Season 5 Episode 14

Sand Francisco Dreamin'

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2003 on The WB

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  • I liked this one.

    Stright off - I loved the dream/premonition Phoebe had, and the Sandman just standing there "this is not a dream". I thought the guy who plays him was great too.

    I loved the Sandman's sly little smile when Piper is worried about her dream being found out :D

    Sooo the tracer demon took 4-5 bags of dream dust to kill the Sandman and collect all of one bag... that's a loss and is not worth it.

    I have to agree with people below though. The tracer knows that if he kills the corporeal dream the person dies with it. So when the sisters are out, why wait just go in and kill the dream states. A pregnant whitelighter can't stop you much.
  • Sand Francisco Dreamin'

    Sand Francisco Dreamin' was a superb and very entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because the story was engaging and full of character development. There was a lot of action, magic and intrigue as the sisters faced the sandman. I liked how the story played out and it was great to see the sisters in action in reality and dream state. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • Ya snooze, you lose.

    Not quite the train-wreck as with last week, but still pretty darn close, ''Sand Francisco Dreaming'' is a rinse and repeat process of better episodes from the beginning of this season. (Are the writers running out of ideas already?) Charmed tackled the girls' insecurities far more effectively in ''Sympathy for the Demon'', and did we really need another episode with Leo pregnant? The joke wasn't even that funny to begin with... Anyways, I did enjoy everyones reaction to Piper's dream lover, especially the awkward, sly glances between characters. Otherwise, there's not much to recommend. It felt like the editors realised they had various filters on their cameras, thought they looked cool, and built an entire episode around them. Any potentially good idea is underexplored and far too much screentime is allowed for the generic demon-of-the-week. Skip it.
  • Troubling Dreams...

    From the beginning trip through the sisters' dreams, it is obvious that this mostly drama-based episode is more concerned with what's inside the sisters' heads than it is about the bad guys. That is a good thing too since I've seen this episode about 4 times and I'm still trying to figure out what the tracer demon hoped to accomplish. It would seem to me that it would have been easiest to just eliminate the COs after he rather easily knocked them all out, instead of waiting for their dreams to get around to it when only one of their dreams was even threatening. I also don't know why the supposed upper level demon was so full of bluster and threats only to be vanquished by his lackey with a flick of the wrist.

    It was perhaps over-simple that all the dreams were caged only a moment after they sprung forth, basically doing nothing for the remainder of the show. Giving the dreams, other than Mr. Chainsaw, some more interaction and purpose would have taken greater creativity by the writers.

    The best thing about this episode was Piper and Leo's reaction to the revelation that Piper had a dream lover. They both showed the perfect amount of embarrassment and disappointment, and we all got some good laughs from it. Also saving this episode from itself is the same solid dialogue that has been prevalent all through Season 5. I'm not sure what changed in the writing room, but this season's dialogue has had the kind of snap and wit that we previously only saw in special episodes of earlier seasons. It seems that the more I watch this season, the more I appreciate that.

    The important part of the episode is supposed to be what we learned. What we learned is that Piper still wants to be romanced (shocker), Paige still has hang ups regarding the circumstances of her birth (another shocker), and Phoebe is internally on the run from herself (final shocker). The demon showing up late at the end to be easily blasted by Piper was a comical twist. It is small things like this that keep the hour entertaining, and in the end, good enough to be average Charmed fare.
  • It Put Me To Sleep Alright!

    Sand Fransico Dreamin'-A demon attacks The Charmed Ones with dream dust, causing their nightmares to come to life. Paige is harassed by an evil clown at a baby shower, Piper has an affair and Phoebe is chased by a maniac with a chainsaw. The sisters must use magic to put themselves to sleep to re-enter their nightmares and unmask the symbolic meaning of their dreams. The Sandman?.....really? The writers are continuing to reach for plots that are putting us to sleep (pun not intended). Last episode saw the sisters being hexed with no real threat and this week is more of the same, this time, it's their silly dreams that take up most of the horror. To sum it up: Piper's horny, Paige's lonely, Phoebe wants to kill herself and Leo wants his baby inside him. Then there's a lame tracker demon who thinks stopping people from dreaming is such a great plan. Yeah...... Once again, there isn't really much to talk about, the guest stars aare bland, the plots are thin and Phoebe still won't shut up about Cole. It seems after the first half was dominant by Cole's tragic downfall, the second half is struggling to find it's feet with these fillers. Come on writers, give us the meat for us to chew into. Not these fluffy storylines about montone men who make us go to sleep. Yawn. Also, they just had to play "Mr. Sandman". *rolls eyes*
  • Here goes...

