Season 5 Episode 14

Sand Francisco Dreamin'

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2003 on The WB
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Sand Francisco Dreamin'
A demon attacks The Charmed Ones with dream dust, causing their nightmares to come to life. Paige is harassed by an evil clown at a baby shower, Piper has an affair and Phoebe is chased by a maniac with a chainsaw. The sisters must use magic to put themselves to sleep to re-enter their nightmares and unmask the symbolic meaning of their dreams.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • I liked this one.

    Stright off - I loved the dream/premonition Phoebe had, and the Sandman just standing there "this is not a dream". I thought the guy who plays him was great too.

    I loved the Sandman's sly little smile when Piper is worried about her dream being found out :D

    Sooo the tracer demon took 4-5 bags of dream dust to kill the Sandman and collect all of one bag... that's a loss and is not worth it.

    I have to agree with people below though. The tracer knows that if he kills the corporeal dream the person dies with it. So when the sisters are out, why wait just go in and kill the dream states. A pregnant whitelighter can't stop you much.moreless
  • Sand Francisco Dreamin'

    Sand Francisco Dreamin' was a superb and very entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because the story was engaging and full of character development. There was a lot of action, magic and intrigue as the sisters faced the sandman. I liked how the story played out and it was great to see the sisters in action in reality and dream state. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!moreless
  • Ya snooze, you lose.

    Not quite the train-wreck as with last week, but still pretty darn close, ''Sand Francisco Dreaming'' is a rinse and repeat process of better episodes from the beginning of this season. (Are the writers running out of ideas already?) Charmed tackled the girls' insecurities far more effectively in ''Sympathy for the Demon'', and did we really need another episode with Leo pregnant? The joke wasn't even that funny to begin with... Anyways, I did enjoy everyones reaction to Piper's dream lover, especially the awkward, sly glances between characters. Otherwise, there's not much to recommend. It felt like the editors realised they had various filters on their cameras, thought they looked cool, and built an entire episode around them. Any potentially good idea is underexplored and far too much screentime is allowed for the generic demon-of-the-week. Skip it.moreless
  • Troubling Dreams...

    From the beginning trip through the sisters' dreams, it is obvious that this mostly drama-based episode is more concerned with what's inside the sisters' heads than it is about the bad guys. That is a good thing too since I've seen this episode about 4 times and I'm still trying to figure out what the tracer demon hoped to accomplish. It would seem to me that it would have been easiest to just eliminate the COs after he rather easily knocked them all out, instead of waiting for their dreams to get around to it when only one of their dreams was even threatening. I also don't know why the supposed upper level demon was so full of bluster and threats only to be vanquished by his lackey with a flick of the wrist.

    It was perhaps over-simple that all the dreams were caged only a moment after they sprung forth, basically doing nothing for the remainder of the show. Giving the dreams, other than Mr. Chainsaw, some more interaction and purpose would have taken greater creativity by the writers.

    The best thing about this episode was Piper and Leo's reaction to the revelation that Piper had a dream lover. They both showed the perfect amount of embarrassment and disappointment, and we all got some good laughs from it. Also saving this episode from itself is the same solid dialogue that has been prevalent all through Season 5. I'm not sure what changed in the writing room, but this season's dialogue has had the kind of snap and wit that we previously only saw in special episodes of earlier seasons. It seems that the more I watch this season, the more I appreciate that.

    The important part of the episode is supposed to be what we learned. What we learned is that Piper still wants to be romanced (shocker), Paige still has hang ups regarding the circumstances of her birth (another shocker), and Phoebe is internally on the run from herself (final shocker). The demon showing up late at the end to be easily blasted by Piper was a comical twist. It is small things like this that keep the hour entertaining, and in the end, good enough to be average Charmed fare.moreless
  • It Put Me To Sleep Alright!

