Season 1 Episode 14

Secrets And Guys

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 1999 on The WB

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  • Never Act with Animals or Kids #1

    A good decision on Connie Burge's part to move Charmed away from its demon-of-the-week roots, and looking at the human side of evil instead.

    Secrets and Guys sees the sisters getting a message on the spirit board, reading "Help Max". Prue eventually discovers that the message is being sent by a young male witch who has been kidnapped by two thieves who want to utilize his powers for their own personal gain. Meanwhile, Leo returns and Phoebe discovers his Whitelighter status.

    It's slightly strange to see an episode where the sisters are threatened by evil humans being more effective tension-wise than episodes where they are threatened by demons. There's something about the demon-based hours that show us that this is a fantasy show and the sisters are always going to get out of it. But with Secrets and Guys, we're genuinely concerned about Prue's welfare and wonder if she'll manage to get out of this situation. David Netter gives an impressive performance as Max and it's good that the casting directors chose a child actor who goes against type, not the clichéd white kid with blonde hair, blue eyes etc.

    The Leo story development is excellently written and the scene where Phoebe discovers his abilities is hilarious. Despite some of the Whitelighter stuff being slightly off compared to future seasons, it's good to see him heal somebody for the first time and use his powers. It's only the last scene, where Phoebe tells Piper and Prue who Leo really is, that doesn't really work. Coming from two people who have seen ghosts, warlocks, demons, mythical monsters and goths with bad dye-jobs all in the past thirteen episodes, it doesn't seem believable that they think Phoebe's talking garbage about Leo's secret identity.

    Secrets and Guys marks a real turning point in each of our lead character's lives and the scripting and acting is all excellent. Compare the guest stars in this episode to the ones from The Wedding From Hell and you'll see how quickly Charmed season one improved.

    Rating: B
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