Season 7 Episode 17

Scry Hard

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2005 on The WB

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    Pain in the nexus, these demons

    Poor Leo. Can't orb. Can't heal. And now the underworld is using him for target practice. If a bloke ever needed a boost then it's now.

    There are some interesting threads in this one, although they don't work together all that well. First up, Wyatt shrinks his parents and dumps them in a doll's house. Different if a little silly. Not sure I wanted to see Piper stitching up Leo's wounds quite so literally but there you go. Bay Mirror subplot-of-the-week sees Elise getting even with Phoebe by going off on her own 'family emergency'. I had to laugh.

    The real story, however, is that Zankou wants to take over the Nexus. To do this he must cleanse the Manor of good magic, which means (surprise!) getting rid of the Charmed Ones. Needless to say, it all ends in a demonic bloodbath and Zankou goes back to his cave emptyhanded. In one sense, this shows good continuity given that Cole once tried to do the same thing. However, there are some serious discrepancies between this and the Shadow's original appearance in Season One, not least that the Shadow is a demon; it doesn't choose between good and evil. Despite this, there's a good action sequence when Leo gets possessed.

    There's plenty of vanquishing this week but it's not a vintage performance by the post production team. A lot of the graphics look like they've been cut and pasted with no thought for what the actors are doing. The first scene with the Nexus is particularly bad - one of the demons reacts like he's being vanquished way before the Shadow hits him.

    Lastly, what is it with Paige? She left her job to focus on witchcraft, then she felt housebound and took over at Magic School. Now her dream job is all too much so she hands it over to Leo. Settle down, sweetheart, you're giving us a headache.

    Score: 8.8