Season 7 Episode 17

Scry Hard

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2005 on The WB

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  • Scry Hard

    Scry Hard was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of action, drama and intrigue. It was cool how Wyatt tried to protect Leo and Piper. I loved how Elise needed to leave work for an "emergency" and put Phoebe in charge. She ended up doing a really great job and perhaps this will become her new role at some point. Zankou was plotting to control the Nexus and use it's power for evil and it was fun watching him in action. Every thing played out nicely and I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Two in a row, I thought this episode was a great addition to the 150th

    Leo’s obsession with cleaning is a way for him to deal with emotions reminds us of when Piper cleaned the house so completely that it disappeared. It seems like the writers have found the continuity that Charmed has been lacking for a while. There are more examples in this episode as well as hints of what may be to come. Here are some more examples: When Elise says to Phoebe, “I have a family emergency”. How many times has Phoebe done that to her??? Way to go Elise, I was wondering when she was not going to take it anymore. My personal favorite was when Zankou shut the door with a wave of his hand, just like Prue did in the pilot, or Chris did in his first few episodes. (I guess it is a sign of who is in control of the manor?!) How about when he read Piper’s diary, do you remember way back when she actually wrote in it? I did. Bringing back the Shadow, or Woogieman, from the Nexus, reminded us that it was still a part of the house and the way the Shadow could not choose between good and evil kept the neutrality explanation constant. I thought it was a great way to show us that the big bad is not from the Nexus. Finally, evil taking over the manor, hmmm happened once before by the Source, maybe this in itself was a hint for us. I think the writers heard our cries and it just added to the episode making the audience actually want next week to come. As far as hints throughout the show as to what was to come, did any of you catch them?? Well, let me point out a few. First was the cleaning, most times cleaning and organizing like Leo did, means out with the old and in with the new, or spring cleaning. HMMMMMM, Maybe some major changes are about to happen. Second, the line “I am glad that the future of magic is in such good hands” was repeated a few times throughout the episode. It was said sarcastically each time, almost like they were saying a change needs to happen. At first it seemed like they were scolding Paige, but then it started to click as Leo and Piper tried so hard to deal with Leo having no more powers anymore and being so bored, he was heading for something big and productive. Finally, the thing that let the audience know that Zankou must have something to do with the big bad still to come, was the fact that he found out too much about the sisters and him being able to take over the manor, which has not been accomplished too often. Here is another hint of more to come, Piper said, “I do not think we have seen the last of him.” I think the writers were trying to get the point across that Zankou has something to do with the big bad. A subtle hint, of things about to change, was Phoebe being more worried about her job then fighting evil. This is a first. Normally the innocents are always the focus of attention, but this time, Phoebe's job was. It just showed that they are struggling for some kind of life after evil.

    Remember, I mentioned major changes? Well, here are a few. Wyatt protecting his parents the only way he knew how was a switch, but it let us know that no matter haw hard they tried, Piper and Leo can not hide the fact that Leo is mortal from him. Maybe he will be their whitelighter in training? It also showed us that he is still on the good side and maybe Chris did change the future. Leo becoming the headmaster of Magic School is two fold. First, he can now teach what he knows and do something of value, which is what he was in desperate need of, while still caring for the boys. Second, it freed Paige to move on to other things. She was more than willing to accept that and maybe the writers finally have a plan to challenge her. This also leads us to believe that she is struggling for a normal life outside of magic. My thinking is that the writers are trying to prepare the audience for the end.

    As far as the clothing, I think it was sexy but classy. I think by toning down the sex appeal, the audience can concentrate more on the drama and all the hints being given. This is the way a show should be “sold” to the public. The drama itself should be able to hold anyone’s attention. FINALLY, Charmed has returned to its roots and is keeping the audience interested in watching and waiting for the next episode. I think that Alyssa was at her best this episode. She was excellent in taking charge of the Mirror on the spot and portraying how Phoebe could not deal with both saving innocents and meeting a deadline. Maybe the pressure of it all is what made Alyssa shine. She seemed interested in this episode and really kept the audience interested as well. I liked when she kicked the demons and replied, I did it all without magic. (Hint, Hint) Maybe things are about to get real interesting for everyone. Rose seemed bored, but then again she was “backseat” acting again. I think the writers and producers noticed this as well, and that is why the episode opens with Paige spinning in her chair. It was almost as if the writers were saying, yep we know she is bored and something better change or else we will lose her.

