Season 1 Episode 14

Secrets And Guys

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 1999 on The WB

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  • The talented Mr Wyatt

    After three weeks away, and with Ted King's character stuck firmly in a rut, it's great to see Brian Krause back and in the thick of the action. This is the first of a fairly small number of Leo based episodes, and the first to bring us the concept of whitelighters.

    The way Leo is outed by Phoebe is well handled, and scene of the week has to be where the two of them are at Quake discussing how best to tell Piper he cannot see her any more. Quality stuff!

    The writers do, however, go way over the top with his powers. Not only can he orb and heal, but he can levitate, produce heat and light, and magic water out of thin air. If whitelighters are this powerful, why do they need witches to do their dirty work for them? It also seems odd that whitelighters can be frozen. I'm guessing this is because the writers hadn't come up with them when Leo first appeared on the show.

    This week's baddie plot sees a couple of robbers kidnapping a young witch so they can use his power to break into a bank. His power seems a little odd - he can move small objects but only when he cannot see them - but it does show that witches can be male, black and under sixteen. Prue goes to his rescue and ends up realising she wants kids herself.

    Piper doesn't have a whole lot to do in this episode and spends much of her time quarrelling with a cocky new cook at Quake. I bet they had to film that scene where she catches the order papers so many times!

    Although there is plenty going on in this episode, it seems a little disconnected and, for me, doesn't quite hit the mark.