innocent. I thought she was guilty. Billie is sure learning witch craft easy. It still doesn't seem like the girls are having normal lives because they still have to run around and use magic and stuff.

    Looking for a new career path, Piper goes on an interview with a corporate recruiter, but is soon arrested when a background check reveals that the physical appearance she adopted was that of a woman wanted for murder.

    The sisters set out to clear the woman's name, but are impressed when Billie is the one that comes up with the perfect plan. Meanwhile, Phoebe has a premonition that an earthquake will hit on the night of Dex's art gallery opening; Leo hosts a kids play group at the house and is caught off guard when one of the mothers mistakes him for a single dad. Paige becomes annoyed with Billie's lack of respect for the art of witchcraft.
  • wonderfull erpisode!

    This was a gret episode, Piper had to change her identity, although I liked the old one better! Any way Paige was really funny, aspecialy when she saw Piper in prison. I agree with her, orangem is not her colour! I liked the part when Carl slaped Leo! After all, he deserved it! And Piper was smiling at his back! Phoebe wasn't that interesting, she had to stop an earthquake :) She was tlking about " the moment ". I think Phoebe could do better! Maya was good, I liked her and I really liked Piper in prison with her agressive friend:) Oh, billy, yes, she was great: "So when will we go fight demons" :) Well not much left to say! Watch this episode is awesome!!!!!!
  • Piper discovers her identity was not the best choice, and ends up in prison, finding out that the innocent to be saved is the one everybody thinks is not innocent at all. Phoebe continues her search for love with the help of an earthquake.

    Ok, I must say I'm not a fan of season 8. This episode was fine, just fine.

    A good story for Piper, helped by Paige and Billy, BUT: how the hell a matress could stop such a fall? The quote is fun,
    the thing about "Well, if it doesn't work then it was a bad idea", but the result isn't real. And the second "but": when Maya sees Piper and Paige, shouldn't she be seing one of the women looking just like her? Why isn't she surprised?
    Billy, thanks for not having a big role in here; she is just correct. Good to use Barbas at least as a reference. After Cole, the best demon in the show.

    What's with Phoebe? Her role in the show degenerated towards "I only live for finding the man of my life and getting pregnant". The Phoebe from the last part of Charmed is the worst. The leaving of Cole didn't do her any good,
    I guess most of the fans think that (though having Julian in nip/tuck is juuuuuuuuuuuust great).
    Anyway, what's with that "editor-power" she has in the paper? Come on, she is not even Phoebe for them, and even if she were...she is just and advice columnist! and she seems to be the only one besides Elise, who happens to
    have her own office! (a question I've always made myself). Talking about the earthquakes, and not being told
    something like "you're not the one to say what to publish, girl" seems little realistic to me, even for a show
    about witches and demons, they should have taken more care about that.
  • This episode reveals Piper has made an unfortunate mistake with her new identity, and hints that things might go back to normal a little. We\'ll have to wait and see.

    I guess I am one of the few people here who do not know any of the later episodes right now. So all I can do is speculate on what this episode is trying to tell us about the future storylines of Charmed. Personally, I hope that the whole fake identity confusion comes to an end soon and we get the Charmed Ones back the way we love them. Seriously, my impression of the first couple of episodes from this season is that the viewers are put through an endless introduction to a new version of \"their\" witches\' lives and it\'s starting to annoy me. I really want to believe that this season is going to be great and the series\' finale will be perfect, but honestly, I don\'t see that coming yet.

    This episode\'s storyline was okay, but not special. The fact that Piper\'s new identity was far from perfectly modelled may give us a hint to some kind of change. I really hope they can soon start being themselves again and solve demon problems instead of showing us a home video of \"This is my new life and it\'s oh so hard\". Charmed used to be exciting and always a little mysterious, and if it weren\'t for the characters that I love, I don\'t think I\'d enjoy this season so far. And what\'s with this Billie girl anyway? I might get to like her, as I got to like Chris in season 6 (I hated him at first sight but really miss this character now), but what I\'ve seen of her so far is needless...maybe she\'ll turn out to be important, sympathetic and interesting, but right now I just wanna yell at her and shake her for being so impulsive and stupid. When the Charmed Ones found out they were witches, they were at least careful and reluctant to change their lives forever, but to Billie, it all seems to be a big adventure. I am not sure what to make of her right now, but I\'m trying to stay optimistic.