    I have to type 100 words minimum I guess so I'm just gonna say that the opening to this episode was weak and if you thought it was quite good then frankly i'm calling you an idiot now besides that I don't really care about what you had to write about so I didn't read any more of your garbage lol I don't even remember your name so I can say who I'm talking to but everyone should know by now that I'm taking to the guy who said the beginning of this episode was quite good cuz he is obviously a moron.
  • God help me but I loved this one.

    This was a really entertaining episode from start to end. I will admit that the resolution was a little simplistic phsycologically speaking, their issues where a little two dimentional but it worked, especially on a show that is primarily aimed at young teenagers who wouldn't want time taken up by over-complicated psych explanations.

    The only problem I had with this episode was with Pheobe. If I where a witch with the power of premonition, had a dream about someone trying slaughter me that actually did turn into a premonition. I would NOT wear the god damn top I was wearing in the dream, thereby all but ensuring that what I had dreamt would come to pass. It is a really small and silly issue but it actually did bug me the whole way through. Other than that though I really thought this episode worked. From the sisters personal subplots to, suprisingly enough, the main, demonic plot. It was just a nice, fun episode.
  • Enter sandman

    It may be just me but how on earth can this score 8.9 when the awesome "Centennial Charmed" scored just 8.4? Was I watching the wrong episode?

    The opening sequence is actually quite good: a ghostly character visits each room in the Manor sparking some very odd dreams. Phoebe's dream turns into a premonition and she wakes to find the character begging for help.

    Sadly it slides downhill after this. The plot involves a pair of demons trying to spread strife by stopping people from dreaming (answers on a postcard please!). To do this they must kill the sandmen who spread the dreams. Oh, and along the way they decide to kill the Charmed Ones. It's a badly thought out storyline which does nothing to add to the show's appeal. Like the cupid and the muse before him, the sandman is a silly one plot wonder and the demons are about as dull as they come.

    The sandman is bearable but the dreams coming to life really are lame. If this is supposed to be funny then something's missing and if it's meant to be scary then it's gone badly wrong. Leo's dream makes the least sense. He worries about losing Wyatt and winds up pregnant. Uh? Unlike "Siren Song", when the pregnancy thing was great fun, this is just embarrassing (and his baby bump is twice the size of Piper's).

    By far the best moments are those between Piper and Leo as she is trying to explain away her dream lover. Proof that a weak plot needn't mean bad lines.

    Overall though, this is definitely one to forget.
  • OK...

    Piper is having a dream, in which she is having an affair with another guy. Phoene have a dream that she is chased by a maniac with a chainsaw while Paige have a dream that a clown is talking to her, and Leo, having a dream that HE is pregnant. WOW! Everybody is having a nightmare, except for Piper (a sweet dream for her if she hates Leo).Later on, they are haunted by their nightmares. Piper's guy , Phoebe's maniac and Paige's clown appeared in their real life. So funny. So they try to go back to their dream and undo the change.OK. We learned that Piper's affair is actually Leo, her husband. Paige's clown is actually herself and Phoebe's? The maniac is actually herself.

    This is a very WEIRD episode. They are haunted by their nightmares, why are they not afriad of their nightmares when they are sleeping? If those dreams are bothering you, sure you will wakes up from your dream, wasn't I right? But, however, this is a great episode. A Very Special Episode and I love it. Just not too much...
  • We live the lives of charmed evey episode but this episode you slip into their dreams.

    It is known that nothing is normal about the charmed ones. Their weddings,their preganancies, their relationships and their every day lives. But what we never saw was their dreams so it was a fairly good episode whicch swept us into Piper, Phoebe,Paige and Leo's dreams.