    Sand Fransico Dreamin'-A demon attacks The Charmed Ones with dream dust, causing their nightmares to come to life. Paige is harassed by an evil clown at a baby shower, Piper has an affair and Phoebe is chased by a maniac with a chainsaw. The sisters must use magic to put themselves to sleep to re-enter their nightmares and unmask the symbolic meaning of their dreams. The Sandman?.....really? The writers are continuing to reach for plots that are putting us to sleep (pun not intended). Last episode saw the sisters being hexed with no real threat and this week is more of the same, this time, it's their silly dreams that take up most of the horror. To sum it up: Piper's horny, Paige's lonely, Phoebe wants to kill herself and Leo wants his baby inside him. Then there's a lame tracker demon who thinks stopping people from dreaming is such a great plan. Yeah...... Once again, there isn't really much to talk about, the guest stars aare bland, the plots are thin and Phoebe still won't shut up about Cole. It seems after the first half was dominant by Cole's tragic downfall, the second half is struggling to find it's feet with these fillers. Come on writers, give us the meat for us to chew into. Not these fluffy storylines about montone men who make us go to sleep. Yawn. Also, they just had to play "Mr. Sandman". *rolls eyes*moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (23)

    • In the previous episode, it was shown that Leo sleeps on the left side of the bed, but in this episode, it is reversed.

    • When Phoebe leads the chainsaw man downstairs for Piper and Paige to trap, they run right through the observatory and no one else is there (until Piper and Paige come out). Then in the next shot we see the chainsaw man, "Slappy" the clown, and Piper's dream guy, all trapped very close to each other, even though they clearly weren't already there a second ago.

    • When Leo becomes pregnant, his bump is twice the size of Piper's yet it's supposed to be the same baby.

    • When two additional men appear next to the chainsaw man, one of them removes a crystal from the crystal cage, but the cage doesn't break completely, when the second man moves the other crystal, it does. But that's not possible, as shown in other episodes, the cage is supposed to completely break once one of the crystals is removed.

    • When Leo heals Phoebe, she wakes up immediately, but the chainsaw man stays unconscious for a few more seconds. How is that possible? He was healed when Phoebe was healed (since they are connected somehow) so he shouldn't be lying there that extra time. Besides, it's always shown that when people are unconscious, once they're healed, they wake up immediately, so this is normally the case.

    • When the clown "Slappy" is singing and dancing to Paige while still in the crystal cage, we can clearly see that his hands can get through the cage and are moving freely without the cage blocking them from getting out.

    • At the beginning of the episode Piper's hand is moved by the Sandman but if he is in another plane, how it is possible that he can move things in their plane?

    • When the other mask men appear at the Manor, Piper, Paige and Leo are shown near to the door and it is open. When the mask men are being shown through the screen, Piper, Leo and Paige are actually seeing them through the door's stained glass.

    • Why didn't Piper try to freeze the guys at the end? Even if it may kill her, she doesn't even try.

    • TRIVIA: This is the first and only time that cages with only three crystals have been shown. Usually the cages are made with five or six crystals.

    • When the sisters cage the dream guys, they go into the room but Paige waits a bit there because the clown is talking to her. Phoebe is shown sitting on the left side of the sofa but a second later Paige goes into the room and sits down and Phoebe is suddenly on the right side of the sofa.

    • When the dream dust hits Phoebe her dream becomes real at the same time but when her sisters are hit by it, the dreams become real later.

    • The first time the demon's place is shown it's shown raining there and when the San Francisco area is also shown in another shot, it's raining there too. So it seems as if the demon's place is in San Francisco too but the second time the demon's place is shown it's raining, but it's not raining in San Francisco.

    • When the Sandman is knocked out on the forest ground, his feet are visible and he seems to be wearing sneakers. Seems rather odd that he'd be wearing that kind of footwear.

    • When Paige and Phoebe get home, the front door is clearly heard closing but in the next shot they are coming in from the kitchen and not from the front door.

    • At the office, two employees are fighting and when Phoebe's assistant calls her, the guy in black is shown falling. Yet in the very next shot he is still fighting on the table.