    For that reason, I give this episode a 7.0 ranking, hoping that it\'s the start of something really good. Not to forget, I still love the characters - well, most of them, anyway - and I\'m excited to see the rest of the season and, of course, the series.
  • Not charmed's usual style but...

    This episode was surprisingly good.It was not charmed\'s style and may seem a little like cops-and-robbers but it worked really well.This episode was refreshing as the first two episodes of this season well just SUCKED.

    Piper is arrested and she finds out her fake identity was one being accused of murdering her ex.As Piper tries to solve the mystery and get out of jailPhoebe has a premonition of Dex\'s artwork being destroyed in an earthquake and tries to prevent it.

    One of the many reasons I like this episode was because the spotlight of this episode was centered on Holly Marie Combs.She was my favourite character throughout the entire series because she is a perfect character with a telented actress to match.(Unlike Allyssa Milano,whoose acting is okay but I just don\'t like Phoebe.Many horrible storylines were focussed on her till I am quite sure she is just a sex-crazed ****

    Holly Marie Combs aced this role and played Piper well in this episode.The shock on her faced when she was arrested and how she reacted to jail was so well done.I like the scene in the jail cell with her cell mate,it was just so funny even under the circumstances.It was nice seeing her use her freezing power again too.Hopefully there will be more Piper episodes.

    Phoebe's storyline predictably sucked.I heard about suffering for your art but HELLO?That was the lamest storyline I had ever seen.Who cares about art right now.(I nearly destroyed the T.V. when I saw her trying to convince Dex to postpone the art show).Dex,like her many one episode boyfriends did not look at all promising to a good relationship between them.He might as well be a pile of rocks and nobody could tell the difference.

    Paige and Billie did not really do anything but help Piper.Paige needs to find something else to do besides tutor Billie or else I might end up puking if this continues for the rest of the season.I don't know what Brad Kern had in his mind when he created Billie.Find something for to do or just kill her out.

    Leo for some reason flirted with some other women and got punched by her husband.WHo CaMe uP WiTH SuCH A LaMe iDea FoR BRiaN KRauSe To Do.He is already going away due to budget constraints and they had to come up with something like that for him to do.Why???Why get Kalley Cuoco and not let Brian stay?He was one of the best characters on the show but I guese since he is no whitelighter nor Avatar,he has nothing more to do.

    I wasn\'t even dissapointed that there was no demon in this episode(Except Barbas being mentioned),probably because right now,even the demons are lame with no real purpose,just dragged into the show for one episode,and killed in a minute.A pity they could not be here,but I think if they were,I would hate this episode even more.

    I like the way they forced a confession using Barbas as an inspiration.It was quite a good way.At least they did not conjure him up.He was the single most irritating Demon in the show and he better not show his face on the screen without a good reason for it.(Like his first episode.The rest were bad).

    For this episode I would love to thank Cameron Litvack who is the greatest writer in Charmed.Cameron\'s writing would grant a gaurantee successful Charmed episode.This episode,however,is just not Charmed style but I guese Charmed\'s style was already going downhill, lets try something new.Great job,Litvack!!!

  • Great episode of Charmed.

    After watching the first two episodes of the season, I have to say that Run, Piper, Run has so far been the best episode. It showed the sisters doing what they do best, and for the first half, I almost completely forgot about Billie (but then unfortunately she turned up). I'm still finding it hard to get used to the whole new identities thing. Last week when Paige was asked her name, I got a bit of a suprise when I heard her say Jo. Luckily I read the spoilers, so I know they're going to come out of hiding in a week or two, which I can't wait for. I can't want to see how they explain Phoebe going back to her job at the paper, after they made a tribute to her and everything. Overall I enjoyed this episode, and I hope there are many to follow just like it.
  • charmed is about demons and witchcraft, and now its more of super man. I'm looking for epic episodes here not saving individuals.

