Season 1 Episode 14

Secrets And Guys

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 1999 on The WB

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  • You’re a whitelighter? So, what is that?

    As the third Charmed epsiode written by the creator of the show, Connie Burge, Secrets and Guys has that special Season one feeling, which probably was what Burge intended with the show. The fact that it’s not about a demon or magical viallain is good. It’s really interesting to see the sisters struggle with someone human. It shows that there are other evils in the world than demons and warlocks. I also like the introduction of another witch. It’only natural that there are other wivthes in the world, and I liked that they picked a small boy, as he can relate a lot to the sisters, seeing as they’re both new to the craft and have to go through the same thing. Max’s story was sweet and touching and masterfully written by Burge. Prue’s relationship to him was realistic and well-acted from Doherty’s side. Alhough quite intriguing, the mainplot was fairly slow-moving and boring at times.

    Andy continues to botre me, and his non-existing relatiuonship to Prue is as dull as ever, and I still question the use of the character. He is litterary Good for nothing. While the mainplot is rather boring, the subplot about Leo, Piper and Phoebe is great and the real reason why you should watch this episode. The idea of whitelighters is good, and very original, and I love how Phoebe found out about Leo’s powers. The dialogue between the two of them is full of energy and is fun to watch. Also the sad scenes with Leo and Piper are classic and very sweet, and the two actors show what great chemistry they have. I like the fact nthat piper has fallen for yet another supernatural being, and the fact that Leo has to leave is very good, as it creates a more realistic side of the show. I did however not like the ending of the episode, where her sisters don’t believe Phoebe when she tells the truth about Leo. Why wouldn’t they? They’ve seen more unbelievable things than that, haven’t they? And the line where Phoebe asks Prue if she saved Max or if Max saved her was incrediably cheesy, and not at all to my liking.

    All in all, Secrets and Guys is an average Charmed epsiode, featuring good writing and acting, a fairly boring mainplot, and a wonderful sub plot.
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