    • TRIVIA: Phoebe mentions that Piper is allergic to bees.

    • After working out their dreams, the girls are discussing having the baby shower at P3, when Piper asks Paige if she'll be ok with it. How did she know that Paige had issues regarding the baby? Piper was asleep when Paige worked it out. Was it because her nightmare involved the shower to begin with?

    • While Paige is holding Slappy while talking to Leo, her hand position on the doll changes several times between the shots, too quickly for her to have done.

    • When Paige goes into her dreams the second time, she has her strap on her shoulders, then when she bends down to pick up the baby, her strap is lower on her arm. Then when she holds the baby, the strap is back to where it was before.

    • In Phoebe's dream (when the murderers multiply into three) three murderers appear in the reality, yet when Piper's lover changes into Leo and when Phoebe unmasks the murderers in their dreams, why didn't their counterparts change in the reality? When Piper's lover disappeared, it should have been Leo in the cage, and when the three murderers were revealed as Phoebe, their masks should have disappeared before they disappeared completely.

    • How come the lower demon killed the upper demon so fast? If it was that easy how come he didn't try it before? What's the hold he has on him?

    • When Phoebe and Paige were at the campgrounds, Paige was knocked to the side and then the sandman and Phoebe were knocked down. Phoebe got dusted too much, the chainsaw murderer came to life, and Paige rolled in to orb them out. She rolled. in from the right, but before, she was knocked to the left side.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • (Leo just walked in the kitchen with a very pregnant stomach. Piper and Paige notice instantly)
      Paige: Oh my god.
      Piper: Oh my god.
      Leo (noticing Piper's dream lover): Oh my god. Wh-

    • Piper: Who would want to kill people's dreams? They're harmless, erotic fun!
      Phoebe: Did you just say "erotic"?
      Piper: Exotic! I said exotic!

    • Piper (looking down at her non-pregnant belly): Hey! Where's my baby?
      Leo (he gets up and it's visible that he's now pregnant): Over here!
      Slappy: Yuck!

    • Paige: Phoebe, will you deal with your issues already.

    • Tracer Demon: Prepare to die witches! (he notices the nightmares have been vanquished) Where are the dreams?
      Piper: Boy, are you ever late. (She blows him up)

    • Slappy: Who's the clown?
      Phoebe (referring to Ryder): Who's the fox?
      Leo: Good question.
      Piper: Don't ask.
      Ryder: I'm Piper's dream lover.
      Piper: Oh! Oh no! Listen we've never slept together in the dream, world, place...

    • (Phoebe is in her office, on the phone with Paige. Paige is in her car, sitting in a parking lot.)
      Phoebe: Have you been watching the news lately? It just seems that everyone's at each other's throats. I mean, even here. Have you noticed anything weird?
      (The driver waiting for Paige's parking space honks the horn.)
      Driver: Back it up, lady!
      Paige: You know, now that you mention it, I have seen my share of a certain finger while driving over here.

    • Paige: Besides, everybody is odd in San Francisco. That's why we fit in so well!

    • Leo: It doesn't take a shrink to figure out Piper's dreams. You wanna screw somebody else.
      Piper: Well at least he makes me feel sexy and not like some walking incubator. Although I guess that's what you've been dreaming about.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Tracker Demon: Would Freud have a field day or what?

      This is an allusion to Sigmund Freud who was an Austrian neurologist who specialized in dream interpretation.

    • Title: Sand Francisco Dreamin'

      This is a reference to the 1966 song, "California Dreamin'" by the Mamas and the Papas. It may also be a pun on the name of guest actress Shauna Sand, who plays Sienna. Plus it's also a reference to the city of San Francisco, in which the series is set.

    • Piper (to Leo, whose dream made him pregnant): Honey, we've got our own dreams to deal with, and the tracer. We'll deal with your Mr. Mom issues later.

      A reference to the 1983 movie "Mr. Mom", in which Michael Keaton agrees to stay home with the kids while his wife, played by Teri Garr, goes to work.