    Pain in the nexus, these demons

    Poor Leo. Can't orb. Can't heal. And now the underworld is using him for target practice. If a bloke ever needed a boost then it's now.

    There are some interesting threads in this one, although they don't work together all that well. First up, Wyatt shrinks his parents and dumps them in a doll's house. Different if a little silly. Not sure I wanted to see Piper stitching up Leo's wounds quite so literally but there you go. Bay Mirror subplot-of-the-week sees Elise getting even with Phoebe by going off on her own 'family emergency'. I had to laugh.

    The real story, however, is that Zankou wants to take over the Nexus. To do this he must cleanse the Manor of good magic, which means (surprise!) getting rid of the Charmed Ones. Needless to say, it all ends in a demonic bloodbath and Zankou goes back to his cave emptyhanded. In one sense, this shows good continuity given that Cole once tried to do the same thing. However, there are some serious discrepancies between this and the Shadow's original appearance in Season One, not least that the Shadow is a demon; it doesn't choose between good and evil. Despite this, there's a good action sequence when Leo gets possessed.

    There's plenty of vanquishing this week but it's not a vintage performance by the post production team. A lot of the graphics look like they've been cut and pasted with no thought for what the actors are doing. The first scene with the Nexus is particularly bad - one of the demons reacts like he's being vanquished way before the Shadow hits him.

    Lastly, what is it with Paige? She left her job to focus on witchcraft, then she felt housebound and took over at Magic School. Now her dream job is all too much so she hands it over to Leo. Settle down, sweetheart, you're giving us a headache.

    Score: 8.8
  • Really exciting !!

    Zankou sends his demons to attack Leo in hopes of luring the sisters out of their house so that he can search for the Nexus and release the Shadow, the ultimate power. Terrified after witnessing demons attack his parents, Wyatt magically shrinks Piper and Leo and traps them inside a dollhouse for their protection. Unable to stop Zankou from releasing the Shadow, Phoebe, Paige and Piper watch as Leo, the only neutral territory, absorbs the Shadow. Meanwhile, Phoebe is left in charge of the paper, Paige feels the need to spread her wings, and Leo gets an offer he can't refuse.
  • You think that is a bad episode?? Why? The scenes are so original!and it has interesting things...

    We could think that the episode is bad, but it isn't. Althoug the strory was kinda familiar (The importance of being Phoebe) theres was the same!

    I think that the episode is so original (Leo being possesed,Piper "opening" the door of the doll house, Piper and Leo running next to the doll house...)
    I think that the Book scene so great (When they are in the top next to the book, and Piper blows up in the book to move the page) It is vey original!!. The effects are fine, the shadow idea is great too(At last we saw what happened if you control the shadow)

    I don't see the reason why this episode should'nt be awesome! THe only boring think is the Phoebe and Paige scenes in the work! but there're acceptable!
  • Well plotted but uninspiring

    Coming as it did after the big 150th episode, "Scry Hard" was disappointing. But maybe that's not a fair comparison.

    The dialogue, though not memorable, was funny in places. The plot was coherent and offered occasional insights. Paige's boredom and Leo's lack of purpose throughout the episode set up the ending well, when Leo agreed to become headmaster of Magic School (a smart decision on the part of the writing staff). It was also nice seeing Piper and Leo spend so much time together.

