Season 1 Episode 14

Secrets And Guys

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 1999 on The WB

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  • A young boy is kidnapped and Prue assists. Meanwhile, a secret is revealed about Leo Wyatt.

    A young boy with magical powers is kidnapped and held hostage. He manges to contact The Charmed Ones via the Spirit Board which they regularly use. Prue, who is not particularly fond of children, nonetheless steps in to assist.

    The girls had to find out eventually that there was something 'different' or 'special' about Leo Wyatt and it is Phoebe who uncovers his secret. Turns out he is a Whitelighter, a protector and mentor of 'good' witches. Phoebe, naturally, is a little freaked out by this but Alyssa Milano plays Phoebe so superbly that just about everything she says and does in the early seasons is funny. Not so much later on ...

    I REALLY wanted to like this episode, but, I didn't it just felt forced and flat to me and I found the script very boring and most of the acting not much better. Not one I'd recommend.
  • Prue gets a supernatural call to help a young witch. We find out that Leo is a white-lighter.

    Prue gets a message on the spirit board to help Max. Max is a young male witch (I guess that powers are not passed down thru the female side as stated in previous episodes). He is kidnapped by thieves so he can use his powers to help them rob a bank. There is a good scene between Prue and Andy when she goes to him to see if he can help but doesn't tell him exactly how she knows Max is in trouble. Instead of getting mad Andy finds it humorous and says "I hear some strange stories Prue but yours are the most interesting" She just smiles and says "thank you". meanwhile Phoebe discovers that Leo is a white-lighter which is a sort of guardian angel for witches. We also learn that white-lighters are not allowed to have relationships with witches. We are also told that witches are never supposed to learn about white-lighters but the writers ignore this is future episodes when we learn all witches can even call for their white-lighters when they need help. Another key thing we learn is that white-lighters can heal. One thing that bothered me was how Max could dis-arm alarms (and even bommbs). Why would he know how to dis-arm something? It has a pretty good ending when Prue helps save Max and also helps Max's father forgive his dead wife for not telling him sooner about being a witch.
  • You’re a whitelighter? So, what is that?

    As the third Charmed epsiode written by the creator of the show, Connie Burge, Secrets and Guys has that special Season one feeling, which probably was what Burge intended with the show. The fact that it’s not about a demon or magical viallain is good. It’s really interesting to see the sisters struggle with someone human. It shows that there are other evils in the world than demons and warlocks. I also like the introduction of another witch. It’only natural that there are other wivthes in the world, and I liked that they picked a small boy, as he can relate a lot to the sisters, seeing as they’re both new to the craft and have to go through the same thing. Max’s story was sweet and touching and masterfully written by Burge. Prue’s relationship to him was realistic and well-acted from Doherty’s side. Alhough quite intriguing, the mainplot was fairly slow-moving and boring at times.

    Andy continues to botre me, and his non-existing relatiuonship to Prue is as dull as ever, and I still question the use of the character. He is litterary Good for nothing. While the mainplot is rather boring, the subplot about Leo, Piper and Phoebe is great and the real reason why you should watch this episode. The idea of whitelighters is good, and very original, and I love how Phoebe found out about Leo’s powers. The dialogue between the two of them is full of energy and is fun to watch. Also the sad scenes with Leo and Piper are classic and very sweet, and the two actors show what great chemistry they have. I like the fact nthat piper has fallen for yet another supernatural being, and the fact that Leo has to leave is very good, as it creates a more realistic side of the show. I did however not like the ending of the episode, where her sisters don’t believe Phoebe when she tells the truth about Leo. Why wouldn’t they? They’ve seen more unbelievable things than that, haven’t they? And the line where Phoebe asks Prue if she saved Max or if Max saved her was incrediably cheesy, and not at all to my liking.

    All in all, Secrets and Guys is an average Charmed epsiode, featuring good writing and acting, a fairly boring mainplot, and a wonderful sub plot.
  • A Witch In Need

    Secrets and Guys-Prue helps a young witch who has been kidnapped, and renews her own faith in having children. Meanwhile, Phoebe finds out that Leo is really a guardian angel for good witches, and this causes Leo to break up with Piper.

