Season 7 Episode 17

Scry Hard

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2005 on The WB

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  • Two in a row, I thought this episode was a great addition to the 150th

    Leo’s obsession with cleaning is a way for him to deal with emotions reminds us of when Piper cleaned the house so completely that it disappeared. It seems like the writers have found the continuity that Charmed has been lacking for a while. There are more examples in this episode as well as hints of what may be to come. Here are some more examples: When Elise says to Phoebe, “I have a family emergency”. How many times has Phoebe done that to her??? Way to go Elise, I was wondering when she was not going to take it anymore. My personal favorite was when Zankou shut the door with a wave of his hand, just like Prue did in the pilot, or Chris did in his first few episodes. (I guess it is a sign of who is in control of the manor?!) How about when he read Piper’s diary, do you remember way back when she actually wrote in it? I did. Bringing back the Shadow, or Woogieman, from the Nexus, reminded us that it was still a part of the house and the way the Shadow could not choose between good and evil kept the neutrality explanation constant. I thought it was a great way to show us that the big bad is not from the Nexus. Finally, evil taking over the manor, hmmm happened once before by the Source, maybe this in itself was a hint for us. I think the writers heard our cries and it just added to the episode making the audience actually want next week to come. As far as hints throughout the show as to what was to come, did any of you catch them?? Well, let me point out a few. First was the cleaning, most times cleaning and organizing like Leo did, means out with the old and in with the new, or spring cleaning. HMMMMMM, Maybe some major changes are about to happen. Second, the line “I am glad that the future of magic is in such good hands” was repeated a few times throughout the episode. It was said sarcastically each time, almost like they were saying a change needs to happen. At first it seemed like they were scolding Paige, but then it started to click as Leo and Piper tried so hard to deal with Leo having no more powers anymore and being so bored, he was heading for something big and productive. Finally, the thing that let the audience know that Zankou must have something to do with the big bad still to come, was the fact that he found out too much about the sisters and him being able to take over the manor, which has not been accomplished too often. Here is another hint of more to come, Piper said, “I do not think we have seen the last of him.” I think the writers were trying to get the point across that Zankou has something to do with the big bad. A subtle hint, of things about to change, was Phoebe being more worried about her job then fighting evil. This is a first. Normally the innocents are always the focus of attention, but this time, Phoebe's job was. It just showed that they are struggling for some kind of life after evil.

    Remember, I mentioned major changes? Well, here are a few. Wyatt protecting his parents the only way he knew how was a switch, but it let us know that no matter haw hard they tried, Piper and Leo can not hide the fact that Leo is mortal from him. Maybe he will be their whitelighter in training? It also showed us that he is still on the good side and maybe Chris did change the future. Leo becoming the headmaster of Magic School is two fold. First, he can now teach what he knows and do something of value, which is what he was in desperate need of, while still caring for the boys. Second, it freed Paige to move on to other things. She was more than willing to accept that and maybe the writers finally have a plan to challenge her. This also leads us to believe that she is struggling for a normal life outside of magic. My thinking is that the writers are trying to prepare the audience for the end.

    As far as the clothing, I think it was sexy but classy. I think by toning down the sex appeal, the audience can concentrate more on the drama and all the hints being given. This is the way a show should be “sold” to the public. The drama itself should be able to hold anyone’s attention. FINALLY, Charmed has returned to its roots and is keeping the audience interested in watching and waiting for the next episode. I think that Alyssa was at her best this episode. She was excellent in taking charge of the Mirror on the spot and portraying how Phoebe could not deal with both saving innocents and meeting a deadline. Maybe the pressure of it all is what made Alyssa shine. She seemed interested in this episode and really kept the audience interested as well. I liked when she kicked the demons and replied, I did it all without magic. (Hint, Hint) Maybe things are about to get real interesting for everyone. Rose seemed bored, but then again she was “backseat” acting again. I think the writers and producers noticed this as well, and that is why the episode opens with Paige spinning in her chair. It was almost as if the writers were saying, yep we know she is bored and something better change or else we will lose her.