    Some of the plot elements lacked originality, however: Zankou taking over the manor, Piper and Leo being shrunk. But the most troublesome part of the episode was the inconsistent way in which the Shadow was portrayed. In previous episodes, even though the Nexus was neutral, the Shadow was always evil. Cole had no trouble taking in the Shadow in "The Importance of Being Phoebe," even though both good and evil were in the house. This disrepect for the show's history marred an otherwise good (if not great) episode.
  • The Old "Trapped In The Dollhouse" Trick


    Scry Hard-In an attempt to lure the sisters out of the manor, Zankou sends his underlings to attack Leo, in order for him to search the house for the Nexus and release the Shadow, the ultimate power. Meanwhile, in order to protect his parents Wyatt magically shrinks them and traps them inside a dollhouse, and Phoebe is left in charge of the newspaper.

    For an episode dealing Zankou's next move on the Charmed Ones, this was sadly a disappointment. Which is sad cause, Zankou is the first real BIG villain of a season since the Source. It's not that Zankou himself was the problem, cause Oded Fehr is superb as always, it's just the whole "after the spiritual nexus" thing feels like "been there, done that", especially when this episode feels like a rehash of "The Importance of Being Phoebe". Zankou and his demons taking over the manor felt a little too similar to Cole's same strategy. Also, I thought the who ever takes over the house had to officially take over it legally. I mean if all Zankou has to do is through the sisters out of the house to take over the Nexus than how come other demons haven't tried it before? Oh Charmed and it's inconsistent writing! Anyway, it doesn't help when Wyatt....for some reason, traps his parents inside an dollhouse replica in the manor. It's areallyweak side story with no real point or resolution. Wyatt didn't learn anything from his magical mistake and all we got from the scenes in the dollhouse was Leo bleeding everywhere while Piper gave him a hard time. I'm sure this was a way to try to show how dangerous life is gonna be with Leo human and how he would deal with it, but it just didn't work for me. The only real great moment is when the shadow comes out of the Nexus and is so torn between going to Zankou or the sisters, that he goes into Leo. The shadow effects have really come a long way since the dodgy, black smoke effect from Season 1's "Is There A Woogy In The House?" Leo unleashing the shadow's powers on Zankou and the other demons was awesome! It was also cool getting to here to Woogyman spell again! Nice to know some of the more classic spells from the series haven't changed!

    Surprisingly, Phoebe's sub-plot was more entertaining than Zankou's takeover and Piper and Leo playing house. It was pretty funny watching Phoebe run the place, not to mention breaking the news to one of male co-workers has a crush on another male co-worker! It was also fun seeingElisegetting out and having a good time on her own. It's rare seeing her so loose and the fact she lied to Phoebe about it was priceless. But I have to wonder, why would Elise show up as P3 knowing that Phoebe's sister runs the place and that the chances of Phoebe being there are high!? O_0 Anyway, "Scry Hard" is a missed opportunity of giving a dark, suspenseful episode showing just how great of avillainZankou is, but it mostly fails.

  • Scry Harder Next Time

    When I was reading about this episode before it aired, I had the impression that it would be one of the most action-packed, explosive episodes in Charmed history. Sadly, it turned out that it was in fact a boring, un-interesting hour.

    Scry Hard (cool title!) has Zankou attempting to gain control of the Nexus beneath the Halliwell manor, in order to obtain ultimate magical power. Meanwhile, Wyatt traps Piper and Leo in a dollhouse to protect them from Zankou's minions.

    I was very disappointed with the Zankou storyline. It felt like we'd already seen this exact same story before on the show. The most notable one being in The Importance of Being Phoebe, when Cole raids the manor in search of the Nexus. The closing moments of Scry Hard also had Leo momentarily possessed by the Nexus, making his eyes all black. It's reminiscent of Buffy, in which many characters went through the same transformation as he did.

    The scenes of Piper and Leo trapped in the dollhouse were awful and looked laughably cheap. I found it funny that the house they're trapped in seems to be an exact replica of the manor itself! Therefore, no new sets had to be built. How cheap! The special effects of Piper and Leo inside Zankou's tiny box also looked cheap. If the producers know that they haven't got the budget for the scenes, why did they include them in the episode?

    It was nice to see that Elise has a life outside of the paper. It was fun trying to see Phoebe control running the paper but her scenes were few-and-far-between.

    Sadly, Scry Hard is a very disappointing episode which doesn't include much interesting story developments.