    There were four stages to review:
    1.Piper's dream lacking passion form her husband Funny
    2.Phoebe's dream unmasking the killer Exciting
    3.Paige's dream Abondening the baby
    4.Leo's dream Dosen't really make sense or explained as jealousey from not being able of being pregnant very funny An episode with all qualities and great direction plus agreat introduction to sandmen which is ver fun as in discovering the magical world.
  • Very,very average

    In this episode, a demon is attacking sandmen in order to steal their dream dust and prevent people from having dreams.If they don't dream,they apparently can't work out their issues in their subconscious so their problems spill out into their waking hours.A sandman asks the Charmed ones for help and in their attempt to help him they get overdosed with dream dust and their issues take physical manifestation outside their dreams:Phoebe has a masked figure with a chainsaw trying to kill her,Paige has a disturbing clown taunting her,Piper is suddenly no longer pregnant and she has on an evening gown,and poor Leo is pregnant instead of Piper.Eventually they resolve their issues and manage to defeat the demon,save the sandmen,and get back to semi-normal. Honestly,this episode could have been much better.Certain of the situations the characters find themselves in could have worked.The problem was that they packed too much into one short episode.If they had only had two of the four characters ODd it might have worked out better.As it was,it felt rushed.Also,they seemed there was confusion over whether this episode was focused on character development or comedy.Leo's predicament was funny(though they did already tackle it in a way in "Siren Song")and the handsome soap guy fawning over Piper was funny and the beginning of the episode was funny.Then,though,they seemed to make a big shift in certain sequences like they were trying to give us insight into the characters.The insight received was nothing new.Piper's feelings of unattractiveness were to be expected,Phoebe being her own enemy was a given fact to me already,and Paige's issue over being basically a forbidden child could have been interesting if they hadn't sprung out of nowhere.She never seemed to fell this way before yet in this episode she suddenly does? All in all this wasn't a horrible episode.It was entertaining enough.It had good dialogue and the idea of the sandmen was kind of cool.It just wasn't one of the best and was kind of disappointing after having so many better episodes in this season.A very average Charmed adventure.
  • Ok but there have been alot better.

    A sandman asks Phoebe to protect him from a Tracer Demon bent upon destroying all the dreams in the world. In the process of helping the Sandman, Phoebe is galvanized when one of her worst nightmares suddenly springs to life. Seeing this, the demon decides to use a terrifying array of nightmares to destroy the Charmed Ones. Things take a Freudian turn when the girls realize that the only way to save themselves is to figure out the real meanings of their horrible dreams.
  • Mr Sandman (Corny)

    I don't really know, what to score for this episode as I had mixed feelings for this ep. I would have given this episode a higher number if it hadn't been slightly corny.

    The stoyline is about a demon who wants to be the new source, he hires another demon to steal sacks of sand, from sandmans so that he can collect them and use them for his advantage. The demon he hired has other plans for the sand sacks and kills his boss, the sisters find their dreams being used against them.

    Corny in most places like the idea of the "sand man" I did enjoy Phoebes dream and Paiges, but I didn't think much to leos and Pipers.

  • The Charmed Ones' (and Leo's) dreams come to life as they attempt to save the Sand Man and restore San Fran's subconscious health!

    This is not the worst Charmed episode I've ever seen, but it is up there! The only thing that saves this episode from its cheesy plot is the humor.

    First, this feels like one of those meaningless "magical character of the week" episodes, like the one with the muses, nymphs, or leprechans. (I prefer the episodes that provide character development or develop the overall Charmed storyline.)

    Secondly, the demons were particularly ineffectual and silly in this episode. And, the plot line of a higher-level demon/greater purpose behind the "dream dust" stealing gets completely dropped by the episode's end.

    But, there were funny moments--Piper's embarassment over her dream lover and her obsession with soap operas; Paige's creepy clown and over-the-top decorating; Leo's pregnant belly. Overall, however, I could have done without this episode completely.
  • THe sandman needs help and THe CHarmed Ones have to work through their dreams to save the day.

    I really enjoyed this episode. It was well written and basically a fun episode. Dreams arent necessarily fears of a person. dreams are basic manifestations of issues, not really fears.

    Piper: SHe is not feeling so sexy these days and wants some attention from her husband. SHe wants to feel sexy again and she feels her baby makes her a turnoff to leo. SO she dreams up this sexy guy to fulfill her in her dreams.
    Phoebe: Not much going on with her this epsiode. HEr issue isnt truly revealed until the end because she believes her dreams involves cole.
    Paige: obsession over the baby shower. her issue is basically because she wasnt celebrated when she was born and now she is over compensating for pipers child.

