Season 4 Episode 17

Saving Private Leo

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 28, 2002 on The WB

Episode Recap

The Newlyweds - Things have gotten a little cramped at the manor, now that Phoebe and Cole are married and both working. The lack of space and privacy is nothing new, but Cole aggravates the situation by secretly using his powers. Phoebe is frustrated by all the distractions because she is desperately trying to finish her new advice column. Cole mentions the idea to Phoebe that they should have their own place. She is surprised, but they brush off the comment as Cole heads off to work. Phoebe continues to struggle with finding the solitude to finish her column in time for her deadline. Meanwhile Cole is enjoying his new cushy office, while interviewing for an assistant. He hires a bold, sexy, demon named Julie. He tells her his plans regarding getting Phoebe away from her sisters, and requests her discrete assistance. Phoebe is still working on her article, while Paige and Piper look for information on vanquishing a ghost they caught a glimpse of. All of a sudden the power is cut off. Unbeknownst to them, Cole is still trying to push Phoebe into moving out. She loses half her article and under her breath expresses a desire to move. Phoebe calls Cole, but instead gets his new assistant. They introduce themselves, then Phoebe insists on speaking to Cole. Since he is out of the office, Julie alters her own voice to sound like Cole and says all the right things to calm down Phoebe. Phoebe leaves to meet Cole at ‘The Towers'; a perfect place to finish her article in peace. She arrives to find a fully furnished penthouse. He tells her the firm rented it out for a party. She mentions moving out. They discuss it. Phoebe is apprehensive, but Cole sees that she's considering it. He leaves her to work on her article. Phoebe is now ready for the party, complete with a sexy cocktail dress. However, Piper and Paige fill her in on the turns that the ghost situation has taken. She says she'll call Cole and cancel, then tells them about possibly moving out. They argue. Piper tells her to go to the party. Phoebe is reluctant, but goes. At the party, Paige interrupts Cole and Phoebe. Leo is in trouble. Following the encounter, Phoebe returns to the penthouse with Cole. He surprises her by telling her that the penthouse is now theirs if they want it. She agrees. Leo's is Haunted by his Past - Leo is exhausted from working double shifts. He's about to check on a future Whitelighter who needs inspiration. Piper tells him about a reunion for the 60th anniversary of the battle of Guadal Canal. She sent in an RSVP for him, saying that he is his own grandson. He is shocked and angry with her. He orbs out before she can figure out why. At the Veterans' building where the reunion will take place, two ghosts are watching. Nathan and Rick Lang are brothers and have been watching for 60 years, waiting. They catch a glimpse of the RSVP for Leo Wyatt, getting the address. Piper is talking with Paige about why Leo was upset. Paige sees the ghost of Nathan and confronts him. He is shocked that she can see him and leaves. Paige starts searching the Book of Shadows for info. Leo is fixing a leaky pipe for Maria, his future Whitelighter. She is a teacher and they discuss a student who is giving her some trouble. He gently counsels her, giving her the strength that she needed. Piper and Paige continue to research the ghosts. Paige finds a vanquishing spell to be used on their bones, and another that can only be said by a ghost. Piper continues to try to find out why Leo doesn't like to talk about his war hero past. Paige discovers a picture of Leo with the ghost. It is Leo with Rick and Nathan, standing arm in arm. They were all killed in action. Piper calls Leo. She shows him the photo, and as he stares at it, they are interrupted by Rick & Nathan. Before they can respond, Rick grabs a knife and hurls it into Leo's chest. Leo pulls out the knife and the wound self-heals. They realize what Leo is. Nathan grabs Rick and they leave. Leo is in shock. He goes on to tell Piper and Paige the story. He grew up with Nathan and Rick. They joined the war together and were assigned to the same unit. They were in an ambush taking on heavy fire. Rick came in carrying Nathan who had been hit. Leo was a medic, so he checked his vitals and together with Rick they carried him inside the med tent. Leo began treating Nathan, with Rick by their side begging him to save his brother. Leo realized that there were more men dying in the field. He grabbed his gear and went to help. Rick was angry because Leo was choosing the strangers, over him and his brother. Leo told Rick he was sorry and left. Rick was standing in the open tent yelling at Leo when a mortar struck the tent destroying it and killing both brothers. Leo is still pained by it. He thinks he should've stayed to help them. Piper tries to tell him that he did what he had to, but he's too upset. He doubts if he's even deserving of being a Whitelighter. Paige and Piper want to vanquish them, but Leo wants to talk to them instead. Meanwhile, the brothers are angry. Since they can't kill Leo, they plan to punish him by taking what he loves. They watch and witness Leo's concern for the teacher, Maria as he orbs to help her. She is being threatened with a knife by one of her students. He helps her out of the situation. But before they can relax, Rick appears and plunges the knife into Maria's back. Leo reaches for her, but Nathan holds him back. The two brothers hold Leo down, forcing him to watch Maria die. They leave Leo lying there in anguish. Piper calls for Leo, but he doesn't come, so Paige orbs to find him. She finds Leo distraught. She try's to calm him, but he's too upset. He's even lost his powers. He can't orb or heal. He wants to give himself up to the ghosts, so no one else will die. She tries to take his arm, but he won't let her. She leaves to get her sisters. Nathan and Rick heard Leo, but decide they want to see him suffer before he dies. They head to the Manor where they find Piper alone. Rick distracts her. She turns to see Nathan but it is too late. He plunges a screwdriver into her. She falls to the floor. Before she can call out, Rick stops her. They watch as she stops breathing. Paige and Phoebe enter. The ghosts leave as they fall to Piper's side. Phoebe starts CPR and Paige try's unsuccessfully to find Leo. He finally enters and sees Piper. He is shocked, but Nathan and Rick enter before he can react. Phoebe continues on Piper while Paige tries to fight off the ghosts. They knock her down and begin beating up Leo. Piper's ghost rises from her body. She sees what is going on and tells them to open the Book of Shadows to the spell. She begins reading the spell that only a ghost can say. The ghosts try to stop her, but it is too late. They are vanquished. Piper's ghost starts to float up and fade away. Paige yells to Leo to do something. Leo drops to Piper's side and starts CPR. Her ghost is sucked back into her body, as he regains his powers and magically heals her. At the reunion, Piper enters with Leo. They pass him off as the grandson of the Leo who died at Guadal Canal. Veterans and family members begin greeting Leo with joy. He meets more and more people, veterans and generations of the men that he had saved. He is truly a hero.