    Charmed will get top ratings if they get back to the old stuff and fix some pot holes. They need more difficulty and more demon fighting and magic. Episodes like "all hell breaks loose" are one in a life time and if they could make their episodes at least this close, ratings would go jumping.
  • Behold the greatness that is Charmed. Original, fun and fresh.

    Run, Piper, Run is a perfect example that Charmed still has it. They can still make great episode. This is funny, fresh and very original. It has some great dialogue and some priceless scenes with the sisters. The main story is really interesting and well made, and for once they had a great solution to the problem. It was also very fun to see some freezing; the best power of all, that sadly has been neglected the last three seasons. Paige and Piper were great in the episode, and I just love the Rose’s very good comedy skills and sweet acting. Holly was also as great as ever, and her slightly neurotic behaviour is always fun to watch. She and Brian were simply great In this episode, and I’m always amazed at how real their relationship seems, and how good chemistry the two actors have together. I was also surprised by Alyssa and Jason. They sparkled a lot during the episode, and their relationship actually moved somewhere and became slightly interesting. Phoebe’s mad behaviour about Dex was very funny to see, and well-acted by Alyssa.

    I however have some minor complaints. First off the technology. Please. As if information can travel that way. It just seemed very cheesy to show the cords and the wires. The mirrors are still very off, and feel so strained and badly made. Charmed used to be able to do good on these things, but apparently the budget cut made us suffer. Other than that, the episode was almost flawless. And still managed to keep my interest, and kept being exciting all the way through.

    I write this after my second viewing of the episode, in my second viewing of the season, and I’ve realised that I enjoy Billie this second time. The first time I watched it, she just annoyed me like no other can, but this time she’s not only bearable, but actually quite loveable and good. She does bring some new air to the show, and isn’t as bad of a character as she first seems. Admittedly, Kaley isn’t a very good actress, but I’m willing to overlook this, because it’s Charmed. Billie’s talk with Maya was really good written, and showed us that Billie has some depth and concern for others, even if it’s well hidden, and rarely comes out.
  • This is not Charmed Style.

    Hi! I wrote that this is not charmed's style because I think that season 8 is not very ordinary. At the beginning of the season charmed ones are not fighing against demons very oftenly. That year episodes show us their human problems and everyday situatinons. Fo example we can tale an episode which is called Malice in Wonderland. Very good episode, but again. During the whole episode we were listening to Phoebe's voice and what does she think about Dex, and only in the end of the episode we can watch a little exiting fighting with demon. What can I say about Run Piper, Run is that Charmedones are helping to a mortal Maya, who has got some troubles but we don't see very interesting and magical moments at all!
  • Piper's new look is the same one as the look of a murder that is on the run for the cops. When Piper's background is getting checked, the police arrest her for the murder he other person did

    This was a really good episode, better than 'Malice in Wonderland'.
    The storyline was very well written and reminded me of how the episodes of the first couple of seasons were written.
    Like 'Jlo4Ever' wrote in her/his review:
    ''what the writers are trying to do, and are successful in doing so, letting the Charmed Ones move on with their lives but at the same time help the ones in need''
    I completely agree with him/her.
    Billie is kinda growing on me now, but in the beginning of the episode she bugged me.
    All the girls acted really good

    Good job to the people of Charmed!
  • It's time for Piper to run as Phoebe tries to save Dex's art collection. In the meantime Billie is trying to learn the art of Witchcraft..

    I really liked this episode.. It was different from other episodes and I like how they put their new identities into this storyline.. Really funny that piper picked a woman out of a magazine and that it happened to be somebody who was accused of murder...