    A great dramatic episode that sees Prue coming to the add of a young witch. The writers create a wondeful character in the form of Max, who is played very well by David Netter. Usually child actors are either really good or really awful but David does an outstanding job of conveying a child who is confused about a destiny that was forced on him. I liked the idea of male witches and David's power of pyschokinesis is a very inventive. Shannen Doherty excels throughout as Prue becomes David unlikely hero when become trapped under 2 bank robbers. Shannen and David are great in their scenes together, especially when Prue and Max talk about being witches. Both Mickey and Harry make for some good villains as it's always refreshing to have mortal enemies for an hour than the usual energy throwing demons. It's nice that we have smart villais who had a good plan and great ways of forcing Prue and Max to use their magic to gain what they want to do. Robert Gossett is as great as Max's father as he completely convinces as a father so overwhelmed about his son's destiny and the situation his put in. The sub-plot was also well done as Phoebe finds out Leo is whitelighter in a hilarious scene where she catches him floating in the air. The introduction and explaintion of a whitelighter is exciting, although some of Leo's mythos and powers about whitelighters are inconsistent (the heating power, witches not suppose to know about their whitelighters etc.) But of course, this can forgotten as the writers were still coming up with their own mythology for the series. Both Alyssa and Brian were great together througout, especially when Phoebe is coaching Leo on how to break up with Piper the right way. The acutal break-up is great scene with Piper trying to taking control of the situation and letting Leo down easy. Also, the scene where Leo heals Max's father is a beautiful scene and Brian is great in that scene, despite seeming a bit "Touch by an Angel"-eqse. All and All, "Secrets and Guys" is a great episode with a emotional main plot and a very entertaining sub-plot.
  • great episode

    When Prue gets drawn to a young witch anmed Max the two of them are kidnapped by men who want Max to use his powers to break into a bank vault. Prue restores her faith in having children. This is the episode when you find out who Leo is. We have seen him using his powers before but we get a title in this episode. Phoebe catches Leo hovering inmid air with orb lights around him. He tells her he is a gaurdian angel for good witches and we he heals Max's father after he is shot we find out he is truly good. Leo has to break up with Piper because there is a rule that whitelighters and witches can't date. Good episode.
  • This was an interesting episode, we got to find out more about Leo, who he really is.

    Wow it answers our question with the episode Wicca Envy as Leo used his power on the book and he teleport out at the end. I was wondering who he was. This episode was ok, but I really like the scene with Phoebe and Leo.

    In this episode Phoebe got to find out who Leo was. Lol it was funny I love that. Leo was being very careless. It was funny Leo sorta broken off with Piper and Piper didn’t seem to mind that much. It was cool!!!
  • wow! new witch!

    wow! they met a new witch! this power was cool! finally one of the witches finnaly found out about leo!! y was leo that stupid 2 use his powers in the house w/ pheebs around?!?! but that was cool! that was cool how the bad people straped the bomb 2 max! i loved this episode!
  • A young witch is kidnapped to pull a bank heist. Somehow he manages to contact Prue on the sisters Spirit Board. She contacts Andy and through his father she finds Max. Leo returns and a big secret is revealed to Phoebe and Piper has problems at work.

    So we finally get to find out the truth about Leo and its a major blockbuster. Leo is a White Lighter or Guardian Angel for good witches and he reports to a group of leaders called the Founders. The only problem is that he can't fraternize with the witches so he has to leave for good. He needs to tell Piper but even with Phoebe's "help" he never is able to really tell her. In the end Phoebe does reveal the secret to Piper and Prue but they just laugh and tell her she should write children books.

    Mickey Jackson is a bad guy through and through. Bradford Tatum plays the part to a T. He and his partner Harry played by Will Stewart kidnap Max played by David Netter right from under his father played by Robert Gossett. The threat is don't tell the police and they will retun him for school on Monday.