    THe opening was a slick move. I thought it was just a normal night and then dream guy comes onto the screen. piper should have went along with the dream guy,lol. Leo has baby issues also. He wants to feel close to the kid. i thought those type of issues arrive after the baby is born. paige has a freaky dream involving a clown, i really hate clowns but i dealt with that to watch this episode. phoebes dream is very 80s slasher flick and then she zooms into a premonition, she wakes up and sees the sandman.

    I felt the writing in this epsiode was really good. the sandman was a great idea and very original. THe demons of the week were your typical " i have everything figured out" demons. but i actually thought what they were doing, stealing the sandmans sand, was brilliant. issues are dealt in the dreams, no dreams your issues grow. this becomes apparent when a soccer mom basically rips paiges head off because of a parking spot. soccer moms are crazy anyway,lol.

    phoebe and paige go to the area in feebs dream to save the sandman. paige throws the potion but the demon blows it up and a nice wave flies towards paige knocking her down. phoebe blocks the sandman from being hit with a bolt but the bolt hits the sand case and phoebe O.D.'s on the stuff and the chainsaw man comes to life. absolutely brilliant, i was totally shocked, when i first saw it that is.

    Phoebe is freaking out and wants to fix it as soon as possible. everybody is concerned too, especially piper due to her erotic dreams, which the sandman knows about. phoebe has to make a spell but is blocked but she is worried dream killer will appear at any time. the demon attacks the girls with the sand and blows leo into a door knocking him out for a few seconds, hooray!!!! all of their dreams come to life, although leo shouldnt have become pregnant because his dream was with the lose of the kid not a bloated belly. made no sense at all he should have become paranoid, in any event leo gets fatter, the clown and dream guy do what they do in the dreams. the clown is actually funny. phoebe screams from the attic( who thinks alyssa should do a horror flick?lol)

    she is facing the chainsaw with a wooden stand, not a bright idea. she stabs the guy but in turn she gets the same wound, shocking. phoebe falls to the floor to watch the sandman disintegrate into sand. she gets healed and so does the chainsaw guy. phoebe runs, or jiggles which ever you feel appropiate, down the stairs to the conservatory and he gets caged. they come to the conclusion they have to enter their dreams and deal with their issues.

    Paige: SHe had to go to the crib to see what was in it, very rosemarys baby. she approaches the crib and sees that the baby is herself. she realizes nobody celebrated her so she went over board on pipers kid.
    Piper: she went with the making out and the dream guy turned into leo, wtf? that is not how her dream should of worked. she wasnt feeling sexy so her dream should of been watching leo make out with some sexy lady and then the sexy lady turn into herself, soemthing along the lines of that. She doesnt want the flame to burn but i think it already has.
    Phoebe: the most exciting and scary dream, i really loved it. she has to confront the chainsaw guy and unmask it. she kicks the guy and he falls but turns into three, very nice. she is now facing three but she finally musters up the courage, kicks one down and very quckly takes the mask off of one to reveal herself. i must say alyssa looked really good in that lumberjack jacket,lol. her issue was self sabotage.

    Really exciting episode, its just their dreams werent exactly the correct ways to portray their issues.
  • Sand Francisco Dreamin' That This Never Got Made

    It was a bad idea to have an episode where the sister's inner thoughts and fears are turned into reality air so soon after Sympathy for the Demon. Whilst the latter episode had more abstract fears, Sand Francisco Dreamin' has clichéd fears (killer clowns, chainsaw-wielding psychopaths) coming to life and it's hardly anything special.

    The episode has a Sandman asking the sisters to protect him from a Tracer demon. The Sandman is killed and the Tracer demon uses the Sandman's magic dust to make the sister's dream come into the real world.

    Do the writers even gather together and discuss what they are writing? It doesn't seem so as Leo is pregnant again! He was only pregnant ten episodes ago, why do it again so soon? Piper's fear is that she doesn't feel sexy since she's become pregnant. It's hardly surprising as the writers have decided to dress her in what can only be called "trailer trash chic" for most of the season. Phoebe is chased around a lot in a tight sweater by a Leatherface rip-off and Paige's nightmare involves her being abandoned as a baby. None of the fears are as meaningful as the ones expressed in Sympathy for the Demon and it's only Paige's fear that we have any sympathy for.

    The whole episode is pretty meaningless and it's one of those hours of Charmed which has an interesting idea but what seems like the writers have done is basically suck out all of the potential from it.
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