    Also funny how Paige went on about how orange wasn't Piper's color... It had me cracking up.
    Also the Phoebe/Dex storyline is interesting, they do have a certain on screen chemistry.. I hope to see more of it and I like Billie too.. You hear reviews where they don't like her but I do... She's got a certain excitement about this which Paige also had and which Phoebe also once had... I think it's very interesting and I wonder what they'll do with the character Billie in future episodes

    So overall.. nice episode.. funny and original... So far of the current 3 episodes this season, I like this one best...
  • This episode showed us how "Fresh & New" Charmed is it on it's eight season. Piper episode are always quite expectacular and this one is "the best", she R.O.C.K.S in the episode and show us the strenght that she has grown after the years.

    This episode showed us how "Fresh & New" Charmed is it on it's eight season.

    First of all, Piper episode are always quite expectacular (with some little exceptions) and this one is "the best", she R.O.C.K.S in the episode and show us the strenght that she has grown after the years.

    I Just love all the references of past years like "415 magazine" and stuff. And I have to added that I didn't noticed the budget cuts except for the fact that the episodes are getting shorter :(

    Aside of Piper, I love the way Billie and Dex are introduced, slow but with power, it's nice to see your favorite show "back on track"
  • The best episode yet!

    I finally had the chance to watch Run, Piper, Run .

    Run, Piper, Run is the best episode of this season !

    From the title I expected Piper to be on the run & the police hunting her down the whole episode . But to my surprise there wasn't much of that going on. I wasn't disapointed though, I found the whole episode to be entertaining & funny .

    The only complaint I have is that if this episode was Billie free or had less of her, it would have been better, But I still give it a 10 .
  • I would have thought that the new identities were unique, rather than a copy of people who already existed! This is exactly the kind of problem that this can cause! Hurray for an episode centered on Piper!

    Hurray, Piper finally gets an episode centered on her. What a good "save", getting herself out of a jam, and saving an innocent accused of murder. Piper hadn't really said anything before last season's finale about WHAT she wanted to do with her life after magic. She doesn't really seem to want to go on that interview. Is Leo pushing her? ...and if so, then she will once again be doing what someone else expects her to do, not what she wants to do. Stand up for yourself, Piper!!!!

    Once again Phoebe has a love interest...she has them quite often, leading some to think that maybe "Freebie" was an accurate description of her. Come on Phoebe, don't give us women a bad name! You are smart, funny, and beautiful. Please settle down.

    Paige is getting the hang of guiding her charges. This is good character development. Give us more!
  • A great episode with excellent acting.

    This episode had the perfect blend of comedy, drama and magic. The new formula for the show is working well and you wouldn't know by looking at the show that it was 7 years old. The acting is far superior to last season and the actors seem to have a new passion for what they're doing. I'm really enjoying Season 8 so far.
  • i thought this was a great episode!

    i thought this was a great episode! they weren't fighting demons like always they were solving a real problem! i think billie should go they don't need her in the show. i think it is wierd that leo did not realize eve was hitting on him, he deserved to get punched.
  • Helping innocents, are The Charmed One's back?

    I will admit this devoted Charmed fan, was loosing hope. The first two episodes were a little on the lame side, they only ranked in the ‘ok’ column for me. But I must say this episode has kind of restored my hope for a good final season. They are back to helping innocents and that is where they should be.

    But I must say I am looking forward to the sisters loosing their ‘other identities.’ And this whole Billie thing, I am still not sure I like her. I still need a little more time to decide. Till next time…
  • Well, I think that the episode really showed us what the writers are trying to do, and are successful in doing so, letting the Charmed Ones move on with their lives but at the same time help the ones in need!

    When they fit the part where Eve flirts with Leo, that was a nice touch because it reminded me that Charmed is not only about good and evil but is funny to watch as well ! Nice one !

    And Billie and Paige is a nice thing as well, showing that Paige is teaching Billie how and what to do in order to be a great witch!

    Pheobe's luck is getting even better, with her and Dex, a characted they introduced to us in episode one doesnt usually grow on me, but he has !

    And finally Piper, this episode was mainly about her, she was totally funny and I liked that she is deciding to move on with her life !

    The Plot of the episode was good, and its WHY i watch this series !!!
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