    Of course they don't understand that he is a witch and he has the power of telekinesis so he manages to unknowingly contact the sisters through their Spirit Board by moving the pointer. Prue starts searching for Max. In the meantime Piper is having a problem with her new chef who is a real jerk. He throws out her knives and then decides to change the menu with no discussion. In the end she wins when he quits but its a day long battle for superiority. Prue finds Max through Andy and is knocked out after a short fight. When she comes to they have her tied up and are ready to have Max do his stuff. His father shows up. They spirit Max and Prue into the back of the van and Mickey shoots Mr. Franklin in the chest. This is the second person he has shot today almost killing a security guard earlier in the day.

    Prue saves the day in the end and Leo saves Mr. Franklin. Max and his dad finally bond over what is important and Prue learns a major life lesson. Overall it is a very satisfying ending. Thanks for reading...
  • Prue comes to the aid of a male witch who has been kidnapped by thugs in order to exploit his power of psychokenesis in order to rob a bank. Meanwhile Phoebe discovers Leo's secret identity

    A very underatted episode. Secrets and Guys contains a great storyline plot as well as great acting from all of the cast. Shannen Doherty owned this episode with her superb acting (quite obvious that she enjoyed filming this episode). What also makes the episode great is that the danger Prue is placed in is very real and you generally have a heightened sense that she may not be able to pull through.

    The subplot involving Phoebe discovering Leo's secret is also well acted and quite humorous- we discover Leo's secret identifty as a whitelighter, which is a guardian angel of witches, also the fact that love between a whitelighter and a witch is strictly prohibited. I enjoyed the part where Phoebe was giving Leo tips of ending a relatioship, it's obvious she has had lots of experiences in these types of situations. The part where Piper guessed thet Leo was breaking up with her was also enjoyable to watch

    The one thing I didn't understand is that when Phoebe spilled Leo's secret out to Prue and Piper, they did not believe her even though they have faced loads of evil and magical creatures
  • great episode

    in this episode the girls get a message from max ,a young witch in trouble on the ouiji board that he needs help. Prue goes to Andy for help to find out who max is.
    At this time Leo comes to town and Phoebe finds out his real identity , he is a whiterlighter , that is a guardian angel for witches.
    Andy finds out who max is and that he is abducted by criminals to help them steal stuff with his powers. Prue eventually finds max and prue and max both get caught by the criminals , while this happens max his dad gets shot and leo heals him.
    Prue tells max that its ok to be a witch and they used their powers to escape and andy arrested the 2 criminals.

    Story 9/10
    Acting 8/10
    Overall 8/10
  • The Power of Light has come to help The Charmed Ones

    When the young witch Max is kidnapped by two thieves to use his power to heist a bank, he communicates with Prue through a Ouija Board, and she helps the boy. Meanwhile, Piper is having trouble with the new chef of Quake, and the handyman Leo returns to help the Halliwell sisters to fix the chandelier. When Phoebe sees him floating in the air, he discloses that he is a Whitelighter, the guardian of good witches assigned to protect the Halliweel sisters, and he was not allowed to fall in love for a witch as he did for Piper. He asks Phoebe to keep the secret, while he tries to find the best way to end his relationship with Piper.

    "Secrets and Guys" is an underrated episode of "Charmed" with two good stories. The lead one, about the boy Max, is flawed, since Prue discloses her ability to the criminals, and they do not die in the end, therefore jeopardizing Max and Prue's secrets. The parallel one, also very entertaining, about the powers of Leo and his impossible love for Piper.
  • Worth a ten for me !!

    A pair of vicious thugs kidnap a 13-year-old boy when they learn he has special powers. The boy is able to send cryptic cries for help to Prue, who enlists the help of Phoebe to find the boy before he is used in a bank robbery. Meanwhile, Piper is happily surprised when her beau Leo reappears only to leave again. When Phoebe catches Leo doing some of his own magic, his secret is revealed. Leo is a guardian for witches called a "whitelighter", who returned to help the young boy. Although he loves Piper, he cannot live among witches or mortals. Even though Phoebe spills the beans about Leo's secret identity and reason for leaving, Piper disregards Phoebe's confession as a sisters sympathy and believes Leo left because he just wanted to leave.
  • I love this episode, its one of my favorites!

