Season 7 Episode 17

Scry Hard

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2005 on The WB

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  • Scry Harder Next Time

    When I was reading about this episode before it aired, I had the impression that it would be one of the most action-packed, explosive episodes in Charmed history. Sadly, it turned out that it was in fact a boring, un-interesting hour.

    Scry Hard (cool title!) has Zankou attempting to gain control of the Nexus beneath the Halliwell manor, in order to obtain ultimate magical power. Meanwhile, Wyatt traps Piper and Leo in a dollhouse to protect them from Zankou's minions.

    I was very disappointed with the Zankou storyline. It felt like we'd already seen this exact same story before on the show. The most notable one being in The Importance of Being Phoebe, when Cole raids the manor in search of the Nexus. The closing moments of Scry Hard also had Leo momentarily possessed by the Nexus, making his eyes all black. It's reminiscent of Buffy, in which many characters went through the same transformation as he did.

    The scenes of Piper and Leo trapped in the dollhouse were awful and looked laughably cheap. I found it funny that the house they're trapped in seems to be an exact replica of the manor itself! Therefore, no new sets had to be built. How cheap! The special effects of Piper and Leo inside Zankou's tiny box also looked cheap. If the producers know that they haven't got the budget for the scenes, why did they include them in the episode?

    It was nice to see that Elise has a life outside of the paper. It was fun trying to see Phoebe control running the paper but her scenes were few-and-far-between.

    Sadly, Scry Hard is a very disappointing episode which doesn't include much interesting story developments.