Season 4 Episode 17

Saving Private Leo

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 28, 2002 on The WB

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  • Leo get a visit from his past and Cole wants Pheobe and hime to move into their own place.

    Two of Leo friends from the war come back to take revenge on him because they blame him for their deth. They try killing him but find out he is a whitelighter. Since they can't kill him they stert killing everyone he cares about. After he looses a charge he is unable to use his powers, and when the ghosts go to the mannor to kill Piper, he is knowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Cole wants Pheobe and him to move into their own place, and uses his powers to make convince her.

    This episode was pretty good. We get to find out a little bit more about Leo and what it was like when he was in the war. Pheobe also decides to move in with Cole. I give this episode two thumbs up.

    Did anyone notice Piper's shirt? I love it! I really want to know where she got it. It's so pretty!
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