    I love this episode. The way they reveal it makes it so much better. I always love Piper and Leo together as a couple, when i watched this episode, i thought it was all over! Glad it wasn't though. As i said, its one of my favorites and always will be. Love Charmed, love this episode, love the couples!
  • I thought this episode was brilliant!

    It was funny, Leo was so cute and innocent then! He was very funny in the scene at Quake. It's funny to see that in these earlier series orbing is different.
    Prue and Max storyline was good, it was nice to have a child on the show and that was done well. This episode had a lot of sisterly bonding in there as well which was good, and phoebe tyring to keep a secret was hilarious although the phoebe told Piper, Piper should have known that it was probably true - she's a witch, what's impossible? Overall a brilliant episode!
  • Hey, Leo is back, for a show. Apparently he can't just... hang around.

    This episode is partially saved from a lame main plot by a much better subplot involving Leo momentarily being back. It is somewhat preposterous that Leo would do something as careless as levitate to change a light bulb, but it was a good scene and hilarious that the bulb in his hand stayed lit. Some reviewers seem to have forgotten that Leo does have that power, though there is usually light involved with his levitation. It is also shown in Season 4 that Leo has the ability to "restore" inanimate objects, which means it is at least possible that he could restore the heat to a coffee cup or the water to a glass that used to be full. Obviously, the telekinesis he used from Wicca Envy had to go. That's Prue's power. Anyway, so here is where Whitelighters are introduced. The Elders are also introduced though Leo calls them the Founders here. Also, this is the first time that Piper and Leo's love is set up as a forbidden love. That is a storyline that will dominate Season 2. Alyssa Milano as Phoebe is terrific throughout, and her and Leo's scene at Quake is perhaps the best scene in the episode. I am still having a hard time getting over how gorgeous Alyssa is during the latter half of this first season. Her acting is sensational as well. She has really become the star of the season for me at this point. Piper's reaction to Leo leaving again is somewhat understandable considering he was just gone, but it doesn't lead well into the next time we see Leo, where all of a sudden Piper is in love with him.

    Piper's subplot involving the obnoxious chef was about worthless other than giving Piper a reason to use her power once.

    The main plot this week involving Prue, a boy witch, and a couple thieves is pretty irksome. How did the thieves know the boy had this power again? And the thieves are also pretty unconcerned with Prue's power. What good is wiring the boy if Prue can just pull the detonator out of the thief's hand? And apparently they are also unaware that the power of telekinesis could be used to simply stop their hearts from beating. Chris could abuse them of that notion. Anyway, since Prue does nothing, the boy's father gets shot, and only by the grace of Leo is his life saved, which was a very good scene. But if not for Leo, Prue would have some blame since certainly she could have done something long before that. As evident by the fact that she has the boy disable the bomb wired to him after they get into the bank vault. I would think that could have been done like a long time back. Anyway, it was a good ending though, with Prue locking the thieves in the vault. This is the second episode in a row where Prue was pretty much on her own. This is also the third time already this first season where the bad guys were mere humans, kind of a 1st season thing.

    The final scene in the attic is a classic. Already the three actresses have created such a great chemistry together.
  • Whole thing could've been avoided.

    I like the episode I guess, I understood the father not going to the police and Prue not saying anything to Andy when he questioned her at Bucklands but once she knew Max's location why not call Andy? She KNEW the bad guys were human, she KNEW he didn't have that great of control over his powers, go in with a bunch of cops and what the hell is going to happen? Oh that they arrest the two bad guys and nobody knows anything about any magic because none would've been used? I mean she acts like she's so cautious but going to Andy in the first place and talking about dreams was stupider and less plausible than going in and saying "I thought I'd try talking to the dad because I'm not a cop and he gave me a lead" or you know anonymous tip!

    The situation with the chef made no sense, she's a manager by definition they are allowed to fire people and if she can't fire him she can sure as hell demote him or schedule him to have no shifts. That is what the manager does. But I like the story with Leo here, him and Piper are always cute together. Although you want to 'break up' with someone and when she says 'Engaged' so you hesitate and say 'involved' like what? How hard is it to say 'I'm single, but my job is far and have to move further' like that's actually the truth on some level.

    Fashion - did find the little pink jacket Phoebe was wearing quite cute and it suited her complexion and body perfectly.

    No - surprisingly not many people were huge nono's this episode. That comes later with Paige though (oh god the Paige wardrobes).
  • The talented Mr Wyatt

    After three weeks away, and with Ted King's character stuck firmly in a rut, it's great to see Brian Krause back and in the thick of the action. This is the first of a fairly small number of Leo based episodes, and the first to bring us the concept of whitelighters.

    The way Leo is outed by Phoebe is well handled, and scene of the week has to be where the two of them are at Quake discussing how best to tell Piper he cannot see her any more. Quality stuff!

    The writers do, however, go way over the top with his powers. Not only can he orb and heal, but he can levitate, produce heat and light, and magic water out of thin air. If whitelighters are this powerful, why do they need witches to do their dirty work for them? It also seems odd that whitelighters can be frozen. I'm guessing this is because the writers hadn't come up with them when Leo first appeared on the show.

    This week's baddie plot sees a couple of robbers kidnapping a young witch so they can use his power to break into a bank. His power seems a little odd - he can move small objects but only when he cannot see them - but it does show that witches can be male, black and under sixteen. Prue goes to his rescue and ends up realising she wants kids herself.

    Piper doesn't have a whole lot to do in this episode and spends much of her time quarrelling with a cocky new cook at Quake. I bet they had to film that scene where she catches the order papers so many times!

    Although there is plenty going on in this episode, it seems a little disconnected and, for me, doesn't quite hit the mark.
  • Never Act with Animals or Kids #1

    A good decision on Connie Burge's part to move Charmed away from its demon-of-the-week roots, and looking at the human side of evil instead.

    Secrets and Guys sees the sisters getting a message on the spirit board, reading "Help Max". Prue eventually discovers that the message is being sent by a young male witch who has been kidnapped by two thieves who want to utilize his powers for their own personal gain. Meanwhile, Leo returns and Phoebe discovers his Whitelighter status.

    It's slightly strange to see an episode where the sisters are threatened by evil humans being more effective tension-wise than episodes where they are threatened by demons. There's something about the demon-based hours that show us that this is a fantasy show and the sisters are always going to get out of it. But with Secrets and Guys, we're genuinely concerned about Prue's welfare and wonder if she'll manage to get out of this situation. David Netter gives an impressive performance as Max and it's good that the casting directors chose a child actor who goes against type, not the clichéd white kid with blonde hair, blue eyes etc.

    The Leo story development is excellently written and the scene where Phoebe discovers his abilities is hilarious. Despite some of the Whitelighter stuff being slightly off compared to future seasons, it's good to see him heal somebody for the first time and use his powers. It's only the last scene, where Phoebe tells Piper and Prue who Leo really is, that doesn't really work. Coming from two people who have seen ghosts, warlocks, demons, mythical monsters and goths with bad dye-jobs all in the past thirteen episodes, it doesn't seem believable that they think Phoebe's talking garbage about Leo's secret identity.

    Secrets and Guys marks a real turning point in each of our lead character's lives and the scripting and acting is all excellent. Compare the guest stars in this episode to the ones from The Wedding From Hell and you'll see how quickly Charmed season one improved.

    Rating: B
  • Secrets and Guys

    Secrets and Guys was another awesome episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was spectacular. Prue tries to help a young boy witch who just came into his powers while Phoebe learns the truth about Leo as he tries to let Piper down easily since he can't stay. There was a lot of character development and plot progression. Of course Andy is on the case and finds Prue mixed up in the middle of yet another mystery. Max is full of fear because of his new powers and it was great to watch Prue help him. It was awesome to watch Leo helping everyone and more of his true nature as a White Lighter. The ending was great and I look forward to watching more episodes!!!!!!!!!